Home Office 2023: Let These 7 Useful Tips Be A Beautiful Reflection On Your Style

home office 2023 Interior Design Trends

Home office 2023: The most curios answers to the question of how to create an office space in the living room for teleworking.

Need an office space in the living room?

Nothing easier with home office 2023! Discover all the tips from our experts, to integrate a desk into your living room without distorting your decoration!

home office 2023

Home office 2023 was unquestionably a major emphasis of interior design in 2022. More people than ever before have converted a portion of their homes into offices, thanks to a severe global pandemic that won’t go away and the increased convenience of working from home.

And as 2023 approaches, this trend of home office 2023 will only spread across industries. According to many experts, by the end of the decade, the majority of the workforce in many important industries will be working remotely.

You just cannot ignore the importance of a home office 2023 any longer, whether you occasionally bring work home or work from home on a daily basis.

Home office decor 2023: The ways to find the work-life balance

For some people, the ideal home office 2023 will look different. Not everyone can get by with only a tiny desk and a laptop, and how your workspace is organized largely depends on the type of job you do.

home office 2023

Then there is the matter of your own preferences, comfort, and taste. In the end, you’ll want a workspace that’s practical and useful, where you can work every day without being bothered.

You can create the ideal home office that will serve you well for at least the upcoming 12 months by combining these needs with the most recent trends. Here are the top home office 2023 that you really must not miss.

Integrate the home office 2023 into the living room for a multifunctional room

Arranging the home office 2023 in the living room for optimal telework can be complex depending on the layout and size of the room.

From the size of the office to the configuration of the room while thinking about storage, the combination of these two spaces requires thought.

home office 2023

Lucile, interior designer at our blog, presents her ideas for setting up a home office 2023 in the living room and making your teleworking days the most productive days!

The benefits of bespoke furniture in home office 2023

Custom furniture is the ideal layout to add an office to the living room. Indeed, it allows you to adapt the furniture 100% so that the office space is fully integrated into your decoration.

Here, our designer has chosen to create a made-to-measure piece of furniture comprising both the TV corner and the office corner on an entire section of the wall.

The idea here is to give character to the room with a section of wall fitted out and optimized from floor to ceiling. Lucile played on colors by combining wood and black, while leaving the back wall white to create depth.

home office 2023
An office in an optimized living room

To optimize this home office 2023 as home office design 2023multifunctional room as much as possible, custom-made furniture is essential. For this, Cuisinella offers made-to-measure storage units that have enabled Lucile, to create a 100% personalized and practical wall section.

With custom-made furniture from Cuisinella, you can create storage that adapts to all decorative styles.

home office 2023

Find out more about Cuisinella furniture to make your living room office space a trendy and functional corner.

Which storage to choose to optimize space

Closed storage

Closed storage makes the room more minimalist. Indeed, you can therefore hide the internet box, a game console or even board games at the TV corner.

On the office side, the closed storage units make it possible to conceal administrative papers, for example. They can also camouflage office necessities that do not coincide with the decoration of the room.

home office 2023
Open storage

Open storage, meanwhile, allows you to add many decorative items. This gives charm to the room and makes it a warm corner rather than a workspace.

Here, the pro has chosen to make a shelving bookcase with compartments of different sizes to create asymmetry and give character.

These shelves will allow you to add books but also small decoration. In the office area, the shelves give you the space you need to install a printer or even administrative files.

However, be careful not to clutter the place too much so that it retains the elegance of this library.

vhome office 2023
The configuration of the office space in the living room for teleworking moments

Regarding the telework side, Lucile, a decorator at the blog, opted for a tablet on wheels which offers a relatively large workspace without being too bulky when the living room turns into a friendly corner.

At the level of the seat, Lucile has chosen a comfortable and modern seat that serves both as an office chair but also as an armchair in the living room.

A little extra tip: Add a swivel arm to the TV so that it can be used as a second screen for office-like comfort!

The configuration of the office space in the living room for moments of life

Then, for the moments of life, we give you very simple tips to camouflage the office space.

First, a simple solution, you just have to turn the office chair over to make it an additional seat, hence the importance of choosing an armchair that is both comfortable but also perfectly matches the decoration of the large room, home office 2023 in the living room.

home office 2023

Regarding the desktop tablet, you just have to exchange the computer screens for pretty tables. This corner will make an extra shelf with decoration. Add to this a few candles, and you’re done!

The importance of light in the layout of an office in the living room

Natural light for more clarity in the room

Regarding the brightness, the ideal is to have a very bright office in the living room to promote concentration. This is why Lucile advises you to position the office corner closest to the window to gain brightness despite the recess.

A desk on a wall like this is preferable to an office under the stairs, for example. This would lack luminosity and would therefore not promote concentration.

Artificial light is also an option

home office 2023
If you cannot integrate the desk near the window, consider creating a very bright corner with white lighting. Indeed, you can first add several points of light such as a lamp or a floor lamp that will diffuse the light.

In addition, we has opted here for LED strips to be placed in the library, which serves both to light up your office but also to highlight this shelf to give it more charm. You can also have light points around the sofa or near the TV.

Properly match the space for more comfort

Which electrical equipment to choose: home office ideas 2023

To optimize the office in the living room as much as possible and create an ideal layout, electrical equipment is a very good solution. Indeed, the designer has here screens and a printer. Consider adding sockets to your library for these devices.

home office ideas 2023

To charge your phone while you work, you can also add a Schneider Electric USB socket with phone holder, which saves space on your office tablet!

Connected objects, comfort for the whole day

Finally, connected objects, a simple trick that will allow you to make your daily life easier both in the office area and in the living room. Indeed, you can use Philips Hue connected lights which will allow you to have a white light atmosphere which will promote concentration during the day but also a warmer light for the evening.

All you have to do is program the change of lighting mood at a certain time. This will tell you at the same time that the working hour is over and that it is time to relax!

A contemporary office decoration for a modern interior

The contemporary office decoration plays on light and refined decor. An elegant and neat interior with little decoration. This decorative style relies on essential objects and furniture to create a modern atmosphere.

home office 2023

Neutral colors are to be preferred, white, black and gray are among the must-haves of this style. Adding light to keep your workspace pleasant is essential for all decorative styles. A good way to feel good in this home office 2023.

A contemporary office decoration with storage: home office design 2023

The contemporary home office 2023 must always keep storage. In addition to being modern, it must be refined, for this, opt for storage hidden in furniture.

The large drawers will be your allies, under your desk or in your storage units, they allow you to deposit all your documents while keeping a simple exterior.

home office 2023

In terms of color and design, you can choose low white or gray furniture, prefer light colors to enlarge your room. You can still add a few dark touches with shelves or black or dark gray fixtures, for example.

Home offices are no longer just for business anymore, so you definitely want a space where you can take a quick break during a long day to relax and recharge.

This calls for a significantly larger home office, perhaps with a couch in the corner, a dartboard somewhere, and a small sitting space that is just right for quick breaks.

Naturally, you do not want to design an environment that has too many distractions that hinder work. However, you don’t want a home office that appears dull and confined.

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