Interior Design Trends 2023: The 6 Nicest Ways Evoking A Sense Of Metropolitan Modernity At Home

Interior Design Trends 2023 Interior Design Trends

Interior design trends 2023: advice and solutions in case if you  want to revamp the layout of your home. Are you planning to redistribute the rooms, to carry out major work for your house or apartment?

Discover in this guide of  interior design trends 2023 for a successful space.

Many lovers of beautiful interiors consider an old-style apartment to be the very embodiment of a dream home. High ceilings, beautiful hardwood floors and stucco make these charming apartments a treasure highly prized by real estate lovers.

Interior Design Trends 2023

Luckily, the possibilities for furnishing an old-style apartment are almost endless. The classic decoration also adapts very well to a modern lifestyle interior design trends 2023.

At our blog  we will show you how to embellish your classic style accommodation and we will indicate the points of attention regarding its layout.

Turn your home into a chic interior with the ultimate interior design trends 2023!

3 ideas for furnishing your apartment

If you want to furnish an old-style apartment, there are a few things to consider beforehand.

Indeed, despite the many possibilities of fitting out an old apartment, certain particularities nevertheless represent a challenge in interior design trends 2023.

First and foremost, old buildings are often characterized by their thin walls.

Interior Design Trends 2023

Not only are the accommodations noisy, but it is also difficult to attach shelves, pictures or large wall decorations to them.

This is due to a low load capacity, which somewhat complicates the implementation of certain facilities in interior design trends 2023.

The solution: If you want to install heavy shelves, you can reinforce the wall.

Another option is to paste pictures instead of punching holes. The layout of old apartments can also be complex in terms of furnishings.

Poorly cut corners and niches sometimes make it difficult to put a piece of furniture in place. In most cases, these inaccessible areas can still be used with a little creativity and use of the best of interior design trends 2023.

Interior Design Trends 2023

For example, you can place a shelf in a niche to create storage space for books or decorative items. This not only allows you to make optimal use of space, but also makes your home unique, tailored to your wishes and personality.

A unique style! Those who want the classic of an old-style apartment combined with a modern touch will feel at home in a chic American-inspired townhouse atmosphere.

This one among  interior design trends 2023 combines fresh colors, sleek design and modern elements to create a surprisingly contemporary mix.

At interior design trends 2023,  you will of course find everything for the modern Townhouse style. In the living room, we recommend a spacious sofa in neutral tones such as light grey, beige or cream, combined with a plaid in the same tones.

Place an abstract acrylic image or high quality art print above to bring a modern element to the room.

Interior Design Trends 2023

When you want to furnish an old-style apartment, we advise you to enrich your decoration with bright colors. The mixture gives rise to a contemporary interpretation.

What atmosphere should you choose to furnish an old-style apartment?

If you have planned to furnish an old style apartment and are looking for inspiration, interior design trends 2023 is the place for you to choose from.

We have collected some of our favorites for you that go particularly well with classic buildings. You will be surprised how well a mixture of styles suits to furnish these beautiful apartments.

Wabi Sabi

This Japanese lifestyle is based on Zen Buddhism and aspires to reduce decoration to the essentials. Clear lines, high quality fabrics and the principle unless is more best describe Wabi-Sabi. Patinated antique furniture can also be used to be in interior design trends 2023.


Retro Chic adapts so well to the old that it also emphasizes another decade.

Thanks to modern shapes and bright colors, it nevertheless forms a sophisticated contrast to the classic side of old-style apartments.

interior trends 2023

This skilful mixture creates a harmonious atmosphere with a design character.


Scandinavians rely on a minimalist vibe, light colors and natural materials.

This style is particularly suitable for decorating old-style apartments because it is discreetly kept in the background.

The Nordic interior design trends 2023 offer ample space to showcase the high ceilings, elaborate stucco and signature herringbone parquet flooring. A wonderful combination!

Classic charm in new direction: furniture trends 2023

You like the classic and charming atmosphere of old apartments, but live in a new building? We’ll show you how to combine the two! With a little ingenuity, you can transform a neutral-looking apartment into a glamorous chic and old-world interior.

Here are some tips for giving an old style to a contemporary apartment:

Possibly place stucco elements on the ceilings and walls: Who would have thought that stucco fits easily into a recent apartment?

The decoration of ceilings and walls is normally characteristic of opulent old apartments and can be imitated by strips of polystyrene stucco.

interior trends 2023

Tip: Use a special glue to attach them to the ceiling and walls without damaging the material.

Consider laying floorboards: choose classic parquet to imitate the floor of an old apartment. Our advice: prefer a herringbone floor to highlight the cachet of an old building.

Consider installing vintage wooden doors: Most new buildings have single doors. If you don’t want to replace all the doors, there are other ingenious ways to mimic the old look.

Whether it’s polystyrene frames, door tattoos or shabby chic chalk paint, you’ll give them a vintage charm.

interior trends 2023

Are you ready to furnish your old-style apartment or make a neutral interior design trends 2023 shine with classic design?

We  offer you a selection of classic objects to fulfill all your vintage interior desires. Have fun decorating and living the way you want!

Brick walls and smooth, concrete-looking floors can quickly feel cold and uncomfortable. Nevertheless, we advise you to decorate and furnish your loft with sobriety.

Even if the vast surfaces encourage excessive decoration, minimalism is essential. Choose your accessories carefully and arrange them sparingly.

interior trends 2023

Also be careful not to choose items that are too small. Tall vases, large wall murals and opulent sculptures are particularly suitable. Targeted light sources ensure a harmonious overview. Thus, large floor lamps in an industrial style are ideal.

With fluffy carpets, you can not only keep your feet warm, but also separate the different living areas of the loft.

Use height! Loft-type apartments are generally appreciated for the height of their ceilings, which can be up to five meters. Use space to your advantage.

Incorporate a sleek mezzanine level to break up the space. In order to emphasize the three-dimensional character of your atypical accommodation, you can also place large format photos, hanging seats or swings, thus creating an elegant atmosphere.

interior trends 2023
Harmonize colors. When planning to outfit your loft, you might opt ​​for a uniform color scheme. Too many colorful tones and hue combinations quickly make the loft look overloaded.

The key to success lies in the harmonization of shades

The classic: an entirely white loft, very elegant, tidy and clean.

Play on the raw side. In lofts in particular, unfinished walls are deliberately used as an authentic style element.

Design one or more walls with exposed brick or raw concrete, and give your loft a rustic touch. Concrete or concrete-look walls are more popular than ever and complement any large industrial chic apartment.

Equipping a loft is an activity that does not concern partitions, since generally there are none. Usually only the bathroom is separate from the rest of the living area. You can opt for a creative partition wall idea!

The glass and steel partitions immediately give a warm character to your spaces and separate the living and sleeping areas.

Open living concepts do not lose their charm and still allow the different areas to be separated.

interior trends 2023

Reduce reverberation. A loft often has more than 100 square meters of surface, but it is sparsely furnished.

Smooth walls, hard floors and large windows also greatly promote the phenomenon of echoes. To prevent the sound from reverberating too much in your home, textiles are essential.

Whether curtains, cushions, rugs or blankets, textiles are the ultimate. In addition, it also creates a cozy atmosphere. Large plants, books, accessories or pictures also prevent too loud acoustics.

If you want an interior that inspires well-being, lithotherapy is for you!

Each crystal must be chosen with care so that it can bring you all its benefits. In addition to soothing your chakra, it is also synonymous with spiritual interior decoration.

interior trends 2023

It invites itself in all styles and releases its energy thanks to different techniques that we will share with you in this article. In addition to the proper use of stone lithotherapy, we give you all our advice for integrating your crystals perfectly into your interior decoration.

Each stone, each mineral, each crystal has its own vibrational signature. It also has a radiance in the space in which it is located. Thus, placed in a room of your interior, the crystal releases its benefits not only in space but also in your body.

Indeed, it will directly influence your mood, your mind and your energy. It also comes to purify each room of all tensions and negative energies.

interior trends 2023

Your interior is personal. You have chosen the style of each room according to your desires and your personality. This style also reflects your energy and this influences the energy of your interior. By adding stones, you bring another dimension to your personal space.

They can ease tension, add lots of love and positivity, boost your energy and mood, stoke your creativity, soften negative thoughts.

When you hold a stone in your hand, its benefits act directly on you. However, in your interior, the size of the stone is of great importance.

It must be placed properly to be effective suiting the interior design trends 2023. Each piece is unique and has different needs.

interior trends 2023

Arranging a large crystal in the center of a room, imagining that it will act on your entire interior is useless. The choice and placement must meet certain rules.

Which crystals to choose for your interior design trends 2023?

There are a very large number of stones suitable for an indoor environment. But each piece has a certain energy. This is why you must choose your crystals with care and attention.

Which crystals for your office?

Your office probably has computer equipment that emits electromagnetic waves. Between computer, tablet and other electronic equipment, your office needs a stone that absorbs all this electromagnetic field. For this, shungite is ideal!

interior trends 2023
You can also opt for a pyrite crystal. Its benefits are based on the development of ideas, motivation and confidence. This stone is therefore welcome in your office. It stimulates your courage and your concentration.

Your bedroom is meant to soothe you and help you sleep. To combat sleep disorders, nothing better than rose quartz.

This stone knows how to create a tender and gentle space with  interior design trends 2023, conducive to peace and affection. It is also synonymous with love and compassion.

If you are sharing your room with two, add an amethyst druse to your bedside table in accordance with interior design trends 2023. This combination brings a deeper love relationship with understanding and vibrations

If you are more in need of restful sleep, turn to selenite. Placed under your bed or under your pillow, it releases all its benefits for sweet nights full of sweet dreams.

interior trends 2023

The ideal stones for your kitchen: interior design ideas 2023

It is in your kitchen that you will prepare meals with love. It is a room synonymous with sharing and conviviality. To stimulate your interior design trends 2023, carnelian becomes your best ally. It also has the ability to make you more enduring (cooking can be tiring) and give you more confidence.

At the edge of your window, add a few citrine crystals. Their reflections have the gift of bringing a festive, warm and joyful atmosphere.

Clear quartz can also find its place in your kitchen. Its light matches the harmony of convivial family meals.

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