Top 20 Bedroom Trends 2022: How to Design a Stylish Bedroom


Design options with bedroom trends 2022 are collected here. The most modern, the most beautiful, and the most original solutions with the fashion trends of this season.

The bedroom is one of the most important areas of the apartment. Here we rest, gain strength before a new day.

According to research, a person spends 25-30 years of life in a dream. Is this not a reason to think about the stylish interior design of the bedroom.

Bedroom Trends 2022

Therefore, enough attention should be paid to its design, taking into account many nuances.

We will consider modern ideas for decorating a bedroom and design options using the example of photos of interiors made in various styles.

To make the bedroom design as comfortable as possible, you need to do everything correctly. Invite a professional to think over the interior to the smallest detail. And if you want to do it yourself, then follow the same steps as the designers.

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Regardless of the size of an apartment or house, a small bedroom will always be the most comfortable. It is important that a comfortable bed fits into the room. The rest of the furnishings can be placed in other rooms or completely abandoned.

To design a small space to be comfortable, follow the principles of ergonomics:

  • Choose multifunctional furniture for a stylish project. A bed with a lifting mechanism or drawers will help save space in the interior. If there is no space for a side cabinet, use a window sill or hinged shelves, a folding tabletop. Many manufacturers offer practical convertible models that combine several furnishings in one.
  • Keep order. Avoid cluttering your bedroom furniture. Choose models that are easy to care for: beds and sofas with a closed bottom, wardrobes with doors. Store only what you need on open shelves.
  • Take care of your health. Don’t skimp on the mattress, create different lighting scenarios.

In small rooms, the abundance of dark colors is inappropriate. A large amount of decor should be justified (for example, a lot of textiles in an oriental interior).

Bedroom Trends 2022

A Study in Bedroom Design 2022

Part of the room can be set aside for a compact workplace. It is important that the table is as far away from the bed as possible.

The tabletop should be illuminated by a lamp with a directional beam of light that would not interfere with others.

Bedroom Trends 2022

Loggia as Part of the Room

If the bedroom overlooks the loggia, you can increase the space. Insulate the balcony, remove the door and window, and equip a dressing room, a corner with a dressing table, or a cozy lounge area in the attached area.

Bedroom Trends 2022

Here you can organize a home office or a playroom for a child.

Most often, children under one sleep with mom and dad, even if there is an opportunity to allocate a private room for the baby. It is better to put the crib as close as possible to the sleeping place of the parents so that you can lull the child to sleep without getting up or take the baby in your arms faster.

It is important to think over several lighting options in the project and place bedside lamps, the light of which will not prevent the baby from falling asleep.

Bedroom Trends 2022

A large bedroom is usually allocated in private houses. But even a room with an area of 30 square meters and more, interior designers recommend dividing it into zones.

The large bedroom looks beautiful in loft style. Here it is permissible to hang heavy curtains on the windows and choose a dark environment. But the general principles of building the design will remain the same as in the development of a small bedroom project.

Large Bedroom Trends 2022

Bedroom Ideas 2022: Style Selection

The size of the room and your preferences will help determine the style. Classics, chalets, and loft are out of place in small bedrooms. Design in these directions requires large furniture, large non-functional decorative elements, and is based on spaciousness.

Rustic interiors and styles that require a minimum of furniture look good in small rooms.

Bedroom Ideas 2022: Style Selection

A classic-style bedroom should be located in a room of at least 20 square meters. Otherwise, there may be problems with placement, since the classic design implies large beds, large wardrobes, and dressers.

The interior is done in light colors. The walls are decorated with moldings, paintings. At the headboard, you can design a shelf on which candlesticks are placed, photographs in strict frames.

An overhead light is required – it can be a chandelier or a ceiling lamp, also with diffused light. An alternative to a table lamp is a sconce that echoes the design of the chandelier.

Classic Bedroom Design Trends 2022

In classic bedroom trends 2022, synthetic materials are unacceptable, natural wood, glass, crystal, a little metal are used. The lines are strict, the composition is symmetrical.

Provence Bedroom Design Ideas 2022

French Provence looks good in a bedroom of any size. Light style, characterized by many floral motifs, pastel colors.

  • For decoration, place a lot of vases with fresh flowers.
  • Porcelain figurines look good in decor trends 2022.
  • You can place watercolor landscapes on the wall.
  • Wood should prevail, several old-fashioned objects look harmonious.
  • Hang chintz on the windows, decorate the bedside tables with lace.

Provence Bedroom Design Ideas 2022


A variant of a stylish rustic design in the interior. The country bedroom 2022 is characterized by rough wooden furniture, wrought iron elements. A patchwork quilt, linen curtains, a photo in thick frames look great.

Bedroom Design Ideas 2022

A bed in a Victorian-style bedroom should be massive. Only high-quality parquet is allowed on the floor. The main colors of the English style are burgundy, golden, beige.

The main role is played by the decor – expensive textiles on the bed, floor, and windows. If it is not possible to install a real fireplace, choose an electric one with a design that matches the interior. Antiques look harmoniously.

English (Victorian) Style Bedroom Trends 2022

An option that allows you to combine a classic interior and a modern environment. The Art Deco project is characterized by stained glass windows, large wavy lines, bold, sometimes grotesque natural features.

A distinctive feature of the bedroom design 2022 in this style is that it harmoniously combines classic furniture and modern technology.

Art Deco Bedroom Trends 2022

Scandinavian Bedroom Design Ideas 2022

Light and cozy Nordic style can easily be integrated into any design project. The interior of the bedroom 2022 uses white and light gray colors. Multifunctional furniture is welcome as the Scandinavian design has historically focused on ergonomics.

There is nothing superfluous in the furnishings, only functional details. The exception is the author’s bright paintings as a decorative accent.

Furniture should be made of light wood, bent plywood.

Scandinavian Bedroom Design Ideas 2022

The sofas, bed, and armchairs are complemented by woolen blankets and plush.

Japanese Style Bedroom Ideas 2022

The laconic oriental interior design is perfect for small bedrooms. The bed is located on a low podium or even a mattress laid on the floor. Only natural fabric is appropriate for this style. The main palette is white with red and black accents.

Minimum decor: some porcelain, fans on the walls, or Japanese painting. The decoration of the bedroom is made of wood, bamboo, you can add a little natural, untreated stone.

Japanese Style Bedroom Ideas 2022


Colorful fabrics, many pillows, and blankets – boho style will appeal to those who love variety. In such an interior, you can deliberately deviate from the visual order.

Boho Style Bedroom Ideas 2022


A loft-style bedroom is set up in a space with high ceilings. Brick walls and a lot of metal are the characteristic features of this design.

Works of modern art look very useful in the interior. Even the bed can be hand-made and have the most unusual shapes.

Loft Style Bedroom Ideas 2022

Ideal design for the bedroom, as it is based on natural motives. Many potted plants can be placed. Just make sure that these are non-flowering varieties and do not cause allergies in you.

Eco-style Bedroom Trends 2022

Choosing A Color for Bedroom Design 2022

The room where you intend to relax should be done in relaxing shades. Minimize flashy colors and aggressive contrasts. If you do not like plain walls, use smooth, gradient transitions or combine smooth surfaces with textured or decorated with a floral pattern.

The interior made in blue, green, pastel shades will help to relax. It is better not to use red and orange colors. Psychologists say that the nervous system takes a long time to recover after waking up among such a palette.

Yellow activates the body’s resources and is used in the design of those bedrooms whose owners fall asleep easily and want to quickly tune in to a new working day.

Bedroom Design 2022

Ceiling Decoration

In bedroom trends 2022, considerable attention is paid to the design of the ceiling, since waking up, a person often sees this part of the room first. For finishing, you can choose light colors.

An even tone, without decor, is appropriate in minimalist styles. The interior of Art Deco, eco-style, classics can be supplemented with a multi-level ceiling with features characteristic of the chosen design concept.

In the English style and Provence, wallpaper is appropriate. An alternative to them is hand-painted.

bedroom 2022


The most popular material for decorating walls in the bedroom is wallpaper. The choice depends on the chosen style and personal preference. The main thing is to remember the rules of color combinations in the bedroom.

Soft upholstery of the walls, appropriate for the lounge area, will be a non-standard stylish solution. Its disadvantage is the need to clean up often, as textiles collect a lot of dust.

More and more often, painting or decorative plaster is preferred to wallpaper in bedroom design. An interesting option is wall decoration with laminate or wood panels. Glass and metal inserts look original in modern styles.

bedroom 2022

Floor Materials

Classics, English, art deco – interior styles, for which it is better to choose parquet, otherwise the respectability of the bedroom design is significantly reduced. For other styles that require natural materials, you can choose a laminate with a quality imitation of wood.

Cork will become an expensive and beautiful design of the floor. But it should be excluded if there are animals in the house. The carpet looks good in the bedroom, giving the interior coziness due to its softness.

bedroom 2022

Lighting in The Bedroom 2022

For bedroom trends 2022, you need to think over different lighting scenarios. The overhead light is more often used in winter when it gets dark early. But if the bedroom is just a relaxation room for you, perhaps you will refuse a chandelier or ceiling lamp.

In the niches of a multi-level ceiling and walls, you can hide an LED strip with different glow modes.

bedroom 2022

The main light source in the bedroom interior is near the bed. These are bedside lamps and sconces.

Decorative light can be used to create soft accents in the interior.

All light in the bedroom should be warm. Do not choose luminaires and lamps with a neutral or white glow.

bedroom 2022

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