Steampunk Interior Design: Indeed Science Fiction, Having A Futuristic Dimension

teampunk Interior Design Bathroom

Steampunk interior design, a new atmosphere  of mixed mood is very special, futuristic, almost phantasmagorical. 

You may be wondering about the concept of steampunk decoration? Have you ever seen Mad Max? The mood is somewhat similar. Steampunk interior design is a mix of industrial, retro-futuristic and Victorian styles. It is a style inspired by the literary movement of the same name, rooted in the 19th century.

To achieve such a decoration, you have to dare to mix materials such as wood, leather and metal.

steampunk Interior Design

Steampunk interior designis not one of those well-known terms in the interior design world. This is probably because most of us don’t know the basics and details that define this concept.

When we say “steampunk” some people will think of the Victorian era and all the inventions behind it, but the definition of this word could not be complete without the industrial details.

Several rules must then be followed to achieve a steampunk interior design . It first requires a concentrate of all specific objects and above all, not to be done in half measures.

Choose a base with neutral colors

Consider colors such as beige, rust, cream, dark greens, blacks, or grays to achieve good steampunk interior design . In addition, metallic colors are welcome.

As steampunk interior design comes along with the  industrial decoration, it is necessary to add metal parts, particularly brass, silver, or even copper.

teampunk Interior Design

Even if the overall atmosphere remains dark, prefer a section of the wall in a dark color, but not the whole room, this would overwhelm the volumes. Choose dark colors for the ornaments. Another rule: do not mix more than three shades.

Steampunk interior design: Mix the materials

We must exclude plastics and opt for natural materials such as leather, linen, velvet, wood, cotton, metal and stone. If there is one material to favor, it is leather, particularly for the seats and, preferably, in dark brown. The Chesterfield is a fine example of a piece to use, it will add the necessary elegance and character to steampunk interior design .

Regarding the kitchen in steampunk interior design, wood and metal are used. The table will also be a flagship object in this space. It is also ideal to have exposed beams and a brick wall. The worktop will then be in stainless steel or dark in color.

teampunk Interior Design

Brick has its place in every room in steampunk interior design

Furniture with character

As we mentioned earlier, the leather sofa is essential in this type of steampunk interior design decor, but it must keep a certain allure. Steampunk is not dilapidated, there is a touch of character, but no carelessness.

For furniture, if you are a fan of flea markets, you will be delighted. You have to go in search of old tables, parts to reuse, such as sewing tables, old metal shelves or even lockers. Give new utility to antique furniture in steampunk interior design.

Regarding linen, we like natural materials such as cotton and linen, but always in one and the same color, no patterns allowed. The chic could be brought by velvet cushions.

Steampunk interior design: in search of the centerpieces

Your steampunk interior design will be complete when you have presented very particular objects. The atypical, always following the previous rules, is essential to complete a steampunk decoration. Vintage objects, such as an old world map, old clocks or even old picture frames, will be appreciated.

teampunk Interior Design

Steampunk interior design is also roundabout, subdued lighting.

Build your own decorative items

Are you embarking on the making of a herbarium? Makeover a hat in steampunk interior design ? Make a lamp using a brass pipe? Because it is sometimes difficult to find charming, original objects, we suggest that you create them yourself from recycled materials “.

Customization in steampunk interior design also means changing details on your furniture, such as handles.

teampunk Interior Design

You noticed, the steampunk style is not chosen at random, there are materials that you really have to forget (plastic) and others that are necessary (leather, metal).

But you will be sure to have an interior with character, in addition, a place to which you will have contributed by finding and personalizing objects.

Small touches or heavy materials?

Steampunk decoration cannot be designed in small touches. And this unlike most decoration trends, where placing a few pieces of furniture or objects is enough to create an atmosphere. The steampunk style is probably the one that most requires a strong and abundant atmosphere. For a successful decoration, be 100% steampunk!

Industrial touch with a brick wall

Another idea to consider is to leave the wall bricks exposed. This will bring a solid touch of industrial style to the decor. If your walls do not allow you this possibility, you can very well use wallpaper with brick patterns. It will be excellent!

Bet on a few essentials steampunk interior design 

Steampunk decoration is based on a few key and essential objects. You will find what you are looking for in flea markets which are gold mines to create a steampunk interior design. For example, a retro terrestrial globe to be placed on a wood-metal table.

teampunk Interior Design

Also to hunt, old world maps, to put up in your living room. Indispensable element of a kitchen with a steampunk atmosphere: industrial wall clocks, especially those with visible mechanisms and cogs.

Rustic, Rerto or Steapmunk?

As if steampunk interior design, especially the decoration of the walls, black and white or sepia photos, placed in gilded wooden frames. More distinctive, but not necessarily essential: a gramophone or an old typewriter.

For subdued lighting in steampunk interior design, opt for tinted glass jars, used as candle holders. Since you can’t live by candlelight alone, you can also opt for art nouveau or industrial style lamps.

The lighting in steampunk interior design should be soft and warm. Of course, exclude kerosene lamps which, although retro, have nothing to do with steampunk decor.

teampunk Interior Design

The herbarium also works very well, like the cabinet of curiosities made up of collections of objects brought back from distant travels.

Also use clothing accessories to polish your decor: a top hat is ideal.

Buy a terrestrial globe

Buy a globe if you don’t have one yet in your perfect steampunk interior design . Besides, it has to be an old globe. It would be even better for decoration when worn. It is an essential accessory to decorate with the steampunk style. You can even have several in the same room.

Favor leather furniture and objects

Leather sofas and chairs are a must have for lovers of steampunk interior design. Leather is one of the most important materials in this style. Comfortable and elegant, leather will add an extra touch of luxury to your home.

Use hats as decorative accessories

The hats symbolize the Victorian era. This is the reason why they are used as decorative accessories in a room decorated with steampunk style. Preferably, opt for the bowler hat. A perfect match to complete the steampunk style bedroom.

Steampunk, kesako?

At the origin of steampunk interior design  there is a literary genre, or rather a quip launched by K.W. Jeter, a Californian author, to qualify his works as Victorian fantasy. The term, constructed from the word cyberpunk (itself qualifying a current of science fiction), will gradually cover an entire imagination among fans.

This universe is nourished by a fascination for the industrial revolution, hence a marked attraction for steam machines. But steampunk interior design is not a historical reconstruction, it is indeed science fiction; it has a futuristic dimension.

teampunk Interior Design

We then speak, to qualify steampunk interior design , of retrofuturism. We therefore find ourselves in a retro-techno-fantastic world where computers rub shoulders with steam locomotives, mad scientists and infernal machines.

To get an idea of ​​the steampunk interior design aesthetic, organize a movie night with Wild Wild West (with Will Smith) or the cartoon Steamboy, or open the books of Jules Verne (and in particular 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) .

In the realm of steampunk, DIY is king!

To complete your steampunk decor, do not ignore objects. The ideal, to respect a certain authenticity and to stick to the theme, is to hunt around.

You will find in flea markets many objects that will be ideal bases for a good customization session. Kerosene lamp, safe with brass handle, travel trunk, world map … all these decorative elements are an interesting starting point for your steampunk decoration.

Then it’s up to you to be inventive to give these retro objects the futuristic touch that looks good.

Steampunk interior design: History

Steampunk is considered today as a sci-fi spinoff movement, inspired by the Industrial Revolution of 1885 in the Victorian era of the British Empire. Steampunk works often refer to the works of Jules Verne or H. G. Wells, very important authors for lovers of this culture. These works depict an apocalyptic future where the use of steam engines would still be relevant in modern and even futuristic times.

teampunk Interior Design

steampunk house decor is therefore a decoration that draws its inspiration from the Victorian era of the 19th Century in the midst of the industrial revolution … We will now see how to adapt our interior to make mankind to this cultural current.

Steampunk is inspired by great voyages (20,000 leagues under the sea, the time machine, etc.) … It is therefore logical to find old maps in your interior! Use multiple sizes and frame them in worn frames for authenticity.

A Victorian sewing machine table for attention to detail

A Victorian sewing machine table always has a very rich history and will quickly become an important source of inspiration for your guests. If they don’t run the streets, you should find them in flea markets and antique shops.

Decorate your walls with cog-shaped clocks

The cogs are essential elements of a good steampunk house decor  and should definitely not be forgotten. Let your imagination run wild! A clockwork clock will undoubtedly have its effect, but you can use them in an endless number of situations.

teampunk Interior Design

The steampunk movement is an uchronia referring to the massive use of machines during the Industrial and Victorian era. In other words, ask yourself what the world would be like today if the industrial age had continued. Coal, steam and metal are just a few of the key elements of the steampunk theme.

In the steampunk house decor , metal is in the spotlight. Incorporate copper, galvanized iron and gear mechanisms into your elements. Add to that dark colors, a Chesterfield sofa and voila.

Copper, metal, bronze in steampunk house decor

In the plumbing of some steampunk style bathroom today, there is still copper. Copper or not, the pipes are usually hidden. Why not bring them to light? In the image above, you can see the industrial chic side of the copper pipes. The faucets and mushroom in the same color complement the set nicely.

Retro Edison-style bulbs add another industrial element to the design and you’ll feel like stepping back in time. Thanks to their carbon filaments and amber glass, these bulbs will provide you with warm steampunk bathroom lighting.

There is no denying it, we literally “spruced up” this cuisine. The addition of the handles and brass inlays on the hood and on the stove door really gives a “wow” effect. Adding hooks to hang the stoves is also a good idea. This kitchen can be seen as much in the steampunk style as in the modern style.

teampunk Interior Design

We say yes to shelves with galvanized iron support. Do it at home? The different lengths of galvanized iron pipe are available at any hardware store near you.

The company DSV specializes in the creation of this type of furniture. They have a huge range of products.

If luxury is space, steampunk decoration fits best in large volumes such as a loft or an apartment with high ceilings. In fact, the furniture is often large, like bookcases, metal, wood, glass or steel consoles …

Wood, an element at the heart of this vintage style

The industrial design style is marked by the presence of raw or exotic solid wood, which can be stained. What kind of wood?

teampunk Interior Design

Bet on rosewood, pine, mango, mindy or acacia. In general, wood retains its natural essence. It can play the contrast card with honey, mahogany shades …

The recovery of old furniture is possible. However, it is important to treat the wood. Even if the holes in a wood give an authentic look of worm-eaten wood, the latter must be sound. The industrial design reproduces this effect on new furniture, whether on a TV cabinet or a sideboard.

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