22 Best Small Kitchen Ideas 2022 To Try This Year


To form a small kitchen, owners often sacrifice comfort in order to accommodate everything they need. Our small kitchen ideas 2022 will help you to compactly place all your things and have more free space.

You can change the interior style of a small kitchen without major repairs. With the best course of action, even a tiny space will become a model of style. Knowing the rules of panoramic perspective will help.

22 Best Small Kitchen Ideas 2022 To Try This Year

Modern conception is based on visual effects and human perception. Therefore, in the design of small kitchens, light colors are used.

In the project, the furnishings, different lighting scenarios, and decoration elements are thought out to the smallest detail. Professional designers start with planning.

Small Kitchen Design 2022 with Expanded Boundaries

It is really of great importance to correlate the interior plan of a small kitchen with the size of the apartment correctly according to the small kitchen ideas 2022.

Small Kitchen Design 2022 with Expanded Boundaries

For a modern kitchen design 2022, designers suggest removing the doors and installing an arch instead.

However, if you have a big family and silence is particularly important to you, install sliding doors.

The Triangle Principle in Small Kitchen 2022

The next planning stage is the location of multifunctional elements. Rational saving of usable space helps to shorten the cooking time.

Small kitchen ideas 2022 are dictated by current life. In the kitchen, you constantly need to quickly take food from the refrigerator, wash it in the sink, cut it and send it to the stove.

Also trending:

Therefore, in modern projects, the triangle principle is used.

The refrigerator, stove, and sink are placed as conveniently as possible – at a step or arm’s length.

With a linear arrangement of cabinets, the refrigerator can be in the same straight line as the sink, stove, and oven. This option also complies with the principles of ergonomics.

The Triangle Principle in Small Kitchen 2022

For a square kitchen, experts advise U-shaped furniture placement projects. To highlight the dining area, place an L-shaped set. Such solutions look elegant in kitchens of all sizes.

In the interior of a rectangular kitchen of a small area, a linear or parallel arrangement of kitchen furniture looks great. The principle of parallelism is to place the headset along a long wall or outside the opposite wall.

In a narrow room, a two-row layout is possible. On the Internet, you can often see photos of finished interiors of a similar layout with examples of successful placement of dining tables.

There are various small kitchen ideas 2022 for the most convenient and trendy interior arrangement. Particularly, the windowsill can serve as a worktop, and the dining tables can be placed near the walls.

In non-standard kitchens, any layout can be used.

Small Kitchen Trends 2022: Arrangement of Furniture

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022: Layout and Finishing

A small kitchen area can be zoned with low or high partitions. In the first case, the partition can be a peninsula or a bar table. If taller partitions are preferable for you, it is better to choose glass ones that let in more light. Convenient sliding doors can be an alternative.

However, it is more recommendable not to separate an already tiny kitchen with partitions. In fact, they eat up a lot of usable space. A rational solution can be to combine the kitchen with the living room, dining room, or hallway, depending on the layout.

You can create a comfortable and functional kitchen even on 6-9 square meters. The possibilities of modern design allow you to embody the most daring ideas and ideas in a limited area.

A kitchen apron is where dirt accumulates. Fat from the pans gets on it during cooking. Tile is taken as a finishing material; it is easiest to wash it.

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022: Layout and Finishing

Household Appliances

The rational storage of home equipment is one of the most important small kitchen ideas 2022 to take into account. Designers advise using cabinets for household appliances under the ceiling with spacious shelves.

For such purposes, narrow cabinets with rolling doors in the middle of the headset are perfect. Leave the appliances that you use all the time on the countertop – an electric kettle and a coffee maker.

Small Kitchen Ideas 2022: Layout and Finishing


Most often, countertops are made of stone, plastic, and wood. Here’s what you need to know about these materials:

  • Solid wood is expensive, impractical, but beautiful.
  • The chipboard does not require any special maintenance and is cheaper than natural solid wood.
  • A natural stone – Models made of marble, onyx, and granite are usually bought to complement the interior in a classic style.
  • Fake diamond – Models made of artificial stone do not look as attractive as those with the real one.
  • Plastic is similar to artificial stone in properties and even costs less. You can find countertops with imitation of wood, steel, and stone.


New Style of a Small Kitchen 2022

Different structure options are used to decorate a small kitchen 2022. The design possibilities are limited only by human imagination. Small kitchen ideas 2022 can be generated endlessly. Embody your own ideas, or take photos from the Internet as a basis!

To create an original concept, you can choose Provence, classics, modern, art deco, and eclecticism. Loft, hi-tech, and minimalism projects are extremely popular today.

Country and ethnic style are no less interesting. In modern projects, you can safely combine several styles.

Modernity, hi-tech, Provence, and minimalism are most applicable. The ascetic Japanese style can be considered a separate direction.

The interior structure should visually solve the problem of cramped space.

New Style of a Small Kitchen 2022


The kitchen design variant of the late 19th century retained only some of the ideas of the past in modern sound:

  • Rounded shapes of furniture.
  • The contrast of the picture.
  • Shiny surfaces.
  • Warm light colors.
  • Pleasant softness of lighting.

The design does not provide anything superfluous. But it is allowed to install a neat bar counter. This is an original and practical solution for a small kitchen.

New Style of a Small Kitchen 2022


An excellent option for a design project for creative individuals with a subtle sense of style. The asceticism of brick walls without decoration in combination with open communications and simple furniture will cost relatively inexpensively.

But going beyond the bounds of taste is unacceptable. For a harmonious picture in loft style, special knowledge and abilities are required.

New Style of a Small Kitchen 2022 loft


Style of summer, vacation, and country vacations. Naturalness prevails in the design and only natural materials are allowed. Wood is suitable for furniture, stone tiles, or pine boards for the floor.

The oven is stylized as a wood-burning stove, and the hood resembles a chimney. Comprehensive design work is hidden behind the external rustic simplicity.

New Style of a Small Kitchen 2022 country

High Tech

Used in the past for concrete and glass office buildings, but has taken root well in modern home kitchens. Clear lines define the overall picture neatly. A minimum of decorative elements is allowed, with the exception of a few bright accents.

A neat poster will add coziness to a cold and laconic atmosphere. The interior uses ultra-modern kitchen furniture of compact dimensions.

There is no wood in the decoration. High-tech is made up of plastic, metal, glass, polycarbonate, and mirrors. Lighting scenarios are designed using bright spotlights.

Even small kitchens are perceived as spacious.


Japanese Style

The idea of such a design is a transition to a new philosophy of space and light. Everything should be natural: wood, clay, bamboo, and smooth silk. Not a single element of the furnishings of a small kitchen should be superfluous. The main criteria are naturalness, functionality, and practicality.

Pictures, panels, and vases with a national flavor are used as decorations for the Asian interior.



The brevity of the idea is not to use few items in the interior design. The main thing is not to flaunt objects. The picture is simple. However, minimalism requires a lot of knowledge. It is necessary to combine ergonomics and create maximum free space.

The small kitchen is decorated in light colors – gray, white, cream. This visually expands the scope of the room. Sometimes designers allow the contrast of light shades with black, which looks very impressive.

The kitchen must be well lit, so a balance between daylight and artificial light is important. The materials for the structure are mostly modern, but the use of natural wood is allowed.


Errors in Modern Kitchen Design 2022

The first and main mistake of the owners of modest kitchens is dissatisfaction with the footage. Another oversight of the owners is their readiness to completely litter housing limited by standard sizes.

A correctly chosen interior plan can completely change the aesthetics of the whole apartment.

It is important to initially equip storage space for utensils in a limited area. The vertical space is ideal for installing spacious shelves, cabinets, and niches.

The small kitchen ideas 2022 should exclude errors, which include:


Too Small Countertops

A bad option already because it leads to even more clutter in the kitchen.

Do not skimp on the size of the countertop. Convenience is more important, which means that you can think about ordering a folding surface or a bar counter.


No Range Hoods

I must definitely avoid unpleasant odors in the kitchen.

This is not difficult to do, because many manufacturers offer small compact range hoods for the tiniest kitchens. You can also hide the range hood behind a furniture facade or refrigerator.


More than Three Colors in the Interior

In the design of a small kitchen, you should not use many variegated shades. This creates a sense of chaos. The only exceptions are original projects created according to individual orders for eclectic lovers.

Taste and a sense of proportion are very important.


The Most Useful Small Kitchen Ideas 2022

To develop a successful interior design project with small kitchen ideas 2022, it is worth using additional recommendations from specialists:

Wall Decor

When trying to find the most appropriate wallpaper for a small kitchen, it is important to create a harmonious composition with other areas of the apartment. A picture or ornament should match the general structure concept, be in harmony with the cabinets, the refrigerator, and other appliances.

Carefully consider the effects that different types of drawings create. For example, horizontal stripes visually expand walls. In the best kitchen design 2022, you can use wallpaper with landscapes that create the effect of a deep perspective.

The Most Useful Small Kitchen Ideas 2022


The decision to use mirrors in a small kitchen isn’t easy. But mirrors visually expand the boundaries.

Chrome-plated interior items – refrigerator, oven, the sink will help to complement the spectacular picture.

The Most Useful Small Kitchen Ideas 2022

Corner Headsets

The compact corner kits fit easily into small kitchens, creating a cozy look.

Particular attention should be paid to tall cabinets under the ceiling. Sometimes the owners will need a stepladder, but the kitchen will really become more spacious.

The Most Useful Small Kitchen Ideas 2022

Compact and Built-In Technology

The built-in dishwasher or oven will not take up too much space. A spacious and convenient refrigerator will successfully complement the overall picture.

The Most Useful Small Kitchen Ideas 2022

A Transformer Table

A practical interior element that will help you save maximum space in a tiny kitchen. This is a simple solution for arranging a work area for cooking.

At the time of a meal, this table can easily accommodate 1-2 people.

The Most Useful Small Kitchen Ideas 2022


Large lamps are not designed for small kitchens and look bulky in small spaces.

Therefore, designers recommend using spotlights in different areas of the kitchen.


Additional Tips

  • When developing a project in a small kitchen, try to avoid installing partitions.
  • Use the facade space to place your appliances. An oven can easily be built into it.
  • Use multiple light sources. The use of only one source creates a shadow.
  • Buy useful furniture. Take a closer look at the end cabinets, basement drawers, transformer tables, and chairs made of clear plastic.
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