Ceiling Design 2023: Top 9 Ways To Give A New Breath To The 5th Wall Which Has Not To Be Neglected

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Ceiling design 2023: Which ceiling finish to choose in order to renovate the 5th wall of every room.

In the context of a renovation, the floors and walls are not the only ones to pay attention to. Indeed, for a harmonious decor, the ceilings also deserve your full attention. The best options are collected in ceiling design 2023.

Yet many underestimate the finish of their ceiling. When ceiling design 2023 is well chosen and well done, it brings luminosity and cachet to your interior, but this is not the only point to take into account…

ceiling design 2023

Depending on your needs, your tastes but also your type of home, the selection of your ceiling covering will not be done in the same way. What are the criteria to consider to make the right ceiling design 2023?

What are the different options available to you? Our specialists guide you to make an informed decision.

Indeed, apart from the aesthetic aspect, the choice of ceiling design 2023 also depends on its use and the nature of the room.

Matt, glossy or satin finishes, in addition to being different in terms of design, have very distinct properties and a resistance capacity that varies according to the environments to which they are exposed.

ceiling design 2023

All these ceiling design 2023 must therefore be an integral part of your reflection to choose the finish of your ceiling. Our experts are there to guide you and give you the right advice so you don’t go wrong!

Ceiling design 2023: Guide to different ceiling paint finishes

What choice do you have in terms of ceiling paint finish? What are the different characteristics to take into account? The point not to be mistaken…

The matte finish

The matte paint finish is the best light absorbent in terms tof trendy options among  ceiling design 2023.

Widespread for ceilings, it also helps to camouflage certain irregularities. Easy to apply, this paint finish is however sensitive to dirt and is more difficult to maintain than a glossy paint, for example. It is not washable.

ceiling design 2023

The shiny finish

Unlike the matte finish, the glossy finish will reflect light. Resistant to humidity, it is very easy to maintain with a simple wipe of the sponge. With its mirror-effect lacquer finish, it also makes it possible to highlight ceiling design 2023 such as ceiling moldings for example.

If it resists stains and scratches without any problem, this finish is however not optimal when the ceiling has multiple defects that it cannot hide even under several layers.

The satin finish

Very versatile, this ceiling design 2023 adapts to almost any room in the house. With its slightly shiny appearance, its rendering is between a shiny finish and a matte finish.

More resistant than the latter, it can dress the ceilings of living rooms and even wet rooms without fear of being stained or damaged. On the other hand, its application is more delicate than a paint with a matte finish and it does not hide defects as well.

ceiling design 2023

New ceiling design 2023: Ceiling paints selection

A very important criterion to consider when choosing the finish of your ceiling design 2023: the nature of the room you want to renovate. Indeed, some finishes will be more suitable than others for the conditions to which they will be exposed…

What finish for wet rooms: Bathroom calling

The wet rooms of the house such as the kitchen and the bathroom must be the subject of special attention with regard to the chosen coatings. If it concerns floors and walls, ceiling design 2023 should not be forgotten either.

Because of the ambient humidity, they must indeed benefit from additional protection in order to last over time.

Also, paints with glossy and satin finishes are most often recommended in this type of room for your ceilings. Indeed, these types of finishes are more resistant to water vapour.

ceiling design 2023

You should also know that glossy or satin paint is much easier to maintain. All it takes is a simple swipe to clean it. As a result, it is very popular in kitchens. In any case, choose a special wet room paint!

Kitchen ceiling design 2023: Safety and modern design

More and more houses or apartments are adopting the American kitchen, open to the living room. The choice of ceiling design 2023 then arises since it would not be harmonious to choose two different finishes, unless you play the stall with a false ceiling that will highlight the kitchen area.

Also, in such a configuration, it is advisable to choose a glossy or satin finish for both parts.

What finish for the rooms?

For bedroom ceiling design 2023, it is most often the matte finish paint that is recommended. Warm, this finish absorbs light well for a cocooning effect and also makes it possible to effectively hide defects in the context of a renovation, for example.

What finish in the living rooms

In living rooms such as the living room or dining room, for example, the satin finish is generally the most popular because with its slightly shiny finish, it catches the light and offers increased resistance compared to matt paint.

Ceiling Design 2023: Top 9 Ways To Give A New Breath To The 5th Wall Which Has Not To Be Neglected

Good to know: if the favorite color for the ceiling design 2023 is white, it is nevertheless advisable not to opt for the same white as that of the walls or to opt for a matte finish on the ceiling and a satin finish on the walls in order to give more piece relief.

Specific ceiling finishes

Apart from the classic finishes, there are also other alternatives for ceilings that are really not like the others…

Cozy and natural, the wood finish is on the rise! It will warm up the ceiling of your room while masking its faults and will give it Scandinavian or colonial accents, depending on the style of facing chosen: paneling, coffers, osb…

On the finish side, here too, you can opt for a raw or varnished finish. Ceiling design 2023, are they regular or not, are depending on the desired atmosphere.

The plaster finish

Original and little used, the plaster finish has a definite advantage in renovation. Indeed, with its reliefs, it hides the irregularities of a damaged ceiling. Adapting to all surfaces, the roughcast can be worked to offer a brushed or rustic finish depending on the style of the house. One thing is certain, the roughcast finish makes a room unique…

ceiling design 2023 trends

Decorative plaster finish

Classy, ​​the decorative coating finish requires a rare know-how found among painter decorators and stucco workers. It can imitate all textures, marble more or less veined, tortoiseshell, precious wood, stone… As a reminder of the walls to the ceiling, it will support the classic chic side of the room.

The fabric finish

Once popular with bourgeois interiors, the fabric finish on the ceiling has gradually disappeared from decoration catalogs. However, it brings a warm atmosphere and originality to a room.

Concealing the defects of a ceiling without any problem, the fabric finish remains however difficult to maintain and is very resistant to humidity.

ceiling design 2023 trends

The mirror finish

Resolutely modern, the mirror finish is obtained by installing a stretched PVC fabric which will hide the defects of the existing ceiling. A good way to renovate a ceiling without losing room height and to afford a designer interior. Use sparingly in the home to avoid getting bored, in the bathroom for example!

Ceiling ornaments and moldings

Have you always admired the richly decorated ceilings of large Parisian apartments and do you also dream of moldings on the ceiling?

Know that it is quite possible to install rosettes, moldings and cornices on any ceiling. On sale in specialized stores, you can find them in wood, polystyrene or plaster, from the most classic to the most baroque.

Cornices around the ceiling will also allow you to pass your electrical networks discreetly.

If in the context of a renovation of a house or apartment, we think a lot about refreshing the walls and the floor coverings, the ceiling design 2023 are very often relayed in the background. Error!

Beyond the fact that they represent an important aesthetic element in your interior, they can also participate in the thermal and especially acoustic performance of your home.

The choice of a ceiling covering is not made by chance and must meet a certain number of criteria, of which here are some concrete illustrations.

At first, you must orient your choice of ceiling design 2023 according to its condition. As part of a renovation, it will first be necessary to consider an initial repair and then provide the right material.

ceiling design 2023 trends

It may be useful to seek the help of a professional in this process in order to have an accurate estimate of the work to be done.

Choose your ceiling covering according to its condition

If a simple restoration of the ceilings is possible (a few cracks to be repaired and a coating to be redone), then you will have a wide choice of coatings and painting will be one of the possibilities. On the other hand, in the presence of a very damaged ceiling, the installation of a false ceiling beforehand is most often recommended.

Choose your ceiling covering according to your needs

Depending on whether you live in a house or an apartment and depending on the quality of your insulation, your needs will not be the same.

Indeed, in an apartment for example, it could be that you would benefit from reinforcing your acoustic insulation in order to be less bothered by the noises coming from your neighbors upstairs.

In a situation like this, installing a false ceiling is particularly effective in dampening noise, while strengthening your thermal insulation.

ceiling design 2023 trends

Also for a house with several floors, the false ceiling makes it possible to limit the propagation of noise from one floor to another. It is also a good way to re-level the ceiling of a house that has slightly sagged over time.

Choose your ceiling design 2023 covering according to the type of room

To make the right choice of ceiling covering, it is necessary to distinguish between the wet rooms of the kitchen and the bathroom and the other rooms. Indeed, in places where humidity is very present, the precautions do not only concern the floor or wall covering but also that of the ceiling.

To avoid seeing damp spots appear above your head or seeing your ceiling covering degrade in contact with ambient humidity, the materials must therefore be suitable and water resistant.

ceiling design 2023 trends

Choose your ceiling covering according to the style of your house

The ceiling also has a decorative role in the house. Depending on the style of your interior, you will be able to choose a coating associated with moldings for a chic and classic style or even exposed beams for a more rustic and warm look. The paneling can also bring a cozy style to the look of a mountain chalet.

Ceiling covering: which choice?

There are many possibilities for ceiling coverings and painting is not the only solution. Here is a list of some of them.

The painting

If it is not the only solution to dress your ceiling, painting nevertheless remains one of the most common and most appreciated by individuals.

Simple to implement, it does not require any special tools apart from a brush, a roller, protections for the floors… and a certain dexterity!

In addition, the paint offers the advantage of offering a very large choice of colors and, with a well-thought-out combination with that of the walls, can advantageously visually correct a room that is too narrow or too high.

Inexpensive, it nevertheless requires careful preparation of the ceiling for good adhesion.

ceiling design 2023 trends

In terms of ceiling design 2023, it is necessary to opt for a specific product if it is a question of humid rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom. Finally, note that paint is not a suitable coating if the ceiling is in very poor condition, unless it is completely renovated before installation and combined with a glass cloth in the event of cracks that tend to recur.

Ceiling design 2023: the tiles will be a good idea

Generally made of polystyrene or polyurethane, they are frequently seen in public reception buildings or schools.

Easy and quick to install, these tiles are not particularly aesthetic but allow you to renovate a very damaged ceiling simply and inexpensively.

Ceiling Design 2023: Top 9 Ways To Give A New Breath To The 5th Wall Which Has Not To Be Neglected

Some improve the acoustic quality of the room, others offer textured finishes.

The wallpaper

Did you know that wallpaper isn’t just for walls? It can indeed cover your ceiling design 2023 just as well! Less common in this configuration, it requires significant know-how for a satisfactory and lasting result.

Economical to purchase, wallpaper offers, like paint, a wide variety of colors and patterns for personalized decoration.

ceiling design 2023 trends

The fabric

Once very fashionable in bourgeois homes, fabric as a ceiling design 2023 covering is a surprising but very decorative choice. Available in a wide range of colors, patterns and materials, it offers great creative freedom and adapts easily to all interiors.

The trompe l’oeil

To bring an artistic cachet to your interior, nothing like a ceiling straight out of a painter’s studio.

Celestial vault, botanical atmosphere, flight of angels in the Sistine Chapel version, stuco, it’s up to you to decide what you want to discover by raising your eyes to the ceiling… However, the skills for this type of work are rare, and the note, a little salty.

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