Light Fixtures 2024: Top 8 Ideas For Highlighting The Intricate Style With Light

Light fixtures 2023 Interior Design Trends

Light fixtures 2024 are essential  to enhance your interior. Let’s choose the best pick for your unique interior

Illumination is an essential element. It is he who contributes to the atmosphere of your room and makes you feel good at home. Unlike floor lantrn or simple table lamps, wall torch allow you to decorate your walls in style while providing light fixtures 2024.

Whether classic and minimalist, raw, industrial style, retro-vintage or even art deco, wall lights have some advantages.

Light fixtures 2023

Light fixtures 2024: What to choose to be in vogue

Both chic and practical, they do not take up space and thus fit anywhere in your interior.

They replace with style a ceiling light or a too traditional suspension and invite themselves as well in the salon, the entrance, the kitchen or the bathroom.

Thanks to this trick, recover floor space and let your desires speak for the rest of the decoration.

Light fixtures 2023

The choice is now vast because the latter, having the wind in their sails, are loved by many designers as well as by simpler brands. Available in all styles and all budgets, they combine the decorative function with the lighting function.

So don’t wait any longer, quickly adopt wall lights and give your rooms a contempo look that suits you.

The different types of light fixtures 2024

For each function there is can be a vast variety of  wall trending light fixtures 2024 . Here is our selection of the best for very specific uses.

The classic wall lamp, a safe bet: the latter is most often added to existing illumination. With a bulb with a large or small base, it exists in a suspended or adjustable version.

It remains a must for the parlor room confirming the atmosphere of the room and diffusing a soft and soothing light.

The wall spot for a single light: most often, this wall trending light fixtures 2024 have only one light output. This allows you to put the illumination and thus highlight certain less imposing furniture such as a console or a side table.

Light fixtures 2023

Adjustable wall lights: these are ideal for drawing your gaze to a specific element of your interior. They can thus highlight a sculpture, an old piece of furniture like a secretary or sublimate a painting.

For the trending light fixtures 2024 of the latter, we also prefer a wall lamp with an LED bulb recommended for a soft light.

Recessed wall lights can also seduce you. However, they require a little more work. Better to be a handyman to be sure to integrate them smoothly. They find their place everywhere in the house.

Most often white with a switch, opt for modern and discreet illumination inside and out.

Light fixtures 2023

Designer wall lights: signed by the greatest designers, they bring a touch of modernity to your rooms. Retro rattan, very chic in black and chrome, cylindrical and transparent, with a mesh or industrial feel, quickly find the one that best suits your style.

Clever, original or colorful wall lights: We love wall lights that can combine two functions. Fall for two wall lights with integrated shelf ideal for use as an original bedside table.

In the salon, we dare the wall lamp in the shape of a bird. In a very elegant white heron version, create an amazing surprise effect!


Finally, to wake up the spirits, we like sconces in bright colors. Red, orange or apple green, bring pep and freshness to your rooms!

The illumination of your exterior allows you to highlight your house or even your apartment if you carefully light your balcony or terrace. You can mainly enhance your facade and your terrace with wall lights.

Directly on the wall of your home, place a series of wall sconces. They allow your guests to feel welcomed from the outside.

Trace the position on your wall, drill, insert dowels and cable then screw the wall lamp. Finally connect the cables and close the wall lamp. The result will definitely be worth it.

Light fixtures 2023

In the built-in and LED version, the wall lamp is positioned on your terrace to bring a cozy atmosphere during summer evenings!

Mark the location, cut the hole, pull the electrical wires under the terrace, pass the cable through the hole and connect the wires. Finally, insert the bright beam.

Many styles and atmospheres for interior lighting trends 2024

Lanterns are plentiful. Whether made of metal, metallic, stain steel, wood or bamboo – you will find the right beacon for every style of living. Black or white, big or small!

Equipped with a rustic pillar candle, a lantern decoration always looks classy and cozy. But there are also LED lanterns, also with a solar panel, which are particularly practical for outdoor use.

trending light fixtures 2023

This guarantees that there is no risk of fire! For that special touch, you can make your designing even more individual with all kinds of accessories. How it works? With tips from our design experts.

Decorate the lantern according to the goods and style of living

You can also decorate lanterns according to ingredients, because this is what characterizes the look of the lantern. In addition to woodwork lamps, there are also modern stainless lanterns.

Metal lanterns are particularly popular in the oriental style, while a wooden lantern with glass is a popular variant for the country house style. Do you like it more boho? Then we recommend a bamboo-made light fixtures 2024.

The materials from which the outdoor lanterns are made are as varied as the design of the outdoor lanterns.

trending light fixtures 2023

In addition to models made of wood, you will also find modern stainless steel lanterns, which are particularly suitable for outdoors thanks to the robust and weather-resistant equipment.

In principle, all garden light fixtures 2024 can withstand a little summer rain. Nevertheless, lanterns made of untreated wood should not be exposed to any moisture.

Beautiful models made of stainless steel look just as good in your garden. With real candles or LED versions, you can make the lanterns shine from the inside.

The  simple stainless steel light fixtures 2024 are ideal for a modern style that are also reflected in industrial chic . Wooden garden lanterns are particularly popular with fans of the Nordic Scandi look .

With a rustic touch, the wood is of course also popular with country house style and shabby chic. Natural eleents are the top priority here and the warm light is the absolute ultimate for true Scandinavian lovers.

Decorating garden lanterns: with candles or LEDs?

Garden lanterns are extremely popular in every season. A beautiful lantern for the garden with a candle provides an attractive look both in summer and in winter.

Embellish the whole thing with an attractive candle holder or tealight holder in the lantern.

trending light fixtures 2023

A candlestick can also look particularly pretty in it. In addition to the classic candles, there are many different forms of lighting on the market. So it is not always easy to find the right light source.

The garden lantern with LED is now considered a popular alternative to conventional lighting methods.

What type of lighting to enhance your ceiling?

The ceiling is an essential element of the deco of a room. The ceiling decorates, plays with the volumes but it also allows to illuminate a space.

Ceiling lighting highlights the style, underlines the ornaments, softens the cozyness or, on the contrary, plays on functionality. All our tips for enhancing your ceiling.

The best way to highlight your ceiling is to direct the light upwards. Follow our three-step advice.

Opt for indirect lighting, such as wall lights, whose luminous flux will highlight the moldings and cornices.

If you want to focus attention on the molded edges of the room, place a false ceiling set back from the peripheral walls with neon lights all around or LEDs that will directly illuminate the contours of the ceiling.

trending light fixtures 2023

If you prefer a suspension, choose it open, also on the top, with a drum shade for example so that the luminous flux escapes from the top and from the bottom.

We will talk here about mixed trending light fixtures 2024. Avoid bell-shaped suspensions, an industrial type suspension that directs all the luminous flux downwards to leave your ceiling in the dark. Classic chandeliers with candle-shaped bulbs also distribute some of the luminous flux upwards.

Light cornices are also particularly suitable for enhancing a beautiful ceiling.

Consider placing lights with adjustable limelights directed upwards on your furniture to accentuate certain areas.

New light fixtures for 2024: which lights to put in which room?

Choosing the right lights is sometimes a difficult exercise: destination of the room, location and dimensions of the furniture, activities and tasks performed or type of atmosphere desired, all these parameters are taken into account when choosing your lights.

trending light fixtures 2023

However, depending on the rooms in your home, some lights are more suitable than others. So to choose your lights, follow our advice.

Pendants, wall lights and lamps in an entrance

The lighting of an entrance must be functional but also aesthetic. To do this, equip your entrance with general lighting at ceiling level with a suspension or a ceiling light, if your entrance is 2.50 meters high. Add spot lighting in the cupboards with limelight or a table lamp if you have a console.

Ceiling lights and limelights for the kitchen

The kitchen must be equipped with several types of lighting to respond to precision activities: On the worktops, limelights or strips of spotlights provide functional lighting; on the ceiling, a suspension or a ceiling light, are essential for zenithal lighting.

You can also place sconces around the dining area.

Lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps in the parlor

In the parlor room, it is necessary to mix general ambient lighting, decorative accent light fixtures 2024 and spot lighting. Avoid suspensions above the coffee table.

Lamps, floor lamps, sconces are your allies to choose from our picked light fixtures 2024. The idea is to multiply the light points to create different atmospheres and areas in the same room.

trending light fixtures 2023

Place a reading lamp near the sofa or table lamps on the ends of the sofa to read comfortably.

For decorative lighting, place spotlights or small LED lamps in a bookcase by directing the luminous flux towards an object or paintings.

Wall lamps or bedside lamps in the bedroom

In the dining room, the suspension or the chandelier remains a safe bet. It is a very decorative element. Be sure to choose a size that suits your table and do not hesitate to place several if the table is long for light comfort but also for decorative effect.

If the room is large, add  some accent light fixtures 2024, sconces or table lamps on nearby furniture.

trending light fixtures 2023

Bet on the lighting in case of luxurius dining room

In the bedroom, favor cozy atmospheres and indirect or peripheral light fixtures 2024. Wall lights or bedside lamps are ideal for providing this soft, indirect lighting.

Add reading lights at the head of the bed for optimal comfort and don’t forget more powerful and direct lighting in the cupboards or dressing room using spot bars.

In the bathroom, make way for safety with luminaires with the right IP (Protection Index)! On the mirror side, avoid sconces above, this creates shadows on the face. lighting trends 2024 sconces on either side of the mirror.

trending light fixtures 2023

Add general ceiling or suspension type lighting, or recessed spotlights in a false ceiling.

Bet on the deco with fairy lights: interior lighting trends 2024

A light chain adornment should not be missing in any ouse at any time of the year. Because the small lights ensure maximum cosiness and even in summer they create a cozy atmosphere on the terrace in the evenings.

Of course, the light fixtures 2024 and decorative accessories also play a major role in winter. Stylishly looped around the Christmas tree, they let the luxury shine in a wintry glow.

But even as a designig after Christmas, they are still an eye-catcher! Find out in our guide how to set the scene for your Ornaments with fairy lights. Our interior experts give you tips and great styling ideas for a glamorous appearance with light fixtures 2023. Let yourself be inspired!

The fairy lights decoration is one of the elements that look great in the whole apartment. Whether parlor room, bedroom, children’s chamber or outdoors – perfect for every space! Fairy lights not only serve as an indirect light source, but also wrap the room in comfort and warmth.

Hang the small lantern around the window frame in a very classic way or give other decorative elements a glowing look.

trending light fixtures 2023

In a vase, a lantern or inside a wire basket, the simple elegance of the decorative fairy lights comes to the fore to great effect. A DIY to create your own miracle according the newest light fixtures 2023.

At the same time, the lights trump the glow of your candles when you mount the must-have above your fireplace. Also above the headboard of your bed in the bedroom you should not miss the cozy atmosphere of a light fixtures 2023, especially a chain decoration.

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