Flooring Trends 2022: Top 15 Modern Design Options

Interior Design Trends

There are so many styles in the interior trends 2022 that it is very difficult to stick to one. Flooring trends 2022 are not an exception in this sense.

The success of the renovation largely depends on how well the owners were able to choose the right floors. The basis of a cozy and beautiful interior is a well-laid floor covering.

To choose the right one, you need to consider several factors. The main ones are cost, durability, aesthetics, and safety.

Flooring Trends 2022: Top 15 Modern Design Options

The main criteria for choosing a floor, regardless of the style of the interior: naturalness, naturalness, and environmental friendliness.

Another issue is color and shape. But here, too, modern trends in the competent mixing of styles come to meet us.

  • Play in contrast

Flooring trends 2022 suggest that the floor can be light in contrast to dark walls, or dark in combination with light wall decoration.

Also trending:

But always keep in mind that any element in the choice of furniture should either overlap in the color, shade, or harmoniously contrast against the background of the floor and walls.

Flooring Trends 2022: Top 15 Modern Design Options

  • One-color solution

Everything is much simpler here. But there is one BUT! Consider the tone and warmth of the wall and floor colors.

Often the biggest mistake is when choosing according to the principle of all light or all dark without paying attention to the fact that the color can be different.

One has more yellow shades in the composition, the other has reddish or brown and greenish shades. Pay attention to this, but rather go for the floor always with a sample of your wall coverings.

Each room has its own floor. And if design trends tend to be natural, let’s talk about natural and more budgetary flooring trends 2022 imitating natural wood!

Laminate Flooring 2022

Laminate flooring 2022 is the right choice for renovations on an average budget. Laminated wood is well suited even for a nursery. Installation requires preparation: a special noise-insulating substrate is laid under the laminate. It also ensures a long life for the fasteners on each panel. The material is sensitive to moisture.

Laminate can be household and commercial. The first is well suited for apartments with low traffic, will last 6-7 years. The second one has optimal characteristics (resistant to temperature and humidity changes) and serves up to 20 years.

The panels are connected with a lock.

There are spikes and grooves along the perimeter of each plank. Experts consider the first type of click-connection more convenient since it allows unevenness of the subfloor. The second type of lock involves driving one plank into another or gluing. The floor should be perfectly level.

Laminate Flooring 2022

Quartz Vinyl tiles were invented in Japan. The new material appeared on the domestic market nearly a decade ago. Now it is considered to be a rather popular flooring 2022. The advantages of this floor: moisture resistance, durability. It is suitable not only for apartments but also for kindergartens, hospitals, public institutions.

Each tile is four-layer: sand with petroleum products is applied to the base vinyl substrate (the quartz-vinyl layer itself). A printed film is placed on top, which is covered with polyurethane and PVC.

You can lay it yourself, the coating is compatible with the warm floor system.

Quartz Vinyl Flooring Trends 2022

Wood Floors 2022

The peculiarities of mounting a board made of solid wood require the floor to be raised by at least 5 cm. The wooden covering is laid on logs (support beams), which eat up the height. In standard apartments, the ceilings are not too high, so it is not recommended to reduce the space under any circumstances.

Difficulties arise when installing solid wood in the hallway of an apartment. The floors in the hallway and in the entrance are on the same level.

If you install logs and lay insulation, and on top – boards, then at the entrance to the apartment an uncomfortable step is formed. The entrance door that opens inward will have to be changed or reinstalled.

Wood Floors 2022

For laying a wooden floor in an apartment, it is better to choose a board with a minimum thickness of 1.5 cm. But if the housing is located on the ground floor, and below there is a cold basement, then laying insulation and a thicker floor will be suitable.

The specialist will tell you which option is optimal for each specific case.

In the house, wooden floors are laid more often, since wood has a low thermal conductivity, which means that the rooms will be warmer. Thicker boards (22 mm) are used here.

Pros: The advantages of a wooden floor include environmental friendliness, beautiful texture, and durability. It is recommended to renew the coating with paint or varnish every five years.

Cons: The price for a square of the coating is multiplied by two since the installation and related materials will cost a lot.

Popular Wood Flooring 2022: The Pros and Cons


Cork floor slabs should not be confused with similar insulation rolls. These are different things both in terms of price and purpose of use. The floor covering is made from a cork oak.

The bark of the tree is crushed, heat-treated, and pressed. The cork is lightweight and pleasant to the touch. The natural composition allows the use of the coating in nurseries where allergy sufferers live.

The floors are resistant to moisture, keep warm (you can walk barefoot).

Flooring Trends 2022: Top 15 Modern Design Options

What are the Types of Cork Floor?

  • interlocking panels made of several layers (fiberboard core, protective coating);
  • adhesive boards (without a protective film, glued on a flat surface).

Cork is more expensive than laminate. The price of adhesive coatings is less than that of locking coatings, but they must be additionally treated with protective means and varnished.

The durability of the material depends on the use. For example, the floor will deteriorate if a heavy wardrobe or other massive wooden furniture is placed on it for a long time.

The way out is to periodically move objects a couple of centimeters. Walking in heels on this floor is not recommended.

Flooring Trends 2022

This material looks good on photos of interiors but is not very practical in everyday life. It is laid on a concrete screed or an old coating (laminate, wood). The wool pile can cause allergies, wear out faster and increase the cost of the product. An alternative is a synthetic bristle covering.

It is easy to use the carpeting option, the colors are varied, one of the undoubted advantages is excellent sound insulation. However, it is not suitable for apartments with high humidity, requires regular cleaning.

Flooring Trends 2022: Top 15 Modern Design Options


Ceramic and porcelain tiles can be laid in rooms with high humidity and traffic. The material is difficult to influence with chemical media, it is durable, does not need special care. The tile floor will not swell, even if there were puddles on it for several days or the apartment was flooded by neighbors. The tile is suitable for both budget and expensive renovation, as it has a wide range of prices.

Designers love this material for imitation of almost any texture; it is possible to create coatings that are unique in beauty from it. For some rooms, tiles become not only optimal but also the only possible option.

The disadvantages of this floor are expensive styling and unpleasant sensations for bare feet. If the cladding is done on our own, and under the tiles, there is a warm floor system, then the questions disappear.

Another drawback is that when moisture gets in, the coating becomes traumatic. Designers advise purchasing corrugated or matte ceramics, which improve grip even after taking a bath.

Porcelain stoneware is superior to conventional ceramics in several respects: frost resistance, wear resistance, surface density.

The decorative possibilities of tiles are slightly wider since additional processing harms the strength of porcelain stoneware. But the characteristics of ordinary ceramics are sufficient even for rooms with high traffic.

Popular Kitchen Flooring 2022

The self-leveling floor fits on any surface and requires practically no preparation. The result is a perfectly even coating that is not afraid of moisture and does not require complex maintenance.

The disadvantages of polymer floors are that installation requires a professional approach. Mixing the mortar, the sequence of pouring layers, eliminating gaps in the floor – all this cannot be done independently.

If the polymer mixture gets to the neighbors from below, it will be problematic to remove it.

The color range of standard floors is limited to beige, gray, and brown.

More interesting solutions with a 3D effect have a high cost. In this case, the pouring area plays an important role: the larger it is, the cheaper the material.

Flooring Trends 2022 with Modern Solutions

If the customer plans to invest a substantial amount in home improvement or simply wants exclusive coverage, then flooring trends 2022 with the market for modern construction technologies offer interesting popular flooring options 2022.

Unusual Flooring Trends 2022

Leather Floor

These are tiles with porcelain stoneware or cork base. The upper of the material is made of calfskin, which is specially treated with herbal formulations and impregnation for increased durability.

Laying slabs is easy, the process is similar to laying laminate flooring. Such a floor needs careful maintenance and is not suitable for rooms with high traffic.

Leather Floor 2022

Liquid or Gel Tiles

Every child will like the floor changing its pattern with one touch. It is for such purposes that a coating with a colored colorful gel inside was developed. When pressed, the floor changes color and pattern.

The coating will last a quarter of a century, as it is resistant to burnout, and mechanical stress.

Liquid or Gel Tiles flooringtrends 2022

Glass Floor

The glass floor is made of impact-resistant material and has a long warranty period.

To create a unique pattern, you can use tiles or mosaic multi-colored slabs. A wide range of shades and textures allows you to make the floor matte, corrugated, transparent, with a pattern.

Glass Floor 2022

Metal Floor

The metal floor is a covering of slabs that consist of porcelain stoneware (9 mm) and a metal layer (1 mm). For the top, stainless steel is usually used. If the floor is laid in the bathroom, then tiles with an anti-corrosion alloy are needed.

There are varieties for gold, bronze, or copper, with a smooth and corrugated surface.

Flooring Trends 2022: Top 15 Modern Design Options

How to Choose the Right Floor in an Apartment?

When buying a cover, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of working, play, sleeping areas. The most stringent safety and environmental requirements are for the room where children will be.

Thanks to natural materials, cork slabs or wood floors 2022 are recommended for the nursery. Old, but strong coverings can be renewed with carpeting made of synthetic materials (natural wool is a strong allergen), a 33 or 34 class laminate.

Any floor is suitable for the living room flooring trends 2022, it is important to take into account the possible traffic in the room, and, of course, the individual requirements of the customer.


If the living room is combined with the kitchen, then the flooring must be zoned. In the kitchen, you can use laminate, quartz-vinyl, or ceramic tiles. It is not recommended to use a wooden floor.

For the bathroom, there is no better option than tiles or porcelain stoneware. Glossy ceramics are not recommended; it is better to choose matte tiles.

The bedroom can be covered with laminate or cork. If there are no allergy sufferers in the house, and frequent cleaning does not frighten the hostess, then the carpeting will do, as well. An excellent option can be wood flooring.

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