Home Decor Trends 2023: Each New Design Expresses Its Own Unique Point Of View Brought To Life In Distinctive Hand-selected Materials

home decor ideas 2023 Interior Design Trends

Home decor trends 2023 comes full of inspiration: plenty of ideas to make the best interior possible!

According to Kristin Bartone, creative director and main designer at Bartone Interiors, “trends are frequently based on what society needs at the moment.”

People want the furniture, lighting, and materials they encounter with in their daily environments to embrace them as they recover from the global health crisis and the economic burden.

Home Decor Trends 2023

The second decorative proposal allows you to visualize your project with two different atmospheres. In the same style or not, with different colors or materials, everything is possible! This is what you project, materialize your home decor and trends 2023 inspire you.

The comeback of maximalism in home decor 2023

Fashionable 2023, maximalism might be in. Interior design typically follows fashion in using layers and textures, according to Erin Coren, co-founder and main designer at Curated Nest Interiors. “It will be huge to add levels of appeal in spaces where you entertain.”

So use printed wallpaper on the walls, paint the trim, and experiment with a few different patterns. These ornamental accents will also serve as discussion starters, according to Coren, “wowing friends who haven’t come to your home in two years.”

Home Decor Trends 2023
Need more home decor trends 2023 inspiration? We have the ideal solution for all the undecided who want to project themselves even more! With the second decoration proposal option, your decorator will offer you an alternative decoration for your project while retaining the layout and layout of the furniture of your initial project.

This allows you to discover two different atmospheres for your interior and to have twice as many ideas for your choice of decoration. You can then opt for your favorite atmosphere or mix the two projects! The ideal option for a personalized result that you like with home decor trends 2023.

In home decor trends 2023, our wood stains will also be becoming softer and warmer in addition to our paint hues. Manufacturers have found a satisfying middle ground between extremely dark furniture and extremely washed-out gray tones, according to Bartone.

Home Decor Trends 2023

Although warm, medium-tone woods are currently common in flooring, she predicts that in the upcoming year, furniture and décor will feature “lightly tinted wood oak” more frequently.

Mary Beth Christopher, the company’s principal designer, concurs. I’m prepared to bid excessively bleached-out wood farewell, she declares. “We are currently nesting. We require warmth, coziness, and comfort.

In this first project, our expert, gave a sober and timeless style to the room. The volumes of this space are very large, so the wood brings warmth and the natural stone effect on the walls gives character.

On the color side, the touches of black allow an interesting contrast with the whole decoration in fairly light tones. The additions of greenery give life and an elegant side to this large family place with natural materials.

We find in the choice of furniture a mix and match of charm with linen and mismatched chairs, and a contemporary look with this black kitchen and its elements with clean lines.

Home Decor Trends 2023

This result is chic and above all adapts over time with a contemporary and classic decor at the same time.

Home decor 2023: terracotta for a warm side

This second version proposed by our decorator is more in warm and soft tones, with fewer contrasts.

The colors have a major role in this project where the terracotta on several walls sets the tone. The wooden touches are lighter and the sofa is this time in natural linen. The vases and the table change according to trends and decorative ideas.

For materials, natural fibers are very present with a jute carpet and rattan lamps. Pampas grasses replace the shrubs for a more bohemian and trendy style and a touch of chic is given by two golden brass lamps.

home decor ideas 2023

An interior and two different atmospheres, all in simplicity, the ideal mix to make an informed choice in terms of home decor trends 2023!

Cute ideas for a family bathroom

Discover the room tour of this bathroom and let us guide you, we have imagined two versions of a pretty bathroom for a family.

In this case, the clients wanted a natural and bright ambiance but disagreed on the colors for their home. The second home decor trends 2023 proposal allows them to test the two versions to see the final result and thus help them in their choice.

An elegant charming style

Are you hesitating between two styles of decoration? The second proposal is the solution! This allows you to visualize two styles in your room in order to project yourself without difficulty.

Home Decor Trends 2023: Each New Design Expresses Its Own Unique Point Of View Brought To Life In Distinctive Hand-selected Materials

This first version highlights a soft charming style in light shades of white and beige.

There are moldings on the mirrors and on the base to serve as a headboard. This brings a lot of cachet and is part of the codes of classic charm decoration.

The light wood elements warm up this very elegant little cocoon and elements of greenery sublimate the decor.

home decor ideas 2023
A contrasting ethnic style

For this second version, the ethnic chic style was chosen. The exotic aspect is provided by the patterns on the headboard, which can also be found behind the desk for more harmony.

Raw wood and rattan are must-haves of the ethnic style, we find these materials on the home decor trends 2023,  accessories of this bedroom.According home decor trends 2023, the dark paint gives an enveloping side to the room and contrasts with the touches of bright white.


Different decorations with wallpaper: home design 2023

The comparison of these two shows makes it possible to stage the same piece in two totally different worlds. Indeed, with the second home decor trends 2023 option, you can choose to bet on the same style put with different atmospheres or opt for two very distinct decorative achievements.

Here, the client has chosen to give free rein to the desires of Solenne the decorator. She wanted paper and color, but in two different versions.

home decor ideas 2023
And bright colors

We find in a first version of vibrant terracotta and panoramic wallpaper for a very trendy result. And in the second, original water green underlined by a very decorative vintage wallpaper. The associated gray sofa provides balance.

In both home decor trends 2023 proposals, the white is very present to bring light and the touches of wood allow to warm the room and emphasize the decoration. What to fill up with ideas and decoration inspiration.

 A soft jungle atmosphere

Ideas can also come from customers who wish to project themselves according to their imagination. In this case, the client proposed two ideas for her daughter’s bedroom.

In a first project, she wanted an exotic-style decoration in green tones that were soft enough for a child. We find the elements on the cushions, the textile, in a cocooning atmosphere. Our  decorator therefore proposed this one among home decor trends 2023, a soft jungle version by adapting to the client brief.


 A vitaminized girly style

For this second project, the client evoked more dynamic colors such as yellow and pink in a more girly atmosphere without falling into the extreme.

Here is the image result of these home decor trends 2023. The wallpaper brings a fresh and girly touch to a child’s room. The pink and the rounded shapes give softness to the room energized by touches of yellow and a few plants.

home decor ideas 2023

In each project the practical aspect has been adapted with a wardrobe for clothes and storage for games and books as well as an office space for homework and drawings. Without forgetting a cozy armchair for cuddly moments or evening stories.

Two beautiful projects that make you want to! What to test different decorative trends.

Black or white? The deco-inspired home design ideas 2023

These two kitchens with similar interior layouts offer very contrasting results. One is all black with white bricks and the other is white with gray marble.

We find in both wood to give more warmth and cachet. As well as plants to liven up the room. A rug highlights the dining area with patterns.

The second home decor trends 2023 here allows you to make a choice on the color of the kitchen by adapting the decoration according to the selected colors and to fill up on decorative inspiration of home decor trends 2023.

Admittedly, the interior layout remains the same in a second decorative proposal, but the furniture can change. In the kitchen two storage solutions are presented.

One is open with large wooden shelves for a trendy Scandinavian look. The other offers glazed wall units in a more contemporary style. This version also brings light to the sideboard below.

Thanks to these decorative creations, customers can refine their choices and bet on one project or the other or draw ideas and decorative inspiration from both for an optimized mix!

A living room between ethnicity and charm:home decor ideas 2023

Much of the charm of this room comes from the basic materials, with the tiled floor, the rough stone and the exposed beams. So here the challenge is to decorate by highlighting these assets of the room.

home decor ideas 2023

Our blog’s decorator, therefore opted for a fairly light atmosphere, to highlight wood and stone, as it is on top of home decor trends 2023. The furniture is white with touches of wood for authenticity. A few terracotta elements warm up the atmosphere and bring a real ethnic touch.

The decoration is a perfect mix between ethnic elements with pompoms and a few patterns and charming touches with fabric seats and molded mirrors.

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