Top 17 Trends of Modern Curtains 2022 To Try This Year


The design of the modern curtains 2022 in the interior should be matched to the style, type, and peculiarities of the room, the preferences of the owners. Curtains are a substantial constituent of any interior, gracefully matching design ideas and performing both an aesthetic and a functional purpose.

Splendid curtains add perfection and harmony to the room creating a unique aura of coziness and comfort. You can create stylish and inspiring home decorations for any room with the help of perfectly matched curtains.

Top 17 Trends of Modern Curtains 2022 To Try This Year

Modern curtain trends 2022 suggest giving preference to quiet and laconic solutions. The practicality of curtains is above all.

This article will help you find out the best options for classy and modern curtains 2022.

Modern Curtain Ideas 2022 with Different Styles

The variety of stylistic directions of curtain design 2022 are in many variations of fabrics, shades, textures, and materials, in addition to design ideas. You can surely find the ideal curtains in accordance with your preferences and ideas.

Scandinavian, Roman, and Japanese style curtains are really trendsetting.

Modern Curtain Ideas 2022 with Different Styles

French and Austrian style curtains are ideal for Provence-style interiors. They add a touch of romanticism to the overall design.

First of all, you should select a style that will go harmoniously with the type of furniture and other decorative components in the room.

Curtain Design 2022: Colors

As we have already mentioned, in the window covering trends 2022, the designers suggest simple, concise, and functional options. The same tendency can be for the color palette of curtains.

Also trending:

The top shades of modern curtains 2022 are various shades and tones green.

You should also draw your attention to stylish curtains in beige, brown, purple, dark blue, milk, and chocolate tones. In order to add lightness to the interiors, use delicate lilac, peach, or blue.

Top 17 Trends of Modern Curtains 2022 To Try This Year

Prints and Fabric for Modern Curtains 2022

Curtain design 2022 is made with fascinating and engaging prints. Exceptional and vivid floral ornaments and tropical coloring perfectly integrate into the Scandinavian and American versions of curtains. They are especially relevant and eye-catching in the living room interior.

Curtain ideas include many variations of textures and fabrics – from lightest to the densest options.

Curtains made of linen, cotton, dense opaque materials together with velvet are doubtlessly the trendiest solutions.

Prints and Fabric for Modern Curtains 2022

Types of Modern Curtains 2022 in Interior Decorating


This is a mix of light tulle and massive curtains. The classics differ in hues, prints, material, method of attachment, and decoration. They are relevant in every type of room, and in most interiors.

For the living room, single out jacquard, on hinges, hooks, or rings. A common window design option is a lambrequin, it closes the curtain fasteners, due to which the interior decorating takes on a complete look. But for low ceilings, it will not work, it will make the room even lower.

Types of Modern Curtains 2022 in Interior Decorating Classic


They are more decorative than useful.

The curtains are not too lush, so they will look great in the living room, bedroom, nursery, and kitchen. Their feature is assemblies with ribbons on both sides, so they are selected for rooms where there is little natural light.

They let it pass as much as possible because part of the window is always open.

Types of Modern Curtains 2022 in Interior Decorating English


The lower part of the Austrian curtains is rounded, has ruffles, but there are more of them than in the English style.

They seem to be more voluminous. If you fancy hanging them in the kitchen, opt for the lightest option, for example, translucent tulle.

Top 17 Trends of Modern Curtains 2022 To Try This Year Austrian curtain


The design of French curtains is similar to the Austrian.

Their feature is expensive fabrics. Most often supplemented with a lambrequin. It is unlikely that anyone would dare to hang such curtains in the kitchen or in the nursery, but for a living room or bedroom design in a classic or baroque style, this is a suitable option.

Top 17 Trends of Modern Curtains 2022 To Try This Year French curtain


The design of Japanese curtains is several straight dense fabrics of 40-80 cm.

Weights are installed at the bottom, which can move parallel to each other. Curtains are hung on windows and used for zoning rooms. Suitable for minimalistic home decorating.

Top 17 Trends of Modern Curtains 2022 To Try This Year


Roman ones are suitable for the kitchen. Construction – fabric on thin slats. When assembled, it forms even folds. The materials of Roman blinds are natural cotton, coarse linen, exotic jute material.

They look especially impressive in hi-tech and retro styles.

Top 17 Trends of Modern Curtains 2022 To Try This Year

Roller Blinds

The principle of roller blinds is close to the Roman ones.

Here they do not form ruffles but are wound on a reel. Simple design is suitable for modern interior styles: Scandinavian, loft, minimalism.


Modern Curtains 2022 for The Living Room

In the living room, there are usually a lot of guests, so it should be practical and original in everything.

Now it looks absolutely contemporary if you use 3D curtains. The living room is the most convenient room for such a stylish and extraordinary solution. You can opt for decorations with fruit, vegetables, flowers, cities, animals, and other drawings.

These curtains are a bright accent of the interiors and you crave to admire them every minute.

In addition, it should be noted that the latest trends in modern curtains 2022 dictate the rejection of unnecessary luxury.

If you really wish to decorate trendy curtains for the living room, select the minimalistic decor for curtains, in order to stylishly complement the curtains for the living room.

Modern Curtains 2022 for The Living Room

Curtain Ideas 2022 for The Bedroom

The bedroom is the comfiest corner in the house and every detail should complement the design of the room.

It is better to pick out classic-style curtains so that the atmosphere in the room is cozy and pleasant.

Also, we must not forget about the tulle, which should go well with the curtains. Fashion designers advise choosing tulle in light shades with patterns and plain curtains in the bedroom interior.

If the bedroom is for one person, you can single out curtains with various prints or volumetric patterns.

If you are a married couple and cannot decide on the selection of curtains in the interior, go for plain curtains in pastel shades. They are obviously the best option in this case.

Top 17 Trends of Modern Curtains 2022 To Try This Year

Curtain Design 2022 in The Kid’s Room

Curtains in the kid’s room are especially decisive, giving comfort and a special atmosphere of calmness, joy, and good mood. Contemporary curtains for a kid’s room should be colorful, bright, beautiful, and interesting.

Some of the most impressive curtains are with prints in the form of flowers, butterflies, animals, and other images.

You should use a pleasant and calm pastel shade scheme for curtains if your child is still a baby, but for older ones, colorful and bright curtains can be used – and it is also essential to ask your child’s opinion.

Do not forget about the safety of the materials and the fastening elements of the curtains, which must be reliable.

Curtain Design 2022 in The Kid’s Room

The kitchen requires no less watchfulness in decor than any other part of the house because women spend a lot of time here preparing various delicacies.

Modern curtains 2022 for the kitchen are in linen and cotton options, which provide a longer service life for kitchen curtains, which are more likely to be dirty and, accordingly, cleaned and maintained.

You can also take beautiful single-layer asymmetric curtains or sophisticated kitchen curtains with ruffles and floral prints in the Provencal style, but, in fact, the latter is not a very handy option for the kitchen.

For a small kitchen, an ideal option can be using short curtains. They are actual and comfy, beautifully decorating the home decorating of the kitchen.

Window Treatment Trends 2022 for The Kitchen

The design of modern curtains 2022 has its own trends. In addition to the stylistic uplift, there are several trends that must be followed this year.

Return to Nature

Recently, nature has been gradually ousted from the interior and has been completely replaced by synthetics and artificial fibers. Now the beautiful curtains are bound to have an attachment to the natural forces of the earth.

The creators of the trend believe that this is a necessary trend for idealists who desire to return to nature.

Top 17 Trends of Modern Curtains 2022 To Try This Year

You may notice that natural fabrics look too sloppy. Often they have natural defects, such as uneven hue, different spacing between the fibers. This is a trend piece that can be used wisely.

Mainly those shades that can actually be found in nature are used. The most common:

  • Ochre. Natural shades of yellow and red. It is found in some types of clay; from which it can be integrated into an eco-friendly style.
  • Terracotta. Also clay tint. A shade of red with a sheen closer to burgundy.
  • Green. In its richness, it can create the sensation of natural foliage or grass.

Utilitarianism and Functionalism

Modern urbanism is increasingly dominated by functionalist and urbanistic trends, which significantly improve the comfort of the room. This does not allow the room to turn into a dump, and stylish curtains for the living room really fulfill their direct functions.

Mostly functional textiles with a minimum of decorations are used. But they are still there. Most often, synthetic fabric is used, since it lends itself better to coloration. Gray, blue and yellow shades are welcome.

In addition, Roman blinds and the like, such as Austrian and French, are welcome in the design. It is important to note that updated textures are used more often. They are also suitable with classic curtains as a darkening layer.

Latest Trends in Modern Curtains 2022

You can apply a gradient in hue. Both geometric and contrasting prints are suitable. It is also possible to combine different patterns, which in theory should not be combined with each other.

Еclecticism can consist of:

  • Classics and pop art;
  • Painting and photos;
  • Posters and architecture.


A return to old history is one of the few trends in modern culture and design. For the most part, it manifests itself not in specific classical models, but in fabrics and styles.

The actual tints are:

  • Burgundy. This classy tint for natural baroque, which appeared in the middle third of the Renaissance, is now relevant and in demand.
  • Red. Red is an early rococo hue that is being revived more and more in modern design.
  • Mother of pearl and sapphire. Exclusive curtains in the living room may have roots of classicism. In this case, pearlescent and sapphire shades, with the addition of sparkles, are suitable.

Historicism means natural materials or synthetic materials with a small admixture of artificial fibers.

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