Wallpaper Trends 2023: Best 7 Options For A Look That’s Effervescent, With An Air Of Elegance

wallpaper trends 2023 Bedroom

Wallpaper trends 2023 will help you in case if you have decided to give in to temptation and want to put a wallpaper wall in your living room, but you don’t know which dominant color to choose.

There is no one answer to this question since the selection  of wallpaper trends 2023 depends on different factors such as: the style of your space, its volume, its dominant colors, the choice of materials… You must therefore think and find the paper that will be the most harmonious.

wallpaper trends 2023

In a living room, it is preferable to opt for a non-woven wallpaper. To avoid the feeling of crushing and suffocation, in this room, covering a single wall or a section of wall is recommended. The others can be covered with paint or plain wallpaper in a neutral color.

In domain, you are not short of choice. Be careful, if you choose a printed and patterned paper, we mainly refer to the dominant color.

A few rules allow you to make the right selection in this room which must be warm. It is mainly its exposure that will guide your choice.

If your living room is exposed to the north: bet on warm colors such as yellow, red or orange which warms up this somewhat cold space, state the experts on the wallpaper trends 2023.

If your room faces south or west: it is certainly very bright, especially if you have a large glass surface. In this case, fresh colors such as blue or green are preferred, they can be associated with a touch of taupe, black or brown.

wallpaper trends 2023

Most of the time today, the living room takes place in a living room, more or less spacious, which combines several functions. The floor is then designed in a single and same coating, except for the kitchen area which can be marked by a different floor.

To structure the space, wallpaper can be a great help. You can then opt for different colors in the living room and the dining room for example. This is also valid if you want to create a small reading corner.

These visual separations will be all the more aesthetic as you choose your wallpapers in a harmonious way.

We can for example sublimate the friendly and warm side with a dominant color, deep and even a little dark. A midnight blue or a beautiful anthracite gray will be perfect and will invite you to relax.

Wallpaper design 2023: Bet on your imagination to create unique space

In the dining area, select a coral-based wallpaper which will then be more dynamic, friendlier and more open, or imagine a more relaxing atmosphere with soft, light colours.

In terms of decoration, as in the rest of society, wallpaper trends 2023 are intended to be resolutely optimistic, turned towards the future which we hope will be better, but also towards the past… revisited of course, as if to return to the fundamentals.

This is also reflected in the wallpaper with colorful collections, floral patterns, varied, flowers more real than life to those inspired by Japan.

wallpaper trends 2023

Chic, glamorous, sophisticated and timeless, this is what can best describe the wallpaper collections in 2021. Nature remains the main source of inspiration for designers who stick to trendy colors in wallpaper trends 2023.

The great novelty of wallpaper trends 2023  is the use you will make of wallpaper and it will be used in particular to revamp your furniture.

It brings a breath of fresh air to your fridge or transforms your family cupboard in the blink of an eye, to completely renew the aesthetics of your interior and give it that little original and subtle touch.

Obviously, wallpaper trends 2023 remain  very present in the bedrooms, the living room, the entrance, the kitchen and the bathroom. It is used sparingly, but also in total look if you prefer.

Graph paper: a real decorative chameleon!

Want to bring an industrial and raw side to your bathroom for example? This black Triangle wallpaper, from Béatrice Sauvage’s “Le monde sauvage” collection, is truly suited to this atmosphere.

wallpaper trends 2023


This one from wallpaper trends 2023can be laid all over or by touch. The black triangles on a yellow background punctuate a section of wall or a room. It also makes its small effect at the head of the bed. Chameleon, it is able to harmonize with many decorative styles.

Floral paper: instinctive and demanding!

Timeless, Luxuriance Terre is a wallpaper that is both original, hand-drawn and free, with its poetic designs. It displays very trendy shades this year, including khaki and deep blue. It starts from a very instinctive inspiration, which gives it a real lively aspect and gives rhythm to your wall.

Floral paper: realistic and retro!

Do you want flowers? Here you go with a drawing that is as realistic as it is a bit outdated. These pretty blooms seem to leap into your gaze, certainly because of the contrast with a dark, blue background here.

wallpaper trends 2023

Hand painted, they are truly spectacular! To be placed on a section of wall or a complete wall while remaining more neutral on the other surfaces.

Panoramic wallpaper: Japanese inspiration

Shinsha Scene 1 Blossom is a totally Japanese-inspired wallpaper, representing branches of cherry trees, of exquisite finesse.

This panel brings character and personality to your room, it is perfect for seating your bed in the bedroom or the lounge or dining area in the living room.

We love the delicacy of the patterns from wallpaper trends 2023 and the poetry through the birds that delicately land on the branches.

A trellis-style wallpaper with graphic lines, refined and in a palette of sophisticated neutral tones. It is available in four colors.

wallpaper trends 2023

Rabeschi Slate is a paper with character that naturally imposes itself in a room and blends perfectly with plants. Attention however: it is necessary to remain rather sober in addition.

In 2021, the jungle style is widely revisited with more neutrality, finesse and discretion to harmonize with many decorative spirits. Abundance is a perfect illustration of this trend. Even more in tune with the times with its off-white background and its very delicate features, in faded black.

To give rhythm to a wall very easily, the bird is certainly the most suitable wallpaper for the situation. It is perfect on a wall or two to give personality to the room. The design is very beautiful and it remains light, although the patterns are very present.

wallpaper trends 2023

The popular “botanical” trend for interior design, which emphasizes plant elements, is very adaptable. She implements real plants, printed patterns on wallpapers, rugs and carpets, plant-themed accessories and natural colors and creates one thing: fantastic green oases of well-being.

What does “Botany” mean in modern wallpaper 2023

“Botany” is a noun or adjective that refers to the study of plants. Studies of botany include approximately 380,000 species from around the world — some of which may not even be immediately identifiable as plants. This magical green universe offers an equally rich choice when it comes to wallpaper designs.

Flowers, bushes, grasses, shrubs, twigs, branches, tendrils and leaves are the patterns that feature on high quality design wallpapers that have a botanical theme among wallpaper trends 2023.

All hues and shades of green obviously have an important role to play in botany, as well as in the botanical trend, but it is by no means the only color that fits the green lifestyle.

wallpaper trends 2023

One can also achieve unique concepts and themes with soft, woodsy or earthy shades of brown, lemon yellow or golden yellow, ash gray, fruity red, Caribbean turquoise or tangy orange.

The patterns of the wallpapers range from concrete to abstract, from delicate to dazzling. And who says botanical wallpapers can’t be extravagant and luxurious? The best example of this is our beautiful plant fiber wallpaper Persephone.

Green is the elixir of life. We all know that plants enhance the atmosphere of a room and stimulate the mind while having a calming, sensual effect.

Just imagine a day spent in the garden, in the woods, in a colorful meadow in the mountains. As the gaze glides over this green splendor, thoughts begin to wander gently and become daydreams or pleasant dreams.

wallpaper ideas 2023

Just the mention of plants will trigger associations with a specific scent, for example the floral bouquet of a rose, different herbs like mint or parsley, or the tart, sweet scent of pine resin. The soft rustling of the leaves fills us with a sense of tranquility. The botanical trend delights all of our senses and merges them wonderfully.

Multifunctional rooms in shared houses

A room in an apartment or shared house is by nature multifunctional: it is a bedroom, an office, a reception area for guests, a retreat for private moments and a space for creative hobbies, all rolled into one.

Different pieces of furniture, accessories and possessions should be stored there smartly in a small space. One should of course take this into account when choosing the wallpaper trends 2023.

While each of these specific spaces is generally located in a separate room for which one can choose a wallpaper, accommodation in shared apartments requires a harmonious model that is suitable for all the specificities mentioned in wallpaper trends 2023.

wallpaper ideas 2023

Colors and patterns play an important role, as they have a significant impact on the proportions of a room and its overall mood. A dorm room used primarily for studying and sleeping needs wallpaper that will benefit both of these activities — and not have a negative effect on them.

And let’s not forget personal preferences when it comes to wallpaper trends 2023. In order to meet all of these demands, a little careful preparation is required — and we’re happy to help!

Cork, top wallpaper 2023: all you need to know about it

Cork wallpapers are the ideal complement for most environments with their fantastic design structures, varied colors and practical advantages.

These natural wallpapers  in wallpaper trends 2023 are made using the bark of the cork oak tree, a sustainable resource with fantastic characteristics for both home atmosphere and energy saving.

wallpaper ideas 2023

They exude warmth and comfort, combined with a love of nature with an aesthetically pleasing and modern style.

This blog is all about cork wallpapers — from the production of cork to its use in wallpapers, from the features and benefits of this special natural material to tips for interior design concepts and successful hanging.

Cork, a natural material par excellence: wallpaper ideas 2023

The fact that cork is “filled with air” means that this natural hard foam is particularly suitable for a multitude of products.

Besides the production of bottle caps, this natural material offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for insulation and waterproofing materials, decorative and functional floors, wallpapers, furniture and all kinds of objects and utilities.

wallpaper ideas 2023

Cork comes mainly from the bark of the cork oak tree (Quercus suber) which grows in sunny and warm countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. Internationally, Portugal is the largest cork producer. In Asia, the bark of Phellodendron amurense is the main source of cork.

An accent wall with cork wallpaper creates a feeling of comfort and warmth, and thanks to the wide variety of colors offered, it is suitable for a huge number of individual style concepts.

That said, cork wallpapers can pose a problem when it comes to color combinations and they don’t go well with just any bright contrasting color.

All shades of white, light gray, warm brown, orange-red and all shades of beige, honey yellow, subtle gold accents and fresh olive green are perfect partners for furniture, floor, other walls and ceiling.

Their natural quality is the main feature of all cork wallpapers, but they can be given a modern twist by adding metallic and shiny effects.

Cork wall decor has a warm effect on the mind, but also on factual physical perception. That’s why a cork accent wall works particularly well in places that are close to the body, such as behind the sofa or bed, or next to a desk or workbench.

wallpaper trends 2023

In this way, one can feel the warming qualities of cork very distinctly because cork wall coverings store heat (and release it in wallpaper trends 2023).

Cork wallpapers among wallpaper trends 2023 make a big impact on any room and will add a certain je ne sais quoi to many interior design styles. They are particularly popular in different styles such as Shabby chic, industrial style, mid-century style or Scandinavian style.

Purist-minimalist living concepts, for example with charming Asian elements or a modern take on country style, benefit from high-quality cork oak bark wallpaper. It also harmonizes perfectly with the neo-baroque style, trendy and sophisticated.

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