Small Kitchen Ideas 2023: 8 Useful Ideas To Create 3m Perfectly Sized And Deeply Comfortable Space

Small kitchen ideas 2023 Dining room

Small kitchen ideas 2023 and everything on Small kitchen layout planning ready to astonish you!

How to arrange a small kitchen? There are several solutions to equip a small kitchen by combining functionality and aesthetics woth small kitchen ideas 2023.

Depending on your budget and your desires, choose either a pre-equipped kitchenette or a small tailor-made kitchen; the functional facilities are numerous and practical.

Small kitchen ideas 2023

There are thus many possibilities for using small kitchen ideas 2023; there is a wide choice of standard equipped kitchenette models.

They are equipped with integrated elements: storage, sink, oven hob… Depending on the space you have, you can complete this pre-equipment by choosing a few additional small kitchen ideas 2023.

Small kitchen ideas 2023: the different elements

To properly arrange with small kitchen ideas 2023 you will have to take into account your lifestyle, the space you have for eating, cooking and moving around. The joist height of your wall units is also an element to integrate, this will allow you to take advantage of accessible and practical storage units.

All these small kitchen ideas 2023 will make your kitchen an adapted kitchen that meets your daily needs!

The layout of a kitchen obviously requires knowing how to play and compose with the elements that compose it, the materials and the multiple technical constraints.

Small kitchen ideas 2023

The layout of your kitchen should not only be guided by functionality at all costs; since you will spend many hours there, as much as the decoration pleases you.

There are many kitchen decoration elements in small kitchen ideas 2023 for  us to combine practicality and aesthetics. Storage units, coverings, accessories, lighting…sometimes it doesn’t take much to bring a “facelift” to your kitchen.

Before changing everything and completely redesigning your kitchen, think first and simply (especially if your budget is limited) of revamping your kitchen. Several inexpensive materials can help you with this:

For your new kitchen floor, think vinyl or lino. Inexpensive, easy to install and maintain, these are the ultimate makeover materials.

Small kitchen ideas 2023

Your credenza is no longer up to date in small kitchen ideas 2023? Change efficiently and durably thanks to the adhesive tiles.
For your work plan, bet on laminate and, for the general atmosphere, there are inexpensive paints, special kitchens, which you will easily find in any good DIY store.

Finally, for the decoration of your kitchen, you can also repaint your furniture, an effective solution that quickly gives you the impression of changing your kitchen.

small kitchen ideas 2023: open or closed kitchen?

When you want to fit out or arrange a kitchen, a question comes up very often: is it better to start the small kitchen ideas 2023with the choice  between open or closed kitchen.

Increasingly present in modern interiors, the open kitchen is on everyone’s lips. Directly integrated into the living room, it brings conviviality and a warm side.

small kitchen design 2023

In particular small kitchen ideas 2023, it allows the person who prepares the meal to stay in contact with his family or his guests. As a result, cooking smells and the noise of household appliances (hood, oven, blender, mixer, etc.) can be bothersome if other people are present in the living room.

The open kitchen also extends the surface of the main room, while providing more light than a closed kitchen.

Conversely, a closed kitchen makes it possible to separate the space dedicated to storage and the preparation of meals from the rest of the house, according to the small kitchen ideas 2023.

Modern kitchen design 2023: a difficult choice

Thus, odors and noise pollution do not disturb the inhabitants of the home. Some people also appreciate the closed kitchen for its intimate side: the cook can concentrate to design his dishes and dress his plates quietly. Another advantage of the one : you don’t have to rush to wash and put away used dishes and utensils.

small kitchen design 2023

Fortunately, there is a hybrid solution likely to please everyone: the semi-open kitchen. It is most often an open kitchen, separated from the living room by a sliding door with brick partition, or a closed kitchen with an opening in the wall allowing dishes to pass through.

Another one from  small kitchen ideas 2023: the kitchen area separated from the living room with the help of a glass roof, which has the advantage of letting in light.

What is a kitchen splashback?

The kitchen splashback is the space located between the worktop and the wall units of a kitchen. Its function is to protect the walls from all types of splashes of water or grease, due to culinary activities taking place on the hob, the sink and the worktop.

Like the latter, the splashback contributes to bringing a designer touch to your kitchen.

small kitchen design 2023

The price of your kitchen splashback will depend on the dimensions and materials you want. Each of these having particular properties and aspects, it is sometimes complicated to make a choice. Follow the leader among the small kitchen ideas 2023!

Kitchen splashback: standard dimensions

The height of a standard credenza generally varies between 50 and 80 cm. However, there are mini credenzas, “backsplash”, whose height can range from 10 to 20 centimeters. This type of splashback is ideal for kitchen walls that are not exposed to heavy splashes.

There are also splashbacks ranging from the hob to the hood. Under the name of “bottom of the hood”, these protect the entire wall from heat and projections due to cooking.

The kitchen splashback can cover the wall over the entire length of the worktop, or only the level of the hob. Its height can also vary depending on the elements: the choice is yours.

small kitchen design 2023

Do you want to treat yourself to a top-of-the-range kitchen? A kitchen, whether luxurious or top-of-the-range, is designed as a living space in its own right, adapted to your habits and the specificities of your interior.

It is no longer a functional and closed space dedicated to the preparation of meals, but a place of sharing, exchanges, where you can cook, eat, relax or even work.

Cost of a high-end kitchen

A top-of-the-range or luxury small kitchen ideas 2023 being by definition unique, adapted to your lifestyle, and made of premium materials, you can expect prices to match such requirements.

Luxury kitchen or high-end kitchen: how to differentiate them?

If for ordinary mortals a high-end kitchen strongly resembles a luxurious kitchen, there are still some differences that can justify the substantial price difference.

Personalization: the top small kitchen ideas 2023

Luxury kitchens adapt to each of your needs, whilst high-end kitchens offer a wide selection of furniture, materials, finishes, and possibilities. Your small kitchen ideas 2023 advisor will locate the needed material if it is not in the brand’s catalogue.

Do you require furniture that is properly suited to the proportions of your space?

small kitchen design 2023

The kitchen will be built to accommodate the exact amount of space you have available.

Do you want to use a variety of materials on the fronts and sides of your furniture, use an exotic wood on the inside of your boxes, or create a custom drawer layout? It’s also a possibility!

Finishes and materials

In general, high-end kitchens have a good selection of noble materials and special finishes, as well as designer and high-quality sanitary equipment.

According the small kitchen ideas 2023, the luxury kitchens go much further, using virtually exclusively noble materials that are both durable and beautiful.

Even noble materials can be combined with new materials (solid wood, concrete, and stainless steel, for example).

small kitchen design 2023

The finishes of small kitchen ideas 2023 have been explored in such a manner that they are both visually and tactilely pleasing: from solid wood to anodized aluminium, via matt varnish, everything has been done to offer your kitchen a unique look.

Small kitchen design 2023: highlight the innovation

While high-end businesses typically provide their consumers with the most up-to-date technology, luxury kitchen designers are often at the forefront of future innovations how to furnish with the most high-level  small kitchen ideas 2023.

Manufacturing techniques, new types of storage, distinctive opening systems (mechanical or automatic), innovative materials, or even specific household appliances built in collaboration with the most premium brands (Gaggenau, Miele, Smeg, V-Zug…) are all examples of these innovations.


The more upmarket the fitted kitchen, the more the furniture tends to merge into the decor to create a seamless space that incorporates the kitchen, dining room, and living room.

Kitchen accessories sit beside collectibles, kitchen furniture includes a library area… a perfect integration with the kitchen decor, the appliances are hidden, the furniture handles disappear, the hinges are hidden, and the design is refined to the maximum.

small kitchen design 2023

The assistance

If we still refer to high-end kitchen counsellors as salespeople, experts, or designers, luxury kitchen manufacturers refer to them as interior designers and cabinetmakers.

They will work with you to design the kitchen of your dreams, down to the last detail, taking into account your wants and personality, and will be with you until it is installed in your home.

The sellers, for their part, will join you along the furniture design process and notify you when it is ready for delivery.

Furthermore, a luxury kitchen usually typically includes delivery, installation, and home appliances, which is not always the case with a high-end kitchen.

The sophisticated aesthetics, sobriety, and high quality finishes of Italian designers’ kitchens are famous throughout the world.

High-end Italian kitchens, while frequently favouring a minimalist design, do not sacrifice on functionality or innovation.

Their designers realised early on that the kitchen area needed to be both functional and user-friendly. As a result, they’ve devised innovative and unobtrusive storage solutions within their furniture, optimising their placement according to the various regions of the kitchen.

Snaidero, for example, has a plethora of storage options, one as ingenious as the next: from the bottle drawer to the rails for keeping stemmed glasses, as well as a variety of drawer configurations.

small kitchen design 2023

If luxury or high-end kitchens tend to look more and more alike year after year, certain differences specific to their country of origin still seem to persist. In particular, there are interesting differences between high-end Italian, French and German kitchens.

Italian high-end kitchens: the height of elegance

What furnishings do you need for a custom-made kitchen?

Individually designed furniture: small kitchen 2023

Individual kitchen furniture and kitchen wall units have a distinct appearance that is mirrored in the architecture and construction of the furniture, with individual furniture resembling furniture from the rest of the house. A sideboard or sideboard resembles a chest of drawers or certain corner dressers in appearance.

small kitchen design 2023

However, some modern kitchen equipment, including hinges, drawers, and adjustable shelves, combines certain utilitarian characteristics of industrial manufacture. In low-cost furniture, melamine or veneered particleboard is replacing wooden planks.

Only a few cabinetmakers still provide solid wood kitchen furniture from the past.

Furniture that is isolated

If the surface and plan of the room allow it, a harmonious layout may be achieved by making the best use of the volumes by placing a piece of furniture in the centre of the kitchen. The table in the centre of the room is usually used for eating, but it can also be utilised as a work area for various tasks.

small kitchen design 2023

The table in this scenario usually features drawers and a storage bench. Glassware can then be stored on a rack suspended from the ceiling. The current trend is to replace the table with an unified piece of furniture that forms an island topped with a hood.

In connection with a deep desire for personalization, the kitchen has fun with increasingly inspiring materials. Far from standards or an ordinary style, the trend is towards ingenuity, in search of singularity.

A stone worktop, striated solid wood fronts or a marble splashback, the materials set the tone in a hybrid living room, as close as possible to your habits and your universe.

small kitchen design 2023

With an innate sense of detail, Cuisine Plus also offers a wide range of options to refine the style of your furniture through finishes and accessories such as handles with minimalist lines or, on the contrary, deeply authentic. Zoom on the trendy materials in 2023 for a beautiful kitchen that looks like you!

If aesthetics and style are at the heart of priorities for Cuisine Plus, the functionality of the materials remains a key criterion. With intense use, the kitchen must above all be practical on a daily basis. In 2023, the innovation of materials will thus make it possible to create a living room that is pleasant in every way.

Wood is reinventing itself for a kitchen like no other

In tune with the times for several seasons, wood continues its momentum in 2023 with worked effects but also ever more varied shades and daring aspects. In solid wood (from sustainable forestry at Cuisine Plus) or in wood veneer, the grain of the material brings its share of authenticity. In a bright and contemporary kitchen, wood is available in oak or ash with vertical lines.

Mineral materials are on the rise in the small kitchen ideas 2023

Quartz, granite or marble, mineral materials are beneficial in the kitchen. On a worktop or a credenza, they bring a unique personality, a raw spirit while being able to marry many colors.

small kitchen design 2023

Renowned for their resistance and their ease of use with a high tolerance to shocks, scratches or heat, these materials are also a way of bringing added value to the piece, a certain nobility.

Glass is a guarantee of delicacy in the small kitchen ideas 2023

Among the strong trends in 2023 for the kitchen, glass is doing well! Synonymous with light and elegance, this material is also waterproof and stain resistant. Easy to maintain, it allows perfect daily hygiene.

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