Ceiling Design 2022 – Top 14 Design Options

Interior Design Trends

Ceiling design takes an important part in creating the interior of the entire room. Ideas with ceiling design 2022 will make a large apartment cozy, and a small one spacious.

Even the ordinary white ceiling can emphasize such properties of the interior as laconicism, striving for minimalism, and also give way to bright accents.

Ceiling Design 2022 – Top 14 Design Options

Among ceiling trends 2022, a number of variants distinguish themselves with unique and unconventional decor elements.

Not only the tint of the ceiling covering is important, but also its material and method of attachment. Here, you will find the most outstanding ideas and fresh design solutions.

There are thousands of ceiling design 2022 projects on the Internet, and among them, you will not find two alike.

Among the materials most in-demand in 2022, tension structures and drywall undoubtedly keep their popularity.

Ceiling Trends 2022: Methods and Materials

Also trending:

Natural wood and practical solutions with cassette systems, PVC panels, and wallpaper are also relevant.

In addition to these, already quite traditional options, non-standard solutions using glass, mirrors, flexible stone are also in fashion.

Natural Wood

Natural wood looks perfect in a classic living room, in a rural-style bedroom, and in a modern kitchen. The wood can be either painted or retain its natural look.

Natural wood has one drawback – a relatively high price, so sometimes it is replaced with panels that imitate wood.

Ceiling Trends 2022: Methods and Materials wood


However, such naturalness has a rather serious drawback: volumetric structures on the ceiling can seriously reduce the overall height of the room, so it will be much more logical to create wooden interiors in your spacious houses.


Mirrored ceilings look great. They add intimacy to the bedroom, and they make the living room simply gorgeous.

Stained glass ceilings made of glass look no less luxurious, but such complex exclusive designs are not available to everyone.

The ceiling will be original using flexible stone.

Ceiling Trends 2022: Methods and Materials glass

Whitewashing and Painting Ceiling Design 2022

The most traditional way to design a ceiling is whitewashing.

In this case, chalk, slaked lime, acrylic paint can be used.

Whitewashing and Painting Ceiling Design 2022


It is safe, but demanding for the master: it is hard to apply chalk whitewash without a flaw.

Whitewashing and Painting Ceiling Design 2022

Slaked Lime

This is applied with a brush in three layers and does not require a perfectly even base, since the viscous mixture masks small cracks. Lime is bactericidal and protects the ceiling from mold and mildew.

Whitewashing and Painting Ceiling Design 2022


Ceiling paint differs in composition – for dry and wet rooms. Add color to prepare paints of different colors or shades for different areas of the apartment.

Smooth the surface of the base before painting.

Whitewashing and Painting Ceiling Design 2022 paint

New Ceiling Design 2022: Wallpaper

A budgetary and relatively simple way to decorate the ceiling is to wallpaper it. They are not demanding and mask small irregularities.

Ceiling wallpapers are made from different materials and are divided into fabric, synthetic, and paper.

Fabric Wallpapers

They are varied in texture and come in jacquard, linen, silk, velour, felt, cotton and jute.

These materials look unique and each has its own functional features: jacquard is moisture resistant, silk makes the interior richer, and jute, due to the fibers, will hide the flaws of the base.

New Ceiling Design 2022: Wallpaper

Synthetic Vinyl

This kind of wallpaper is moisture resistant and easy to clean.

New Ceiling Design 2022: Wallpaper


This is believed to be the most environmentally friendly option.

Through the use of wallpaper, you can illustrate the ceiling in an apartment with any design in an original way. However, for combined rooms, this is not the best idea, since the wallpaper absorbs odors well and after five years their appearance deteriorates due to fading and dust.

New Ceiling Design 2022: Wallpaper

Modern suspended ceilings allow the designers to create completely unique interiors, to show imagination and artistic taste. Free lines flowing smoothly into one another, blue neon lighting creates a feeling of lightness, despite the large amount of decor in the interior.

With the help of a tension structure, you can make a ceiling with any surface even in a few hours: no matter what irregularities and cracks disfigure the base, they will be hidden by a canvas stretched 10-15 centimeters below.

Stretch ceilings, thanks to the widest range, are suitable for almost any room, no matter what style it is.

Suspended Ceiling Trends 2022

The PVC Stretch Ceiling

The PVC is airtight, so it will protect your apartment from floods. The downside is that it does not allow air to pass through either, but it does not absorb odors and is easy to clean.

Suspended Ceiling Trends 2022

The Fabric Stretch Ceiling

It allows air and steam to pass through. So, it is good for dry living spaces where it is important for the room to breathe. They are not suitable for rooms such as bathrooms where humidity is high, and it can result in mold.

Technologies for installing tension structures allow you to make a ceiling from canvases of various textures and tints. These materials don’t absorb odors, therefore it is suitable for installation in rooms combined with a kitchen.

The process of installing a single-level canvas takes 2-4 hours, while even the furniture does not have to be taken out of the apartment.

These ceilings can be cleaned several times a year.

The Fabric Stretch Ceiling

Ceiling Design 2022: Dropped Ceilings

Suspended structures also hide the flaws of the ceilings behind them. In addition, behind the pendant elements, you can hide wires from lighting devices of any kind – both spotlights and chandeliers, which allows you to design the lighting system in an original way.

Suspended ceilings are unpretentious and can be easily restored if damaged.

In the new ceiling design 2022, the most popular types of materials for suspended structures in apartments are drywall and rack ceilings.

Ceiling Design 2022: Dropped Ceilings


Drywall will make it possible to carry out structures of almost any, even the most intricate form.

This is an environmentally friendly material with good sound insulation performance, but it is defenseless against moisture, and therefore not suitable for rooms such as a bathroom or kitchen.

Drywall absorbs moisture, from which it swells and becomes attractive to pathogens.

Ceiling Design 2022: Dropped Ceilings

Rack Ceiling

Racks for false ceilings made of aluminum, however, are not sensitive to moisture.

Rack structures are open and closed. In the first version, the slats are installed at a small distance from each other, which provides additional ventilation in the room. A closed slatted ceiling is usually made in rooms with high humidity.

Such a ceiling is easy to care for – just wipe it with a soft cloth.

Ceiling Design 2022: Dropped Ceilings

The Decor of Ceiling Design 2022

The choice of ceiling construction also depends on what style you choose for the apartment and how you organize the lighting.

Colors and Shape

Today, when choosing a ceiling finish, there is no need to limit yourself to white – you can use almost any shades you like.

All pastel shades are in demand – they give the interior softness and airiness and perfectly fit into any stylistic concept.

Saturated rich shades of blue, burgundy, plum, chocolate look interesting, especially in a glossy version.

Whatever color scheme you choose for your ceiling, make sure that it is in harmony with the decor of the room as a whole.

As for the shape, it is best to opt for simple geometric options, because ceiling design 2022 tends to be laconic and minimal in almost everything.

Floral motifs and abstract outlines are also a good idea – they can become a kind of creative accent.

The Decor of Ceiling Design 2022

Ceiling Lights 2022

When opting for ceiling lights, pay attention to the size and purpose of the room. You can light up dark corners of your kitchen, hang a lamp over a painting, or simply create beautiful lighting effects in your bedroom.

Ceiling Lights 2022

In case you intend to visually separate the room, apply several types of lighting fixtures for different zones.

For instance, in the living room,  hang a chandelier for general lighting and a sconce for a more intimate atmosphere, and in the kitchen, it is suitable to install discreet spotlights that provide enough light.

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