Top 18 Latest Trends in Kitchen Design 2022 To Try This Year


Creating a kitchen design 2022 is not a trivial task.

The comfort and functionality of the kitchen space depend on whether to remove household appliances or leave them in plain sight, how to arrange the set, what finishing materials to use.

In search of style and planning solutions, professional designers evaluate the specifics of the room set aside for the kitchen, the style of the architecture of the house, and the features of the area.

Top 18 Latest Trends in Kitchen Design 2022 To Try This Year

When opting for the most voguish kitchen design, it is essential to prioritize a color that will harmoniously correspond to the overall interior, cheer up and be functional.

Here, we have selected the best kitchen design trends 2022 which will help you to find the most stylish and practical kitchen interior ideas.

Kitchen Design 2022: Materials

The kitchen is, first of all, the facades. Therefore, the task of manufacturers is to ensure long-term reliable operation, a spacious storage area, and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Also trending:

Wooden facades are experiencing a new birth. Factories use fine-grained wood textures in finishing, lacquered MDF imitation wood, as well as various variations of wood veneer.

Top 18 Latest Trends in Kitchen Design 2022 To Try This Year

The latest trend for kitchen fronts is walnut. Manufacturers recommend using a combination of tactile materials in the kitchen – marble, wood, and metallic. This gives the interior dynamism and comfort.

kitchen design trends 2022

Another trend in kitchen design 2022 is stone veneer finishing. Thanks to their strength and texture, such kitchens look reliable and modern.

Kitchen manufacturers offer facades with the application of metal varnish – a special coating with particles of bronze, copper, silver, which makes them not only visually effective but also reliable in use.

One of the fashion trends in the interior of modern kitchen 2022 is stainless steel coatings. As for kitchen countertops, stone, both natural and artificial, is at the top.

Environmental Friendliness in Modern Kitchen Design 2022

Speaking of facade materials, it should be noted that manufacturers are actively monitoring the environmental certification of their products. This is one of the absolute kitchen design 2022 trends.

Thus, modern kitchens are already holders of certificates to reduce the emission of formaldehyde during their production and operation.

Top 18 Latest Trends in Kitchen Design 2022 To Try This Year

Dramatic colors are a trend in kitchen interiors. The manufacturers follow the trend of kitchen design as one and present their new products in dark finishes.

Graphite, gray, black add luxury to the interior, and in combination with textured wood and stone, black becomes a real classic. Dark colors in the kitchen look modern, but they show dust and splashes of water.

So, for facades, countertops, backsplashes, and floors in the kitchen, you had better choose light shades that are more practical for such surfaces.

By the way, in the new collections, an expansion of the bright assortment is noticed.

New Trending Colors in Modern Kitchen 2022

Modern Kitchen Ideas 2022: Kitchen Island

With the growing popularity of open-plan spaces, the kitchen island is becoming an integral part of the kitchen.

There is a new trend – islands with controlled worktops, folding systems, built-in kitchen appliances, which can double their usable area with a slight movement of the hand.

Another fashion trend is a modular kitchen planning system that allows customers to create furniture for all tastes.

Modern Kitchen Ideas 2022: Kitchen Island

Despite the all-out trend towards lightness of space, kitchen cabinets are getting bigger, wider, and more spacious.

Manufacturers offer many variations of storage systems: wide cabinets, cabinets to the ceiling, multi-level storage systems in drawers.

A separate fashion trend in the kitchen is high-top cabinets. All manufacturers offer ceiling-to-ceiling facades, while not forgetting about convenient fittings for opening.

Kitchen Design Trends 2022: Spaciousness

Lighting in Kitchen Design 2022

In modern kitchen design 2022, special attention is paid to light in kitchens. Thanks to modern LED technologies, kitchen lighting is almost everywhere, while it is easily dimmable, controlled changes the temperature, turns on and off when opening and closing the facades. Moreover, it is completely economical.

Lighting is built into the base, opening systems, sides, above and below the work surface, in cabinets, glass shelves, storage boxes.

This allows you to make the interior not only functional but also dynamic.

Lighting in Kitchen Design 2022

Modern Kitchen Ideas 2022: Storage

The trend of smart storage is another important development trend for kitchen manufacturers. From double-folding dressers to columns and corner cabinets, utensil storage can be both a design and a functional kitchen trend.

Among the solutions: facade systems that hide the work surface and stove from prying eyes, pull-out shelves for small household appliances, special stoppers in cabinets for easy storage of dishes, quick-detachable magnet fronts that make it easy to wash drawers, and much more.

Manufacturers pay special attention to pleasant functional details, for example, convenient shelves that close trash bins to prevent the spread of odors.

Modern Kitchen Ideas 2022: Storage

Technology and Innovation in Kitchen Design 2022

In kitchen decor 2022 the owner is a real captain of a spaceship, thanks to the active implementation of innovative systems and technologies.

So global brands surprise with the possibilities of smart kitchens, such as the storage shelf, which is a wireless charger for the phone, the management of kitchen islands, allowing them to move apart without effort by means of an electric drive, etc.

Following innovations, the priority task for manufacturers still remains to work on the safety of kitchens: hanging elements, electrical appliances, quality of materials for facades and fittings, ease of opening.

All representatives of kitchen factories agreed: despite the development of technologies in the production of kitchen interiors, the main trend in kitchens is still comfort, aesthetics, and safety.

Technology and Innovation in Kitchen Design 2022

Styles in Kitchen Design 2022

For the avoidance of confusion in style directions and harmonious decoration of the kitchen, look at the overall interiors of your house or apartment.

The styles used in the design of the kitchen interior are conventionally divided into classic, ethnic and modern. Designers do not strictly follow one style but focus on the features of the house and the wishes of the customer. Let’s consider the most popular style directions.

Styles in Kitchen Design 2022

Kitchen Ideas 2022: Classic Styles

The classic interior design of the kitchen merges the strictness of forms and the opulence of design. The main secret is the moderation of both.

Classic tones are muted. Opt for a light or dark design based on the size of the room. Dark colors narrow the space, light colors expand.

Restrained geometric ornaments adorn facades and doors; for textiles, choose checkered or striped patterns. The ceiling border can be decorated with stucco moldings and the doors with stained glass.

The designers decorate the walls with textile wallpaper. The floor of the kitchen is tiled.

The severity of the interior can be smoothed out by unobtrusive carving or discreet gilding on wooden and marble objects. Windows can be decorated with curtains with complex drapery.

Kitchen Ideas 2022: Classic Styles

Art Deco

In Art Deco, classicism is mixed with technological and African motives.

The characteristic color combination for the kitchen of The Great Gatsby era is black and white. Graphic ornaments like meander, symmetrical decorative elements made of aluminum or glass took root here.

Kitchen Ideas 2022: Classic Styles art deco

Neoclassic Kitchen Decor 2022

It implies interspersing rich, but not flashy shades and details into the classic interior design.

The main requirement for ornaments is symmetry. Modern household appliances are not hidden behind facades – an oven or refrigerator will organically fit into the design.

Neoclassic Kitchen Decor 2022

Ethnic Styles

Ethnic styles are about simplicity and functionality.

Kitchens in ethnic style are characterized by pastel colors, natural shades.

Images of inflorescences of all stripes and sizes are welcome – from small daisies on a teapot to large poppies on curtains.

The modern kitchen in ethnic style seems to have been created decades ago: every detail in the interior breathes simplicity and comfort – designers achieve this effect with the help of natural materials. Everything that our great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers used in the design of their homes can be used here: wood, tiles, stone.

A massive table made of cherry or oak, a sideboard with shabby facades – furniture in an ethnic-style kitchen serves for a long time and regularly. This is evidenced by scuffs and cracks in the paint.

A common decor element for kitchens in this style is the wooden beams on the ceiling.

 Kitchen Decor 2022

Shabby Chic & Provence

The shabby chic style has a lot in common with Provence, but the difference between them is fundamental.

Kitchen Decor 2022

Shabby chic is an imitation of a rustic style, its stylization is emphasized in every possible way by designers.

  • The shabby chic color palette is narrower the that of the Provence, limited to shades of white, delicate variations of pink and blue;
  • Specially aged shabby chic furniture looks like but not necessarily vintage;
  • Shabby chic uses figurines of angels as drawings, and not more mundane cockerels and chickens, characteristic of Provence.

kitchen design trends 2022


The contemporary country-style design aims to create a cozy American ranch atmosphere.

The colors of the country-style kitchen are reminiscent of agriculture, they are all-natural: delicate green shades, rich shades of red, light shades, and all shades of chocolate – from milk to bitter.

The furniture in the country kitchen is solid, decorated only with simple geometric carvings. Utensils hung on hooks above the work surface will support the idea of simplicity and functionality.

kitchen design trends 2022


The style of cozy alpine kitchens created from natural wood and stone. The interior design of the chalet is dominated by gray and brown colors. If other colors appear, then in muted variations.

The furniture is simple and massive, the ceilings are low, certainly decorated with beams.

kitchen design trends 2022


Rustic style – its fundamental difference from the previous styles is in the deliberate rudeness of the finishing materials. Rustic belongs to modern styles but is based on ethnic principles.

Sanding, varnishing of wood and stone is not encouraged. In order not to deprive the rustic kitchen of the atmosphere of coziness, choose elegant accessories.

kitchen design trends 2022

Contemporary Styles

These styles in the interior are related to modern.

White combined with gloss is a typical color scheme for a modern kitchen. Along with traditional wood and stone, brick, glass, and concrete harmoniously fit into the modern interior.

Austere lines and restrained décor are all about contemporary furniture. Glossy facades on kitchen sets and household appliances dilute the deliberate sterility of the interior.

The decorations in a modern kitchen are few and discreet. It is not customary to curtain the windows, but a light roller blind will add coziness and will correspond to the general concept.

Top 18 Latest Trends in Kitchen Design 2022 To Try This Year


The loft stands out from the rest of the modern styles.

The loft-style is not picky about the origin of the material, so here the designers are not limited in their choice. The situation is more complicated with textures: gray concrete walls, a high ceiling lined with beams, and ventilation shafts.

Typical loft finishing material is brickwork. It can be depicted using tiles that are similar in texture.

kitchen design trends 2022

The loft combines modern materials and vintage household items: varied but technological lamps, vases of geometric shapes, unexpected elements like a bottle chandelier, or an abstract squiggle statue.

The main requirement for furniture is to be similar to factory equipment. Individual headset items can be taken from sets of different eras and styles.

kitchen design trends 2022

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