House Design 2022: Top 10 Best Design Trends

Interior Design Trends

House design 2022 makes its own adjustments to the design of apartments, houses, and offices. The main trend is personalization, that is, the introduction of unique elements.

Experts advise to develop taste and trust your preferences in choosing the decor, color combinations, and styles.

Interiors with a perfectly verified design are out of fashion, perfectionists should take their minds off the rules, use their imagination and find a special zest that will become the hallmark of the owner of the house.

House Design 2022 - 10 Best Design Trends

From time immemorial, fashion has adapted to the rhythm of life and the convenience of a person.

The variety of finishing materials, lighting fixtures, decor, textiles allows you to update the interior within a few hours, so the ability to choose the correct arrangement of the right things comes to the fore, while you still need to learn how to get rid of all that is superfluous.

When creating a new design project for an apartment, you need to focus not only on the external image but also on functionality that takes into account the issues of convenience and safety.

Designers identify three equally important parameters that are taken into account when creating or modifying a project.

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Ease of cleaning assumes access to all surfaces and the absence of places for the accumulation of dust and dirt. Try to arrange everything so that you don’t have to devote too much time and attention to keeping it clean.

Living Space Interior Trends 2022

But cleanliness and hygiene itself, of course, do not lose their importance.

The main requirement of the time is to facilitate and minimize the time spent on maintaining order. This can be achieved not only through good habits, but also by improving the layout, updating the finish, furniture, and decor.

Ease of movement involves taking into account the peculiarities of daily activities. Safety rules should be associated not only with the bathroom and kitchen, which have appliances but with the entire apartment.

The problem can be both excessive congestions of space and adherence to extreme minimalism.

The aesthetics of the interior is an important parameter that determines not only the status but also the well-being of the owners. Psychologists are increasingly connecting to this area, exploring the influence of light, color, and symbolic things on the mental state of a person.

At the same time, it is impossible to deduce universal recommendations.

The best advice is to listen to your own feelings.

The trendy idea of personalization this year involves a teenage approach. If earlier the teenager’s room was considered a kind of oasis of self-expression, now it is the leading trend for the entire living space.

New house design 2022 can be an important reason for inspiration, only new impressions can develop taste. Making copies is not fashionable today, it is more important to catch the peculiarities and develop your own version.

The Aesthetics of Interior Trends 2022

Color choices in house design 2022 have undergone a major overhaul. The new direction takes into account not only a fleeting external impression but also how colors affect mood. This is what explains the fashion for rich dark shades.

For a modern person, an apartment has become a place of solitude, so coziness is associated with an enveloping effect that disappears when pastel and light colors are used.

The fashionable design of the apartment assumes the replacement of gray with beige, which has won back its positions, especially in the use of natural shades of wood in furniture and decor.

Design Trends 2022: Colors

Color Options in House Interior 2022

Not only white, gray, and beige, but also light green, blue, black, and even pink are considered neutral colors by designers. They continue to be used for their intended purpose, and at the same time, they boldly experiment, increasing the intensity on almost the entire spectrum with additional mixed options.

Bright yellow, orange, blue, and purple are the favorites of the new generation, which finds a compromise with elders, accepting the possibility of white in the interior of house design 2022.

New shades are navy blue, hunting green. Marsala and royal purple remain relevant, but not as the main color. Natural green, the color of living foliage can become a unifying motif of the interior of the whole house, accents in the form of decor, and living plants will bring a touch of freshness to all rooms.

Shades of soil, wood, combined with rich heavenly tones pay tribute to naturalism and are ideal for relaxation zones.

Color Options in House Interior 2022

House Interior 2022: Textures

Metals are taking up more and more space, with silver and gold decor being combined with reflective or matte surfaces. Tinplate panels are becoming a popular option for the kitchen.

Marble countertops look great in monochrome surroundings. Using this noble stone in decorative finishes, you need to highlight it as an accent spot. The same approach is applied to precious woods.

Following the fashion for carpets that are used for zoning space, you need to take into account that the selection of pattern and color has become critical. They should have one completely matching color with the furniture. The large pattern should be located on a free area of the floor.

House Interior 2022: Textures

Upholstered furniture an integral attribute of any apartment, but its location is becoming more and more non-standard, which makes it possible to rationally use the available space. This cozy corner can become not only a part of the living room but also the kitchen, hallway, balcony.

A new trend in house design 2022 is bright velvet cushions that create an original contrast to the neutral upholstery and understated design of modern headsets.

Transparent glass countertops, shelves, and containers remain the focus of designers’ attention, while advances in technology allow the glass to be replaced with more practical plastic.

Decorative mirrors have largely lost ground. Their use to visually expand the space remains open to question. It is much easier to blend small reflective details into the interior.

Furniture Design Trends 2022

The ecological trend retains its leading positions, it not only comes into conflict with the classics based on exquisite processing of natural materials (wood, decorative stone) but also undergoes internal metamorphoses.

Eco-style motives – rough wood, moss panels, live plants, and other methods of reproducing wild nature do not lose their relevance in terms of creating a clean hypoallergenic atmosphere. But modern interior design trends 2022 are more subordinate to the idea of reuse and recycling.

The popularity of elements in the loft-style is growing, in which decoration and decor are directly created from waste material.

The purchase of furniture and things made of recycled plastic (bottles and cases of digital technology) is becoming a conscious choice of the consumer and helps the Art Nouveau style to keep its niche.

Abstract and geometric patterns are being used more and more boldly, but there is an interesting trend towards the return of floral motifs to wall decoration and textiles.

Enlarged images of plants, animals, landscapes on walls, and bedspreads are another progressive trend, the use of which requires a thoughtful approach.

Style Decor Trends 2022

The house design 2022 does not tolerate a museum approach.

The above does not give grounds for a complete rejection of ethnic and retro motives, rather the opposite. Souvenirs and antiques in limited quantities can become the attributes that provide the uniqueness that is so important in modern fashion.

The stylized work of designers who create utensils and decor in line with the requirements of the times is also worthy of attention. In all cases, such products are used as accent pieces.

They can be in contrast to the underlying motive. For example, bright rugs, textiles, or cushions with African and Oriental patterns will revive minimalism and modernity.

The value and elegance of an antique are emphasized by its location in the viewing area, against a background of monochrome finishes.

It gives a new breath of exotic style by expanding the scope of the use of rattan-wicker furniture. Lightweight wood-colored headsets move confidently into city apartments, providing comfort and freshness.

The second trend is large clay pots with plants, which become an accent spot in austere living rooms and offices.

Scandi lovers are advised to pay attention to the combination of white finishes and furniture with vintage black metal elements.

House Design 2022: Top 10 Best Design Trends

Interest in experiments with lighting devices allows us to state revolutionary changes in house interior 2022. The asymmetrical arrangement, close proximity of pendant and ceiling lamps, the return of floor lamps – all these trends open up a lot of imagination.

A minimalist approach to the wall and floor decoration shifts attention to the ceiling.

The fashionable house design 2022 does not negate the importance of natural light, which is provided not only by the size of the windows but also by the revision of the curtains, towards greater openness and transparency.

House Design 2022: Top 10 Best Design Trends

Small House Design 2022

Social necessity forces not only architects but also designers to focus on the use of small footage for arranging the life of a modern person. Several parallel trends have emerged in this sense.
The approach, which involved demolishing partitions and creating a unified space for resting, cooking, eating, and sleeping, is undergoing a major revision.

The current trend is not aimed at creating a completely open space. Zoning is carried out not only through decoration and decor but also through the creation of niches and areas isolated from each other.

Space savings are achieved by replacing block walls with glass, plastic partitions, or sliding structures. Methods of combining a kitchen wall with a dining room, a bedroom with a living room are quite relevant.

Small House Design 2022

The classic studio model is no longer considered a model for the rational use of space. It can only be used in spacious apartments with high ceilings, designed for a maximum of two people, while not only ordinary but also vertical zoning is used.

Minimalistic monochrome and non-contrasting decoration of walls, floor, ceiling give unlimited freedom of choice and placement of modular furniture, built-in wardrobes, transformers.

Particular attention is paid to disguising the kitchen wall for the overall design. The uniqueness of the house design 2022 is emphasized by the bright accent color of the upholstery and lighting fixtures. In small spaces, as a rule, purely decorative, non-functional things are not used.

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