Modern Living Room Furniture 2022: Top 21 New Ideas

Living room

The trends in living room furniture 2022 do not change dramatically: minimalism and functionality are the main principles for creating an interior. Also, natural hues and materials are prevailing.

The living room decor depends primarily on the preferences of the owners of an apartment or a house, but there are always certain rules and, most certainly, trends. For a living room, a minimum amount of furniture, functionality, and environmental friendliness are typical.

The characteristic features of the living room furniture 2022 are the presence of soft, eye-pleasing shades – first of all, these are shades of green, along with the entire pastel range.

Light beige, baked milk color, cream and similar will be appropriate – they will emphasize the lightness of the interior and add volume to the living room.

Modern Living Room Furniture 2022: Top 21 New Ideas


This article will definitely help you to get familiar with what furniture is current in 2022. Here, you will find diverse ideas, but all of them are current and help you get inspired to decorate your living room.

So, take your time and follow the latest living room furniture trends 2022, we have prepared for you.

Living Room Design 2022

Beautiful living room design ideas can be in different styles: modern, art deco, loft, hi-tech, and so on. It all depends on the characteristics, taste preferences, and lifestyle of each family.

Modern Living Room Furniture 2022: Top 21 New Ideas

The style of the interior helps to solve many important issues:

  • the color scheme of the living room;
  • the right choice and arrangement of furniture;
  • the functionality of the living room.

As a result, the living room should seem spacious, light, and functional, that is, divided into two zones.

Natural Materials

Environmental friendliness in the interior can be manifested in various ways. Above all, these are natural materials in furniture and decorative elements.

Living plants, for instance, will help to liven up and add freshness to any interior.

Furniture Trends 2022

Also trending:

If there is no opportunity to put a living flower, you can get by with dried flowers or artificial plants – such decorative elements will delight the eye for a long time.

As usual, the zoning of space is relevant – for this, not only color solutions are used, but also various materials, such as aluminum and glass.

Translucent glass or metal partitions are appropriate even for small rooms and studio apartments, they do not burden the interior, and the design can even be classic, and not just loft, minimalism, or hi-tech.

Unexpected combinations of hues, materials, furniture are welcome. Modern furniture in the vintage style or furniture from different sets will look out of the ordinary and original.

Furniture Trends 2022

Decorative Elements

Metal parts are relevant, but very few – for example, floor lamp parts, furniture legs, cornices. In this case, the most preferred are soft shades of metal – bronze, brass, polished steel, aluminum.

Furniture Trends 2022

You can order modern custom-made furniture for your living room in any color design according to your personal preferences.

More Fashionable Colors and Materials

Those who are busy with renovation often wonder what color of cushioned furniture is trendsetting now. For the answer, we turn to the world surrounding us: interior color trends are dictated by the laws of Mother Nature – forming the color basis of the living room furniture 2022.

For accents, bright, but natural tones are most often chosen: pink, yellow, blue.

Furniture market trends are aimed at creating a cozy space for rest and relaxation.

More Fashionable Colors and Materials furniture trends 2022

Contemporary interior design dictates to opt for furniture made from natural materials: wood, stone, metal. No need to be frightened to experiment and use the most daring options: marble, ceramics, even quartz, and granite.

They will add aesthetics and personality to your interior.

Living Room Furniture 2022: Color Options

Each new season makes its own adjustments to the design and color of the furniture.

The novelties of living room furniture 2022 are also no exception. And in such circumstances, experts recommend directing your attention to the shades of greenery, soil, and vegetable crops, which fully emphasize the connection with nature.

Living Room Furniture 2022: Color Options

Pink Nude

In modern interior trends, light shades take a special place.

They act as a good base for the furniture and are coupled with contrasting hues: light green, lemon, white, etc. Furniture in the pink nude is ideal for modern and classic style interiors.

Living Room Furniture 2022: Color Options pink nude


This shade combines red, orange, and brown. As a rule, terracotta shade is used for decorating cushioned furniture, ottomans, or tables.

Living Room Furniture 2022: Color Options terracotta


The use of this warm shade of furniture in the interior looks very original and allows you to add a touch of aristocracy to your living room.

If such an idea seems too expressive, you can always muffle the brightness of the mustard hue using chocolate, white or gray tones.

Living Room Furniture 2022: Color Options mustard

Mint Green

Despite all its brightness and energy, this shade will fill your living room with warmth. Moreover, it can be successfully combined with sand and coffee shades.

So, it can be an excellent replacement for classic white. If cooler combinations are closer to you, gray-blue or emerald will be an excellent complement to mint green.

Living Room Furniture 2022: Color Options mint green


Here the gray tint characterizes restraint, and the blue express’s attractiveness. Furniture in this design always attracts attention, does not burden the overall picture, it seems slightly airy and refined.

Living Room Furniture 2022: Color Options blue gray

Solid Living Room Furniture 2022

Fashion trends in interior design include massive silhouettes. Instead of elegant chairs, choose voluminous armchairs, and put soft seats on stools. If you do not know what kind of cushioned furniture is now at its peak of popularity, try choosing a large sofa or an armchair that looks more like pillows.

Such furniture creates an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation and is a fashionable trend in the interior of the living room.

Solid Living Room Furniture 2022

Furniture merchandise is updated every month in furniture stores. Each model differs in its size, shape, and value. However, several categories of sofas are popular as options of living room furniture 2022:


This design is a straight arrangement of soft modules.

A similar design is used to decorate spacious and small spaces. The sofa is positioned along the center wall, thus saving a lot of free space.

Living Room Furniture Trends 2022: Sofas

Corner Construction

Corner sofas imply a different position of the module, depending on the location of the main structure.

On the sides, there are metal hinges and strong clips. Thanks to this mobility, the sofa can be placed anywhere in the space.

Living Room Furniture Trends 2022: Sofas

Modular Sofas

Accessories such as modular sofas are considered classics. These options are presented in every fourth furniture store.

The modular design allows you to change the location of the modules depending on your mood and desire. Almost all of its parts unfold and deform in several projections. In stores, you can independently select the necessary elements, thereby making the sofa of your dreams.

Living Room Furniture Trends 2022: Sofas modular

Semicircular Sofas

Most often, such kind of models are chosen for country houses with a large area, but not for small apartments.

This sofa model is used as a main decoration of the living room interiors. Its impressive appearance and unique design are often found in Asian styles, minimalism, or hi-tech.

You should place them in the center of the room, making this furniture the main accent in the living room.

Living Room Furniture Trends 2022: Sofas semicircular

Smart Furniture

Now new technologies have flooded all spheres of our life and have not ignored the trends in the furniture market. If the question arises, what kind of furniture is in trend now, then here is the answer – smart.

Everything in the world strives for simplicity and versatility. In former times, the smart solution was limited to a wardrobe bed and a sofa bed, but today you can find a variety of smart furniture options.

Latest Trends for Living Room Furniture 2022

Geometric Shapes

Large asymmetrical elements are what the trends of living room furniture 2022 dictate.

Choose large accessories, lamps of unusual shapes, abstract prints – all this not only adds originality but also visually enlarges the space.

Latest Trends for Living Room Furniture 2022

Rounded Shapes

Retro is back again. Think back to the interior decor in 70s movies – smooth curves and soft transitions were present in every detail.

You don’t have to come up with a retro look to add rounded furniture – these options will fit into any modern setting.

Latest Trends for Living Room Furniture 2022

Objects of Art

No matter what style of furniture is on-trend, individuality is especially relevant in living room furniture 2022. Many people choose things with a history that can create a unique atmosphere in the house.

Such decorative elements create interest around them and capture attention.


Attention to Detail

The smallest details of the interior style can entirely change the space or make it complete.

Handles on cabinet furniture, original figurines, small paintings and collages on the walls, even familiar objects of an unusual shape – this will give your room a different look and breathe new life into it.

Modern Living Room Furniture 2022: Top 21 New Ideas

Antique Items

For understanding better what kind of furniture is currently fashion-forward, it is worth going back and taking a closer look at the old and graceful elements that can be found at the flea market.

Living room furniture bought back in the 60s, an unusual table made of solid oak, which is twice your age, tablecloths embroidered by hand.

All these objects carry history and soul, which can so successfully complement modern living room interiors.


Functionality and Minimalism

Fashion trends still adhere to simplicity and harmony in everything, including colors, materials, patterns, and shapes. A space overloaded with massive furniture, lots of shelves, and decorated walls seems really tiring.

Modern Living Room Furniture 2022: Top 21 New Ideas

Everyone strives for freedom and simplification of life – the principles of creating a minimalist space are here at an opportune moment. Choose functional furniture so as not to obstruct the space.

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