Dining Room Trends 2022: Top 20 Modern Decorating Ideas

Dining room

Dining rooms are the hidden gems of the home. Dining room trends 2022 with helpful ideas allow you to enjoy such a rational organization of space in your apartment.

The dining room in the classical sense is still found in modern homes, but it is increasingly being replaced by multifunctional, informal alternatives.

Dining Room Trends 2022: Top 20 Modern Decorating Ideas

The interior of the dining room is inherently simple. Its centerpiece is the table, while the choice of chairs determines the personality of the space.

In this article, we provide you with an opportunity to get acquainted with the most voguish dining room design ideas 2022 and get some inspiration.

Dining Room Design 2022

Combining different functional areas in one room is one of the most relevant dining room trends 2022. This allows you to turn any layout features into advantages and create an ergonomic and comfortable environment, regardless of the available space.

Also trending:

There is no point in creating some pathos and luxury that can be found in restaurants or cafés. However, you should not completely abandon the individual style.

Dining Room Trends 2022: Top 20 Modern Decorating Ideas

In addition, when choosing a design, it is essential not to overdo it with accents and bright elements. Here, people take a short break, therefore, the interior should be calm and unobtrusive.

To create an original design with dining room trends 2022, you need to decide on an idea.

And in order for the fantasy to work in the right direction – become familiar with the latest trends in design styles.

This is probably the most common variant of dining room design 2022.

The design, first of all, should be functional. Properly selected furniture and appliances will make it a place where you will truly spend all your evenings.

Dining Room Trends 2022: Top 20 Modern Decorating Ideas

Each style has its own rules and trends, but when creating an interesting dining room interior, you must take into account your needs and only then design rules.

For decoration and renovation of such an essential part of the house, each style has its own options.


Lighting is also a very crucial factor in creating the perfect design in a dining room kitchen. It’s good when there is a lot of it here, and it is realized with different types of backlighting.

Dining Room Trends 2022: Top 20 Modern Decorating Ideas


For the kitchen floor, tiles or laminate are most suitable, because there is always a lot of humidity, this must be taken into account. But for the dining area, parquet will be an excellent flooring.

In order to save space, use folding furniture, such as a table or a pull-out work board.


Choose the color scheme according to the chosen concept of the interior. The main rule for this part of the house is the thesis that the design of the dining room must be light.

Dining Room Trends 2022: Top 20 Modern Decorating Ideas


Try to use the decor of one style or another in the interior. It always looks very interesting.

So take care of a bunch of flowers or a basket of fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables.

The multi-level ceilings will help to visually increase the space.

The design of the dining room kitchen will become more individual if you make a collage of family photos, original children’s drawings, funny pictures, etc.

Dining Room Trends 2022: Top 20 Modern Decorating Ideas

The interior design of the living room dining room is gaining more and more popularity.

First, take care of a single floor covering – it will help to connect all functional areas together. For flooring, choose versatile materials that are resistant to moisture if you plan to equip a kitchen on the territory.

Consider moisture-resistant laminate or porcelain stoneware as a floor finish – these tiles faithfully imitate natural wood, parquet, stone, and other materials.But not everything is so simple in combining two rooms with different functions. Keep in mind that combined spaces should not be crowded – use a minimum of furniture and do not clutter up the area with massive objects.


By removing the border between two rooms, you visually increase the space.
If you used to have a tiny kitchen and a compact living room, now you get a wide and bright living-dining room with several windows. After dismantling the wall, you will have free space – you can put new furniture here that did not fit before. Or leave room for movement.
Dining Room Trends 2022: Top 20 Modern Decorating Ideas


As you know, kitchen floors get dirty very quickly. But now their area has become three times larger, which means that you will have to put things in order more often.
Another serious drawback is noise.
There is noise in the kitchen hood, refrigerator, electric kettle, mixer, microwave oven, and much more. Even routine dishwashing can drown out the TV sound in your living room.

Dining Room Design 2022: Interior Styles

Suitable for business people who value every minute of their time. Differs in laconic materials and furniture arrangement, harmonious combination of colors, innovative technologies, traditional items, materials.

dining room ideas 2022

Classic Dining Room Design Ideas 2022

The interior design of the dining room in a classic style is a harmony of exquisite gloss and elegance. When decorating, the exact symmetry of decor, furniture, technology, natural materials (stone, wood, fabrics), bulky lighting is used.

dining room ideas 2022


The original kitchen design can be implemented in the Country style.

Country-style elements for the kitchen are represented by lamps with a lampshade, openwork tablecloths, a rocking chair, figurines, wicker rugs, plain curtains, wooden furniture, decorative porcelain dishes, etc.

dining room ideas 2022

The Scandinavian style also referred to as Eco-Style dining room design ideas 2022 is characterized by calm lines, an obligatory emphasis on natural nature – plants or an aquarium.

The range of colors is all shades of natural materials. This dining room design will surprise with unpainted chairs, furniture with original curved legs, maxi-length translucent curtains, and other details of the interior.

interior design trends 2022

Stone or wood texture is especially relevant. Today, thanks to innovative technologies, many artificial materials cannot be distinguished from natural ones. Therefore, the style has gained popularity.

Art Deco

Leader in non-standard combinations: old classics with modern ideas, artsy decor with natural materials, interesting patterns with precise lines.

Color palettes are no less bold here: red, purple, terracotta with gold or silver decor or furnishings. A play on contrast: black and white walls, ceiling along with red or purple furnishings.

interior design trends 2022


A minimum of furniture, natural and rough finishing elements, soft textiles, basic natural tones, and bright accents. Such a design will suit daring and creative owners.

The loft assumes a minimum of walls, so it is great for a kitchen combined with a dining room.

interior design trends 2022


Soft, delicate, light Provence will suit lovers of light, pastel shades, an abundance of textiles, and antique furniture.

Vases of flowers, a linen tablecloth on the table, and a vintage wall clock can be used as decor trends 2022.

dining room design ideas 2022


High Tech Dining Room Ideas 2022

As if in contrast to the previous style, there is a youthful high-tech style. It is characterized by restrained architectural lines and strict geometry.

High-tech is an excellent option for the selection of both simple and functional furniture and colors. Here decor in any shades is possible, but in one room there should be no more than four of them.

Recently, in the high-tech style, a monochrome range of two contrasting colors is especially relevant. And the shades are created by lighting or the play of light, compositions from living plants are possible.

Dining Room Trends 2022: Top 20 Modern Decorating Ideas

The style is similar in spirit to high-tech, only in a different rethinking.

Steampunk is a fantasy direction in a world where an industrial loft and the solidity of classicism are intertwined. But very restrained.

interior design trends 2022

Copper or steel colors are appropriate here, albeit sometimes in the form of some small nuances. The emphasis is on furniture of an unusual shape, original compositions on the walls. Slightly blurry neutral lamps or unusual chandeliers are possible.

Smart sunny style among interior design trends 2022. The color scheme here are all shades of the rainbow, but it is necessary to remember the sense of proportion.

The interior should remain warm, homely, and cozy. No bright, flashy colors.

Various partitions look especially good, at the same time allowing you to zone the dining room. And, without a doubt, furniture should not be associated with a public place, but rather give home comfort, create the impression of a family kitchen or living room.

Interior Design Trends 2022: Eclecticism

This style of the interior can be created in layers, not at one time. For example, first, install partitions, paint the walls. Then, according to the zones, change the furniture to the one that best suits the concept of the hall. Or add accessories.

Minimalism is a design style native to Japan. Minimalism has become incredibly popular due to its simplicity and deliberately ascetic atmosphere. Any detail looks good against the background of such decor.

Today the folklore motives of Japan are a thing of the past, the style has become more cosmopolitan. It is democratic and allows the use of various elements, but in very limited quantities.

dining room design ideas 2022

The color scheme in this design necessarily consists of two background colors – a light and a dark shade.

The fusion style of interior decoration can be called the freest from conventions. Fantasy reigns here. Almost any combination of paints, backgrounds, furniture, accessories is possible.

dining room design ideas 2022

You can play with nuances and accents, mix styles and directions. Bright colors on the walls, classic furniture, and floral curtains are acceptable here.

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