Vintage Interior Design: Our Most Beautiful Inspirations For Your Interior

vintage interior design Bedroom

Vintage interior design is one of the new decorative styles emerging in recent years. This style mixes the new and the old, giving life to an interior that would be very modern.

Do you really know what the word vintage means because we tend to use it for anything and everything! Basically, the word vintage designates clothes or furniture dating from before the 1980s. There is therefore a criterion of authenticity to be taken into account with a notion of time.

Vintage interior design

Today, vintage is often confused with the vintage style which presents a somewhat broader definition since it echoes the image given by the piece of furniture. Thus, a reissue is not exactly vintage but rather vintage style to be exact which of course does not detract from its aesthetic aspect!

Vintage interior design furniture can be found in stores like Maisons du Monde. If you have the soul of a bargain hunter, you can definitely find this style of second-hand furniture.

Vintage interior design and Vintage decoration materials

Oak wood, varnished, solid, etc…

The trendy vintage decor, shaped by Scandinavian designers, was imagined with clean, strict lines and is fitted out with solid wood. Raw or varnished, it is a guarantee of robustness and longevity. There are also metal, aluminum and steel. These materials will give an industrial spirit to your interior decoration.

Plexiglas, PVC, synthetic resin of the Bakelite type are also characteristic of the vintage style. A formica table will also find its place in a vintage kitchen! The trendy “second hand-second life”, salvage, is in tune with the times here.

vintage style interior design

A beautiful parquet 100% vintage trend

In the post-war years, a period of reconstruction and optimism, vintage, unconventional decoration indeed marked a turning point in the history of furniture. A small revolution in decoration itself, as with Art Deco.

You can just  add a beautiful parquet with broken sticks, with thin boards arranged in staggered rows: what is most elegant. Its geometric aspect will bring a refined side and in the tone of the vintage interior design.

Sustained tones and bright colors in vintage interior design

With geometric or floral patterns, wallpaper is essential for a successful vintage interior design.

For this, it can be applied on a single section of wall when the room is well decorated. Dare the large brown and orange circles if you are followers of the vintage interior design trend or use more sober colors or shapes if you are afraid of getting bored.

vintage style interior design

The best place to find vintage interior design furniture is fleas, flea markets and other garage sales. A bit of wear, a beautiful naturally aged leather will only add charm to them.

The materials can be patinated, but not too much. Originally, the tones were particularly strong: red, yellow, purple, orange! To avoid a too garish atmosphere in the most cozy vintage interior design, it is better to marry petroleum blue with nude, pastel, powder pink or even almost faded colors.

Velvet for a warm atmosphere

Velvet is the lethal weapon of the vintage trend. It is very suitable for sofas, even more so if they are vintage interior design! But also to curtains when they are light, to cushions, with or without patterns. Different textures can also be combined: cotton velvet, linen velvet, wool … This very soft material can also be used on wallpaper.

The vintage decor, robust and well marked, has been making a strong comeback in recent years. In order not to sink into the kitsch, we strongly recommend that you dose it and combine this type of dated pieces with more modern elements.

The atmosphere of your interior will only be more comfortable and comforting. To play the card of originality, also mix styles.

vintage style interior design

Golden metal and rattan

Vintage interior design without frills or gilding is something unreal. Gold metal can be found in decoration such as mirrors, lights, or statuettes, but also in the legs of tables or chairs. However, be sure to use it in small touches to keep everything chic.

Armchairs and sofas in vintage modern living room play the most vital role. Trade furniture, articulated lamps, metal filing cabinet and factory cloakroom, waiting furniture such as daybeds are prescribed. Daring mismatched chairs around a table. A rattan sun mirror or a tam-tam plastic stool are the most representative of vintage-style interior decoration. Complete with a contemporary style rug, more sober furniture.

Vintage interior design, the deco style of the moment

A mix of new and old in vintage interior design

Retro decoration is one of the new decorative styles emerging in recent years.

This style mixes the new and the old, which makes it possible to give life to an interior that would be very modern or to give an already old interior a decorative touch.

Retro furniture can be found in stores like  . If you have the soul of a bargain hunter, you can definitely find this style of second-hand furniture.

This is an ideal style for lovers of color and materials as it combines the two in one space.

A warm interior, with character

vintage style interior design

Vintage-style lighting

Lighting is an important part of interior decoration. Beyond the light they give off, they have an increasingly sophisticated aesthetic that gives a different style from one room to another.

Today, the fashion is for vintage lamps and suspensions, with a revisited design and industrial materials such as copper, brass, colored plastic and glass. Here is our selection of retro light sources.

A copper light fixture

In the kitchen or above a dining table, this copper pendant light brings a retro and girly style to eat. It will go very well with wooden furniture and very feminine pastel tones.

vintage style interior design

Directing the light

This adjustable floor lamp is both practical and design since its foot is adjustable in order to diffuse the light according to your desires. Its matte black color will give a retro look to a reading corner or a cozy lvintage living room.

Raw materials

To properly illuminate a large dining table, you can opt for lights to be placed just above your furniture. In the vintage living room, the latter are made from raw materials – metal and rope – which give them an industrial style.

Two-tone lights

If the kitchen is increasingly becoming a living space, it needs more lighting. Opt for two-tone pendant lights that hide a beautiful golden hue to bring a touch of color and even more luminosity to the space.

Don’t think vintage interior design is cheap

And contrary to popular belief, not everything vintage is cheap! Of course, you will find very good prices by skimming fleas and garage sales but if you go to a second-hand dealer, you may have surprises.

Indeed, a vintage piece is often rare due to its age and prices can therefore quickly soar! The rarer a part, the more it will cost.

You can then often opt for new re-editions of vintage furniture which are certainly not from the period but which often cost much less than the vintage second-hand version. A real puzzle!

Don’t play the total look

Unless you have a real passion for certain years, it is strongly discouraged to opt for a total old look in your vintage interior design  because you will have the impression of living in the past.

Today, in case of vintage interior design we prefer the mix and match, which consists of mixing pieces from different eras. And we mix without complex a sideboard 50s with an ultra design armchair.

A new trend has even emerged, we also speak of neo-retro when the design plays with the codes of vintage style while offering high tech characteristics in vintage modern living room.

Do not think of the old man

We talked about the true definition of vintage, the reissues that can help you give a vintage style to your interior but we did not mention the furniture which is directly inspired by the 50s and 60s. With the craze for the vintage interior design , all brands are inspired by retro codes to create contemporary furniture. You will find buffets, tables and other retro furniture at brands such as Maisons du monde, Milo Baughman and even Ikéa.

vintage style interior design

If the furniture is not always faithful to vintage style interior design, they are directly inspired by the decor codes of the time and the brands then offer modernized versions that may be more suited to you in terms of style but also budget. Why not treat yourself to a beautiful, authentic vintage piece and complete your decor with retro-looking elements!

Vintage kitchen: Bright  ideas to create a retro atmosphere

Do you like vintage ? Do you want to furnish or revamp your kitchen in a retro style? Vintage interior design decoration is a great idea to add a touch of charm to your kitchen. From floor to ceiling, there is no shortage of tips to help you create a beautiful atmosphere in your kitchen. To help you, we have selected for you the most beautiful inspirations of the moment to create a vintage atmosphere in your kitchen.

Vintage style kitchen equipment

If you are a fan of retro decoration, then you will certainly fall in love with SMEG kitchen equipment. The rounded shapes, soft colors and playful silhouette of their household appliances are creating more and more enthusiasm. This brand is an excellent choice to equip a vintage kitchen.

You can also think of hunting for old pieces in online flea markets or on specialized marketplaces in order to find the ideal equipment, and second-hand, to set up your small kitchen.

Vintage interior design: how to deal with kitchen

The kitchen furniture and storage units have also been declined in a vintage style. In order to create ranges suited to “retro chic” kitchens, furniture manufacturers were inspired by the lines of furniture from yesteryear.

They also worked with noble materials such as wood and metal. These kitchen units allow both to add spaces dedicated to storage and organization of the room while giving it a touch of charm and character.

vintage style interior design

The beautiful vintage style decor

To beautify your kitchen, also think about accessories and old objects. You can use old pots and pans and other kitchen utensils to make them part of your decor. Solutions that are inexpensive, easy to find and perfectly suited to a vintage style decor.

vintage interior design

The charm of old-fashioned floor tiles

Vintage decoration also involves the choice of your floor covering. The tiling, in particular, is perfectly suited to the layout of a retro kitchen. The black and white checkered tiles, mosaics and old patterns bring authenticity and warmth while making the maintenance of your room easier.

The loopy armchair for vintage style interior design

An iconic creation from the 1970s, the retro terrycloth armchair is not just for fans of vintage decor. With its sleek design, it will also find its place in a vintage interior design room, in a bohemian interior or even in an industrial decor, where it will bring a very cocooning touch.

vintage style interior design

It was with him that it all (re) started. In 1975, designer Pierre Paulin invented Pacha, an organically shaped armchair that would establish itself as one of the most iconic pieces of the decade.

And it was enough for Gubi to reissue this now classic model for the craze for the terry armchair to revive! Indispensable to all addicts of the “revival” spirit, this timeless model is just as comfortable in a very contemporary decor as in a vintage interior design, which it will skillfully warm up.

The loopy armchair reinvented

The least we can say is that the loop pile chair is not afraid to reinvent itself! This design icon continues to inspire designers, who offer very contemporary variations.

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