Top 19 Modern Bathroom Trends 2022 To Try This Year


Depending on the architectural features of the apartment or house, bathroom trends 2022 suggest various materials for the walls, floor, and ceiling. Initially, you need to determine the required set of plumbing, household appliances, furniture.

Firstly, you should evaluate which layout option is more convenient – a separate or combined bathroom – taking into account the number of selected objects, as well as the lifestyle characteristics of the owner of the apartment and its other residents.

Top 19 Modern Bathroom Trends 2022

Then the room style and color palette are defined.

After considering several options for interior design in sketches or 3D models, you select the most appropriate project. Our review focuses on the latest trends in interior decoration.

These bathroom designs 2022 will surely help you to get inspiration for creating exquisite designs.

Each style in bathroom trends 2022 has its own rules. In order not to get confused about different styles and ideas, you should, first of all, rely on your own taste.

Top 19 Modern Bathroom Trends 2022

The decoration contains many gilded elements, mirrors in massive carved frames, and weightless crystal lamps. Classical furnishings require a lot of space.

Top 19 Modern Bathroom Trends 2022 To Try This Year

Large tiles imitating marble are usually chosen for finishing. For contrast, tiles with floral ornaments are suitable.

The palette contains many light tones, gold, and silver.

Modern Bathroom Ideas 2022

Bathroom design ideas 2022 in modern style are ideal for small bathrooms.

Cabinets, vanity units, cabinets, and sanitary ware are of strict forms.

Also trending:

In modern bathroom trends 2022, decoration with ceramic tiles is more common. The color scheme is based on white. For combination, you can use neutral light tones, as well as various options with gray and brown.

Top 19 Modern Bathroom Trends 2022

The country-style contains some external negligence. The furniture is wooden, with a rough finish. Cabinets are made of solid wood with moisture-resistant impregnation are placed in the bathroom.

The bathtub itself can be classic, with graceful legs. Glass shower cabins look harmonious.

In a country bathroom, walls are decorated with stone or tiles that imitate wood.

Top 19 Modern Bathroom Trends 2022

High Tech Bathroom Design 2022

This style is in some ways similar to modern, but it has a number of distinguishing features. Forms can be strict or smooth. The interior is similar to the setting of a science fiction movie.

The decoration is strict. Materials – plaster, tiles with a laconic design. It is allowed to make an accent wall for brickwork.

The color scheme is dominated by white, but the finish is complemented by dark (lilac, blue, red, and black) shades.

Oriental Style

The furnishings in this style can be limited to a vanity unit with a sink in an unusual design and wicker chairs. The oriental spirit will be emphasized by a sink in the form of a painted bowl, thematic drawings on the tiles.

Complex floral ornaments will resemble the Indian jungle, and national patterns will harmoniously complement the interior.

Finishes are in pastel and light brown colors. Patterns can be brighter – purple, blue, and gray.

High Tech Bathroom Design 2022 oriental

Eco Style Bathroom Ideas 2022

This style stands out by the use of natural materials: stone can be combined with metal, wood, and glass. An excellent solution would be an overhead stone sink.

The palette is also based on natural shades. You can even place indoor plants in the bathroom: vining plants can be used, adapted to the conditions of a humid tropical climate. This option is best suited for decorating country houses and cottages.

Top 19 Modern Bathroom Trends 2022

The Scandinavian design is very complex.

White furniture in a characteristic design should be comfortable. Cabinets and shelves can be wooden, metal, and plastic.

Finishing: plaster, paintable wallpaper, decorative white painted brickwork.

The palette is based on white, which can be complemented by beige, pale yellow, and cool tones of blues and grays.

Scandinavian Bathroom Trends 2022

The possibilities of modern design bathroom trends 2022 are limited only by the framework of human ingenuity.

Even the smallest bathroom can be transformed before our eyes. The main thing is to take into account the rules.

Interior Design Trends 2022: Layout Rules

The color palette changes the spatial perception. Therefore, when decorating small bathrooms, light colors are used, which visually expand the space.

Dark shades are suitable for spacious rooms where there is no shortage of square meters. There are many examples of ready-made design projects for decorating bathrooms with photos on the network.

At the same time, nothing prevents the apartment owners from showing their own imagination.

Visual Perception of Bathroom Trends 2022

Moisture Resistant Materials

In most cases, it is not recommended to use natural wood. In conditions of high humidity, it loses its shape. If you want to use just wooden furniture, you need to choose expensive models.

They are treated with special compounds that block pores. Water does not sink into the structure of the tree and such furniture serves for a long time.

Bathroom Design Trends 2022

Stretch Ceiling

A stretch ceiling is installed when there is a risk that the neighbors from above will flood the apartment.

The ceiling sheet will bend, but will not let the water through. There is a high degree of probability that it will be possible to save the decoration and furniture.

Bathroom Design Trends 2022


The space under the bathroom can be covered with a tiled screen. But you need to think about access to plumbing if you suddenly need to repair them.

Perhaps a plumbing hatch would be enough. Alternatively, a sliding screen can be installed.

Bathroom Design Trends 2022

What Materials Are Suitable?

The finished bathroom design project should take into account the specifics of the room. In conditions of high humidity and constant temperature drops, special materials are used, which should:

  • serve for a long time;
  • be durable;
  • look original and attractive;
  • be practical.

Every piece of furniture should be easy to clean. An important criterion is moisture resistance. Depending on the project, different materials can be used for decoration:

  • moisture resistant drywall;
  • metal with anti-corrosion treatment;
  • porcelain stoneware and ceramic tiles;
  • natural and artificial stone;
  • traditional mosaics and 3D tiles;
  • stretch film and siding for interior decoration.


It is more difficult to make a cozy bathroom if the layout of the room is non-standard. Design creation should start traditionally – with project development. It can be a simple, even primitive drawing on paper. It is important to keep the proportions correctly.

In a complex design, clarity is needed. Only after drawing all the lines, you can see the general scheme of possible design solutions. Experts recommend to:

  • draw a diagram of a bath;
  • designate door and window openings;
  • indicate the location of the plumbing;
  • consider the use of plumbing novelties.

Custom Design Bathroom Trends 2022

Small Bathroom Design 2022: Bath Location

When developing a design project for a small bathroom, difficulties may arise with the placement of the bath. You can consider modern corner designs that fit into space.

The corner bathtub is a compromise between completely eliminating the bathtub and the standard rectangular bathtub. When buying a corner bath, you must initially decide on where to place it.

Of course, this will be the corner. However, the choice of a suitable angle depends on the features of the layout.

Today manufacturers offer corner baths of various configurations and shapes:

  • Oval – with a rounded edge.
  • Square – standard type.
  • Round – suitable for spacious bathrooms.
  • Curved – with a right angle and a complex edge.

In conditions of lack of space, you can completely abandon the bath. A neat shower stall would be a great alternative.

If financial possibilities do not allow you to purchase a shower cabin, you can buy a standard stationary shower with a drain tray.

Small Bathroom Design 2022: Bath Location

Bathroom Decor 2022: Finishing and Lighting

Bathroom decoration helps to create the effect of expanding the space. Light colors and mosaic panels are great ideas.

A good lighting option is an illumination with bulbs built into the suspended ceiling. It is also worth providing additional lighting in the washbasin and mirror area.

Bathroom Decor 2022: Finishing and Lighting

Large mirrors create a special effect. By placing a pair of mirrors in the corner of a bathroom, you can make the walls invisible.

When choosing furniture of non-standard sizes and layouts, you should pay attention to the careful selection of items.

The interior should be harmonious. An additional way to correct inconvenient layouts is the use of hanging cabinets and pedestals, allowing you to free up the floor and the plumbing installation area.

Top 19 Modern Bathroom Trends 2022

Bathroom Designs 2022 by Designers

By ordering a ready-made bathroom design project, you can significantly speed up the renovation process.

For a professional designer, creating a design project is a common daily job. The technician clearly follows a well-established plan for drawing up sketches, lists, and drawings. All requirements are set out on paper in advance so as not to miss anything.

The document is developed in accordance with the chosen design idea. The finished design project clearly describes:

  • main accents and important design elements;
  • certain work with flaws in the layout;
  • connection points of communications and places of furniture installation.

The specialist will quickly cope with the project and help to implement the most complex solutions. A professional will fix the dimensions of the room, make an estimate for the purchase of plumbing, furniture, and finishing materials.

Bathroom Designs 2022 by Designers

The Implementation of Bathroom Design Ideas 2022

If the implementation of a design project does not arouse enthusiasm, it is better to entrust the work to professionals. Experts will cope with the task quickly and skillfully.

If the owner of the house has his own opinion on the idea of creating an interior, he needs to work hard. First, you need to put the concept on paper. This will not be easy without proper preparation.

The Implementation of Bathroom Design Ideas 2022

You need to understand what should turn out, and how to achieve the desired result.

Designers know how to properly use technical innovations in the interior. The bathroom will not only be beautiful but also comfortable. Experts will consider functionality and ergonomics.

The possibilities of modern design allow you to create a unique design project for any budget.

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