Top 17 Home Decor Trends 2022 in Private Houses and Apartments

Interior Design Trends

The functional and at the same time fashionable interior ideas of home decor trends 2022, which you will find in this article, will allow you to turn your home into a cozy, beautiful, and functional place.

House Interior Trends 2022

Check out our home design ideas 2022 that are really stylish and trendy.

To build a private apartment that could meet all the requirements, both in terms of appearance and comfort, will take a lot of time and effort.

Modern home decor trends 2022 in a private house is a set of measures for the improvement and decoration, thanks to which an ordinary concrete box turns into a unique residential building.

This includes work on the selection of a style direction, and the establishment of an architectural plan with a house layout, and design decoration with a choice of appropriate materials, furniture, and decoration elements.

Private House Interior Trends 2022

Home Design 2022: Modern Style Directions

Classic Design

For more than a dozen years, classicism in the design of country houses has remained popular, thanks to proven methods and techniques. A feature of classicism in home decor trends 2022 is its minimalism.

Modern designs do not accept lush decorations and a lot of decor elements. Everything is as simple as possible, even sometimes ascetic.

Also trending:

The design concept is the embodiment of freedom and proximity to everything natural. The expressiveness of taste preferences is expressed through the originality of the forms; the interiors are made very functional.

Home Design 2022: Modern Style Directions

High-Tech Style

The first acquaintance with the architectural features of high-tech occurred in the 60s of the 20th century. Such buildings immediately found many fans, thanks to their non-standard appearance, which clearly distinguished them from all others.

Today’s approach to design in a high-tech direction implies maximum minimalism, as a result of which every element and detail is thought out at the moment of practicality and usefulness.

The combination of glass surfaces with the coldness of concrete and steel makes the houses unique. Distinctive features of the style are:

  • panoramic window openings;
  • transparent wall partitions and roof;
  • the presence of elevators;
  • staircase structures and door systems of non-standard shapes.

In interior decoration, the direction is distinguished by open engineering communications, which become elements of decor design.

Home Design 2022: Modern Style Directions

Modern Style

Art Nouveau differs from its predecessors in clear lines, proportionality, and correctness of forms. A large number of metal inclusions and glass surfaces make the house a unique architectural object.

The rooms have an impressive height of ceilings, and the flat roof makes it possible to use every centimeter of the area with benefit. The steps are framed by built-in lighting, which makes the structure look like a futuristic spaceship.

Due to the open planning characteristic of modernity and the absence of intrusive decor, space is filled with air, so the atmosphere is light.

Neutral natural shades are non-irritating.

Home Design 2022: Modern Style Directions

Exterior Finishing Materials

The exterior of any building is its hallmark, guests get acquainted with the taste preferences of the owners and their wealth by evaluating it. There are quite a few opportunities for decorating private residences, but in home decor trends 2022 the following are the most relevant.


This material is chosen by people who prefer eco-safety and reliability. The cladding made of wood panels is in harmony with the surrounding nature. Such elements are able to soften the aggressive industrialism of hi-tech and the clarity of the angles of minimalism.

Exterior Finishing Materials wood 2022

Concrete & Steel

Buildings made of these materials are fundamentally resistant, safe, and durable.

Concrete wall surfaces can be painted, sewn up with plastic, or covered with ceramic tiles. A novelty in the design of the house is the gray shades of the materials, giving the building an industrial stylish look.

Exterior Finishing Materials 2022



The brick design remains in demand, as it is a guarantee of strength, durability, and attractiveness. The facade can be covered with natural stone elements that are not inferior in quality and type.

For home decor 2022, it is typical to use clinker bricks, which, due to their dense structure and the absence of voids, perfectly protect the structure from the effects of external natural factors.

Exterior Finishing Materials 2022

Siding Panels and Decorative Plaster

Siding elements are very popular among users due to their performance and a wide variety of textures and shades. The most popular are elements that imitate wood, stone, and metal.

People like plaster for their cost and the ability to often change the exterior design. This season, light colors are popular, thanks to which it is possible to visually increase the size of the building.

Siding Panels and Decorative Plaster 2022

Natural materials have achieved unprecedented popularity among all options for the interior decoration of houses.

Cork is often used to decorate wall surfaces. Thanks to a wide range of shades and a unique pleasant texture, cork easily replaces decorative plaster.

The shade of green has become the leader among the color palette for interior design. The trend that came from the Scandinavian style in the form of the use of bright prints on furniture, carpets, tiled elements, curtains, etc., is able to revive the atmosphere of the room.

Modern trends require the use of crystal and its imitation, transparent furniture items, everything should carry chic and elegance in an atmosphere.

Metal decorative elements in the form of vases, lamps, and watches made of gold, silver, and other types of metal are home decor trends 2022.

Whatever fashion trends dominate in the design element of country residences, you always need to listen to your desires and needs, and then it is possible to turn the most ordinary building into a dream house.

Interior Design Trends 2022: Finishing Materials

Fashionable interiors are most often designed in accordance with current trends. The home design ideas 2022 of apartments can be interesting and modern as well as stylish. A good combination of interior functionality and current trends is enough.

Modern fashionable interiors are associated with minimalism, simplicity, open space, and new forms.

There is a return to retro, combining antiques in interior design, restored furniture with a change in its functioning in the interior. Fashionable home decor trends 2022, hiding many rules and functions, rely on currently relevant and more preferred tendencies.

Apartment Interior Design Trends 2022

Modern Home Decor Ideas 2022 for Apartments

When thinking about a modern interior, a decision often arises about designer furniture, household items that are offered by stores. However, fashionable interiors, in which modernity takes different forms, can break stereotypes or partially rely on them, deviating from the accepted rules, surprising with simple solutions, or a completely abstract vision of perception.

Home decor ideas 2022 in apartments are designed to awaken a person’s imagination, evoke emotions, break boundaries, or change perceptions to things that are important and less meaningful.

When decorating the interiors of home design 2022 for apartments, do not forget to do this first of all in accordance with your personal preferences.

If you are organizing an interior in a modern style with bright colors and patterns, but in reality, you like the classics, you will not feel good in such an environment. And this is what you should keep in mind when designing apartment interiors.

You have to decide which direction to go – either choose your own design, or the interior, according to the dictated fashion. Sometimes it is better to use your own ideas in interior design and implement them on your own or with the help of architects and decorators.

Modern Home Decor Ideas 2022 for Apartments

A return to nature has been observed for several seasons. The interiors of the apartments are dominated by natural stone, wood, or untreated walls made of decorative concrete.

When arranging trendy apartment interiors, remember the leading colors, as this year they are pastels, with shades of blue at the forefront. Sapphire, blue, and emerald tones appeared in the interior.

The trendy interior also uses glass on the wall as an element of the partition, as well as wallpaper, which is back in trend again. Saturated colors are welcome.

Mixed Styles of Home Decor Trends 2022

Apartment Design: Novelties in Home Decor Ideas 2022

Home decor trends 2022 for apartments are diverse. Some people love pastel colors, while others feel better in bolder tones. When furnishing your apartment, be guided by personal taste and what is currently the trend. No need to throw away last year’s collection of furniture.

Sometimes, just add a couple of little things, repaint the walls or replace the textiles in the house to get an apartment correspondent to the latest trends.

Apartment Design: Novelties in Home Decor Ideas 2022



Fashionable Home Design Ideas 2022


The hit of 2022 is saturated colors. This is not just about green and juicy pomegranate. This year the color palette is much more varied, giving ample arrangement possibilities.

For home decor trends 2022, earth colors, such as sandy, brown, red, green or coral prevail. Particular attention should be paid to the new neon shade of green. This color is eternal, as it is close to nature and vegetation, which are often lacking in our environment.

This color scheme is a combination of modernity, freshness, and tranquility that comes from nature. The interiors will thus become original and unique. Remember that not only walls can be accentuated with strong color accents, but there should also be changes in accessories, upholstered furniture, or cabinet fronts.

Fashionable Home Design Ideas 2022

Closer to Nature

Strong color accents are in perfect harmony with natural materials, which are the most relevant among home decor trends 2022. Eternal stone and wood add luxury and modernity to the interior.

Architects are very eager to turn to such materials because these types of additions provide a substitute for communication with nature. Brick and burgundy red, caramel brown, and ocher yellow gain popularity.

Fashionable Home Design Ideas 2022

Geometric Shapes and Ethnic Patterns

Geometric shapes and natural materials are an original combination. They should be introduced into the interior of the living room, and it is best to do this with additions and details.

Place a geometric lamp in the hall, hang an oval mirror on the wall, or install rectangular furniture handles. In addition to this, ethnic patterns related to African culture are also very trendy.

Fashionable Home Design Ideas 2022

Soft Accessories

This trend has also been known in the past. It is not surprising that in home decor trends 2022, velour is included in interiors. You can use it on upholstered furniture and as accessories.



And this, of course, will add a touch of luxury and comfort to the apartment. Velour will work in intense colors.


Harmony in the interior is a balance in the whole house. Save it throughout the apartment. Select wood, stone, and colorful accessories. Ensure that your apartment decoration brings you peace and satisfaction.

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