Top 20 New Interior Design Trends 2022 You Need to Know

Interior Design Trends

The main idea of interior design trends 2022 is minimalism and individualization.

Designers think about eclectic interiors – a mix of styles and stylistics best of all expresses the personality and her passions.

Top 20 New Interior Design Trends 2022 You Need to Know


The call goes like this: ignore trends, personalize your interior and show your emotions.

For the interior design ideas 2022, unobtrusiveness becomes a priority, the ability not to bother or irritate. Scandinavian style, minimalism or wabi-sabi, natural color shades, with quality decorations and paintings would be appropriate. Loft styling, classics are finally a thing of the past.

The most important feature is the ability of the interior to quickly change its image in order to diversify the stay at home – the designer’s focus is shifted to decorating techniques.


Wabi comes from Wabiruba. The word Sabi means fleetingness and nostalgic feelings.

Both words together Wabi-Sabi mean a view of the world based on the acceptance of the beauty of transience and imperfection.

Interior Trends 2022: New Tendencies in Styles

Harmony and Comfort

The functionality of the interior is one of the main trends in the quarantine period.

Mandatory organization of workplaces that are maximally adapted for work, isolated and comfortable.

Interior Trends 2022: New Tendencies in Styles

Also trending:

If earlier there were questions and discussions about whether to insulate the balcony and whether to make another full-fledged room – today this question is not worth it, since a separate office for work has become a vital necessity.

The first place is taken by the quality of textiles with which tactile contact occurs.

Pillows on sofas, upholstery of armchairs, bed linen – now we need to take it as responsibly as possible, choose natural, hypoallergenic, wear-resistant fabrics.

The kitchen is experiencing more stress than before, so it must be complete in terms of functionality and size, and the kitchen appliances must be of decent quality.

The layouts of houses and apartments will strive for greater volume and functional zoning that is practically invisible to the eye. Partial division of space by large glass sheets, through partitions, natural plants, laconic finishing materials, and scenario lighting will come to the rescue.

Interior Trends 2022: New Tendencies in Styles


Modern Details

Interior design trends 2022 promise sleek lines and minimalism alongside eye-catching Art Deco details and pieces. Interesting lighting on the ceiling can create unique accents.

Pastel shades and bold color combinations are again popular.

Interior Trends 2022: New Tendencies in Styles


Nature has come to our homes for a long time. Flowers are everywhere – in a vase on the table, curtains, and even walls.

High-quality natural materials in different combinations are welcomed: leather and wood, rattan and stone.

Interior design trends 2022 suggest a return to the furnishings and interiors of a classic 90s: rattan chairs, dry flower arrangements, and marble tables.

Also, look out for the warm tones of wood and the furnishings with genuine leather upholstery.


Scandinavian Harmony

The Scandinavian house is known for its minimalism, simple elegance, and the quality of natural materials. Interesting solutions and unexpected combinations give the familiar style a new look.

What do you think of a lamp, a stone coffee table, or a mushroom ottoman in a children’s room?


The atmosphere of a loft, industrial style, black metal – the fashion house has sometimes a brutal character. Cold metal’s best friend is warm wood, which softens the overall impression of industrial rigor.

Mirror surfaces, bold combinations of decor items, and glass items are relevant.

Fresh Solutions of Interior Trends 2022

A New Style of Home

A new home is a blank slate, and you are the artist.

You can decorate your apartment yourself, or you can choose one of three styles developed by our designers: Scandinavian, Modern Classic, Light.

There is a wide selection of materials and shades so that everyone can create an interior according to their taste and in accordance with interior design trends 2022.

Fresh Solutions of Interior Trends 2022

In 2022, the usual choice of furniture is also different. Instead of conventional wardrobes, transformer wardrobes, which have a desk and even armchairs, will be in demand.

Modular furniture is a priority, which allows you to combine different scenarios of life and zoning of the room. This is especially true for owners of small apartments.

Smart furniture with digital or automated functions is becoming a trend.

According to interior design trends 2022, it helps not to be distracted during work and study, it will be possible to solve various everyday tasks by pressing one button.

Furniture Trends 2022

Natural Materials

Natural materials and colors are among interior design trends 2022. Solid wood, especially light wood with its natural texture, rattan, natural and reconstructed veneer, seagrass, bamboo, water hyacinth, banana leaves, cork oak, cotton, wool, silk, leather, wood, natural rubber.

Traditional favorites are rocks, including marble, travertine, slate, sandstone, ceramic elements, and complex types of ceramics – porcelain and faience.

Glass, paper, and metal, as before, should be considered as rich textured addition and a fashionable element of décor.

Furniture Trends 2022

Marble, Cement, and Wood

These materials are a combination of warm textures and cool colors.

Marble, wood, and concrete are brought together to create a raw yet sophisticated space. An interior using these materials is great for a young couple, creating a minimal and modern interior. Marble, wood, and concrete are brought together to create a raw yet sophisticated space.

There is something very luxurious about the majestic combination of wood-veined marble. The combination of natural materials brings life to modern apartment interiors and can be combined in many ways.

Furniture Trends 2022

Mixing Metals

Mixing metals adds a clean and elegant style to any room. Various metals work together to add depth, directing the eye from dominant to accent shades.

However, mixing gold and silver, not to mention all the other shades of metal, can be daunting. Besides deciding which metals to mix, there is also the issue of mixing metal finishes.

Mixing metals adds a clean and elegant style to any room. Whether polished stainless steel or wrought copper, there are many different combinations to choose from.

The key to success is choosing one metallic shade that will dominate the overall color palette. This applies to all types of metal, not just gold and silver.

Furniture Trends 2022

Interior Design Ideas 2022: Color Options

Among the main colors of 2022, we would highlight Spruce Shade, Rose Quartz, and Oceanside.

Interior Design Ideas 2022: Color Options

Spruce Shade

This is a soothing, deep shade of cool blue-green. It is associated with nature, harmony, looks elegant, and also symbolizes protection and reliability, like evergreen trees.

It is a perfect paint color for a dining room. Pair it with deep cherry wood furniture.

Interior Design Ideas 2022: Color Options

Rose Quartz

In turn, Rose Quartz is associated with kindness, love of spouses, love for children and parents, trust in the family.

Rose quartz looks harmoniously with contrasting gray, black and white, complements interiors in light wood and gold trim.

Interior Design Ideas 2022: Color Options


It is a rich, pure natural color – a harmonious combination of blue and green.

Its peculiarity is that it is able to be both a full-fledged background, completely occupy large areas, and play the role of an accent detail of the interior.


Natural Colors

Everything that we see in nature is the main color trend. White ice is a sense of volume and purity, green is a symbol of the well-being that nature gives us.

It emphasized that the color of summer foliage brings a feeling of joy and freshness, the aqua color gives a feeling of peace and serenity, soft pink is the shade of an evening sunset, warm gray and terracotta are reminiscent of a sunny desert.

The trend is laconic forms, monochrome interior, lack of banal contrasts in the decoration of walls and floors. The main thing is that the alternation of contrasting materials in the decoration is not as obvious as last year.

Only architectural solutions can be striking.

Top 20 New Interior Design Trends 2022 You Need to Know

Influence of Nature

Eco-style in interior design trends 2022 allows you to touch nature, has a beneficial effect on humans, and creates a cozy atmosphere at home!

This year, reuse and recycling are more relevant than ever, especially with the COVID situation that we have all experienced and are still experiencing.

Decor Trends 2022


Again, in the continuation of eco-trends, among decor trends 2022, tropical plants are interesting units in the interior.

A trend has emerged that can be the influence of lockdown. Bamboo, rattan, and reeds are moving into apartments, and living plants are ideally accompanied by wicker furniture. They create an amazing winter garden feeling inside your home.

Today, plants look beautiful in all rooms, from the bedroom to the bathroom.

Decor Trends 2022

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting has always been one of the most essential decor components in the house. Today, as the most relevant key interior design trends 2022, lighting should meet the criteria for ergonomics and energy efficiency.

Smart lamps, built-in, and track lamps, lamps with warm and cold light are all relevant in home and office interiors.

Decor Trends 2022


Decorations with mirrors or mirrored objects look even more elegant and trendy in the interior of an apartment or a house.

Designers advise using mirrors with a unique artistic touch.

Decor Trends 2022

Handmade Decor

Another trend driven by the pandemic is that we are more likely to pay attention to local brands and appreciate various handicrafts. The history of things has become important for us: by whom they were created, from what, what inspired their creators, and what technologies were used.

All this means that we are truly entering the era of conscious consumption.

Of course, items made from recycled materials are held in high esteem.

Various decor objects can be displayed on all possible surfaces: in niches, on tables, just on the floor. They will convey the character of the interior and its owner.

Decor Trends 2022

However, despite the rapprochement with nature, we are still residents of the metropolis, and technology is walking hand in hand with us. Lamps and bedside tables are now part-time wireless chargers, sofas remember the position of their owner and smart home systems control ventilation, lighting, and audio systems.

Technology is an integral and important participant in our lives.

Decorative Elements

Decorative elements are rarely used individually. Lamps of unusual shapes, art objects are used to decorate the apartment as a complement to the wall design, plants, mirrors, and facades.

Decor Trends 2022

Interior design trends 2022 suggest that each individual interior should have a unique vision with its story. You can create your own unique design project by combining various styles, textures, and shades.

New trends in interior design are another fresh vision of beauty and harmony, convenience, and functionality.

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