Office Trends 2023: 10 Best Ideas To Have Conveniently Organized Space For The Most Pleasant Workflow

office trends 2023 Interior Design Trends

Office trends 2023 or simply the simplest way to invest in the right place!

This is the first step, and it will determine everything that follows! Whether you occupy it 38 hours a week or only for administrative paperwork, it is important to choose wisely where you will set up your office.

And there are as many possibilities as there are worker profiles in the office trends 2023: there is no wrong place! All you have to do is ask yourself the right questions, and here they are stated below.

Do we need silence and calm to work? A desk area in the office trends 2023  is therefore not necessarily the right idea… Think more of the wall of a bedroom, a corner of the landing, a corner of the hallway or the entrance.

Office Trends 2023

On the contrary, we do not have to be ultra concentrated to carry out our tasks and we like to chat rather well while getting down to it? You will then be better installed in a corner of the living room, part of the dining room in office trends 2023.

Do you need space, to spread out, to invade a work plan and leave it (in the plan of office trends 2023) for several days in a row?

It would be a shame to clutter the living rooms and have your job under your nose even when you are not working office trends 2023. Choose a room to dedicate to it: an entire room  or part of the guest room, for example.

Do we have a lot of things to store, files, materials to have on hand?

Office Trends 2023

Don’t overlook the office trends 2023 which  will all take up, and the distance you’ll have to travel to pick them up when you’re working. Believe us, we tested the office upstairs and the storage unit downstairs: it’s painful.

Very painful. And we end up spreading out on the ground floor, on the floor, in front of the storage unit.

This is especially essential if your office area is only part of a room. You have to separate it from the rest, make it a real workspace with the office trends 2023).

Not only to delimit it (otherwise we spread out…) but also to create a real work atmosphere in its own right, with its own decor.

To delineate this area, color is the most practical. A painted area on the wall, a strip of wallpaper the size of your office, a wooden board placed behind it, a carpet on the floor: the goal is to delimit an area by a change of color or material.

This is probably the most complicated step… because you have to make a choice!

It’s about doing what we do for all the other rooms in our house: choosing an atmosphere, a style, a range of colors and materials, and the right proportions to balance it all.

Office Trends 2023

For the desktop, I think it’s important to keep 2 things in mind:

It is a place that must be fun, motivating, inspiring. This is the opportunity to let go a little on the decoration!

It does not mean overloading small objects and other trinkets, but rather daring to do something that you would not have dared to do in your living room. A color that we like but that we are not sure to assume.

A large pattern on the wall. A slightly quirky style. Dare!

It is a place where one must be able to concentrate, stay awake, be dynamic.

So choose your colors wisely, also according to your activity: rather creative, monotonous, boring, comforting,… And balance with the color.

Choose the right seat

Do not neglect the hours that our pretty buttocks will spend in our pretty office!

And comfort is also a rather subjective criterion. Some will prefer a very soft and padded armchair, others a rather straight backrest.

It also depends on your activity. If you are often forced to think, slumped well in your armchair, or if you are rather curled up above your work surface: it is not the same position, and therefore not the same comfort needs.

And then it also obviously has to be aesthetic, this seat: that it matches the rest of the decor and that you like it, Take advantage of the office trends 2023 that you only have one copy to buy, for you please and choose a favorite model!

office design ideas 2023

Show your inspiration

This is in my opinion the most important one among office trends 2023 (and the nicest to install). Whether you have a creative job like mine, or not at all: you always need to be inspired!

Whether it’s with a few personal photos, motivating quotes, a pretty postcard, a piece of fabric that you particularly like, a pattern, a material that you liked: let yourself be inspired by all this and collect these little objects for display them in your office, like a moodboard. To change with the mood!

And to display them, there are plenty of solutions among office trends 2023:

  • pinned to a cork board,
  • hung on a wire mesh using clips,
  • taped to the wall with masking tape,
  • hanging above the desk with a wire and small clothespins,
  • placed on a thin shelf,
  • placed on “pegboard” style shelves,
  • framed in a few frames accumulated on the desk or hung on the wall in gallery wall,

office trends 2023

Hide and show: the balance to be finded

The  office trends 2023 are all about well and good, but we always have a ton of things to store there which are not necessarily beautiful.

We are  more of a “hide this mess that I can’t see” party. On the “minimalist” side of the force. Clean versus happy mess. In short, you will have understood: I prefer to hide everything that can be hidden, and to only leave visible what is necessary and what inspires.

Because yes, we can afford a little superfluous decoration anyway (we are not here for that, by the way?).

Office Trends 2023: 10 Best Ideas To Have Conveniently Organized Space For The Most Pleasant Workflow

Among all our office items, we must distinguish:

  • which is pretty BUT not regularly useful -> we really select the cream of the crop, which we will display nicely in a place that will not clutter up our workspace (on a high shelf, in the corner of the room or on a corner of the desk but then we limit the number).
  • which is pretty AND regularly useful -> double reason to leave it nicely lying around!
  • which is not pretty BUT regularly useful -> we leave it close at hand, but we place it in a pretty pot, a small basket, a nice opaque box.
  • which is not pretty AND not regularly useful -> uh, do I really need to argue? Hop, in the closet (or in the drawer)!
  • Last tip: glazed cupboards (even sandblasted/translucent glazing), it’s OUT! You can see everything they contain. Ditto for the perforated metal baskets, if it is to store computer cables for example, we forget! Instead, think of pretty drawer units, wicker or fabric baskets, jars, beautiful cardboard boxes, etc.

office trends 2023

Take care of the interior: office design ideas 2023

Just because it’s hidden doesn’t mean it has to be out of order. As a great storage freak that I am, I like when it’s nicely organized, including inside my cupboards. And then what could be easier to find your stuff, and more motivating to get to work?

Use and abuse small boxes to store and compartmentalize your drawers and cupboards.

Let there be light

Very important point among office trends 2023. Not only for your little eyes, but also for your motivation: what could be more depressing than having to finish billing at 10 p.m. with a dim light.

office design ideas 2023

As in all rooms: it is important to diversify and multiply the light sources (I should think about framing this advice, as I repeat it to you at length in articles):

  • general lighting, just to see something when you enter the room: a suspension or a floor lamp, which you can choose really decorative. The  main one of office trends 2023 is not necessarily that it illuminates a lot, but that you see something in it.
  • functional lighting, to be placed on your work surface: this is obviously the most important thing for an office! This one should be chosen with care. We can obviously have aesthetic office trends 2023, but we must not neglect the comfort of our eyes.It will be above all the bulb, which will have to be chosen carefully (choose a fairly high output in watts (which is not the same thing as the watts consumed) and a light that is neither too warm nor too white: the occupational medicine recommends between 2700 and 3000 degrees Kelvin).
  • mood lighting: not mandatory for an office, but a small garland in a corner or a pretty accent lamp, it doesn’t hurt anyone!

office design ideas 2023

Office design 2023: Add the important comfort

Whether your office is a room in its own right or a small corner of your living room, it is important to provide it with a little warmth and comfort.

Think of accessories like a cushion or a blanket to put on your chair, a rug to add comfort (visual, but also real when you’re lying on the floor sorting your papers… what, that only happens to me? ), and especially at least one small plant: greenery really helps to bring a little life to a space! And then it’s an opportunity to add a pretty decorative pot. Always a good excuse.

Practical details that make sense

Now is the time to think about these little details that make the difference, on the decorative side but also on the work side.

For example, if like me you have a  wide range of office trends 2023 to accumulate notebooks (diary, ideas notebook, meeting notebook, appointment notebook, to-do-list notebook, notebook-in-which-on-n nothing-to-write-but-that-is-too-pretty-to-put-away), think of a system to put them aside at the end of the day.

It can be an openwork metal sorter (where you store your papers vertically), or a small glass and brass tray, for instance in office trends 2023. The idea is to gather your things once the day is over, to have the impression of a tidy office. This is all the more important if your office area is part of a living room!

office design ideas 2023

And so is the trash can. Some of you must have thought I was crazy when I started to paint the handles of my Ikea trash can gold. But either we have attention to detail or we don’t. What do you want me to tell you, my trash can and I are now on the right wavelength.

Joking aside, it is still an object that is necessarily present in an office, and which is rarely aesthetic. Feel free to customize yours to match your decor!

Another option would be to choose a small wicker basket, but unfortunately this solution is not made for DIY girls with leftover paint and glue to throw away.


Office ideas 2023: prepare your installation in your new nest:

The golden rule office trends 2023: do not rush to furnish/decorate everything right away. It’s the best way to regret your choices: tiles that are out of fashion, a color you’ve gotten tired of, a choice that’s not been thought through enough, too hasty purchases,… We’ve seen examples of this with all the office trends 2023.

Take the time to immerse yourself in the rooms, to observe your way of living in these spaces, your needs, your desires. Or, entrust your move to a pro with office trends 2023.

office design ideas 2023

Because that’s where I come in, to help my clients project themselves, visualize things, and make the right choices from the start. A saving of time but also of money, to help them invest in the right elements and be in accordance with .

We often hear that a new house should not be painted for two years, because the walls move and micro-cracks could appear. My opinion is that two years in a house without decoration is far too long! You will probably have little courage to embark on this kind of work once fully moved in and installed.

And then a crack can also occur after two years, because the ground and the building will continue to move (and in this case, a stroke of filler and paint on the wall of the crack and it is settled).

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