Top 17 Wallpaper Trends 2022 for a Modern Interior

Interior Design Trends

Wallpaper trends 2022, like all finishing materials, develops, improves, adapts to new demands and tendencies of a modern interior.

The techniques for using them have become more universal.

Top 17 Wallpaper Trends 2022 for a Modern Interior

Large drawings have become more widespread.

You can accentuate the wall, highlighting the uniqueness of the pattern, ornament, or emphasizing the naturalness of the material.

Wallpaper Design 2022 for the Hall

The first room in the house is the entrance hall or hallway. In this room, you should work with paintable wallpaper, as it is important to protect the walls from being hit by a bag, umbrella, or jacket zipper, and from many mechanical damages.

Wallpaper Design 2022 for the Hall

Having passed the surface of the wallpaper with your hand, you will feel the relief in the form of a geometric pattern, stripes, or a herringbone. By directing light from a niche to the relief, we emphasize this effect.

Also trending:

Thus, the wall becomes more expressive and graphic. The color can be any, more precisely, the one that you need. Wallpaper trends 2022 suggest matching the paint with tiles, doors, furniture, and, in general, with the entire interior.

Relief and color are the main advantages of such a coating.

Wallpaper Design 2022


Bedroom Wallpaper 2022

In the bedroom, you want to create an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility, so wallpaper made from natural materials is suitable here: fabric wallpaper, bamboo, wallpaper from palm leaves, cork. Beads, bugles, or stone veneers can be used in decoration.

The latest trend gaining popularity is quilted wallpaper. They are made of imitation leather with thread stitching, in the form of squares, rhombuses, or polygons.

You can use them on one wall, behind the bed, to create the effect that the entire wall is the headboard of the bed. At the same time, the wall is soft, leather, or tactile.

Bedroom Wallpaper 2022

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas for 2022

One of the best solutions in the bedroom is the use of fabric wallpaper, such walls are very cozy and soft, they are easy to select as there are ready-made collections of combinations.

You can choose wallpaper, curtains, and bedspread from the same fabric collection. Fabric wallpaper has an interesting effect; no other cover has this.

Since they are sewn from many different colored threads, each thread color begins to dominate at different times of the day. This is due to the different reflections of the colors.

Thus, your interior is terracotta in the morning, the blue ornament is leading in the afternoon, and the dark lilac in the evening. The color of the walls depends on the lighting – the main advantage of fabric wallpaper.

Use modern solutions in wall coverings so that your interior really reflects your personality.

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas for 2022

If you choose the right wallpaper for the living room, the interior design and atmosphere of the room will change beyond recognition. Color and texture affect the overall impression and perception, visually increase or decrease the space.

Modern coatings in wallpaper trends 2022 come in all colors and styles, with any pattern. If you want, you can print your own. The choice is limited by imagination and the budget for repairs.

Living Room Wallpaper Trends 2022

Wallpaper Ideas 2022 for the Living Room

In the living room, we use wallpaper as an accent behind the sofa, and this is where it works best. With modern wall coverings, it is easy for us to play up complex patterns, geometry, graphics, images, a smooth transition from one color to another.

Alternatively, you can order a panel. This is among modern wallpaper trends 2022: the canvas is printed to the size of the wall.

The panel works as a central element. You can print any image, and you will know for sure that such a pattern will not be repeated in any other interior.

Wallpaper Ideas 2022 for the Living Room

Think about the materials first: paper, vinyl, textiles, fiberglass, bamboo, and leather. Decide what is important: quick cleaning, environmental friendliness, or maybe low price, beauty, and style, or all together.

With small children, washable wallpaper or fiberglass is useful, and with animals, it is better not to glue what can be spoiled or torn off. Dogs and rodents love bamboo, and cats sharpen their claws on vinyl.

Wallpaper rolls can be paper or non-woven. The paper can be vacuumed, but it cannot be washed and glued near fountains and aquariums: it is afraid of moisture and is easily deformed.

All irregularities and roughness are visible under the thin paper.

Non-woven fabric is good air permeability and is considered an environmentally friendly, breathable material. It is easy to glue and remove during a new renovation; you do not need to impregnate it with glue in advance.

Non-woven fabric does not dry out and does not stretch, therefore it is good when it is important to make an accurate joining of drawings.

Trending Wallpaper 2022: Materials

Types of Best Wallpaper 2022 for the Living Room

A decorative coating is applied to a paper or non-woven base. For example, vinyl is available on both paper and non-woven. It is convenient to glue it on uneven walls: due to the thickness, small defects in the primer are not visible.

It is not afraid of the sun and moisture, but it does not allow air to pass through well – in rooms with high humidity, mold can form.

Types of Best Wallpaper 2022 for the Living Room

Liquid wallpaper is a dry mixture of glue and cellulose or cotton fibers with dyes and decorations. Add paint and glitter there. The mixture is diluted with water. Sometimes liquid wallpaper is confused with decorative plaster, but they have a different composition, and only the method of application is common.

Decor with foil, bamboo, fabric, leather, and plants is made on a non-woven basis from natural materials.

Liquid Wallpaper Trends 2022

Top Wallpaper 2022: Textile

Textile wallpaper is made with the addition of fabrics: silk, cotton, velour, jeans.

They collect dust, they cannot be washed, but they can be vacuumed or wiped with a slightly damp cloth. Textiles fade in the sun and are more suitable for shaded living rooms.

Top Wallpaper 2022: Textile

Best Wallpaper 2022: Bamboo

Bamboo models – split bamboo stalks glued to a non-woven base.

Compared to paper ones, they are very heavy. To prevent the bamboo from peeling off, use special vinyl glue or liquid nails. If the bamboo wallpaper is made from the inside of the trunk, it does not tolerate moisture, it can only be vacuumed.

Best Wallpaper 2022: Bamboo

Bark Wallpaper Design 2022

The bark material is wiped with a damp cloth.

How to care, they usually write on the package, but if there are no instructions, be guided by the color: they paint only the inner parts of the stem, and the outer ones are treated with transparent varnish.

It is suitable for colonial-style interiors or for the finishing part of the wall.

Bark Wallpaper Design 2022

Metalized Wallpaper Ideas for 2022

Metalized wallpaper is thin foil on a non-woven base. To reduce the electrical conductivity of the metal, the foil is oxidized and treated with a transparent coating. For decoration, embossing, patina is made or painted with patterns.

They are moisture-resistant and do not fade in the sun, but they are easily scratched.

Metalized Wallpaper Ideas for 2022

Glass fiber is glass melted and stretched into threads, and then woven like cloth. They are often painted directly on the wall. They are smooth or embossed. Fiberglass does not burn, is not afraid of water, is breathable.

When heated, it does not emit harmful substances. It does not accumulate dust – well suited for allergy sufferers.

Fiberglass Wallpaper Trends 2022

Photo Wallpaper Ideas 2022

Photo wallpaper or mural can be paper-based, non-woven, vinyl, textile. You can buy ready-made options or print your own. The trend of recent years is 3D photography.

They look three-dimensional and add depth to the design and space to the living room.

Photo Wallpaper Ideas 2022

Modern Wallpaper 2022: Visually Changing the Space

The perception is influenced by color, texture, pattern, and their combination. Think about what effects you want to achieve, and then choose the design. You can make the room look larger with the help of bright hues, small drawings, gradients, or stripes.

Wide vertical stripes make the room higher, and horizontal stripes wider. The gradient from dark to light affects the visual height: if the top is dark and the bottom is light, the ceiling appears higher.

White maximizes the space, but with it, you can see all the imperfections: irregularities, roughness, curved corners. So that the room does not look like a white hospital ward, bright contrasting details are selected: paintings, photos, furniture, curtains.

Dark colors with large drawings, or with a lot of details will visually reduce the living room.

Sometimes one wall is singled out, which is different from the others. In design, it is called accent. It is made in places where the eye often falls: behind the TV or in front of the entrance.

If the ceiling or floor and accent wall are the same color, the room looks more spacious. An interesting solution is to use the same wallpaper for both the wall and the ceiling.

Modern Wallpaper 2022: Visually Changing the Space


The choice of decoration in the living room depends on the style of all the items in the room. Designers offer a combination in the interior: several types of wall coverings at once.

For example, one part is striped to make the ceiling appear taller, the other is a photo wallpaper, and the rest is fiberglass with neutral paint. The larger the room, the more possibilities.

Wallpaper Trends 2022: Colors


Combinations and Techniques

If you are choosing a design for the living room yourself and are in doubt whether the colors fit together, use universal techniques:

  • White wallpaper matches any design and floor, furniture, and decor.
  • Black – with white, red, yellow, green and their shades.
  • Grey wallpaper 2022 is used in interior design with black, white, and cold shades: lilac, blue, purple.
  • Brown ones add softness and warmth to the interior. It is difficult to combine them, but the tandem with white always works well.
  • Green is combined with white, yellow, blue, and carefully with purple.

Wallpaper Trends 2022: Colors


When developing a project, designers apply the rule of three colors for wallpaper trends 2022: they take only three colors and their shades for interior decoration.

For example, if you have black furniture and red curtains, then the wallpaper can be of any shade. And if the furniture is brown and dark gray, and the curtains are purple, light gray, beige, lilac will do.

To prevent similar wallpapers and curtains from merging, play with shades: the difference should be about two tones. All three colors can be present in the color scheme of the wallpaper, then the interior will seem complete and thoughtful.



The pattern depends on the size of the room and the style. For example, roses and butterflies can look strange with high-tech furniture, and geometric shapes are appropriate. In order for the design in the living room to be organic, it is good to mix texture and size but maintain a uniform style.

For example, a wallpaper with a lawn and a forest on one wall and a leaf ornament on the others.

Wallpaper Trends 2022: Patterns

Vibrant patterns throughout the room tire the eyes and create emotional stress. To avoid this effect, you can leave the pattern only at the top, and leave the bottom solid.

Think over the design after choosing the base material. It is more difficult to accurately connect a pattern from different rolls of paper wallpaper than non-woven wallpaper. Large drawings are not suitable for a small room, and small variegation for a large room.

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