Door Design 2022: Top 15 Latest Trends with Useful Tips

Interior Design Trends

Opting for the right doors takes more than one day, but to simplify this difficult task, we have collected all the fresh trends for door design 2022 in one article.

Interior doors are a decorative and at the same time functional element of the interior that delimits space, provides sound insulation, and aesthetically emphasizes the design he home.

Door Design 2022: Top 15 Latest Trends with Useful Tips

The design of interior doors is extremely important because they can become the main focus of the entire interior.

You need to choose such a product so that it logically completes the overall picture. It also quite often happens that interior doors separate two rooms made in different styles.

This complicates the task, but it can be solved. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our tips and a selection of current door trends 2022.

Let’s navigate the sea of fashionable proposals. What, for example, should a modern door look like?

Of course, it must be strong and reliable, this is the most important thing in any case. However, let’s talk about the latest door design 2022.

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New Door Design 2022: Tips for Choosing Front Doors

The entire entrance lobby is made in the same style.

Tip 1.

The design of the front doors 2022 should be different inside and outside.

The outer side is in harmony with the facade of the house (if it is a mansion), and the inner side is in harmony with the design of the hallway and the apartment itself.

Tip 2.

Many people prefer the door to be inconspicuous, blending in with the finish.

But there is another trend in fashion – a contrasting door, for example, black and white. This is already a striking detail, the center of the design composition. And it certainly will not go unnoticed by your guests.

New Door Design 2022: Tips for Choosing Front Doors

Tip 3.

Door trends 2022 include doors with original decorative elements. These are, for example, forged parts, metal inserts. Another unusual and very fashionable option is glass doors.

Yes, and front doors 2022 too! If, of course, they go out into the courtyard of a private house.

New Door Design 2022: Tips for Choosing Front Doors

Tip 4.

The 3D design is in vogue – the presence of convex, volumetric details and finishes.

New Door Design 2022: Tips for Choosing Front Doors

Tip 5.

Inside, it is fashionable to decorate the front doors with MDF panels and even laminate, the same one that lies on the floor. This technique expands the hallway space.

New Door Design 2022: Tips for Choosing Front Doors

There is no particular revolution about this. Nevertheless, this year it is preferable to give privilege to soft and subtle shades. Among darker shades, dark gray is considered to be the new black. A refreshing blend of yellow and green looks absolutely voguish this year.

It also remains trendy if you mask interior doors by painting the door completely the same hue as the wall. This solution looks especially original with bright shades.

For instance, a bright fresh and the airy yellow door would look exquisitely unique in combination with the same color on the wall.

Interior Door Color Trends 2022

Classic solid wood doors can be expensive, but they are really durable. You can choose a ready-made version for a standard size or order a door with exclusive design and dimensions.

Models with MDF and veneered coatings are no less prestigious options. They are durable, not prone to cracking, and can be with decorative elements made of glass, wood, or metal.

It is clear that the price of interior doors of different designs differs at times. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, so listen to the advice of experts before obtaining one.

Interior Door Trends 2022: Materials

The hidden or the invisible door is among the most popular interior door trends 2022 due to its special visual effect: the canvas seems to dissolve in space and seems to be a continuation of the wall.

The door is decorated with the same material as the wall into which it is integrated. This can be paint, plaster, or wall paneling.

Invisibles are installed in two stages. First, the entire block with a box is mounted in the opening, then the canvas is removed, and the joints around the perimeter are covered with plaster in several layers.

After that, the canvas is returned to the box, the finishing begins.

For owners who value practicality, experts advise the panels: they are easy to clean, do not require restoration in case of heavy contamination, and retain their previous appearance after years of use.

If desired, the finishing can be combined: for example, on one side, cover the canvas with plaster, on the other – with a painted panel or with a mirror on the entire canvas. As a result, the door is in harmony with different styles in the two spaces.

Interior Door Trends 2022: The Hidden Door


Sliding Door Design 2022

The sliding door, also known as a pencil case door, slides into the wall – a special cassette. This engineering design is not new, but the demand for pencil case projects continues to grow steadily.

If you look at it, the advantages of the cassette system are many. These doors do not take up space around them, freeing up the walls for furniture, TV, floor lighting, or hangers. Some pencil cases do not require framing and are combined with hidden hinged door frames.

Contrary to popular belief, the pencil case is serviced without dismantling the wall, and for installation, it is not necessary to build it up in length: a fairly wide opening, equal to the double size of the canvases.

Doors do not dangle, dust does not clog in the guides, roller mechanisms are hidden, sound insulation is equal to the performance of swing systems. Ultimately, the door, going into the wall, becomes an aesthetic highlight in a small area.

Sliding Door Design 2022

Doors with a length of 2.1 meters are considered high. Such structures make ceilings higher, boost the natural lighting of the room and look simply elegant.

The effect of a high door is achieved in two ways: by installing a window above the door – a transom – or by lengthening the canvas itself. If you do not surprise the modern consumer with a transom, then the imitation of a high canvas becomes the latest trend of door design 2022.

The interest is caused by the possibility of obtaining doors from complex materials – solid wood, metal, natural stone. Not every manufacturer can afford to manufacture them according to non-standard sizes.

To prevent the canvas from warping under its own weight and retaining its geometry, instead of timber and MDF, specialists use a skeleton made of light but strong metals, for example, aluminum.

This also applies to stone products. An imitation of a high door on an aluminum frame, lined with a stone veneer is a possible option.

High Door Design Trends 2022

Wood Door Design 2022

Sliding doors made of light wood are an ideal option for eco-design. They should be as simple as possible with minimal fittings.

The jali door design 2022 with inserts of the transparent glass looks absolutely in rage.

If you would like to make an impression on everyone who enters your home, order the trendy sliding interior doors made of wooden in a rustic design.

They are made from rough wood, on which all small defects are preserved.

The most original rustic interior doors have an uneven leaf edge. Forged metal fittings can serve as a decoration.

Wood doors perfectly fit both into the eco-interior, and you can combine them with minimalist design.

Door Design 2022: Top 15 Latest Trends with Useful Tips

New Wood Door Design 2022: Wide Doors

Take into account the wood doors with an extra-wide door leaf. Double-leaf options are also a good variant.

Pay attention that the sashes are of the same width and design.

Door Design 2022: Top 15 Latest Trends with Useful Tips

In jali door design 2022 fashionable three-leaf doors are some of the best options.

The Latest Door Design 2022: Glass Doors

Glass is resistant to moisture, it is fireproof, environmentally friendly, does not change geometry over time. And it is easy to care for: it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth without special means. Glossy, matte, stained-glass, tinted – any surface will universally fit into the interior of most styles.

Transparent glass doors are ideal for zoning as they bring airiness to any space. Designers often include glass models in projects to separate the living room from the loggia, kitchen, work, and other areas without losing lighting.

Of course, such doors are equipped with a reliable frame without external elements, like covers or fasteners, and the door leaf consists of safety-tempered glass that has been tested for impact resistance.

The standard thickness is 4 mm, but it can be increased if desired.

The Latest Door Design 2022: Glass Doors

Sliding Glass Door

We will separately mention the tempered glass sliding partitions. Due to their high strength, the partitions are suitable even in areas where children and pets live. The canvases can be from 4 to 10 mm thick with one glass and up to 40 mm with two glasses: both transparent and painted on both sides.

The hidden system is mounted to the ceiling at the stage of rough work and does not need bars, covers, cornices, and secret recesses. From an artistic point of view, the canvas can be tinted, or decorated with drawings.

Sliding Glass Door 2022

Custom Design Doors

Bold design ideas for doors seem fresh and unique.

Externally, the canvases are faced with almost everything that comes to mind of the customer and is available on the market – from the glass with photo printing to stainless steel in titanium nitride.

Custom Design Doors 2022

From the inside, the doors can be filled with sound-absorbing materials to increase sound insulation, or with eye-catching decor, if you need to surprise guests and make the interior expressive.

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