Garden Design Trends 2023: Most Useful 10 Ideas To Let The Moments Of Reflection Revive Again

Garden Design Trends 2023 Interior Design Trends

Garden design trends 2023 Ideas are ready for those who are landscaping the garden in front of the house?

It’s a shame and yet, the garden in front of the house does not get all the attention it should. Fix it right away with the newest garden design trends 2023! Our blog  explains how to enhance this part of your exterior easily.

Gate, gate, driveway, plants… Many elements make it possible to arrange the garden in front of the house and to sublimate it.

Garden Design Trends 2023

It’s all about choosing them well. Westwing has listed a series of ideas that definitely give character to this green space.

And if despite everything you do not think you have the shoulders to carry out this work, entrust it to a landscaper, garden design trends 2023 are here as  the expert in the field!

What atmosphere for the garden in front of the house?

Japanese Zen atmosphere, exotic, contemporary, romantic… In general, for a matter of consistency, we choose the same atmosphere at the front as at the back of the house.

And very logically, since it is a matter of taste, it harmonizes with the style of the house.

Also, some consider an exterior decor in the continuity of style of your interior decoration, to form a whole, especially when the facade of the house is equipped with large bay windows.

Others want it different, creating a break and a new universe.

small garden ideas 2023

For example, a contemporary interior can easily have a Japanese or Zen garden and one can easily imagine a house with vintage decor with an English garden.

Gate, gate essential to the garden in front of the house

The portal is in a way the first entrance to the house, choose it carefully. Swing gate, sliding gate, motorized gate, in wood, in aluminium, solid, decorative…

There are a multitude of offers.

But these elements are chosen both according to aesthetic criteria: genre, materials, colors, but also according to the space available, your uses and habits. Should the gate pass a car, bicycles or maybe a stroller? Think about it.

Garden Design Trends 2023
A well-fenced exterior

Make your garden a little cocoon by working on its perimeter, its fence, you will protect yourself, moreover, from possible indiscretions of the neighborhood.

For this, use reeds (for a very natural effect) or install a vegetable hedge (but be careful, you will have to prune it regularly and make sure that it does not disturb your neighbour).

Create a path in the garden in front of the house

A path is a real asset in a garden. If it offers a new perspective to this space, structures it, it makes access to the house much more comfortable. Walking in dirt and mud when it rains is not always pleasant.

This can be made of wooden slats, gravel, natural stone slabs, cobblestones. These different materials cover different decorative universes as garden design trends 2023: their appearance and layout will create a particular style.

Finally, if the available space allows it, plan an area to park the cars (yours or those of the guests…). To your plantations!

Garden Design Trends 2023

Arranging the garden at the front of the house means thinking about the plants… To choose them  among garden design trends 2023, take into account the exposure, some plants appreciate the sun more than the other, the origin of the wind, the quality of the soil (if you want to plant them in the ground).

These plants can also be sown or placed in pots, planters.

They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. As inside, objects can be diverted a wheelbarrow, a barrel, can accommodate some other plantations and offer a vintage or authentic look, quite playful to your green space.

Distinguish the different landscaped areas in the garden in front of the house

You only have this garden at the front of the house? Perhaps you would like to install a vegetable garden, a living room, a pergola with a dining area, a play area for the children?

Try delimiting them different spaces to be arranged. Elevate the garden furniture with a platform or hide it behind a latticework-style screen.

Trellis allowing ivy or vegetable garden to climb can be used as a separation, like a decorative bed with pebbles.

Garden Design Trends 2023
Do not forget the front of the house

The facade of the house can become the support of your creativity or more simply accommodate a very natural and romantic decor made of ivy or wisteria, wooden cladding for an authentic style, more contemporary metal panels, you will also find wall coverings, such as wallpaper, designed to withstand the weather.

Enhance the decor with light

Highlight the paths, beds, the exterior entrance and the house itself with light: candle holders to punctuate the path to the door of the house. You can also choose luminous stakes, garlands to slide in the trees, led garlands to place under the gutter…

small garden ideas 2023

You want to give your exterior a facelift, give it a more up-to-date air. Which layout to choose? Which plants to choose? And the furniture? We are here and ready to advise you to make your garden modern.

If one can easily characterize a Japanese, English, French garden, it is more complicated to do the same with a modern garden. Especially since a Mediterranean garden can be modern, just like a Zen garden.

It’s simple though, these contemporary gardens are found around certain points, such as clean shapes, a highlighting of design (garden furniture, sculpture…) a pronounced taste for symmetry…

small garden ideas 2023

Our blog  tells you all about it. Find other inspirations for a modern interior, without forgetting the terrace.

A modern garden: a very graphic space

Vertical lines, geometric shapes, a modern garden is thought through in every detail. Its layout is intended to be structured, rather airy in order to circulate, play or even practice physical activity and even rest.

Which plants for a modern garden?

Contemporary green spaces love verticality, remember? Therefore, favor rather tall plants and shrubs, such as bamboos, cacti, palm trees…. A gust of wind and the grasses (wisteria, angel hair, etc.) will give it movement.

And in addition to a pleasant smell, plants such as jasmine, Mexican orange tree and hydrangea, will give it volume and relief.

Even if this kind of garden design trends 2023 appreciates immaculate and sober plants, nothing prevents you from planting more colorful ones: alongside the white flowers, the colors will be highlighted.

small garden ideas 2023

Arrange the plants according to the orientation of the sun, their need for light but also for water. Perennial geraniums will thrive in the sun, while rhododendrons will thrive in the shade.

Also think about the spaces you want to furnish and follow the best tips from garden design trends 2023! It might be nice to have a fairly shady space to take a nap on Sunday afternoons.

If your knowledge in  garden design trends 2023 is not solid enough, take advice from a gardening specialist or even a landscaper.

small garden ideas 2023

Opt, with him, for plants that are easy to live with and that will not require too much maintenance.

If you plan to design a pond, you will need to choose aquatic plants.

Some of these plants only grow at the edge of the pond (rushes), others need very little water (water marigolds), others must be submerged halfway up (water buttercup) and still others will be in total immersion (water lily).

What materials for a contemporary exterior?

The modern garden promotes natural materials. Think of wood for the terrace, you can also use pebbles, natural stone or even concrete to build low walls, benches…

And above all, don’t hesitate to mix these materials. It is thanks to the contrast and that you will modernize your garden. Finally, try recycling for your creations and your installations… You will act in favor of the planet and garden design trends 2023, saving some money.

What type of garden furniture?

Forget the furniture with very / too worked lines, make way for clean, pure, even organic shapes. Black, gray and beige resin garden furniture have a place of choice in this kind of space, they are robust and easy to maintain.

The metal furniture treated to withstand the weather is also a favorite for this season, according to the garden design trends 2023.

For more comfort, consider adding a carpet, cushions (of course treated for outdoor use). The idea remains your garden furniture as your indoor living room. It must also be pleasant to live in, especially on sunny days.

small garden ideas 2023
Think about the lighting

The work of lighting in a modern garden is essential. It emphasizes its graphics, emphasizing layout, furniture and plants. Opt for LED lighting to be planted in the ground, inserted on the terrace or suspended on a structure or in the trees.

For evenings in the garden, portable lamps are very useful, they allow you to supplement the lighting as needed.

 The green wall: the best of garden design trends 2023

Very popular indoors or on a balcony, a terrace, the green wall is a strong element in a modern garden.

In terms of garden design trends 2023, we can define the green wall as a must have option.

As a result, it can be made on a panel, on pallets, in planters… In the scope of garden design trends 2023, it  can accommodate plants, but also aromatic herbs, fruits, vegetables.

small garden ideas 2023

The greening of a wall is nothing new: plants, if only ivy, have long protected facades from heat loss in winter, high temperatures in summer and prevent humidity. to infiltrate.

Many modern green walls only require substrate, water and light and avoid the use of pesticides. They are called hydroponic. Indoors their circuit can be open, it is then equipped with a drip.

But other types of implementations are developing. Indoors or outdoors, a green wall is always pleasant to look at.

As soon as the sun comes out and the temperatures slowly start to rise, the desire to enjoy your terrace or garden grows. So how do you properly arrange your garden furniture? We give you some practical and aesthetic advice.

Teak chairs and armchairs, padded pouf or metal side table? Or rattan benches and coffee tables made from wooden pallets? There are many possibilities to make your garden or terrace a real haven of peace!

small garden ideas 2023

Garden furniture adapted to the garden design trends 2023

Before shopping for the garden furniture, think about the style you want to infuse. Bohemian, modern or even Scandinavian, the style you choose will guide your choice of furniture and the layout of your exterior.

The choice of colors and materials: garden decor trends 2023

With the style set, now you need to agree on a color scheme. If you have opted for a bohemian style, choose earthy colors like white, beige or greige.

If you want to create a Scandinavian exterior and follow the garden design trends 2023, opt for neutral colors like white, gray or black.

small garden ideas 2023

In the same way, the style will also influence the choice of your materials. If you want to create a boho chic exterior, teak will bring a touch of elegance and modernity.

If you bet everything on the Scandinavian or minimalist style, choose furniture in dark colors, in metal or aluminum. Garden design trends 2023 give you the possibility to  bet on your imagination!

Adapt the size of the furniture to the outdoor space

Now that you have chosen the style of your garden design trends 2023 , take the measurements of the space. There is no need to buy a garden furniture that is too big, which will no longer leave you enough space to move around.

In the same way, occupy the large gardens and terraces with a more imposing lounge composed of numerous relaxation and seating areas.

small garden ideas 2023

Decorative accessories use:  small garden ideas 2023

Garden decor trends 2023 are  simply composed of a sofa, two armchairs and a coffee table. You can then compose your own garden furniture by adding seats and coffee tables but also small decoration.

In terms of garden design trends 2023 these elements will bring a friendly and warm atmosphere and atmosphere.

We give you some advice on outdoor decor 2023:

  • If you have kids, add a round bioplastic coffee table. They will then have their own space to play or eat, without risking falling into a corner.
  • A round rattan table without legs will adapt perfectly to a terrace made up of wooden slats. On grass or on a smooth surface, on the other hand, opt for a table with legs.
  • By adding light garlands, candle holders and floor cushions, you will create a warm atmosphere.
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