Modern Kitchen 2023: Best 10 Ideas To Give New Meaning To The Art Of Entertaining

modern kitchen 2023 Kitchen

Modern kitchen 2023 is yet unctional, practical and aesthetic, we’ll prove it.

The kitchen has been a living space for several years, a place of sharing that we invest both with the family on a daily basis, and with friends to share a convivial moment.

Designing a kitchen as part of an overall interior design is an exhilarating project; but between the first desires that come to you while leafing through magazines and the preparation of the first meal in your installed kitchen, there are modern kitchen 2023 ideas that should not be overlooked.

kitchen design ideas 2023

Otherwise you will have to use, for many years, a poorly practical, poorly studied kitchen. or you’ll quickly tire of choices that don’t fit your lifestyle.

Before imagining the modern kitchen 2023 layout of your dreams, it is therefore essential to get a fairly clear idea of what you really want to do with it. Will your fitted kitchen be a purely functional space or a real living space?

Modern kitchen 2023: the basic rules

Making the right choice in terms of kitchen layout is not easy. The possibilities are numerous and it is not always easy to choose among the different possible configurations. What kitchen layout do you prefer? L-shaped kitchen, U-shaped kitchen or linear kitchen? With or without island? …

The activity triangle of the modern kitchen 2023

The layout of your kitchen should above all be thought out according to the space you have.

Before looking at modern kitchen 2023 aesthetics, the choice of equipment, materials, finishes and level of range, you must design the layout of your kitchen to make it practical and safe on a daily basis: direction of traffic and distances to be respected for that the preparation of meals, the storage of after meals are the easiest.

kitchen design ideas 2023

Here are some basic rules to follow:

The sink, hob and fridge should be the 3 points of the activity triangle. The majority of your movements and movements will thus be contained in this space. To further optimize these movements, be sure to reduce and balance the distance between these 3 points.

Another modern kitchen 2023 tip:In order to have enough side space and not be hampered in your movements, do not place the sink or the hob in the corners.

kitchen design ideas 2023

After a meal, logic dictates that dirty plates and cutlery should be placed on the work surface before being disposed of in the trash can, to end up in the dishwasher, perhaps passing through the sink for rinsing.

The dishwasher, the sink and the trash can must therefore be very close in order to limit movement and handling.

The  modern kitchen 2023 rule is the same for storing clean cutlery when it comes out of the dishwasher. Bring the storage units closer to the dishwasher, so you can quickly empty one to fill the other.

Kitchen layout: modern kitchen ideas 2023

The layout of a modern kitchen 2023 requires determining the right height that suits you but also think that other people could use your kitchen in the event of sale or rental.

Here are some standard heights that you need to know to avoid dead ends:

On the worktop side, a sink must be 90 cm high to be comfortable without having to bend your back over the sink or while cooking.

Same height for the hob so you can see the contents in all pans.

Regarding the built-in oven, keep in mind that it must be between the eyes and the waist… it’s up to you to adjust according to your morphology.

modern kitchen 2023

On the storage side, high shelves should be at eye level, the last accessible shelf should be about 220 cm away. The bottom ones should reach approximately knee level.

Be careful to position your extractor hood correctly, about 60 cm above the hob, this will prevent you from hitting your head at all times.

The depth of the worktops is generally 60 cm, but more and more manufacturers are offering 65 cm deep worktops for more comfort and to facilitate the work of kitchen designers (passing the networks behind the furniture or catching up with out-of-squares).

Finally, to make moving around in your modern kitchen 2023  easier, add 70 to 100 cm to the depth of the worktop, they will allow you to work in pairs in the kitchen and to pass each other without getting in the way.

A kitchen full of light

If your kitchen is closed, it is essential to have an opening to the outside, both to take advantage of natural lighting and to allow good ventilation (steam, cooking smell).

The sink can advantageously be placed under a window and thus benefit from natural light, provided however that it is a sliding frame and that the spandrel (height from the ground to the bottom of the opening) is greater than 1.1m.

modern kitchen 2023

For artificial lighting, you must have main lighting (ceiling or wall lamp), supplemented by secondary lighting directly above the preparation areas (eg: recessed spotlights under tall furniture).

Opting for a warm atmosphere in your modern kitchen 2023, take advantage of the layout of your kitchen to use backlighting in a glazed dresser in the credenza or on the wall units.

The new LED lighting (spotlights or light strips) offer many possibilities (multiple colours) with the advantage of their low consumption and a very low operating temperature which promotes recessing.

Kitchen layout: the different types

Designing the layout of your kitchen well is not always easy Do you want a more open and bright room and are hesitating between many ideas for this new layout?

Removing a partition to redistribute the rooms, opening your kitchen to the living room, fitting out a bar or a central island… so many possible kitchen layouts that you will have to think carefully about before getting started.

Modern kitchen 2023: American mood on

The open kitchen, known as “American style”, has met with great success for several years (approximately 70% of projects): impression of space, more light, conviviality.

But beware, the advantages of “sharing” provided by this type of arrangement can also quickly become embarrassing for the rest of the family.

modern kitchen 2023

Smells that permeate the whole house, noises from the preparation of dishes, cooking or household appliances…hence the importance:

To systematically install a functional hood with a good suction surface, a good extraction rate and above all a hood connected to the outside.

To choose quiet household appliances (dishwasher, hood, refrigerator). For the choice, nothing could be easier: the noise level emitted by these devices in dB(A) is indicated on the documentation as well as their level of energy consumption (energy label).

The modern kitchen 2023 and the central island

An original and user-friendly plan, but the disadvantage of this layout is that it requires a large space. It cannot be envisaged in less than 15m².

modern kitchen 2023

Do not forget either that the installation, in the center of the room, of a sink or an electrical appliance requires bringing the water and electricity networks through the ground. This plan is therefore reserved for new constructions or during major renovations.

The L-shaped kitchen, a great classic

Intended for medium-sized kitchens (less than 10 m²), the arrangement of furniture on two walls frees up a central space intended for circulation and possibly for meals.

Kitchen decor 2023: The U-shaped kitchen

Everything is at your fingertips. The cooking – sink – fridge activity triangle is optimized. And for large kitchens (over 15 m²), the central island will complete your work and storage space and can be used as a dining table. In this case, provide higher stools.

Modern kitchen 2023: online cooking

This arrangement is often imposed by the configuration of the house (kitchen corridor) and the limited space. All the functions are grouped together on the same side.

modern kitchen 2023

Kitchen layout idea

Kitchen with an ultra contemporary look, modern kitchen, design or rustic, which fitted kitchen will you choose? From the choice of tiles, the splashback, to the finishes and the choice of door handles, everything is possible in terms of interior design.

Give free rein to your imagination and create a kitchen in your image! Yes, but which style really suits you?

Apart from the aesthetic choices that you will have to make, do not forget that your modern kitchen 2023 must above all be practical and functional!

The contemporary style

The contemporary style combines technical innovations, storage tips and current materials. He wants to be rational but gives pride of place to originality.

The furniture is tinted with sharp colors, pastel or bright, playing on the contrast and adopting fluid and curved lines.

modern kitchen 2023

The materials often used are stainless steel, brushed aluminum and transparent glass, offering clean and shiny surfaces.

The elements are unstructured, the volumes airy and the shelves suspended, which gives an impression of open volumes.

The designer’s choice: kitchen design ideas 2023

The designer kitchen is the subject of a highly sought-after aesthetic. Its composition is studied and offers clean and surprising lines. It is intended to be functional despite the extensive research into stylistic effects.

The modern kitchen 2023: tap on the contemporary

In a modern kitchen, do not hesitate to play with colors and materials.

modern kitchen 2023

The contrast of materials like that of colors can be brutal; The blondness of wood is often opposed to the graphite surface of a slate, the warmth of a lacquered paint with the coldness of steel, the shine of a wenge brown with the depth of a matt white…

The classic kitchen

The classic kitchen generally offers a soft and discreet atmosphere, its elegance gives it charm and sobriety.

Convivial and comfortable, it has timeless lines and layouts offering large storage and wide work surfaces.

We find the traditional materials, varnished wood, copper and steel, atmosphere of brown, white or cream, without any very marked contrast between materials, shapes or tones.

modern kitchen 2023

Kitchen ideas 2023:The country kitchen

Rustic cuisine or country modern kitchen 2023 is rigorously authentic, it smells of Provence, breathes Brittany or the atmosphere of the mountain chalet, carrying with it the accent of a terroir, of a region.

Choosing a retro kitchen means choosing the warmth of yesteryear’s kitchens with all the comforts of today. They are often characterized by the omnipresence of solid wood, but are also equipped with other noble and worked materials.

modern kitchen 2023

The decoration is present and strongly contributes to the “vintage” style.

Kitchen design: artisanal or industrial?

Are you looking for authenticity, specific layouts, know-how in woodworking? Opt for an artisanal kitchen design. Designed and manufactured by a craftsman, each piece of furniture is made to fit the dimensions.

With identical materials and finishes, designing a “tailor-made” kitchen is more expensive than a kit kitchen that has been mass-produced.

In the case of a so-called “industrial” kitchen design, two possibilities are available to you: in kit or assembled furniture.

Flat-pack modern kitchen 2023  furniture

The assembly of each box is to be done yourself or to have it done by an installer before putting the furniture in place.

modern kitchen 2023

The big advantage is the price since you save assembly costs and reduced transport costs for the manufacturer because each piece of furniture is delivered flat packed (less volume) These products are available and often in stock in DIY stores and of decoration. They are loss leaders.

Assembled  modern kitchen 2023 furniture

Often offered by kitchen designers, each element is this time assembled in the factory to guarantee controlled assembly with good resistance to mechanical stress (better hold over time).

They offer you, thanks to specific software, a personalized design and a very wide choice of optional equipment and finishing with a very good quality of manufacture which can also benefit, in certain cases, from a label of quality as Schiffini.

modern kitchen 2023

Common to these two ranges, to design your modern kitchen 2023 , a very wide choice of furniture, equipment, colors, finishes (worktop, fronts, boxes, handles) is available to you.

In addition, the layout is modular, the elements are thus offered with different widths (from 10 cm to 10 cm) to adapt to the available space. Adjustable compensation profiles allow adjustment.

The bespoke kitchen

If your budget allows you, opt for a custom kitchen layout. Accprding this one among the best  kitchen ideas 2023 , each kitchen is made individually without dimensional constraints or finishing constraints.

The differentiators and personalization factors are endless for; in the end, you deliver a unique and personalized kitchen.

modern kitchen 2023

To know: Whichever modern kitchen 2023 you choose, you benefit from reduced VAT on the supply and installation of furniture, provided you use the same company for all the work.

Household equipment (oven, dishwasher, hob, refrigerator, hood) remains subject to the normal rate even if it is equipment integrated or built into the furniture.

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