Living Room Trends 2023: Best 7 Tricks Poised To Make An Unforgettable Statement

Living Room Trends 2023 Living room

Living room trends 2023  and dining room are both private and welcoming rooms. We spend TV evenings, aperitifs and meals there with family or friends… their occupancy is maximum.

Today, as part of each interior design project, architects and project managers favor open and spacious spaces that adapt to the needs of modern families.

While the living room trends 2023 are rather towards the disinterestedness of “night” spaces, living spaces and the living room in particular, are at the heart of concerns because they partly determine well-being at home.

Living Room Trends 2023

How to arrange your living room?

A few basic points are to be studied beforehand to arrange your living room and make a success of its layout. Here’s how to organize your living room:

  • Observe the openings of the room to accentuate or filter the brightness in order to use it best.

Open space? Create well-defined corners! A pleasant room to live in is often correlated with its use, without a clear definition of its function, it loses functionality and comfort.

Pay particular attention to the floor covering in living room trends 2023: it is quite expensive and is less easily changed than paint.

  • Do not neglect your ceiling, the visitor’s eye is often drawn upwards.
  • Play up the color contrasts on your walls to avoid boredom and create life!
  • Mix light sources and different types of light, warm or cold, floor lamp or suspension etc.
  • Dare a decoration in your image, the more it is in accordance with your tastes, the more it will be effective and pleasant to live in everyday life.
  • Choose the furniture according to your way of living, for example, a corner sofa is very useful if you do not have a lot of equipment and a lot of space, on the other hand in a small space, it will suffocate your room.

To restore all its splendor with the living room trends 2023, many owners opt for a renovation from A to Z. Thus, they are able to optimize the space as well as the layout of the room according to their needs. and their desires.

A Camif Habitat architect or project manager is therefore the best adviser for everything related to the creation of an atmosphere that matches everyone’s tastes and desires.

small living room design 2023

Decorate your living room with simplicity

The layout of your living room is not always synonymous with major work. Sometimes the simple addition of designer furniture to your rather classic living room trends 2023 can be enough to give it a breath of fresh air.

Similarly, personalizing your interior with small decorative objects will bring nice design and graphic touches and can contribute to the overall evolution of the atmosphere of your living room.

small living room design 2023

To feel good in a furnished living room, favor the cocooning mode. If possible, install a wood-burning stove, a great way to bring comfort and functionality to a living room. Less expensive, a rug on the floor will pleasantly warm the atmosphere and provide softness to your new environment.

Other elements of living room trends 2023 will also match this type of warm atmosphere, such as cushions and throws on the sofa or parquet on the floor which will enhance the warm atmosphere of this living room.

Living room layout: open up the space

The layout in living room trends 2023 may involve the creation of new openings, French windows, windows or skylights. Similarly, the demolition of a partition separating two living rooms makes it possible to create an additional surface all at once without, however, initiating too large a site.

The living room trends 2023  therefore exist to optimize the space and afford a living room in line with your desires.

Living room layout: place in the light

Promote the presence of natural light as much as possible in the layout with the living room trends 2023. The multifunctional side of the living room makes this room a space where light must be present from morning until night.

A multi-activity room par excellence (we read there, we work there, we eat there, etc.), your living room requires several sources of direct and/or indirect light. Each activity can be accompanied by a suitable light: reading lamp, pendant lamp, etc

small living room design 2023


The use of a dimmer via the main lighting will also favor a great modularity of the light.

Also prefer light and bright colors to give the feeling of expanding the space and increase the clarity in the room as much as possible.

Furnishing your living room: pay particular attention to the floor

The living room is necessarily a place of passage. Its flooring therefore requires special attention to avoid premature wear. Tiling is renowned for its maintenance and solidity qualities.

Thanks to the latest technical developments, it now comes in an infinite number of material and color effects. You can also opt for parquet, which is warmer, or a natural fiber floor (eg sisal, etc.).

Choose your flooring based on how often your living room is used and the number of people who will be using it daily.

Personalized living room layout

The living room is above all a pleasant space to live in, in which one must feel good. Its layout is therefore to be designed according to your personality.

small living room design 2023

Your living room should reflect your tastes; your design will of course take this into account. Do not forget either that the various decorative elements that you have chosen will be decisive in completing the layout of a living room and having a result that meets your expectations and your tastes.

So that your living room reflects your personality and before embarking on heavy development work, list your desires, the colors and the materials you like.

Visit the exhibition spaces of the furniture brands, you will find creative ideas there. Personalize your living room by dressing the walls according to your decorative desires. Photos or paintings are all elements that will draw the character of your living room.

Living room layout: a question of configuration

At the heart of everyday life, the living room is an essential room. It is therefore important to think carefully about its layout to make it a pleasant and welcoming place.

Planning a living room is not always an easy task. Be sure to approach the design differently depending on its configuration. Your choices will not be the same depending on whether you have a square, L-shaped living room, or a long living room.

A few key points should be remembered to optimize the layout of a living room according to the surface area and shape of your room.

small living room design 2023

For a rather square living room, two sofas facing each other around a coffee table will be the most suitable choice for the configuration of this room. And if your living room is less than 15m², a corner arrangement of the two sofas can also be a good option to save as much space as possible.


Living room design 2023: designers choice for the enthusiasts

When the room is configured in L, two distinct zones coexist. As part of your living room layout project, you then have the opportunity to use them in different ways, such as a living room and a dining room.

If one of the areas is larger than the other, it is better to install the seating area there. If the two spaces are of equivalent surface area, preferably install the living room side as close as possible to a glazed space overlooking the outside.

small living room design 2023

Finally, when you are faced with the layout of your living room in length, the challenge will be to create different zones using different colors or with separation furniture.

If you have enough width, place your sofa perpendicular to the longest wall. This will allow you to reduce the feeling of length and break the rhythm of the piece. If, on the contrary, your room is narrow, opt for a corner sofa.

Small living room design 2023: tricks and tips to make use of

Beyond finding the best one from living room trends 2023 focus your efforts on how you will live in this limited space.

It is not (only) the living room trends 2023 that counts, but rather the layout and the style. To properly arrange a small living room, you have to use a few tricks and tips for decorating or placing furniture items to give the impression of having more space.

The choice of furniture is, for example, decisive when you want to furnish a space according living room trends 2023. Opt for dual-purpose furniture: pull-out table, end of sofa or riser with storage box, sofa bed… dare to try different shades and colours.

small living room design 2023

In  living room trends 2023, not only will you give the feeling of a larger volume, but you will also give your living room an extra cachet.

In our living room trends 2023, if you don’t have enough space, opt for hanging furniture that can leave free space on the floor. Do not multiply the small storage that clutters your living room, but rather choose furniture all in height and length to ideally place against a wall.

Also think about glazed spaces, opaque partitions, and other windows to separate your living room from the other rooms and thus give the impression of size and clarity without suffering the noise or olfactory nuisances of the nearest rooms.

Furnishing a living room trends 2023 is not always as simple as you think. A multifunctional room, the living room requires a little thought to feel good there. In conclusion, here are some key elements to remember so as not to be mistaken in the layout of a living room:

Do not overload your living room with furniture and favor fluid circulation to maintain the impression of space.

Remember that a living room is usually a small room with many functions. So do not load it unnecessarily and avoid “polluting” it with additional furniture or decorative elements. Stay sober and avoid hoarding. An overloaded room is rarely harmonious and does not invite relaxation.

small living room design 2023

In living room trends 2023, do not just arrange your room in a uniform way. Do not hesitate to create breaks in the rhythm of your living room, create new spaces in the same volume.

Don’t limit yourself to direct lighting either. If the latter is often essential, it is not always the only source of light. If you only have limited access to direct light, multiply the indirect sources for more softness and modularity.

The year 2022 is fast approaching and makes you want to revamp your interior from floor to ceiling? What if you opted for the totem trend? Inspired by primitive arts, this essential decorative movement celebrates sculptural shapes, arty patterns and raw and imperfect surfaces, as if worked by hand. Seat, console, vase, rug or even wallpaper…

Visual as desired, it is available on multiple supports and coverings. Enough to let your creativity speak and personalize your interior, with elegance. We literally fall for the totem living room trends 2023!

small living room design 2023

Authentic, exotic, the ethnic style has become a classic in decoration. This year, it is reinventing itself and gaining in sophistication by drawing inspiration from primitive arts: long live the “totem” trend!

With it, wallpaper, fabrics and rugs bloom around a palette of colors from the earth (from sand to terracotta via clay or sienna); dark wood furniture adopts sculptural forms, and mineral surfaces (sandstone, ceramic, resin, etc.) evoking craftsmanship and handmade objects reign supreme in our interiors.

small living room design 2023

With a graphic and almost enigmatic silhouette, our furniture, lighting and everyday objects become unique creations, with undeniable visual potential!

Enough to bring living room trends 2023 character to a room without charm, boost the relief of a space without volumes…

And make the house travel!

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