15 Most Fashionable Interior Color Trends 2022

Interior Design Trends

The color scheme for the interior cannot be separated from the general trends of the interior design. Interior color trends 2022 can be set by judging the new collections of textiles, textures, stylistic directions, etc.

Color trends are changing very quickly in the fashion industry, and interior design is a more inert field by comparison. Interiors are much slower to respond to trendy hues due to the longer production times.

15 Most Fashionable Interior Color Trends 2022

Choosing a color is not an easy task. Here you should not chase trends and fashion, you need to be based on your preferences and feelings. After all, first of all, it should be comfortable and cozy.

Among the popular paint colors 2022, we can single out three: Shady Spruce, Rose Quartz, and Oceanside. They can be not only background colors but also independent accent hues.

Shady Spruce and Oceanside are associated with nature and harmony. Pink expresses love, it is the color of family well-being, kindness, and trust.

Also trending:

It is worth noting that complex multifaceted colors will always be popular and interesting in the design of spaces.

Popular Interior Color Trends 2022

Based on the fashionable colors of recent years, we can conclude that natural shades will not lose their relevance: terracotta, beige, green, deep blue.

At the same time, bright saturated colors in accents will look advantageous in combination with complex gray-colored shades of muted tones.

In general, the palette color of the year 2022 can be safely called very warm and balanced, filled with rich shades, with the use of bright and rich pigments of turquoise, grass green, rich terracotta in balance with powdery pastel shades.

Each room in the house needs a certain decoration.

What is good in a bathroom or nursery may not be relevant in the living room. Therefore, it is worth carefully considering the decoration of each room.

Popular Paint Colors 2022 for Rooms

As a rule, this is the smallest room, therefore, the simplest, light colors are selected for it – white, gray, sand, ash blue, or pale lavender. If you have settled on wallpaper in a cool shade, complement them with benches and a rug in warm colors.

Hallway Interior Color Trends 2022

In the case when the hallway is spacious enough, you can divide it into zones by color, adding fragments of scarlet, grape-green, or lilac to the faceless general background.

Living Room Paint Colors 2022

Cream, peach, smoky blue, golden green hues are suitable as the main ones.

Friendly pastel colors are conducive not only to relaxation but also to companionship. Wooden furniture details, upholstery in richer colors, and catchy décor elements balance the range, creating a coherent and stylish interior.

Living Room Paint Colors 2022

An office, library, student’s room should be tuned to a measured working rhythm. Contributes to this blue, but if you overdo it – the room will become unnecessarily cold. You can avoid this by adding curtains and blankets in light brown, linen, terracotta.

Green is also a good color for getting involved in work: it reduces sensitivity to noise and promotes mental work without cooling walls.

Interior Color Trends 2022 in The Working Area

Decorating a room for a child is not an easy task. In addition, one must be prepared that the color will have to be changed as the little owner grows up.

Psychologists advise decorating rooms for kids picturesquely: funny, traffic light colors will develop the child’s imagination, increase the ability to learn and create. At the same time, nevertheless, it is worth refraining from flashy, acidic colors, because a small person needs not only intensive training but also full rest.

As a rule, for a small nursery, a light, calm color scheme is chosen as the main one, and bright, cheerful accents are created with the help of pictures, toys, and colorful textiles.

As the child’s character develops, the room also changes: colorful, funny patterns are replaced by muted colors, girls choose pink, yellow, purple, boys choose restrained tones.

Kid's Room Interior Color Trends 2022

Bedroom Colors 2022

Most often, it is decorated either in blue, burgundy, or green tones, diluting them with cherry, chocolate, beige or pink colors. Plaids, bedspreads, curtains, lampshades can act as such breakdowns.

Bedroom Colors 2022

In the dining area, do not focus on the bright blue color.

Light and appetizing colors are suitable for the dining room: pear, creamy, pistachio. And it is not difficult to achieve greater brightness thanks to accessories and, first of all, juicy fruit-colored dishes.

Popular Paint Colors 2022 for Dining Room and Kitchen

Someone prefers white or blue tiles because these colors are associated with purity and watery smoothness. Others will consider such a decision too strict, preferring rich summer colors.

The best choice can be – the golden mean, a combination of warmth and cold: cornflower blue or aquamarine can be combined with egg-yellow, mint, strawberry.

This can be achieved simply not only with the help of multi-colored ceramic tiles but also with familiar household items – curtains, towels, soap dishes, and stands.

Bathroom Interior Color Trends 2022



  • If you are an expressive, nervous and impulsive individual, it is better to decorate the home in modest, dispassionate colors. And for those who are infantile, indecisive, and lethargic, psychologists recommend not to be afraid of bright and assertive shades.
  • However, if you do not like a certain color, do not use it in the interior, no matter how useful it may seem. And on the contrary, a favorite shade, even the most unusual one, will have a positive effect on health and mood.
  • Beware of using concentrated colors and bold, contrasting combinations in small rooms. From this, they shrink even more. The smaller the room, the brighter the finish should be.

Interior Color Trends 2022: Tips

The Combination of Colors in The Interior

The walls are the backdrop that sets the ambiance of the home, so the choice of color is a responsible issue. Repainting is a rather laborious and not very pleasant process. Therefore, many fears and doubts are born. What if the interior is too dark/cold/bright/sterile?

As a result, most people stop at the safest and proven option. Most often it is a beige – warm color, suitable for everything. How to stop being afraid of color and how to make a beautiful interior in your favorite colors? What are the rules for color combinations?

Let’s figure it out.

The Combination of Colors in The Interior 2022


Let’s imagine the colors are finally decided. But how do you choose the right tone? Dark? Light-colored? And how do you combine them? Shade compatibility depends on the task.

You can, for example, take selected colors of very light tones. The interior will turn out to be light and delicate. This is a great solution for kid’s room design.

And you can use the most saturated colors. This will make the room bright, atmospheric, inspiring, and energizing, so this option is not very suitable for a bedroom. It is better to use calmer tones there.

Or you can take one or several soft shades and one – saturated. Colors work together, complementing and emphasizing each other.

Against the background of gentle pastel tones, the bright color will sound in a completely new way. Try it!

The Combination of Colors in The Interior 2022

The Combination of Living Room Paint Colors 2022

Color combination is perhaps one of the most important visual elements in living room interior design. You can put an expensive and beautiful wardrobe, but if it does not harmonize in color with the whole room, it will look extremely inappropriate.

On the other hand, a competent color combination can correct uneven walls or mistakes in repairs.

Good ideas on interior color trends 2022 can be taken from leading interior designers or you can use ready-made color tables.

Those who want to see their living room elegant should take advantage of classic combinations and restrained colors in the design of the room. At the same time, dark and saturated colors are well suited for textiles: curtains, furniture upholstery, carpet, and so on.

The Combination of Living Room Paint Colors 2022

The Combination of Colors in The Kitchen

For the kitchen, it is best to choose warm colors. For example, orange, yellow and red colors improve mood and appetite. They can be used as an accent on one of the walls, an apron, as well as on appliances, furniture, and accessories. Neutral white, beige, gray, and black are good companions for such bright, cheerful shades.

If the kitchen windows face south, it is better to refuse too warm tones, as they increase the feeling of heat and stuffiness.

Pay attention to the equally winning combination of brown and green. It creates a cozy atmosphere and brings us a little closer to nature.

The Combination of Colors in The Kitchen 2022

The Combination of Bedroom Colors 2022

The bedroom colors 2022 should help you relax and fall asleep sweetly after a hard day.

This is best promoted by pastel colors. Pay attention to colors such as milky, gray, sand, chocolate, gold, delicate lilac, blue, pink, and turquoise, which can be harmoniously combined with each other.

The Combination of Bedroom Colors 2022

The Combination of Colors in The Bathroom

The bathroom is where we start and end our day. It is important to find a balance here and choose a color scheme that will invigorate and delight in the morning, and relax and soothe in the evening.

The most popular solutions: white with blue or blue, white with beige and gray, white with chocolate. But green is best avoided – in the bathroom, it will be associated with mold and dampness.

As a rule, the footage of the bathroom is not large, so it is worth giving up the abundance of too dark or bright colors, which visually reduces the space. Instead, there is light and muted shades with a couple of catchy accents.

There are millions of successful combinations for a cozy and beautiful home. Bright, juicy, delicate, airy, inspiring, mesmerizing. Do not be afraid! Experiment! Even if suddenly the chosen color on the walls does not turn out to be ideal, this can be corrected.

Choose accessories of a suitable color or dilute with large accents of neutral tones. Use the tips in this article and surround yourself with your favorite color.

The Combination of Colors in The Bathroom 2022

Color in The Interior: The Right Combinations and Tips

In general, a color is a powerful tool for influencing the psychology of people.

One shade is annoying and the other is inspiring. When arranging a home, the psychology of color in the interior must be taken into account. It can bring joy and warmth, or it can bring boredom and discouragement. To create a harmonious environment, you should carefully choose a palette.

Color in The Interior: The Right Combinations and Tips 2022

When decorating a home, you need to pay special attention to the details on which the overall impression depends. The role of interior color trends 2022 is difficult to overestimate.

It has many characteristics and is capable of influencing people in different ways. When choosing a color scheme, the preferences of the owners of the house or apartment must be taken into account. Warm and cold shades can affect mood, emotions, and the general condition of a person.

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