House Design 2023: 8 Harmonious Designer Solutions Created With Minimalist Details

House Design 2023 Dining room

House design 2023: what’s new can we offer to give a brand-new touch to your living space.

Your interior no longer inspires you, it needs something new! It’s decided, this year, you’re going to adopt a brand-new trendy decor style that’s in house design 2023.

Eco-friendly decor, terracotta paint, wallpaper, natural materials, the maximalist style… will seduce you and transform your living rooms in no time.

Discover without further delay 8 decorative trends that will embellish your house or apartment and mark the year 2023!

The evolution of home design comes as no surprise. Homeowners have had time to reevaluate what they want their homes to represent in the days and months since early 2020. Now we are ready to share the newest house design 2023.

House Design 2023

Many homeowners want to remodel their homes in a way that departs from the past. As a result, individualism, creativity, and design flexibility will be the dominant themes in house design 2023

We gathered information from architects, builders, realtors, contractors, and other professionals in the housing business for their predictions on design trends for 2022 as 2021 was coming to a close and ideas of new houses and renovations were dancing in our thoughts.

Let’s examine more closely at some of the advancements projected to enter the market in 2023, from home decor to exterior and interior design trends.

Like last year, this color is on the rise in 2023. Powerful and romantic, its power does not stop there. Indeed, navy blue is a trendy color that modernizes an entire room with only a section of wall or with a few touches such as furniture or small decorative objects for example. Ideal in the bathroom, bedroom or office area, you will love it!

House Design 2023

Terracotta paint: awaken your interior

The terracotta color seduced us in 2021 and continues its rise in 2023. This sunny and full of pep color warms your interior both in winter and summer. Adorned with lovely wooden furniture and lovely indoor plants, this painting is sure to transform your favorite living spaces with charm.

Wallpaper is making a comeback: interior design trends 2023

2022 is also the big comeback of wallpaper. Outdated in recent years, manufacturers now offer ever more trendy and modern models, but also suitable for all rooms, even wet ones for the best interiors of house design 2023.

This year, you can choose a sublime aquatic wallpaper to embellish your bathroom or your kitchen, or even a pretty black and white wallpaper for a section of wall in your bedroom or living room.

House Design 2023

It’s back to school! And for the recovery, nothing beats a new decoration to keep fishing. How to decorate your apartment for the start of the school year?

Creating a designer office corner, adding frames galore or exotic plants, making a brick wall…, here are the latest apartment decorating trends for this back to school!

5 house design 2023 decoration ideas for a great start to the new school year!

To keep your spirits up after the summer holidays and not fall into the depression of autumn, nothing beats a new decoration of your studio apartment, F1, F2 or F3. The latest trends are sure to seduce you and breathe new life into your interior.

A design and functional office area to get back to work

Who says back to school, says office area to work! Whether it’s for the children’s homework or to telecommute from time to time, an office space is often necessary.

You don’t need a lot of space to create a small, functional and trendy work area in one of the rooms of your apartment. In the continuity of the bed in your bedroom, against a wall, behind a sliding door, in the living room…

House Design 2023

Pallets for a reclaimed and Californian spirit house design 2023

This type of house design 2023 is ideal for small studio apartments. An atypical and lively decoration will make you forget the small size of your home. Opt for wooden pallets to create a pretty upcycled decor and give your house design 2023 a Californian look. Bed base, sofa, coffee table, shelves, everything is possible. Add a touch of paint to give some pep to the furniture, such as red or electric blue.

Decor trends 2023 are readyc, and  you can keep those good times with you.

Display your most beautiful memories on the walls of your apartment. In a hallway, bedroom or living room, display photos of your vacation in pretty frames of different sizes.

Opt for a horizontal layout for a modern decoration, a vertical layout to give an impression of height or a geometric layout for a more maximalist decor.

House Design 2023
A brick wall for a trendy industrial style

For the start of the school year, give your house design 2023 a New York loft look with the creation of a brick wall. In the living room or kitchen, opt for 2 cm facings on a wall section for a stunning imitation to enhance your industrial decor. You can also choose trompe-l’oeil wallpaper for a faster and cheaper result.

Would you like to change the atmosphere of your interior, chase away bad vibes and rebalance energies? Feng Shui is for you! How to decorate your house according to the principles of Feng Shui?

Difficult to navigate with all the advice that flourish on the net! Colors of rooms, shapes and materials in the living room, storage for the bedroom… we have prepared a list of 5 tips for adopting this art of living at home with a healthy and zen decor!

House design 2023: Get the right color in every room

Feng Shui is mainly based on the layout, but also on the atmosphere. The latter mainly involves the color of the walls and furniture. The choice of paint for each room of the house is therefore essential and must be done with care.

For living rooms and traffic areas such as the living room, kitchen, hallway, you can choose a bright color for a dynamic atmosphere:

  • The Orange,
  • Yellow,
  • The Red…
  • But be careful, it is out of the question to paint all the walls. A bright color should be used in moderation, in small touches for example.

House Design 2023

For restrooms such as bedrooms or bathrooms, choose soft and soothing colors that will make the atmosphere peaceful:

  • sky blue,
  • off-white,
  • The Peach,
  • light green,
  • The dusty pink…

Choose round shapes and soft materials in the house design 2023

The Feng Shui living room should be cozy and comfortable to appear as welcoming as possible. Prefer soft materials such as velvet for the sofa, woolen throws for the armchair…

And be careful, Feng Shui house design 2023 does not appreciate straight lines. Furniture such as the coffee table, the dining table, the mirror on the wall, must be round. In short, forget the angles and prefer the curves.

Arrange houseplants in the nooks to hide the corners of the house design 2023. It is also advisable if possible to bring fire, via a wood stove or a fireplace, but also water, with an indoor fountain or an aquarium.

House Design 2023

Make sure you have a tidy and restful bedroom

For the bedroom, the orientation of the bed is very important. Do not place it so that your feet are pointing towards the door, quite the contrary. Multiply the sources of light, using several types of soft lighting, such as wall lights, table lamps, and limit the use of the ceiling light.

Don’t leave clothes lying around, store them in a nice hidden dressing room instead. Unlike the living room, banish green plants, which are far too stimulating for your mind during moments of rest.

Dark is the new black: house interior 2023

Black as an accent color in the home will be the exception in house design 2023, when natural, delicate, and warm tones will be in vogue. It doesn’t take much black to give a room with mostly neutral hues some punch.

Both the interior and outside can benefit from having black window frames. An entryway door with a black lacquer finish always adds flair and curb appeal.

Biophilic Design: Bringing Nature Indoors

Since March 2020, everyone has spent so much time outside that such natural elements are now in demand indoors. Homeowners will bring nature inside the home as opposed to earth-toned interior design, which only mimics the colors found in nature. This will strengthen the link between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

House Design 2023

How? biologistic design. The goal of the biophilic design strategy is to make use of as much natural light, air, vegetation, and other factors as possible inside the house. It might even entail incorporating organic forms and shapes into the architecture itself.

What took us so long to adopt luxury outdoor living?

Some homeowners didn’t truly value their backyard until there was a pandemic. We have all experienced the advantages of outdoor living, therefore we have no immediate desire to return indoors.

In 2023, creating bigger, more opulent outdoor living areas will be a priority. Small patios or decks with a grill and a table with an umbrella are no longer common.

House Design 2023

Instead, what homeowners desire and what buyers grow to anticipate will be combinations of a covered rear porch with a screened-in porch, grilling porch, or outdoor kitchen.

It will be difficult to decide whether to “go out” or stay inside, given how magnificent these new outdoor areas are turning out to be.

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