Small Bathroom Trends 2023: 6 Useful Ideas To Put Emphasis On Design Individuality

Small Bathroom Trends 2023 Bathroom

Small bathroom trends 2023 are all about the subtle mix of aesthetics and comfort.

Properly fitting out a bathroom in the attic A construction site that leaves little room for improvisation, as the requirements and rules to be respected for installing a water feature under the roof are so important. Here are some small bathroom trends 2023 and tricks to create a bathroom that suits you.

Once you have discussed the technical aspects (feasibility, connection, insulation, weight of materials, etc.) with competent professionals, you can move on to the planning stage small bathroom trends 2023. The bathroom, like all attic rooms, has many constraints.

Small Bathroom Trends 2023

To be sure to start on a realistic plan, here are the basic measures to be applied:

  • 60 centimeters: this is the minimum clearing distance in front of all toilets, sinks, showers, bathtubs and toilets.
  • 45 centimeters minimum for the depth of the vanity top around the washbasin
  • 2 meters high for the shower
  • 20 centimeters on either side of the swing door.

There is always the temptation to exploit the smallest square meter in the attic, but for a bathroom you must above all respect the following small bathroom trends 2023. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating a water feature that is neither comfortable nor practical.

It is possible to create a small bathroom under the slope from 5m², for this type of volume there are suitable solutions. We obviously take advantage of the slope to install a bathtub or suspended toilets, low height elements that will find their place perfectly.

On the contrary, the sink and the shower induce a standing activity and are therefore to be placed in the highest parts of the room.

Note, these must be placed as close as possible to the water evacuation column, therefore ideally above an existing bathroom. To install the shower, the highest part of the attic is used.

Small Bathroom Trends 2023

If for lack of space it is found under slope, know that today certain manufacturers offer models of beveled shower walls, adapted to your problem.

A development in the attic is not always synonymous with small bathroom trends 2023 adoption. If you have a large surface to fit out your bathroom, you can position the shower on a gable or dare the central bathtub, as is done a lot today.

An organization that highlights the very current models and makes it possible to create a number of storage spaces under attics.

Storage and decoration: small bathroom 2023

In an attic small bathroom trends 2023, one does not go without the other. Assume that to preserve style in a small space, you have to limit the furniture as much as possible… and the mess!

Not easy but with small bathroom trends 2023, it’s quite possible!. We therefore rely on formwork under slopes and lost corners, and for the essential, we favor suspended furniture.

This allows you to visually enlarge the room while freeing up floor space. If you can, limit shelves that quickly create eye clutter.


Always with a concern for space, we opt for accessories that play on transparency or blend into the decor. For the shower screen of course, but today you can also find basins or shelves of this type.

Another  one from small bathroom trends 2023, install a towel warmer in the color of your walls, which will be as practical as it is discreet.

In terms of tones, in a small bathroom more than elsewhere, we recommend light shades. We can say that a marked color reinforces the cocoon side of a reduced room, but do not forget that this is where you get ready morning and evening. Both to reconnect with energy and to find calm!

So choose colors that will enhance the illusion of space.

Light more than anywhere else

And if possible natural! Do not neglect this aspect of the layout which will allow you to create a beautiful light in your bathroom. It is obviously an ideal room to install a roof window which will naturally find its place above the bathtub, if you have placed the latter under the slope.

Roof windows will allow you to both ventilate and accentuate volumes. To do this, some models are motorized and equipped with an automatic ventilation program.

Small Bathroom Trends 2023

This is the case with integra roof windows, ideal in a bathroom, they automatically renew the air and expel humidity. Thanks to a motorized system, they will also help you manage inaccessible openings, for example above the bathtub.

In this room that welcomes you several times a day, be particularly careful when choosing the location of the windows. And if you can, put one on each creeper.

So you can enjoy natural clarity and warmth throughout the day. Remember to equip yourself with a moisture-resistant model. VELUX EverFinish windows offer a wood finish coated with a polyurethane shell that is ideal for wet rooms.

Small bathroom ideas 2023:Good ideas

A large mirror that will allow you to play with natural and electric lighting will enlarge the room.

If your bathroom has raw wooden beams, they should be combined with light colors for the walls and ceiling.

Finally, to preserve your privacy or filter the natural light which can be bright on sunny days, you can add at your roof window a Venetian blind. It allows to control the intensity of the sun’s rays and protects from the outside.

Small Bathroom Trends 2023

Bathroom in the attic: what storage to choose?

How to properly design a bathroom in the attic? Which storage to choose and how to optimize the space? Our response elements.

Long neglected or neglected, the attic is popular today. Indeed, they allow you to benefit from an extra room in the house. Bedroom, dressing room, but also bathroom, take their place under the beams and frames.

Functionality  and elegance in small bathroom trends 2023

To properly design a bathroom in the attic, it is important to take advantage of every corner so as not to lose any space. This piece of water must indeed remain functional and pleasant to live in.

Do not hesitate to make the most of the space under the attic by installing practical and suitable storage.

Another useful among one small bathroom trends 2023?

Take advantage of the elements of your attic, in particular the exposed beams, to hang your laundry there or install light garlands!

Small Bathroom Trends 2023

To have a bathroom in the attic, functional and elegant, do not forget the light! The attics are indeed often dark, due to their lack of windows.

Multiply the light sources, and consider installing roof windows that will let in as much natural light as possible. And to give an impression of grandeur to the room, bet on mirrors and color!

A word of advice: do not overload the water space with accessories or decorative objects, otherwise the room will be cluttered. Allow your bathroom to be ventilated in order to preserve a pleasant atmosphere on a daily basis.

Bathroom in the attic: suitable storage and furniture

To arrange a bathroom in the attic, it is important to have suitable storage and furniture. Do you have a low slope? Then opt for low furniture, such as rows of furniture, long benches, storage niches under the roof windows, for example. If necessary, do not hesitate to create your custom-made storage and furniture.

Your bathtub can be housed under the roof provided that the fittings are located on the other side of the slope, so that you can take a shower if necessary.

Conversely to the small bathroom trends 2023, if you have a sufficiently high slope, bet on suspended furniture to gain a few precious centimeters on the ground.

Also prefer the shower option because you will have more space and will be able to stand completely upright during your underwater moments.

You will see, with all these storage options and the small bathroom trends 2023, your small bathroom in the attic will have everything from a big one!

Designing a small bathroom: Shower or bath?

In a small bathroom of 3 m2, opting for a shower rather than a bathtub remains the best option. You will gain about 2 m2 with this alternative – not insignificant! Especially since the sector is constantly innovating to offer you space-saving solutions.

For example, the Smart Design Solo  model from Kinedo has a door that can be pressed against the wall to keep the shower open. when not in use. This limits the clutter and facilitates circulation in the space. This model can be placed in a corner or in a niche.

Small Bathroom Trends 2023

Another trick, a folding wall as on the Smart Design Solo S model, the door can thus be stored against the wall and avoids the need for clearance. We love such space saving in a small bathroom of 3 m2!

Do you have a small bathroom but want to benefit from the advantages of the shower and the bathtub? You can opt for an all-in-one shower/tub combo.

Small Bathroom Trends 2023

To compose according to your needs, to install against a wall, in an angle or in a niche, with the head on the right or on the left, it is a clever option for the development of a small bathroom where you will like to keep a maximum of comfort. It is the ideal solution for families with children in as age for example.

If you have a bathtub but are bothered by the clutter and have no particular fondness for bubble baths, we suggest that you quickly replace your bathtub with a Kinemagic shower accessible to all.

A safe option with two doors, facilitating movement and ideal for people who no longer want to take the risk of stepping over their bathtub. In addition, this solution is installed in less than two days, fast and efficient!

Small Bathroom Trends 2023

And for the sink?

Opt for a basin rather than a pedestal sink to free up floor space and “air out” the room. Prefer it built-in, less bulky than a countertop washbasin. In addition, you will kill two birds with one stone by optimizing the precious storage space under the sink.

Small bathroom designs 2023: Free and put away

Storage furniture is a key point in the design with small bathroom trends 2023. Today we can redouble our clever ideas to optimize every centimeter while making the space more pleasant, less cluttered.

Once again, the vanity unit is the friend of small bathrooms. You can store bottles, kits and other things there while freeing up the visual since everything will be nicely hidden.

The right colors are your allies: bathroom design trends 2023

A little “cosmetics” can also optimize – in appearance – the layout of your small bathroom. White, neutral colors (gray, eggshell) or light will give more light to the room and therefore the illusion of a larger space.

If you’re a fan of vibrant colors, you can also play the alternation by choosing white walls on the sides and a colored wall facing you when entering the room, state the interior enthusiasts on small bathroom trends 2023.

Small Bathroom Trends 2023

Also think about the contrast, you can choose a dark shade for the floor – even black – and white walls. This will give an impression of volume, of grandeur. Enough to create a bit of magic with the stroke of a brush.

Push back the walls with the mirrors

Beyond their obviously essential function for getting ready, mirrors have the advantage of “boosting” illusions, they create the impression of a deeper room and allow the light to be multiplied. Preferably choose a large mirror to maximize the trompe l’oeil effect and get ready to never see your 3 m2 bathroom the same way again.

Take care of the lighting in your small bathroom

Light is another lever to give the illusion of a larger one with small bathroom trends 2023. Prefer sconces to floor lamps that will take up space on the floor or drooping ceiling lights that will blur the volume.

Here too, many innovations exist, for example you can choose small recessed spotlights in the ceiling or LED strips for indirect ambient lighting.


You can also play on the contrast with more subdued light on one side and more powerful lighting near the sink, for example.

As you will have understood, it is quite possible to enjoy comfort and aesthetics by optimizing the layout of your small bathroom trends 2023. And yes, even in a bathroom of 3 or 4 m2! So have fun!

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