Living Room Trends 2022: Top 15 Fresh Ideas for Your Interiors

Living room

Living room trends 2022 are characterized by a calm design and rational use of space.

How to draw up a design project for a living room, what important points you need to remember so that it is pleasant to be at home, and how to combine several zones in one room – we answer in this article.

You welcome your guests in the living room, organize evenings, festive lunches, and dinners. Here you read books and watch TV, discuss the past day and plans for the evening.

Living Room Trends 2022: Top 15 Fresh Ideas for Your Interiors

But in order to make the living room an enjoyable place, it is necessary to carefully work out the design project, and follow living room design ideas 2022. Think over every little thing, including the placement of lamps and the color of the curtains.

You should always start by defining the style.

The living room is the face of the house and its design should be approached responsibly. A carefully thought-out design with living room trends 2022 will help hide flaws and emphasize advantages, divide the room into separate functional zones.

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But first, you need to decide what pleases the eye and soul: an ascetic loft and high-tech or luxurious eclecticism, unfading classics or ambiguous modern. After that, you can move on to the choice of colors, finishing materials, and furniture.

Living Room Decor Ideas 2020: Top Trends and Tips for Living Room Decor

Be sure to consider the size, shape of the room, the height of the ceilings. If they are far from perfect, it is better to do without numerous decorative moldings, huge chandeliers, and endless souvenirs on the shelves. They will reduce the already small space.

A Classic Style Living Room 2022

The classics of the XXI and XIX centuries differ significantly from the modern understanding of style. One thing remains unchanged – expensive and high-quality, natural materials, noble decor without frills.

The main requirement of a classic interior is space. The room should be large and preferably light. Windows – panoramic or widescreen. Artificial lighting is welcome, but sun rays will emphasize the nobility of the texture better.

A Classic Style Living Room 2022

Furniture is selected in a single color. The central place is given to the sofa. An armchair and a coffee table can be an ideal addition to it. If possible, a fireplace is equipped: real or imitation.

There is a parquet on the floor. Carpets made from natural fibers only. Synthetics will immediately spoil the overall impression.

Initially, Provence prevailed in the design of country houses. Now living room trends 2022 in this style can be seen even in standard city apartments.

The main features of the style:

  • a lot of light. There are no heavy curtains on the windows. Preference for light curtains made fine silk;
  • the furniture is wooden but painted in white or related shades. Linen and cotton seat finish for armchairs and sofas;
  • accessories: ceramics (vases, figurines), photographs, watercolor landscapes.

Provence Living Room Trends 2022

Small Living Room 2022: Japanese Minimalism

In Japan, real estate has always been expensive. Japanese practically abandoned decorativeness, preferring practicality to it.

The priorities of minimalism in the finished design project of the living room in the apartment:

  • the lines of furniture, walls, and ceilings are straight;
  • colors are neutral, close to nature. Bright additions (red, orange) are possible, but in a limited amount;
  • tables, shelves – made of glass and steel.

Do not think that minimalism is a cold, lifeless desert, without a single bright spot. You can play on the texture of materials, line combinations, etc.

Small Living Room 2022: Japanese Minimalism

Characteristic features of the finished design project of a living room in the loft style:

  • walls – brickwork, preferably even, without traces of plastering and whitewashing;
  • large spaces. The living room trends 2022 are often combined with a kitchen, study, or bedroom. In the loft-style, you can arrange a studio or a single room in an apartment;
  • furniture on iron legs.

The loft goes well with decorative elements. But here, too, there are some nuances. Typical large-sized photographs should be preferred to paintings. They are complemented with steel frames and are often placed directly on the floor. They do the same with art objects, sculptures, floor lamps.

Loft Interior Trends 2022

Scandinavian style is another trend for fans of minimalism. Ideal for both country houses and standard apartments. The main feature is the abundance of white. But the living room will not at all look like an operating room.

Light walls are complemented by wooden furniture, thick-pile carpets, and landscape paintings. If possible, a fireplace is installed for a cozy atmosphere.

Scandinavian Living Room Trends 2022

Living Room Decor 2022: Choice of Colors

If the choice of direction is made, you can proceed to the definition of the color scheme. It is important to choose the main shade and the complementary hues, taking into account the nature of the finish, the material of the partitions, and the floor.


It is considered impractical. Any stain remains permanently on the surface.

Initially, it is necessary to select both the wallpaper for the walls and the material of the upholstery for the furniture so that they can be washed and cleaned.

Living Room Designs 2022

But it is important to understand that white cannot be used everywhere, but only as a base. It goes well with any other shade.

White is considered one of the main colors in minimalism, Provence, and Scandinavian style.

Shades for Living Room 2022

Artists distinguish up to 500 shades, white, gray, green, red, or other colors. It is not necessary to use all of them in the finished design project of the living room. But you can choose your combination if you wish.

Shades for Living Room 2022

New Tendency in Interior Design 2022: Contrasts

Contrast is a great way to draw attention to any piece of interior design. If the walls are light, the furnishing set is selected darker or brighter.

Contrast is also possible at the accessory level. For example, beige chairs are complemented by burgundy pillows and rugs.

New Tendency in Interior Design 2022: Contrasts


Pastel colors combined with white are the basis of Provence and Scandinavian style.

An ideal choice for romantic, calm natures. If you want to add a little energy, remove the general pacification, it is enough to lay a bright carpet on the floor or hang a few paintings in a modern style.

living room trends 2022

New Tendency in Interior Design 2022: Natural Colors

The general concern for environmental problems is reflected in the design projects. The trend of recent years is shades of green, natural wood, gray, anthracite, sand, beige, etc. To prevent the finished living room from looking dull and gloomy, the walls are painted white, the decor is chosen darker.

The color scheme is defined; you can proceed to the choice of materials. Below are some recommendations.

living room trends 2022

In general, it is accepted to use laminate, parquet, or natural wood for the floor of the living room. The tile is recommended for very large rooms and when the living room is combined with the kitchen and dining room.

For classics, good quality parquet is suitable. In the recreation area, it can be covered with a high-pile carpet.

living room trends 2022

Wall Design

When choosing a color, it is important to consider a few points:

  • if the windows face the sunny side, priority is given to white and cold shades;
  • if in the evenings you have to watch the sunset from the window, or the sun bypasses, warm shades will help to warm up, to get an additional portion of positive energy.

Now you can move on to the material. You don’t have to be limited to traditional floral wallpaper. The industry offers a wide variety of options. The main thing is a sense of proportion. Bright furniture is not complemented with colorful wallpaper.

Loft and high-tech fans will find shelves with clinker bricks and artificial stone in stores. Do not forget about decorative plaster, for example, Venetian, paintable wallpaper. The last option is for those who like to frequently update the interior. It is enough to repaint and you can enjoy your new room.

living room trends 2022

Ceiling Design

Simple whitewashing or staining with water-based paint is almost a thing of the past.

If the ceiling height reaches 3 meters or more, pay attention to complex multi-tiered suspended structures. With their help, it is possible to organize local lighting in separate zones, to distinguish between spaces for rest and work.

If the apartment is located in a standard house, a stretch ceiling of light colors is enough.

living room trends 2022

Selection of Furniture

When choosing sofas and armchairs with living room trends 2022, it is important to consider not only the upholstery material but also a number of other factors:

  • the size of the room;
  • number of family members;
  • needs, lifestyle.

If the living room is combined with the kitchen, the dining table is placed closer to the stove. It can be used as a kind of separator.

Particular attention is paid to the arrangement of furniture. If the room is square, sofas and armchairs along with a coffee table are in the center. In a rectangular living room, the set is appropriate along one or two walls.

living room trends 2022

Best Interior Design 2022: Decorating

Pleasant little things are very important for creating coziness.

Curtains help to isolate oneself from the outside world, completing the image of the room. What to choose, roman blinds or lightweight tulle curtains? Start from the chosen style. Heavy brocade curtains will be out of place in a loft, but they will complement the classics well, provided that they are combined with the rest of the design.

Pillows – the more, the better. This is especially true for Provence and Scandinavian style in a finished design project.

Plants are also important decorating elements that add exquisite charm to the overall interior of the living room.

living room trends 2022

Paintings and shelves with souvenirs should be in moderation. Don’t seek to turn your apartment into a museum storeroom.

We examined the basic principles of the living room trends 2022. A few more words must be said about the design of small rooms. To enlarge them at least visually, it is better to abandon the volumetric cabinets.

They will be replaced by neat shelves, including glass ones. There should be no heavy curtains on the windows. Instead, there are either vertical blinds or light curtains. And, of course, you shouldn’t focus too much on decor.

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