Interior Color Trends 2023: Top 8 Colours You Can Choose To Simply Express Your Unique Style

interior color trends 2023 Interior Design Trends

interior color trends 2023 or simply  how to  paint in color in a room?

Adding color to a wall gives, depending on the color trends 2023  chosen, light, depth, punch, character. But which wall to paint in interior color trends 2023in a room? Psst the answer is right here.

interior color trends 2023

Painting all the walls in the same room in color is done and even in daring or even dark shades, but the most timid have a hard time taking the plunge. For them, being content with just one wall could be the solution. But how do you know which wall to paint?

What are the interior color trends 2023 to take into account to decide? Not only do we give you our interior color trends 2023 but as a bonus, a lot of decoration ideas.

Entrance, hallway, bedroom, living room, kitchen… All the rooms in the house can suffer from small defects: smallness or narrowness, which painting can erase.

Depending on the wall you choose to paint, and the direction in which you intend to apply the color, the space can seem to stretch in length, width and even height.

interior color trends 2023

Covering the entire wall facing the front door, hallway or hall with color will seem to widen. Paint the lower part of one of the walls of a small bedroom so that it seems to gain a few m2. Giving color to a ceiling might make it look a little lower.

How to determine which wall to paint in a room?

To make your choice  in interior color trends 2023, take into account the exposure of the room.

Watch the natural light enter the room, the ideal wall to paint is perpendicular to it.

Then you will be sure that the lighting does not alter the interior color trends 2023. Indeed, if the colored wall is against the light, it may appear darker than it actually is. In this case, choose a lighter tone than the expected result.

The exposure of the room also determines which color to use in scope of interior color trends 2023. A room exposed North will appreciate the rather warm colors (from yellow to red), they will bring light to it.

interior color trends 2023

On the other hand, a room facing south will prefer a colder color (green, blue, mauve), which will counterbalance with the intensity of natural light. Finally the size of the room, but also depending on the windows and the door, the wall to be painted will not be the same.

4 ideas for integrating interior color trends 2023  intelligently depending on the room:

  • In a bedroom, it will be interesting to paint the wall that serves as the headboard.
  • In the kitchen, you can paint the wall where the hobs are.
  • In the living room, paint the wall where the wood stove is located.
  • In a hallway, the back wall is colored to reduce this impression of depth

Our tips for making a room bigger

Painting to illuminate a room or to add a pep side to it? Yes but not only. You can also paint a single wall to enlarge a small room and be in accordance with the interior color trends 2023. What wall to paint in a small room to give it that impression of grandeur?

  • For a feeling of depth: paint the back wall a light shade.
  • For a feeling of width: paint the back wall a dark shade.
  • For a feeling of grandeur: paint the wall next to the door.

Colors create the “illusion of” but that is not their only power. Colors influence our moods. Depending on the interior color trends 2023 reserved for the room, certain colors will be required.

Our ideas for painting a wall in color

Blue: it evokes the sky, the sea, blue could relax us, soothe us, titillate our imagination. Whether it is “night”, turquoise, lagoon, jeans, blue can color every room in the house, from the living room to the bathroom and the office.

Green: it’s nature! Green breathes freshness, invites rest and brings good luck. Do not hesitate to apply this one among  interior color trends 2023 on the walls of a bedroom, even for children, in a living room, a bathroom, an office…

popular paint colors 2023

Yellow: the color of the sun can only put us in a good mood. But it does not only do that… conducive to good communication as well as concentration it would promote intellectual work. We can only strongly recommend that you apply it in an office or living room.

Pink: yes, but in small doses. Pink would have the same predispositions as blue but used to excess it could turn around and become disturbing.

Red: the most energetic from  interior color trends 2023 color, red symbolizes passion, love and can “exacerbate” emotions. It can be used carefully in a bedroom or a master suite, on the wall as a headboard.

Decorative elements

If you dare color on a wall in your room, be sure to keep a certain harmony in the room. if the wall of your office is revealed in yellow shades, then favor gray, white or cream decorative elements.

The same is true if the wall of your bedroom turns midnight blue or if your kitchen plays in shades of red. so yes, you can add a few small reminders of color on the cushions or on a vase, but go sparingly. we give you some tips to sting:

 vpopular paint colors 2023

Paint the wall of your dining room in mustard yellow and add black and white striped planters, they will bring a graphic and arty touch to your room.

  • In your hallway, dare khaki and add a dark red cane seat.
  • Dare to go coral with a pale pink sofa and orange bed linen.
  • Go all out on the neutral trend with a beige wall, a brown rug and an off-white bouclé wool sofa.
  • Choose a terracotta color in the kitchen and combine it with a terrazzo worktop.

Some ideas for painting a wall in color

The tie and dye has something poetic, original and at the same time, this paint effect could appeal to neophytes who are afraid of overflowing.

The color band, less present, can still reproduce the trompe-l’œil mentioned above.

popular paint colors 2023

Simply paint the baseboard or moldings and leave the wall white.Give your headboard an unexpected shape: a half circle, a triangle. Position a wall lamp on either side to give it relief.

What color with dark oak furniture?

Colors play a major role in interior design. Painting or revamping a living room is an important moment, since the interior color trends 2023 will largely determine the atmosphere of your room.

Before you open your can of paint and grab your rollers, ask yourself: what color should I choose to go with my dark oak furniture?

In fact, before painting the walls of a room, several criteria must be taken into consideration for the choice of the dominant color.

In addition to the decorative atmosphere you want to create, the presence of dark wood furniture can guide your choice.

Can we choose pastel shades? Conversely, should we favor rich and deep tones?

Do all interior color trends 2023  go with dark wood? And how to sublimate your furniture? Follow all our advice to choose the best color and make your decor a success.

popular paint colors 2023

Colors that sublimate dark wood

Have you inherited a beautiful family wardrobe from your grandmother and are wondering how to integrate it into your interior? Before you tell yourself that you are going to put it in a corner, rethink your interior and your decor to integrate it.

Dark wood furniture has no other equal to dress up a room and bring it an indescribable note of warmth. Here are some ideas to enhance your dark oak furniture.


A safe bet and a neutral color par excellence, white has the immense advantage of being associated with all colors, whatever their chromatic nuance. Using whites in a room with dark oak furniture is always a good idea.

Pure white painted walls light up your room and, in contrast, enhance the style of your dark wood furniture. An ivory white is ideal if your furniture has yellow or red undertones.

The grays as the best option among bedroom colors 2023

popular paint colors 2023
Associated with wood, the gray color dresses an interior. For a zen and soothing decor, bet on a light gray. It will sublimate the blond or amber reflections of your wooden furniture. For a resolutely modern atmosphere, dare an anthracite gray on your walls. This deep color will enhance your dark oak furniture.

 Living room paint colors 2023: what about royal blue

Wise in its pastel version, blue is more daring when it is electric or turquoise. Whatever its shades, it is a color of choice to enhance the style of dark wood furniture. For a sublime and daring decoration, paint your walls in peacock blue. Both deep and luminous, this color is ideal for flattering the knots and veins of your wooden furniture.

Dark wood and purple, a happy marriage of interior color trends 2023

You wonder: what color with dark oak furniture to create a more baroque interior color trends 2023? How about purple?

Depending on whether it contains more red or more blue, violet is sometimes a warm color, sometimes a cold color. It therefore makes it possible to create an atmosphere that is both warm and soothing in a room.

Here are some decorative inspirations to take advantage of the advantages of this color and magnify the amber honey reflections of your dark wood furniture.

popular paint colors 2023

Brighten up your room by combining purple walls and pink decorative items. A powder pink lamp enhances the warm shades of the dark wood furniture on which it is placed.

Elevate the style of a living room with gray walls and wood furniture by adding a plum-colored sofa and mauve throw pillows.
In a child’s room, paint two walls purple, then two walls pearl gray. A purple duvet set is enough to elevate the style of a dark oak sleigh bed.

popular paint colors 2023
All the reasons are good to adopt a red kitchen in your interior. As retro as it is modern, this color can adapt to all styles to seduce families, couples and single people. If you are already convinced to revamp your kitchen, here are all our ideas and tips to make your room a stylish and trendy place.

Why choose red in the kitchen?

A sparkling and dynamic colour, red brings character to the kitchen. For those rough mornings, this shade will give you enough pep and energy to start your day right. Likewise for the end of the day, she will know how to stimulate and reboost you in order to end your day with positive vibes.

On the other hand, you will enjoy meeting up with your family in a red kitchen to share good times. A sign of friendliness, it will be welcoming and even reassuring for adults and children alike.

The kitchen is the centerpiece of your interior. Nothing better than red to affirm its central place.

This color is also known to give a vitamin and gourmet side to the kitchen. Its color is similar to that of spices.

This is why red cooking is known to whet the appetite. It is also very common in luxury restaurants.

popular paint colors 2023

Want a modern kitchen? The red will satisfy you! You just have to opt for red lacquered furniture to bring shine and design to your room. You can also paint your elements deep red. It’s up to you to choose the intensity you want to give to your room. Elegance will be there.

For a more retro style, red is also one of the ideal colors. Associated with white and red tiles, you have not finished traveling in time. The retro particularly appreciates flashy shades of red such as raspberry red or tomato red.

The industrial trend also goes very well with this color. To assert this look, you can opt for a matte red with black or gray decoration and furniture.

popular paint colors 2023

Stainless steel is the favorite material of the industrial style and it will go well with a burgundy red.

Finally, the other advantage of red is that it goes with all materials.

If you want a country or rustic interior color trends 2023, red is perfect to combine with wood. This marriage will bring a lot of charm and warmth to your kitchen.

Red is a color that knows how to adapt very easily. It does not make it complicated since it goes just as well with white as with black. To choose the perfect pair, everything will depend on the style you want for your kitchen.

Red and gray are the ideal combination for modern and industrial kitchens. The role of gray is to soften the atmosphere while bringing elegance and aesthetics.

It invites itself as well on the furniture of the kitchen as on the ground or on the work plan. The possibilities are many, you can let your imagination run wild.

 popular paint colors 2023

Another trendy combination: red and black. This marriage will make your kitchen a modern and contemporary room. By choosing clean lines, you will bring class and elegance to your kitchen.

The latter will thus become the place of conviviality par excellence of your interior.The rustic style has not said its last word. It is always trendy in the kitchen and red knows how to enhance country and country looks.

To combine red and wood of interior color trends 2023, you can repaint your kitchen units or opt for a wooden floor with simple or geometric lines.

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