Flooring Trends 2023: 8 Options Of Flooring That Are Sophisticated, Refined, And Creative

Flooring Trends 2023 Interior Design Trends

Flooring trends 2023: which interior floor to choose?

When it comes to interior flooring trends 2023, you’re really spoiled for choice: tiles, parquet, stone, flexible coverings, waxed concrete, cement tiles, the possibilities are endless…

Several criteria allow you to compare the characteristics of each floor covering, to help you choose the one that will be best suited to a particular room in your home.

Aesthetics, ease of maintenance, robustness, water resistance, price… we help you decide with the best flooring trends 2023!

Are the floors in your rooms popping out at you? Too old-fashioned or damaged, you can’t stand them anymore. Ask a new trendy coating that will awaken your decor!

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This year, leather, wood and cork are all the rage, but tiling and cement tiles have not said their last word! Discover 8 flooring trends 2023that we have selected for you!

The floor of the rooms in your home is old, damaged and outdated? Only one solution, replace it! Change your old coating and lay parquet, tiles or cork and you will see a real difference between before and after.

In addition, today, many materials make it possible to have a quick result and to obtain a new floor without breaking everything. Don’t wait any longer and discover the trendy flooring trends 2023 to spruce up your decor!

Here is an incredible, chic and luxurious flooring trends 2023 covering! The leather floor is covered with a special varnish so as not to be damaged under your feet.

Much more authentic than a simple vinyl floor, it brings elegance and character to the room. In addition, it is easily cleaned with a simple damp cloth. One of flooring trends 2023 this year, it is to be adopted urgently in the living rooms of the house.

Flooring Trends 2023

However, if we can attribute a disadvantage to it, it will be its price, which is between 200 and 400 euros per m². So to avoid a bad surprise, anticipate your budget by estimating the cost of the coating, but also the price of the installation by a professional craftsman.

XXL tiles: reveal the surface of your rooms

This year the trendy tiles are thinking big! XL tiles are in vogue in 2023 and reveal the surface of the room. Indeed, large format tiles are ideally suited to small spaces to make them appear larger. So if you have a small kitchen or a small bathroom, don’t hesitate!

In terms of material, porcelain stoneware is always the most suitable for your living rooms. Solid and non-porous, it will last longer and be easy to clean on a daily basis.

Marble tiles: a chic and elegant interior

On the walls or on the floor of a bathroom or a dining room, marble-effect tiling has found its place with flooring trends 2023. This material embodies luxury and will seduce you with its elegance for a deeply natural decoration. It offers the same appearance as marble, but with a significant advantage, its price which is much lower than real marble!

Flooring Trends 2023

It is also available in several styles (square, hexagonal, XXL, parquet effect) and many colors (white, black, grey, etc.) for your greatest pleasure

Cement tiles have not said their last word

In flooring trends 2023, cement tiles are still in place! Real tiles or imitation vinyl, they are far from having said their last word. A look that is both vintage and modern, ideal for sublimating and giving character to your interior.

So, this year, no more excuses, you have to dare to take the plunge. You have the choice between real cement tiles or cement tile style tiles, which are cheaper and easier to maintain.

A cork floor: back to nature

Opt for an ecological and 100% natural flooring in 2022 and adopt a more eco-responsible interior. Cork comes in a multitude of natural tones and material effects depending on how it has been worked.

It may be cracked, speckled, greyed out, bleached, streaked, etc. It is also very resistant and perfectly suited to living rooms with frequent traffic such as the entrance, living room or hallways.

Flooring Trends 2023

Don’t wait any longer to revamp your interior with an original floor!

This year, it’s the big comeback of raw and natural materials. This is why the herringbone parquet will give your interior authenticity and a lot of character. Find the cachet of Haussmann apartments in your living room with a typical and traditional parquet floor. However, pay attention to its maintenance.

A natural product adapted to this type of soil is mandatory so as not to deteriorate it over time.

Whitewashed parquet: for a Nordic spirit

There are many types of parquet such as solid parquet, laminate, floating. But the trend this year is worn on the bleached parquet which offers a Nordic and Scandinavian look to your interior. It will be ideal for creating a soothing and cozy but also authentic and traditional atmosphere.

Opt for a wood already treated at the time of purchase and thus avoid staining it the first year

Flooring Trends 2023

Parquet and cement tiles: mix styles

No more hesitation possible between parquet and cement tiles to dress the floors of your living rooms! Opt for a mix of materials to delimit an area without partitioning.

Many combinations are possible, let your imagination run wild for an ambitious, very modern and aesthetic decoration in your kitchen open to the living room, or in your master suite with bathroom.

Which parquet for my floors with MG SOLS Pfastatt

How to choose the right parquet floor?

Whatever your budget or the look you want to give to the floor of your interior, there is always a parquet that adapts to it.

Currently, the trend is for natural parquet floors with a raw or bleached wood look, whether they are designed with wood or synthetic raw materials.

Solid parquet, naturalness in the spotlight

With the solid parquet mainly composed of noble woods such as oak, chestnut, beech, ash and maple, you get a warm final result. It is also available in pine, bamboo or teak, choose it according to the result you want to obtain.

Anyway, the solid parquet gives an authentic atmosphere to your interior, as in traditional houses.

It also allows various decorative combinations: English pattern, Hungarian point, herringbone pattern. In any case, choose it natural, even waxed and not colored to make it darker like ebony.

Flooring Trends 2023

Warm the atmosphere: laminate flooring 2023

By opting for laminated parquet, you also warm up your interior while making it in tune with the times because it is also available in various natural wood species.

It thus offers the same aesthetic result as solid parquet because its look is very similar. Indeed, composed of 3 layers, one of which is made of noble wood at least 2.5 mm thick, the glued parquet looks like a solid parquet.

Only, it cannot be sanded more than 6 times, a disadvantage that you must take into account when choosing it.

Laminated parquet is however the ideal alternative if you have a limited budget for the same aesthetic result as solid parquet.

It is also easy to maintain because of its vitrified finish. With proper care, you can make it last up to fifty years.

With laminate flooring, you can also give a warmer look to your home thanks to its imitation wood patterns. Its design in composite materials allows it to be available in different aspects of natural wood to better harmonize with your type of interior decoration.

Flooring Trends 2023

At a lower cost, you can give a natural look of raw, bleached, exotic or other wood to the floor of your house, your visitors will see nothing but fire.

No more cleaning sessions, just one sweep of the mop can remove stains from jam or fruit juice. With the clip-on model, you can easily change its damaged blades.

Carpet, the textile floor covering that warms your interior

Your room at the time of cocooning… what does it look like? Are you looking for a cozy effect? Do you want to feel good and curl up in your bedroom this fall/winter with the best flooring trends 2023?

There is a magic solution to make your bedroom cozy in the blink of an eye: carpeting. Yes, the carpet, this floor covering long demonized by some, and a real institution for others (especially in North America)!

Yes, no, yes, no… let’s go around the question together: you will see that carpeting has evolved a lot since the 1980s, and that its new characteristics are now hoisting it onto the floor covering podiums!


First of all because it is undeniably the only floor covering that immediately gives warmth to a room. Carpet is preferred in a master bedroom, for a calm atmosphere and a place of total disconnection.

No longer having cold feet, walking on soft and comfortable ground… a joy you shouldn’t deprive yourself of!

Like hotel rooms, we adopt the carpet to design an intimate universe very easily. No need to invest in many decorative objects since this coating alone replaces plaids, cushions and other cocooning accessories. A condensation of heat in a single coating.

The new carpets ignore received ideas

In the past, carpeting was said to be old-fashioned, difficult to maintain, and to trap dust and dust mites. Its manufacturers have achieved a real tour de force by bringing it up to date and deploying new solutions to make it attractive. A successful bet, since carpeting is now finding new followers, starting with interior decorators!

In addition to offering new designs that are very up to date, today’s carpets are treated against dust mites, allergies and stains.

A good point for your health and, unlike other coverings in flooring trends 2023, a vacuum cleaner is enough to make it clean, especially since by retaining dust, the carpet prevents it from moving through the air.

Flooring Trends 2023

It is true that heavy soiling (coffee stain, mud, etc.) would require deeper cleaning, but by taking a few precautions, this soiling remains avoidable.

If necessary, suitable cleaning products or carpet cleaning professionals can remove the most stubborn stains. So don’t hesitate any longer, and treat yourself to a superb carpet, even in light tones!

In terms of ecology, there is still progress, since there are now less toxic glues, or even none at all. Other laying solutions are possible, such as loose laying or using self-gripping strips.

Flooring Trends 2023

The carpet among the flooring trends 2023 itself is also available in various increasingly “green” models: in wool, sisal, jute or recycled fibers for an always elegant look, while providing a response to environmental issues.

A large selection of carpets at MG Sols

Near Pfastatt (5 minutes from Mulhouse), MG Sols is a well known  brand specializing in floor coverings. The family business has a nice choice of carpets and textile coverings carefully selected from renowned partners.

As Maître Solier, she accompanies you from choice to installation, with sound advice. Take advantage of the expertise of a team experienced since 1970 and a large stock, for an order available immediately.

Flooring Trends 2023

Let’s talk tiles: what are the must-have models for 2022-2023?

No nonsense, let’s get straight to the point. This year, make way for black and white tiles, 3D tiles, metallic look and marble! Cement tiles will also be popular. As a wall or floor covering, tiling is both a technical and decorative product that will give your bathroom all the charm it deserves.

It should also be noted that, unlike marble or wood, tiling is an easy-care solution, impervious to stains, and robust enough to last over time.

If the black and white duo has always caught your eye, rest assured that this color combination is very popular. The 2020-2021 bathroom perfectly integrates these colors from the floor to the walls. Better still: geometric patterns are welcome to bring a new dimension to the decoration and make it more sophisticated.

Soothing and timeless colors are also still relevant. Light gray and sand tiles are safe bets! These colors go well with all types of furniture. Choose them preferably matte for a zen effect in your bathroom.

Flooring Trends 2023

Marble is making a comeback in flooring trends 2023  It is found everywhere in the house: table, kitchen worktop… and of course on the floor and on the wall in the bathroom. Long shunned, marble is again on trend, its sturdiness and elegance are still attractive. White, black or grey, it brings nobility to the water features.

Porcelain stoneware, coupled with digital printing, now perfectly imitates the look of marble. Unlike the latter, ceramic tiles can be declined in different colors, according flooring trends 2023.

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