Bathroom Trends 2023: Top 10 Trends To Make A Room That Conveys Luxury From Every Perspective

Bathroom Trends 2023 Bathroom

Bathroom trends 2023: All our advices for a practical and easy-going bathroom.

In our lifetime, we spend about 1.5 years in the bathroom. So whether it’s getting ready quickly in the morning or relaxing and unwinding, the bathroom should be both practical and comfortable.

Discover all our bathroom trends 2023 for creating a bathroom that is easy to live with on a daily basis.

A practical bathroom is the key: bathroom trends 2023

We think about it too little, but the bathroom can quickly become a risky place if it is not properly secured: falling, slipping… the risks are multiple. A practical bathroom is therefore above all a safe bathroom.

Bathroom Trends 2023

A risk-free shower/bath area

Priority  in bathroom trends 2023 must be given to the shower and the bathtub. Ideally, it is when fitting out your bathroom that you should anticipate by choosing a non-slip coating. For example, the Kineline shower tray from Kinedo has a very high level of adhesion (PN24) which offers optimal safety of use.

If the shower or tub already installed in your bathroom presents a slip hazard, simply install a non-slip mat at the bottom. This is a first simple and quick solution.

In addition to the non-slip coating, you can also install one or more grab bars, which make it easier to get in and out of the shower/bath. An ideal solution for children, seniors or even for people with reduced mobility in bathroom trends 2023.

Bathroom Trends 2023

Finally, you can also facilitate access to your shower by choosing a wall without a threshold, with a wide opening. The Kinequartz wall, for example, offers threshold-free access and a very wide corner opening.

Space to move around: bathroom design 2023

For the  practical and safe bathroom trends 2023, it is also necessary to think about circulation space.

When designing the room, it is important to provide enough space around the equipment (shower, bath and washbasin) and furniture, at least 60 cm. Thus, there is no risk of bumping into the corner of a piece of furniture when getting out of the shower.

Constant temperature water

Finally, consider installing thermostatic mixing valves. These stand out for their ability to maintain water temperature throughout use. You will therefore not suffer from any sudden variations, including if someone else uses the water in the house. They thus offer several advantages: safety, economy and comfort.

Bathroom Trends 2023

Light for an easygoing bathroom

Good light is essential throughout a home, and this also applies to the bathroom. Having a source of natural light in this room is always a real plus. This brings clarity and also promotes good ventilation. However, when this is not the case, it is important to compensate by providing enough light points in the space.

For a bathroom to be practical and pleasant to use, it must offer sufficient light in each area, whether above the sink but also at the bathtub and shower.

The larger the bathroom, the more light points will have to be multiplied. Choose a sufficient level of lighting, rather of the white/neutral type for functional lighting. If you want to create a warm atmosphere, you can then add lighting in warmer/yellow tones.

Bathroom Trends 2023

Also, be aware that mirrors reflect light and provide a sense of space. Do not hesitate to place them cleverly in your bathroom.

Good to know: the electrical installation of a bathroom must comply with the NF C 15-100 standard. Also remember that it is important to think about the location of the switches to facilitate the use of your bathroom. Ideally, they should be placed near the door, so that the lights can be turned on/off when entering/leaving the room.

Storage, the key to a practical bathroom

Installing practical storage is in a way the sinews of war in a home. This allows you to keep your belongings in order and to benefit from a clear and tidy space.

To ensure that your bathroom is practical and pleasant to use, there are several storage solutions that will allow you to organize bath linen, hygiene and beauty products or cleaning products.

As a priority, you can install a vanity unit and a matching column, which will offer you great storage possibilities. If necessary, you can then complete with wall shelves.

Consider using small baskets or storage compartments in your furniture, they allow everyone to have their own storage space in the room and/or to store products by category.

bathroom designs 2023

Finally, for use Don’t forget to install some essential accessories such as a towel rack with hooks so that the whole family can hang up their own, a dirty laundry basket or a small trash can.

The classic soap dish, toothbrush holder, etc. are also essential for a practical and functional bathroom.

Bath or shower, the 5 questions to ask yourself before choosing

Whether you are building a new home or planning to remodel yours, the bathroom is an important part of your home. It is a room that must be functional, but also comfortable, for the whole family.

And when we think about the layout of a bathroom, we often ask ourselves a key question: shower or bathtub? So to help you choose, Kinedo has listed the 5 main questions to ask yourself before choosing.

How much space do you have to install your shower or bathtub?

This is the first question you should ask yourself before making your choice between a shower and a bathtub.

Indeed, the possibilities are different when you have a bathroom of 3 m2 and a bathroom of 8m2.

In a small bathroom (2 to 4m2), it is preferable to opt for a shower whose footprint is much smaller than a bathtub. The shower will allow you to save space for other equipment, especially for storage.

bathroom designs 2023

If you have a large bathroom, the choice remains quite open. Why not consider installing a shower and a bathtub, for maximum comfort?

Our tips for designing your bathroom

Whether it’s an installation or a renovation, the layout of a bathroom is not something to be taken lightly. Indeed, this space of the house is not only a place dedicated to hygiene, it is also an intimate place, where we like to spend time to relax and find a certain well-being.

Like the living room and other rooms in the house, the bathroom also deserves our full attention.

Optimize your bathroom layout

A good bathroom layout makes it possible to optimize the available space and gain in comfort of use. For this, it is necessary to take into account the following elements: the surface of the room, its configuration as well as the future users.

Identify the space you benefit from

The main objective when planning to fit out a bathroom is to optimize the space while benefiting from a well functional and aesthetic space. It is for this reason that it is necessary to consider the surface in m² available before starting.

Although bathroom trends 2023 are different, there are constraints for all bathroom sizes:

  • The challenge in a small bathroom will be to integrate a maximum of elements in a minimum of space.
  • In a large bathroom, it will be necessary to ensure that the different spaces are well distributed and well delimited.

bathroom designs 2023

Identify your bathroom layout

In the same way as for the space, it will be necessary to take into account the shape of the room. Its configuration also plays a decisive role in the choice of various equipment, namely the sink, the bathtub or the shower and the furniture.

We will not choose the same type of shower for a small rectangular bathroom or a large square bathroom.

Consider users while choosing bathroom design trends 2023

The bathroom trends 2023 are tending to have bathroom adapted to its users. So don’t forget to think about who this room will be for: a couple? Children? An entire family ? An elderly or disabled person?

Here again, the constraints will not be the same and it is important to think about your bathroom in the long term, so that it is both pleasant and practical on a daily basis.

Thus, for a bathroom intended for a senior, we will think in priority of the circulation space and the safety of the equipment (shower on the same level, grab bars, etc.), while we will favor multiple equipment. for a family bathroom (double basin, shower and bathtub, etc.).

bathroom designs 2023

Floor and wall covering

Since the bathroom is a wet room, not all types of flooring can be installed there. You must use materials that are resistant to humidity over the long term and that offer sufficient grip on the ground, to guarantee your safety.

For the floor

As for the flooring, in the bathroom trends 2023, there is a wide choice of materials, each with advantages and disadvantages:

Tile is the most frequently chosen option for its resistance to humidity, its ease of maintenance and its non-slip properties. There is a wide choice both in terms of style and color, enough to give free rein to your desires.

You can also consider installing parquet, which is warmer than tiling. It will then be necessary to choose a model specially designed for humid rooms, an exotic wood for example: teak, bamboo… The installation of parquet in a bathroom requires a particular installation technique to resist humidity in the long term. . The budget can therefore quickly fly away.

Very trendy in recent years, waxed concrete will bring a contemporary touch to your bathroom. However, it is quite expensive and difficult to install.

If you are looking for an economical and fairly easy to install alternative, you can opt for a laminate or pvc coating. Frequently used for other rooms in the house, there are now ranges specially designed for bathroom trends 2023.

bathroom designs 2023

Bathroom ideas 2023: What else for the flooring

Here again, tiles, whether colored, textured or even marble, appear to be the most classic option for a bathroom.

Polished concrete and mosaic are also interesting alternatives because they will bring a marked style to your bathroom. However, they require some expertise in the installation.

The most economical option for a low-cost renovation is painting. In a special wet room version, it is simple to apply and inexpensive, but it suffers from a limited hold over time.

Finally, there is a practical and stylish alternative, wall panels. Suitable for wet rooms and quite simple to install, they will allow you to visually delimit the spaces of your bathroom trends 2023, such as the toilet or the shower for example.

They appear to be a good complement to paint, especially for areas very exposed to humidity.

Kinedo wall panels to be glued or screwed on offer you a wide choice of colors and designs for an assertive style in your bathroom.

Now that you have chosen the covering for the floor and the walls, it is time to move on to the choice of sanitary facilities and furniture.

Shower or bath?

First step, choose between shower and bathtub. If you have a large bathroom, you can afford the luxury of installing a shower and a bathtub.

Bathroom Trends 2023

If the dimensions of your bathroom allow it and your preference is for the bathtub, you will have to choose between an angled bathtub, a freestanding bathtub or a rectangular bathtub:

  • The rectangular bathtub is by far the most classic option, less bulky and easier to install.
  • However, a corner bathtub may be more suitable in certain configurations, especially for a square-shaped bathroom.
  • The island bathtub, according the bathroom trends 2023, which is very trendy at the moment, brings a touch of modernity to your bathroom, but requires a clearance of 60 cm around it, to be able to circulate and maintain it easily. In addition, its installation is more technical.

If your bathroom is small, the shower is the most reasonable option because it allows you to optimize the space available in the room, according the latest bathroom trends 2023.

The shower cubicle is the most economical option and the easiest to install because all the elements are already integrated: walls, shower tray and column.

Bathroom Trends 2023: Top 10 Trends To Make A Room That Conveys Luxury From Every Perspective

The walk-in shower, without shower tray or with tiled shower tray, is currently the most popular option. However, its installation is much more technical and therefore much more expensive.

The last option of bathroom trends 2023 represents a good compromise: you can compose your shower by choosing each element: tray, walls, column.

This allows you to give free rein to your desires in terms of design, configuration and finishes. With this in mind, Kinedo offers you its extra-flat Kinesurf cuttable tray, which adapts to all bathroom configurations. You can combine it with a Smart Design wall, which offers a wide choice of configurations and sizes.

After the crucial choice between shower and bathtub, comes the choice of the washbasin: washbasin or washbasin?

With the  retro style of bathroom trends 2023, the washbasin has the advantage of being economical, space-saving and easy to install, whether freestanding or hanging.

bathroom designs 2023

The washbasin (or washbasin) benefits from a more contemporary design and offers space to put accessories. In addition, you can add a vanity unit for even more storage space.

The furniture choice: bathroom designs 2023

Again, take into account the space available in the choice of furniture and accessories. In a small bathroom, shallow, wall-mounted cabinets save space.

The most common configuration of bathroom trends 2023 includes a vanity unit and a storage column. If you have a larger space, you can add additional furniture and shelves.

The decoration, the final touch of the layout of a bathroom

Last step, but not least: decoration with the bathroom trends 2023. Now that your bathroom is fully equipped, all you have to do is add a touch of decoration.

Start by focusing on the essentials: the light fixtures, the mirror and the bath mat. They are above all practical, but also allow you to breathe an atmosphere into your bathroom.

bathroom designs 2023

Then you can decline the chosen atmosphere through accessories (towel rack, laundry basket, soap dish…) and purely decorative elements (paintings, plants…).

Thanks to this complete guide of bathroom trends 2023, you can now start thinking calmly about the layout of your bathroom. Do not hesitate to call on a professional who will advise you at each stage of the project.

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