The Best Light Fixtures 2022: Top 20 New Ideas

Dining room

What the trendy light fixtures 2022 look like? Special features are original shapes, extraordinary materials, and hues. Choose luminaires that meet these requirements, and the interior will sparkle with new colors.

Fashion reigns everywhere, and in the interior too.

Do you want everything around you to be fashionable, including your home in the first place? It might be worth replacing just a couple of fixtures to make the interiors sparkle with new colors.

The Best Light Fixtures 2022: Top 20 New Ideas

For a designer, lamps and chandeliers are a kind of jewelry for the ceiling and the room in general. Some of them illuminate the room completely, while others emit directional light like spotlights.

Lamps in retro style, modular models, products with gold – these are the main trends of this season.

Retro, timeless classics, futurism, floristry, and spectacular geometry are the main trends in the fashion of new light fixtures for 2022. Gold, unusual materials, and bold colors are also worth looking at.

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Designers create lighting fixtures with an emphasis on form and material. New collections include both simple laconic models and products with splendid decorative elements.

The new models look impressive both with the lights on and off.

Interior Lighting Trends 2022

Today, eclectic interior trends are all the rage, with the use of floor lamps, sconces, and chandeliers.

Even in a room decorated in a classic style, you can use built-in models of lamps. With their help, you can draw attention to some decor items, such as a luxurious vase or a stylish painting by a modern artist.

One of the most fashion-forward lighting trends for 2022 is the use of lamps made from unique materials, like paper, wood, metal, or porcelain.

Styles of Light Fixtures 2022

The most relevant is the minimalistic design of the lamps. Such a solution harmoniously fits into the interior, decorated in the loft-style and minimalism.

The enthusiasts of sophisticated interiors can pay attention to lamps in a classic and neoclassical form. Models with lampshades in the shape of a truncated cone, imitating a candle, are very popular.

Styles of Light Fixtures 2022


For luxurious interiors, crystal lamps are suitable.

Designers offer spiral chandeliers. Chandeliers with mirrors look very impressive. They shimmer and sparkle, creating additional decor for the room.

As mentioned above, the most conventional stylistic trend in the interior today is minimalism. Its key requirements are the use of light colors and powerful lighting of the room.

Trending light fixtures 2022 delight with their variety of colors. Among light fixtures 2022, white lamps are absolutely trendy. But there is also good news for lovers of bright colors: black, red, gold lamps are in trend, as well as a combination of all fashionable colors.

Lamps of black and red colors look very fashionable and original. Sconces and chandeliers in this range are suitable for a black and white interior in a minimalist style.

Interior Design Trends 2022: Lamp Colors

Light Fixtures 2022: Pendant Lights

Ceiling light trends 2022 are up to date in interior design now.

Do you want to choose a suspension? Forward! Just focus on the unusual shape. Laconic geometric patterns will fit a minimalistic interior.

This season, LED lamps are so attractive with their originality. They perfectly fit into the high-tech bedroom.

Light Fixtures 2022: Pendant Lights

Ceiling Spotlight

When creating an attic interior, you should pay attention to stage lighting. They will look especially stylish in the kitchen over storage systems.

Light Fixtures 2022: Pendant Lights


Undeservedly forgotten chandeliers are back in fashion! The most popular are brass chandeliers. They look like a new classic.



LED lighting extends from ceilings to floors or furniture. And the most unusual way is to embed it under the furniture edge.

Light Fixtures 2022: Pendant Lights

New Light Fixtures for 2022

Apart from classic-style chandeliers with brass, plastic, and glass decorations, you can opt for more trendy variants of lighting for your interiors. Here are some unique options of light fixtures 2022:

Bubble Chandelier

Branching Bubble, also known as a molecule chandelier and a bubble chandelier, has occupied the first positions among the most popular and original light fixtures for more than a decade. The success of the model lies in the combination of different textures and shapes – metal, glass, and silhouette reminiscent of tree branches.

Due to this layering of forms and materials, the chandelier fits into any interior. Today there are many bubble models on the market, but the classic bubble chandelier remains a versatile and win-win option.

The bubble chandelier will fit into spaces with both low and high ceilings. For low ones, install the lamp on a short leg, and for high ones, on the contrary, leave a long base.

For small areas, it is better to move away from the classic model and choose a smaller option. For example, a vertical model is suitable for small rooms, especially as an accent lighting over a dining table or coffee table, etc.

New Light Fixtures for 2022

Wooden Chandeliers and Lamps

Chandeliers made from natural materials are another versatile model for any interior.

So, a lampshade can be matched to the color of the floorboard or parquet, and the upper and lower levels of the interior can be connected. But wooden chandeliers with wooden beads or drops look especially interesting. If the crystal is too magnificent for you, then the wooden crystal will be the golden mean.

These lamps look great in classic interiors with wooden furniture and minimalistic monochrome ones. Green, brown, shades of alabaster, white, gray – a wooden chandelier goes well with any color in the interior. Models can support clear geometry, or, conversely, be classic cascading.

New Light Fixtures for 2022

Glass / Metal / Crystal Cascading Chandeliers

Classic cascade chandeliers with crystal droplets do not lose their popularity, however, they are used differently in modern interiors. With this kind of light, designers play with contrasts. Often, cascading long chandeliers are used in interiors of achromatic colors (black, white, gray) to add a bright accent.

Note that cascading chandeliers are only suitable for large rooms with high ceilings.

New Light Fixtures for 2022

Chandelier-Floor Lamp

Nowadays, more and more often, designers use light to create unusual interiors. It is around the lamps that you can build an original and at the same time comfortable interior.

One such example is a large floor lamp instead of a chandelier.

It is also an excellent functional solution when the non-standard ceiling height dictates its own rules. Conveniently, this design moves in contrast to stationary chandeliers.

The chandelier floor lamp can be carried over to the dining table or placed next to the coffee table.

New Light Fixtures for 2022

Track Lights

This solution is both convenient and practical for modern interiors. Such lamps can be turned in different directions, removed if there are a lot of them, or, conversely, hung back. At the heart of the design is the track on which the lamps are put on, along this track they can move from one end of the room to the other.

The bar is a stationary version of such an installation, the lamps on it do not move, but they can rotate in different directions.

The track system is suitable for studios and small one-room apartments where there is no room for numerous floor lamps and chandeliers.


General Light Fixtures 2022

General lighting is provided by luminaires located under the ceiling with soft diffused light. They should not cast shadows, glare (these properties are suitable for decorative lamps).

Luminaires give a narrow, directional beam of light to a specific area. Direct lighting is essential for the kitchen countertop, desk, bathroom mirror, and any other area where directional light is needed. Such light is also used to emphasize certain areas, features of the room.

Living Room

In the living room, a work light is needed for comfortable reading, sewing, board games, and other entertainment and household chores.

General Light Fixtures 2022

For the kitchen, lighting under the cupboards and built-in lamps on the ceiling are suitable.

The main thing is to place them correctly, to avoid unnecessary shadows in the work area – this is a common mistake when planning lighting in the kitchen. And also you should add a pendant light above the table.

Kitchen Lighting Trends 2022

For the office, a table lamp is first of all important. General lighting may not be as bright.

 Lighting Trends 2022


The bathroom needs additional light next to the mirror – built-in lighting or separately hanging sconces on the wall above the mirror or next to it.

Bathroom Lighting Trends 2022


A floor lamp next to the reading chair, sconces, or hangers at the head of the bed – you plan your work lighting for yourself, depending on the task.

Bedroom Lighting Trends 2022

Decorative Lighting

After the harmonious arrangement, add decorative lighting. It is optimal to use a LED strip.

Finally, a few universal tips for light fixtures 2022 to follow for all rooms:

  • Avoid sharp transitions of illuminated areas to dark, unlit spots, bright glare, and highlights – this causes discomfort and tired eyes.
  • When choosing the light intensity, keep in mind that dark colors of furnishings and finishes, as well as matt surfaces, absorb light. Glossy surfaces and light finishes reflect it.
  • Choose lighting according to the function of the room.


In the development of a residential interior project, light planning is an important part. For a comfortable stay in a house or apartment after renovation, it is important to design lighting before starting repair work.

You need to think it over without fuss and haste. Different lighting scenarios help create different atmospheres and different effects. This or that arrangement of the lamps sets the tone for the room and even creates a certain mood.

In lighting planning, there are two fundamentally different approaches to lighting: European and American.

Trending Light Fixtures 2022: Lighting Planning

European Approach

The European approach is often called traditional. In the room, a chandelier or ceiling lamp of diffused light is required, which creates uniform illumination of the entire space. The effect is achieved with textile or glass frosted lampshades.

This technique allows you to achieve soft shadows that create a cozy feeling in the room.

The Best Light Fixtures 2022: 20 New Ideas

American Approach

The American approach avoids general uniform lighting in favor of localized, localized lighting to zone the space. The role of local lamps is played by sconces, floor lamps, table lamps.

It is allowed to use a ceiling chandelier or pendant lamp above the table, above the sofa group in the living room and dining room. In these rooms, family members and guests gather, and bright lighting is needed here. Usually, in this case, a large-sized lamp with a lot of decorative details is used.

The rest of the rooms have sufficient local lighting.

The Best Light Fixtures 2022: 20 New Ideas

The American approach is more suitable for studio apartments, where it is very convenient to zone the space with light.

In life, for trending light fixtures 2022 there is no need to adhere to any certain approach. It is much more convenient to combine both concepts to create the most comfortable and functional lighting.

It is optimal to provide several lighting options for each room and change them depending on the mood or situation. Before proceeding with lighting planning, it is necessary to simulate the intended life scenarios, where and how the furniture will stand. This will help determine how many fixtures you need, how to place them in the room, and what type they should be.

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