Top 16 Trends in Exterior Paint Colors 2022 You Need To See

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The exterior of any house is the expression of its uniqueness and originality! Fashionable exterior paint colors 2022 are not about revolution, but they represent a lot of inspiration and new ideas.

The first impression of housing will depend on the correctly selected exterior paint.

It is a well-known fact that different shades can have different effects on our mood and perception, therefore the color scheme of the house is also very important. When opting for the main colors of the finish, you must also decide on the color of the roof.

Top 16 Trends in Exterior Paint Colors 2022

The overall picture will also be complemented by window frames, walkway decoration or foundation, pipes and communications, garage doors, and other elements.

All this together will create a certain composition, and in order for it to be holistic, it is required to combine the colors appropriately.

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Today, we are going to learn the main secrets of professionals that help create a work of art from any structure.

Top 16 Trends in Exterior Paint Colors 2022 You Need To See

There is a specific color gamut which homeowners most often use to paint their homes.

Top 16 Trends in Exterior Paint Colors 2022

In the meantime, the organic combination of colors of the facade and roof is taken into consideration, otherwise, the home will not look stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

Here are the top exterior paint colors 2022:


This is one of the most versatile options as it has an abundance of shades, e.g. lemon, sunny, golden.

A house painted with yellow is associated with a sunny day, so it will help you to recharge and be in good mood!

The yellow tone looks great against the background of wilting nature in autumn and waking up vegetation in spring.

Top 16 Trends in Exterior Paint Colors 2022 You Need To See


Among the most fashionable exterior paint trends 2022! This shade of exterior paint always helps to give buildings a special richness and decoration. What is more, white is a reservoir of positive energy.

The white facade looks natural with any color scheme for the roof and windows and also provides a lot of opportunities for the disclosure of numerous design ideas.

The white shade looks harmonious among the surrounding greenery.



When located around the structure of the grassy lawn, the house can be safely dressed in green tones. The striking facade will stand out among the snow-white plains and yellow autumn foliage.

It would be desirable to paint houses green if they are not on the sunny side throughout the day, otherwise, the structure will quickly lose the contrast of the shade.

Top 16 Trends in Exterior Paint Colors 2022


Gray tones, although they evoke an association with indifference and everydayness, are used by many homeowners in exterior painting.

Only in such circumstances, it would be preferable to add interesting accents that can dilute the main tone. In exterior trends 2022, a gray tone is used for painting the roofs.



The brown scale gives the exterior of the house some modesty and confidence, along with the proper simplicity. It is not completely dark, but also a very warm shade.


The Harmony of Exterior Paint Colors 2022

We would not recommend painting classic-style houses in defiant and bright hues. Also, buildings with interesting architectural elements should not be painted with such colors, since the latter will lose their bulk and charm.

When choosing a shade from exterior paint colors 2022, it is highly desirable to rely on the following factors:

  • surrounding landscape;
  • the original selection of shades;
  • roof painting;
  • general background.

Guided by these parameters, you can easily get an amazing and unique appearance of any building, which will harmoniously fit into the exterior paint colors 2022.

Top 16 Trends in Exterior Paint Colors 2022

When deciding on two colors of exterior paint, they must be completed in an actual and harmonious way. It is not allowed to connect four or more tones under a bright roof.

Today, there is a wide range of shades in various materials, but please be aware of the tone of the roof. The inherent facade design combines the shade of the roof with the shade of the outer walls.

The yellow facade looks optimal with all types of roofs. It is also worth noting that it is resistant to dirt.

Tips for The Selection of Colors in Exterior Design 2022

The exterior paint colors 2022 play an essential role in the manifestation of the whole building.

Tips for The Selection of Colors in Exterior Design 2022

In order to choose the right shades and tones among exterior paint colors 2022, you can use the following tips:

Visiting an Exhibition of Houses

In many cities, modern exhibitions of houses are organized, where ready-made samples of buildings made in various stylistic solutions are placed.

Here you can not only correctly select the desired shades, but also get acquainted with the types of materials used by the manufacturers.

Top 16 Trends in Exterior Paint Colors 2022

Working with Online Services and Special Programs

If you can’t visit a modern exhibition of buildings, you can self-pick shades thanks to working in special programs and numerous online services.

They help to decide on the main exterior shade of the building, and the constituent matching tones of the roof, doors, and windows with it.

Tips for The Selection of Colors in Exterior Design 2022 white

Trial Painting

To finally opt for the exterior color tone, you should paint a small section of the wall in your desired color and follow how it looks at different times of the day.

We recommend observing the painted area in different weather conditions. Only, in this case, it will definitely be possible to choose the exterior color for your home!

Top 16 Trends in Exterior Paint Colors 2022

The Categories of Exterior Paint Colors 2022

The whole range of available shades, in which you can paint the house, is conventionally divided into the following categories:

Dark Shades

Such tones look natural on buildings made in simple architectural forms. It is recommended that you do not paint a house located on the sunny side in a dark shade, since the shade will quickly fade because of the bright sun.

The Categories of Exterior Paint Colors 2022

Light Shades

From the point of view of practicality, it is better to paint buildings in light shades.

They look harmonious in any light and retain their contrast longer. White has an advantage among light colors, but it is worth remembering that over time, the manifestation of yellowness is characteristic of it.

Many homeowners and professionals prefer gray exterior shades, against which bright doors and windows look organic. This design solution is often used in the external design of buildings.

The Categories of Exterior Paint Colors 2022

Let us keep in mind the importance of choosing the right shade for the roof. It plays an essential role in opting for the main exterior paint tone.

A Brown Roof

In the classic types of buildings, you should select light shades with a brown roof. The most harmonious shades for such a roof are beige, cream, or white.

You should select the color of the facade only after determining the color of the roof, but not the opposite!

Light walls combined with a dark roof visually enlarge the structure, which always creates a pleasant look. You can also arrange windows to match the tone of the roof. Such combinations of the palette look organic as an exterior of a house. Furthermore, the described combination of colors will harmoniously fit into any landscape surrounding the house.

A house with a brown roof and a pink or turquoise facade may look ridiculous. This combination of colors gives the structure an unnatural look. In nature, such compositions are practically not found, therefore, it is also not recommended to make them related to artificial structures.

In addition, for such a color composition, it is very complicated to find the right environment in order to get a bright and graceful sound.

Exterior Color Trends 2022 for The Roofs

A Green Roof

A rather bold solution is to paint the roof green. Such a popular solution can be found in different parts of nature. A green roof should not be linked to a facade of the corresponding color, as against the background of one tone the other will be lost.

Most designers consider a green roof with natural shades as the best combination option. It is even allowed to include some shades of the green palette in the facade.

The green roofing looks inherent with the facade in gray, yellow, white, or brown colors.

If the roof has a bright tone, the walls should be dressed in less bright colors, and in reverse.

It may not be appropriate to select the following under a green roof.

Exterior Color Trends 2022 for The Roofs

Bright Palettes

Bright colors (orange, blue, and red) under the green roof will look ridiculous, tiring the eye.

According to many scientists, such color combinations can cause irritation and depression.

Exterior Color Trends 2022 for The Roofs

Contrasting Shades

It is not advisable to paint the walls under the green roof in tones not related to this color. Against this background, the main color will be lost, and the desired composition will not work.
Lack of accents is another common mistake in this case.

To give the house a special sophistication, some accents should be added to its appearance (platbands, visors, cornices, decorative elements, etc.).

This will remove the dullness of the structure.

It is not advisable to paint the facade of the house with a variety of hues if it is covered with a green roof. You should combine a maximum of three tones, otherwise, the whole structure will look ridiculous.

Exterior Color Trends 2022

A Blue Roof

The facade made in pearl gray, white, beige, or ivory will harmoniously fit under the blue roof.

These combinations of shades resemble a blue sky and clouds floating on it, against which green spaces look organic! Walls should be painted whether in light green, light blue, crimson, light brown, turquoise, or pink.

Such color combinations are for rare individuals. It is difficult to choose vegetation for the described compositions that would organically complement the resulting look.

White pipes and a light plinth will give the structure a unique look. To accentuate the blue roof, a white filing should be made, giving the cladding a certain contour.

A Blue Roof 2022


The assortment of the exterior paint colors 2022 is an important and responsible matter that creates a general image of the entire structure. Before taking action, you should decide on the color of the roof, as it sets the basis.


It is essential to take into account the location of the nearby buildings and surrounding nature so that the resulting combination of shades can organically fit into it.

Failure to observe such important details can lead to a violation of the color harmony of nature and the building.

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  1. Denise Croucamp

    I would like to paint my houses roor a dark gray… walls light blue… window frames dark blue/navy color. Garage doors the dark blue/ navy color. What paints would you suggest?

    1. Designer

      Hello Denise, thank you for comment, in our post about exterior paint color trends 2022 we have explained all the trends, variations and options.