Small Bathroom Trends 2022: 15 Most Functional Ideas and Useful Features


The latest trends affect many areas in the apartment. Small bathroom trends 2022 are not an exception.

For this, many of the most original and non-standard solutions are found. The interior design of a small bathroom requires a competent and balanced approach. If you have a very small bathroom, which somehow fits a bathtub, washbasin, and automatic machine, don’t give up.

Knowing a few fairly simple tricks, you can always make this space freer, more comfortable, and more functional.

Small Bathroom Trends 2022: 15 Most Functional Ideas and Useful Features

There are technical ways to increase a small space. For example, combine a toilet and a bathroom.

If redevelopment cannot be done, the modern interior design of a small bathroom 2022 with the latest trends will come to help.

Today we will take a look at some small bathroom ideas 2022, using cutting-edge trends.

It is your choice whether to make the design project of the bathroom yourself or entrust the bathroom to qualified interior designers.

In fact, designers will design truly perfect and ultramodern interiors according to small bathroom trends 2022 in a short period of time.

Good specialists are aware of new products in the field of plumbing and decoration, they are aware of world trends in terms of decor and furniture.

A Design Project with Small Bathroom Trends 2022

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The specialist will take into account the wishes ranging from color preferences to questions of the project budget. They will also help with the choice of design style, advise good and high-quality materials.

Very often, designers work directly with suppliers of finishing materials and sanitary ware. This means that by ordering a bathroom project from a specialist, you can save a little on decoration and interior items.

After all, buying materials in a store is much more expensive than from wholesalers.

Designers often work with construction and renovation contractors. You do not need to separately hire a specialist to perform certain work, such as laying tiles, installing a stretch ceiling, etc.

Of course, you can also create an interior design for a small bathroom and buy materials, furniture and plumbing on your own.

Ready-Made Projects for Small Bathroom Designs 2022

Individual design companies and finishing companies offer a choice of ready-made small bathroom designs 2022. Interior design for small apartments with a small bathroom is a long-standing issue in the market of ready-made interior projects.

On the website of such companies, you can find photos displayed with the image of the design projects of the bathroom.

After making an application, you hire a team to realize your desired design according to the small bathroom trends 2022.

Ready-Made Projects for Small Bathroom Designs 2022

Bathroom Design 2022: Individual Planning

Each owner, when planning a bathroom project, must approach the planning issue thoroughly. Indeed, in such a small space, it will be necessary to place plumbing ensuring the convenience of its operation. In addition, the components of the interior and decoration should look as organic and beautiful as possible.

Sometimes the area of the bathroom does not allow you to place everything you need in it, and we are not even talking about making the space as comfortable as possible for yourself. In such situations, a calculated design will undoubtedly help out.

A balanced design solution will give you the opportunity to install in your small bathroom everything you need following small bathroom trends 2022.

When developing a bathroom design, first of all, decide on the style that is closest to the overall interior of the apartment and your personal preferences.

Bathroom Design 2022: Individual Planning

Small Bathroom Designs 2022: Style Options

There is a wide variety of finishing styles that will add originality to a small bathroom and help to visually expand it.

The most popular in the modern market is bathroom designs in the loft, high-tech, and fantasy styles.

The Loft Style

A loft-style bathroom design 2022 includes predominantly cold shades and minimalism in interior items and decor. Today small apartments and studios are often designed in this style.

Small Bathroom Designs 2022: Style Options

High Tech

The high-tech style has gained wide popularity among small bathroom trends 2022 due to the rational filling of the usable area. It is based on functionality and pragmatism in interior design.

But this is exactly what we need – to fill a small space as efficiently as possible.

Small Bathroom Designs 2022


Bohemian is an abundance of bright decorative elements with exotic and rule-breaking solutions.

It creates a fabulous atmosphere of glamor and luxury. This style is also quite popular today when decorating the interior of small apartments.


Small Bathroom Ideas 2022: Plumbing

For an interior design of a small bathroom 2022, approach the choice of plumbing thoroughly.

The toilet, sink, and bathtub can be made of porcelain or faience. The first option is more expensive; the cost of earthenware products is lower. Here, take into account your finances.

Small Bathroom Ideas 2022: Plumbing


Faience is also strong and durable if you buy a product from trusted suppliers. You can give preference to one manufacturer or another by examining the characteristics of the manufactured products and reading customer reviews.

It will be very annoying if you invest a lot of money in plumbing, and after six months the bath will lose its crystal whiteness due to poor-quality coating.

Of course, if you have the means, it is better to install better quality plumbing. And if the budget is limited, budget counterparts will come to the revenue, which by their characteristics are slightly inferior to brand positions.

Small Bathroom Ideas 2022: Plumbing

Design Options

When it comes to choosing a design, there are an incredible variety of models now. In any specialty store, you can easily find compact plumbing fixtures that fit the new interior.

Small Bathroom Ideas 2022

Color Spectrum

As for the color scheme of plumbing – when the bathroom is small, the preference is given to the traditional white tone. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. But finishing in a small bathroom is still better done in light colors.


Light decoration of the room visually expands the space of the apartment. In a small bathroom, light and cold shades will visually increase the space, it is only important not to be mistaken with the combination.

In addition to the color scheme of the finish, the bathroom can be visually enlarged thanks to the emphasis on contrasts. Marine motifs and tones are becoming more and more popular. Some of the examples include flake tiles, imitation of water reflections, the color of waves, or milky coastal sand.

Design can transform small bathrooms into beautiful and functional ones. The interior design of a small bathroom, according to leading experts, should be created using an optimally small amount of ceramic tiles.

Designers recommend finishing with ceramics solely in order to highlight a specific area in the room or to fix a smooth transition from one point of the room to another.

Small Bathroom Trends 2022: Finishing

The Ceiling

If you are planning to install a stretch ceiling in a bathroom, then a canvas with a glossy surface will be the right choice in the case of a small-sized bathroom. Such a ceiling has reflective properties, which means, to some extent, expands the area.

The glossy stretch ceiling will perfectly complement bright lighting. A special expanding effect for a small-sized bathroom can be given not by one, but by several lamps at once.

Upon completion of the finishing work, the bathroom will sparkle with new colors, and will no longer look so small and gloomy.

Small Bathroom Trends 2022

Minimalist Bathroom Lighting

Minimalism in bathroom design is, in fact, a kind of work of art according to small bathroom trends 2022. The most ordinary objects will sparkle in a new way if you wrap them in simple architecture and use a monochrome color scheme.

Creamy shades help create a warm atmosphere while maintaining a minimalist design. There is something intriguing, gloomy in such a design, it undoubtedly attracts the eye.

The main thing is to keep the lines simple when it comes to fixtures. It is better to use ascetic and simple models of spots, cube-shaped spotlights, which in turn will be an excellent finishing touch to the overall atmosphere.

Depending on the chosen design path, it is necessary to choose the appropriate luminaire for general lighting. It will be good, for example, to use a suspension with a single light bulb. It will be useful to complement the room with a small number of cube-shaped lamps in the color of the overall interior.

The main thing is not to overdo it.


A small bathroom is not always well designed in terms of placing plumbing fixtures and furniture. Of course, cluttering up such a small space is undesirable.

In the design of small bathroom projects, the bathtub is often replaced by a shower stall, and the sink is installed above the washing machine.

Progress in the modern world does not stand still, and in order to fill a small bathroom optimally, there are various variations of overhead structures. They allow you to hide unaesthetic pipes and practically fill this space.

Small Bathroom Trends 2022: Plumbing Fixtures and Furniture

The Decor of a Small Bathroom 2022

Design projects for small bathrooms not only visually increase the space of the room. In the project, plumbing, furniture, and equipment are optimally selected so as not to clutter up a small room.


The color scheme in terms of finishing and decor of the bathroom in the interior design for small bathrooms allows you to visually transform the bathroom space. Avoid a rich color palette. It is not recommended to use more than three color shades in small bathrooms.

But, you can make some bright accents in the decor. Here, again, try to avoid contrasting shades, especially on one wall.

Small Bathroom Trends 2022: Plumbing Fixtures and Furniture

Interior Items

Also, the room can be visually expanded due to the reflective property of individual interior items. In addition to the main mirror, you can install additional mirrors or use decorative elements with a mirror effect on the surface of the walls or floor. This solution will give additional space to a small room.

Now the market is saturated with all kinds of offers of finishing materials, plumbing fixtures, household appliances, and furniture for small apartments, which you can easily find what you need.

Small Bathroom Trends 2022: Plumbing Fixtures and Furniture

Many manufacturers carry out individual orders. Even without design experience, you can easily bring to life a beautiful bathroom interior.

A small apartment with a small bathroom is not a big problem now. Having approached the issue of the bathroom interior correctly, you will not only visually expand the space of the bathroom but also significantly increase its functionality.

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