Bedroom Trends 2023: Top 13 Advices That Span The Spectrum From Classic To Nordic

Bedroom Trends 2023 Interior Design Trends

Bedroom trends 2023 include not only the advices you have to follow: in this issue, our editorial team worked also on the common  mistakes we all see in the bedroom decoration.

Need advice for your bedroom trends 2023? No problem, we are here to support you and above all to avoid 7 common mistakes that will make your space less welcoming.

Discover the Do & Dont in the newest bedroom trends 2023.

Bedroom Trends 2023

The decoration of your room is essential, because the room is the sanctuary of the house, where you rest, where you take time to relax. It is therefore very important that the decoration is adapted to this very personal room.

There are fairly common mistakes in bedroom trends 2023 that somewhat affect the soothing atmosphere of the bedroom. But we are here to accompany you and show you the best practices to adopt.

Do not scatter the look by mixing up many Bedroom trends 2023

Don’t: Leave a white wall at the headboard

The bed is the main element of the room and therefore it is better that it is the center of attention. Otherwise, the gaze can quickly disperse between the different accents of the space. The result: an unrestful bedroom and a room that lacks structure.

Bedroom Trends 2023

We therefore avoid the white wall left empty, especially if another wall is decorated with color or wall decorations.

Do: Emphasize color and decor

In order to structure your room and highlight important furniture, bet on a color to bring a slight contrast to the accent wall. This wall will therefore highlight the headboard to bring a greater visual impact.

To finalize the decoration and bring the desired side to this wall, also place wall decoration. Here we have an example with a game of relief, material and depth with a mirror. These decorative elements must remain in harmony with the lights and the headboard.

Don’t: A cold and unwelcoming bed

What we like in a room is its cocooning side, in which we like to wrap ourselves in a plaid or rest on a mountain of pillows and cushions. The bedroom decoration must be comfortable and welcoming. Think for example of the best hotels: bedding is of paramount importance. It’s the same with you!

Bedroom 2023

We therefore avoid leaving only two flat cushions and a skimpy duvet.

Do: Play on materials and accumulation

To bring warmth and a bit of life to your bedroom, you have to dress and stuff your bed a little! For that it is very simple: you have to ac-cu-mu-ler. There will never be too many.

So we start with decorative cushions, quite bulky that will enhance your pillows. Then add the ornamental cushions which are the smaller ones with patterns or relief, color as you wish. They will bring pep to your bed.

Bedroom 2023

Then, we add a duvet large enough to give an effect of comfort and a touch of luxury to the room.

Do not hesitate to add plaids or a bedspread. In winter, knitted plaids are perfect for bringing warmth. In summer, opt for linen or cotton gauze stoles.

Avoid vertical suspensions in a bedroom decoration

Don’t: An unbalanced suspension

The ceiling lamp is an integral part of the bedroom decoration. It is therefore essential to choose it carefully. Here, the trick is mainly about the shape and volume of your suspension.

Indeed, a vertical suspension will create a point of focus on what is below, which is not ideal for a bedroom because an overall atmosphere is to be prioritized.

Bedroom 2023

Do: Bet on a horizontal suspension

For this bedroom 2023 , a horizontal ceiling light will be perfect to create a wide and encompassing light area. In addition, the horizontal side takes up more visual space on the ceiling which allows it to be dressed and gives an ideal cocooning side.

Be careful, all the same, not to choose an element that is too imposing so as not to crush the room and visually reduce the height under the ceiling.

Don’t: Contrasting geometric patterns

The wallpaper is not fundamentally a bad choice in a room, but pay attention to the chosen pattern. Most of the time, unless you are in a room with a very marked decoration, repetitive geometric patterns are to be banned.

Why ? Because these patterns scramble the brain and are visually tiring, which is not ideal in a bedroom. Especially when the colors are contrasting like here in black and white.

Bedroom 2023

Do: Highlight the headboard in bedroom design ideas 2023

If you want to emphasize a space, bet on a headboard with some patterns or sculpture in wood or metal.

For the wall behind, bet instead on a solid color to highlight these few patterns. This allows for an accent on the wall with a few decorative touches without overwhelming the room or clouding the mind.

In addition, all the decorative elements will be to their advantage on a slightly contrasting plain background than on patterns that will make them disappear. Don’t neglect the smallest details.

Don’t: Block the proper functioning

In a fairly small room like a bedroom, it is quite common for the space to be a bit too crowded for the proper functioning of the space. Especially if the furniture has an opening system with flaps rather than sliding doors.

It is therefore important to study the space and the ratio between circulation and operation in order to choose the most suitable layout.

Bedroom 2023

Do: Keep space all around the bed

In order to optimize circulation in the room, do not hesitate to use a plan to place your furniture in an optimal way. Make sure that each opening is possible without hindrance. Especially if you store your clothes in your bedroom, it should be easy to access daily.

Remember to keep a minimum of 60cm around the bed for smooth movement. It is possible to reduce to 50cm if it is low furniture and the shoulders pass without problem.

Bedroom 2023

Pay attention to the placement of wall units

Don’t: The accumulation near the window

The natural luminosity of the room is to be taken into account to create an ideal atmosphere. When you have an empty space, it is common to want to fill it with storage or decoration. What is is not always the best solution.

Indeed, by placing the furniture around the window, the light has less space to diffuse into the room. In order to have the best luminosity, it is important not to cut the trajectory of the beams.

Do: Release light sources

Place storage and furniture on windowless walls. Already the storage space will be even bigger without a hole in the middle.

Then the light will have more space to enter the room. So try to keep the space around the window as free as possible.

Bedroom 2023

Tip excluded blog: When you install your curtain rods, place them wider around the windows. In this way, when you open the curtains wide, the textile will be on the wall and not on the edges of the window, which will allow more light to pass through.

Wood in the spotlight in the Nordic style

In the Scandinavian styles bedroom trends 2023, wood is the most used material. Preferably light in color, this natural and durable material will bring softness and purity. The beech will be the most beautiful effect for the desired atmosphere.

Opt for wood for your bed, centerpiece of the bedroom, on your bedside tables, bed bench and all your storage furniture. Do not be afraid to abuse it, on the contrary.

You can use wood in any form. An unbeatable trend this year is wooden cleats. Use the cleats to create a headboard for example. Separated by 2 or 3 cm from each other, painted or not as you wish, and you’re done.

Soft colors

For a 100% Scandinavian style in your room, the choice of colors is not a step to be rushed. Indeed, not all colors will be suitable to create the desired hygge atmosphere.

The main color of Nordic bedrooms is white. Opt for white on your walls. Being a very bright color, it will visually enlarge your room, which will seem more refined.

Bedroom 2023

Combine white color with pastel colors. Light blue, pink or green will be excellent choices. These soft colors that invite relaxation and rest will play an important role in the quality of your sleep.

Use these colors per touch, on a section of wall, on your decorative accessories or on your bed linen for example.

Light color adult bedroom design 2023

Our ideas for a pastel Scandinavian bedroom
Scandinavian furniture has its own trademark. Among its main features are the slanted furniture legs.

On your chairs, your bedside tables or your desk, the slanted legs make your bedroom trends 2023  both aesthetic and original.

The furniture is also composed of simple lines and is very functional. Indeed, most Scandinavian furniture is modular and offers several features. Opt for example for a bed with storage, or a retractable desk.

Industrial style for your bedroom

The codes of a raw and dark style in bedroom trends 2023.

If there is one style whose codes stand out, it is the industrial style. Inspired by artists’ studios and New York warehouses, this style, more commonly seen in living rooms or kitchens, adapts particularly well to the sleeping area as well.

For an industrial adult bedroom decor, the rule is simple: Bet on raw materials and neutral colors.

Bedroom 2023

Opt for a waxed concrete coating on your walls or floor. Dare the imitation brick wallpaper headboard. And prefer furniture in a total metal look, or a mix of metal and raw wood.

As far as colors are concerned, no frills. Charcoal gray paint and bedding, and brown or black furniture to be in accordance with bedroom trends 2023. If you want to add a pop of brighter color, opt for a red or yellow accessory or two.

Bedroom design 2023: The canopy to separate the spaces

If you are lucky enough to have enough space to have a dressing room, opt for the canopy as a partition.

The latter is THE must-have for industrial decoration. It has a significant advantage by multiplying the light.

In steel, made to measure to adapt perfectly to your space, the canopy will bring character and cachet to your room.

Play with light in the industrial adult bedroom trends 2023.The industrial style is known to be dark. Opt for light curtains, for example, which will let in natural light.

Bedroom 2023

Then multiply the points of light. Bet on an imposing warehouse suspension on the ceiling, add desk lamps to your bedside tables and add a cupola floor lamp in a corner of your room to adorn an armchair, for example.

Deco ethnic adult bedroom

We love rattan

Rattan is the essential vegetable fiber of the ethnic style in bedroom trends 2023. It invites itself on all types of furniture and objects and offers a natural and warm atmosphere at the same time. Here is a selection of rattan accessories to absolutely integrate into your ethnic adult bedroom decor.

The large round rattan armchair to create the ideal cozy corner for reading a book.

Rattan baskets, a clever and aesthetic storage technique, can also be used as a vase for a pretty green plant.

A rattan bed bench to store cushions and throws at night.

Bedroom 2023

Rattan lanterns for dimmed light after dark state the designers on bedroom trends 2023.

Don’t forget the carpet in bedroom design trends 2023

Opt for a carpet in your sleeping area. Comfort accessory par excellence, it will have its place. For an ethnic style room, several options in terms of carpet model are available to you.

If you do not overload your bedroom with too many different elements, you can dare the Berber pattern carpet. Basic cream and black or revisited with lots of colors, it will look great.

If you want to stay in a simpler and sober universe, Bedroom trends 2023choose the round or rectangular jute rug, which you can place at the foot of the bed. If the surface allows it, you can overlap several mats.

Bedroom 2023

Finally, to create an original atmosphere, as required by the ethnic style, you can hang a small rug above the bed, for a warm and unique headboard.

Memories from around the world

If you have the soul of a great traveler, now is the time to proudly display your souvenirs or fall for typical elements from the four corners of the world, which you will have found in stores.

Statuettes or masks will be very nice tricks in bedroom trends 2023. One of Bedroom trends 2023is the following: these accessories in a rather neutral color to adapt to your atmosphere.

Bedroom 2023

Also consider macrame in bedroom trends 2023. Large in size and cream in colour, it will enhance your wall and create a headboard of unparalleled comfort. Its patterns and material are distinctive signs of ethnic decoration.

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