Scandinavian interior design: most creative design language over the years

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Scandinavian interior design is still seductive and trend that seems timeless. Between design and softness, it will seduce you. Here are some tips that will help you give a Nordic atmosphere to your interior.

Scandinavian interior design

What is scandinavian interior design?

Scandinavian design has been all the rage for several seasons, thanks to its clean, innovative, utilitarian, and warm aesthetic. Look at the major ingredients of Nordic style and accept the cocooning attitude for yourself!

Wooden, cashmere, fur, ivory, colored notes, textures influenced by holy nature… take a look at the main ingredients of Nordic style and accept the cocooning attitude for yourself!

nordic living room design

Nice woody details

Wood is one of the founding elements of the scandinavian interior design. For a Nordic touch in this otherwise entirely white scandinavian bedroom decor, opt for a wooden bench at the foot of the bed.

Also take a look at our post about eco decoration.

No-fuss details

The Scandinavian interior design does not do in the frills and complicated ornaments. As here, we therefore opt for tableware with a refined design, in light tones.

nordic living room design

The practical spirit

The Scandinavian interior design is organized and has a practical spirit, so many criteria that characterize the decoration of an interior. Here, shoe cabinets have been transformed into a headboard with storage. Clever!

A cocooning spirit

The Scandinavian style is also a subtle alliance between design and cocooning. In this room with very designer lines, the curtains create a space that is both chic and pleasant.

Softness and simplicity as key words

If you decide to change the decorative items to adapt the Scandinavian interior design, be careful not to use decorative elements that stand out too much, without falling into the mundane or gloomy. This pretty cream rug with a 3D print.

Animal softness to stay warm

Sheepskins – real or fake – will always find their place in a Scandinavian interior design. At the foot of the bed or on a chair, they bring softness and cocooning spirit to our interior.

nordic living room design

Originality by touches

Who says Scandinavian says simplicity and clean lines. However, this does not prevent the adoption of designer and original pieces. We love this tripod floor lamp with geometric lines sold at Maisons du Monde.

A dominant of white

With white, you can’t go wrong. It is definitely the favorite color of the Scandinavian style. Don’t let that prevent you from adding a few colorful touches to your interior!

Pastel notes

Do you find Scandinavian atmospheres too neutral in terms of colors? No problem because the pastel colors suit it very well. It is even called the hygge spirit which brings colors into this trend.

nordic living room design

A simple and functional design

Simple, clean, no-frills lines characterize Scandinavian-inspired furniture. Straight lines are frequently employed, however a few curves around a table or a storage cabinet are not unusual.

Also, to make a comfortable and functional environment, be careful not to over-decorate because the keyword is “clean.”

Light colors for bright Scandinavian interior design

For tones, the Scandinavian interior design relies on white and light colors. On the walls, on the ground, anything should be sober and rather white, gray or beige.

The main aim is indeed to highlight the furniture and decorative objects while bringing maximum brightness to your interior. For the choice of carpet lights, sofas and decorative accessories, beige and gray tones are still required.

nordic living room design

Patterns and touches of color

However, Scandinavian interiors do not forget the touches of color, inspired by nature. We find in the art of the table shades of green, pink, golden yellow, red, petroleum blue …

Also, on small decorative objects, such as cushions, the colors are there. You will also find patterns specific to the style, also directly inspired by nature. Extreme cold animals and plants therefore dress textiles.

Wood as a star component

Wood is the essential material for decoration in scandinavian interior design. It is used all over the house. Tables, chairs, storage, bed, bookcase and other furnishing for scandinavian bedroom decor…

In addition to furniture, there is wood on the floor. The parquet, in blond wood, especially pine, is preferred. Don’t be afraid of the total wooden floor-to-ceiling look, Finnish sauna style. It is found of course in the bathrooms, with paneling on the walls.

Light parquet such as white or gray parquet is also trendy. It is easily found in DIY stores but you can also simply repaint your parquet with a suitable paint.

Other Scandinavian interior design  materials

As for textiles, eco-friendly substances, such as cotton or wool, will dress your coverings , your curtains and decorative accessories. On carpets, for maximum comfort, think of wool. In the passage rooms, a floor covering in vegetable fiber cike jute or seagrass will go very well with the whole.

Golden brass is also a material that can be found in Scandinavian design, especially on decorative objects (lamps, trinkets …). It helps to create a light and fresh interior.

nordic living room design

Luminosity, essential in a Scandinavian interior

As we know: the Scandinavian countries have fairly limited hours of sunshine. Scandinavians are therefore looking for light in their rooms on a fairly constant basis.

Adapting light shades (white, beige, pastels) helps to create a cozy interior. The light sources are also involved to optimize the brightness.

It is therefore advisable to multiply the light sources. Mix suspensions, wall lighting fixturesin acquintance with table lamps, candles or even light garlands.

Iconic pieces of Scandinavian style

Like any style of decoration, the Scandinavian style has iconic design pieces. We immediately think of Eames and its famous chairs. Timeless, with their plastic shell and wooden feet, today we find many more affordable versions in decoration and furniture stores.

nordic living room design

Another must-have piece of furniture: The Paimio by Finnish Alvar AAlto. Created in 1931, this suspended elbow chair inspired IKEA in particular, with its Pello elbow chair which is one of the brand’s bestsellers.

The essential brands of Scandinavian style

Obviously, when you think of Scandinavian style, you immediately think of IKEA. The Swedish furnishing giant has indeed won over the whole world with its timeless style and affordable furniture.

But know that there are also other Scandinavian design brands that have made a place for themselves over the years in the field of decoration!

The 5 essentials for a Scandinavian living room

A Scandinavian living room tempts you? Quickly discover our selection of products to transform your living room in two steps three movements!

nordic living room design

Subscribed to harsh winters, the Nordic countries are masters in the art of taming the cold season thanks to an interior that warms hearts. So if you want a warm decor that encourages cocooning and relaxing , go ahead and pick up a Scandinavian living room in your house.

1. The loveseat in wood and textile

In a scandinavian decorating style (or any other space in your home you want to decorate ), the settee is the focal point, and it sets the tone for the rest of the decor.

Choose a couch according to the best of  Scandinavian interior design, which is distinguished by its sleek design, dark woodwd legs, and soft and cozy fabric armchair , if you want to create a Nordic feel in your living room (blue, yellow, pink, sea green, etc.).

It is the key item of Scandinavian style, both functionally and aesthetically, and it will gladly anticipate your arrival in your living room to look after you!

nordic living room design

2. The woodwork suspension

If you want to turn your sitting room into a Scandinavian loungeroom, put away the decorative things as well as any weighty or mistreated furniture!

Nothing surpasses one (or more) minimalistic and clean wire fixutres made from bamboo or some other organic fiber, for example, for bringing light into a room (wicker, etc.).

3. Patterned cushions

Choose Nordic-inspired cushions to liven up a fabric love seat or piece of furniture in a nordic living room design. They’re made of textile in 99.9% of cases and adorned with Scandinavian interior design inspired designs like triangles, rectangles, diamond shapes, circles, lines… in other terms, geometric designs!

Cushions with images and bright colors are ideal for injecting life and vibrancy to a sofa. Is it truly required? To create a contrast in scandinavian decorating style, mix and match colors and forms!

nordic living room design

4. The Danish-inspired posters

Hygge, the “art of living” counterpart of Scandinavian design, was created by the Danes and advocates evenings spent wrapped in a thick plaid in front of a blazing fire with a good book.

You can demonstrate your thankfulness by rewarding them with a gorgeous poster or frame displaying a clearly assumed cocooning environment!

5. The elbow chair with wooden compass feet

In an ordic living room design, all of the elbow chair provide a comfortable and soft seat… Their four angular wood feet, whether in fabric, velvet, or another material, set them distinct from ordinary elbow chairs and give them their Nordic character.

They also provide this piece of furniture excellent stability.

Choose models in a variety of colors to mix and match your Scandinavian elbow chairs around a coffee table for a whimsical effect.Mistakes to avoid in a Scandinavian interior design.

The spirit of the Far North gives pride of place to wood and nature

If you want to surrounf yourself with softness and warmth, embrace the contrast of the Far North with a Scandinavian decor. A cozy and eco friendly style that requires to very specific codes. So in order not to make a mistake, avoid the pitfalls!

Do not choose lambda furniture for scandinavian decorating style

Woodwork is one of the most prominent features of Scandinavian interior design , which is an ode to nature and the forest. This theme calls for a textile that exudes warmth and individuality.

Pick up furniture made of thick wood, such as pine or birch, to display clean, contemporary frame.

nordic living room design

This Nordic furnishing must be both stylish and functional, and it must also be bright in shades, as the Scandinavian style is known for its brightness. So, get rid of all the dark furnishings and give blonde hues pride of place.

Do not opt ​​for a tile coating

Bet on a light wood parquet to fill the warm mood of the style and return a wonderful light, following the same logic as the furnishings. If you want, you can bring your mood into the bathroom by installing walls made by panels, which will give your water room a sauna-like feel.

Don’t forget about the decor-based aspect

To emphasize your Scandinavian interior design and its flair, pick massive tables made by wood and matching chairs. Symbolic ornamental artifacts such as candlesticks, candles, wool or skin rugs are also featured.

Throws can be used to cover your beds and sofas. Cushions with linear or organic patterns, as well as vivid colors like green, yellow, red, or even brown, are ideal.

nordic living room design

When it comes to curtains, opt for transparency to ensure that you get all of the light you need to brighten up your space. A decorative piece that will warm up your space while also highlighting your personal flair.

Light is another vital point of this theme; don’t be afraid to use floor lights, tiny lamps, and other light sources to emphasize all of the unique characteristics of your space.

Do not adopt just any color in scandinavian modern bathroom

Respect the color codes of your style, which revolve within beige, white, and brown yet are light. Warmer colors, such as red or green, can be used for textiles such as duvet covers, sheets, tea towels, table runners, and tableware.

Scandinavian style patterns

Bring a breath of fresh air to your interior with nordic inspired patterns for the most cozy scandinavian interior design. Nature or graphics, retro or designs, colorful or neutral, you will inevitably find a pattern that will stick to your style. Follow the guide and discover a trendy selection from the cold.


Scandinavian interior design draws its inspiration from nature. Flowers, trees, leaves and animals are available on cushions, curtains and other rugs At Ikea, you can find fabrics sold by the meter, such as the leafy model named Cécilia.

The brand remains a safe bet for Nordic-style, chic and inexpensive shopping. You will also find, in particular at Ferm Living or Isak, two brands from the North, “nature” collections for decorating the whole house.

nordic living room design


The retro-looking graphic patterns are also the success of the Scandinavian interior design. At Ferm Living, the rhombus has been brought up to date and is used in cushions, wallpaper, stickers and many decorative objects. At Marimekko, a large Finnish company created in 1951, the graphic pattern, simple and ultra colorful, quickly became a trademark. We find it today on cushions, for an effective and original decoration. For the kitchen, think of the Danish brand Greengate and its star-studded tableware.

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