Eco Decoration: Decryption of the attraction for the green and wood

Eco Decoration Dining room

Eco Decoration continues to gain ground in our interiors. The increased presence of ecological materials, the recycled spirit and plants confirms our need to return to true values.

Ecological awareness goes hand in hand with Eco decoration and its  interior decoration, this is only an extension of the approach. More and more aware that our way of life has an impact on our environment; the preservation of the planet must be done on all fronts.

Eco Decoration

For 2022, we would like to give you some tips to add new habits and eco-friendly actions for a more sustainable decor. So, why not start at home before considering changing the world? Hereyou can finf the major trends for achieving eco decoration.

Through its interest in eco-friendly decoration in its great widths, the new generation carries out a militant act and clearly affirms its listening to the world of tomorrow. Decryption of this attraction for the green!

The madness of green materials in Eco decoration

Leaf through a eco decoration catalog, stroll through the shelves of a boutique dedicated to the universe of the house, you will realize that it is impossible not to cross them.

Eco-friendly materials can be found in all departments, from small decoration to furniture. Star material, wood, when it comes from sustainably managed forests or recycled wood scraps, is biodegradable and healthy.

Eco Decoration

Copper is designed to be infinitely recyclable, ultra resistant and antibacterial. Biodegradable, cork displays exceptional resistance over time. More and more popular, cardboard is ultra resistant thanks to its honeycomb shape and therefore recyclable.

Also very popular, bamboo is extremely resistant and biodegradable. Appreciated for their ecological and decorative qualities, they occupy a prominent place in current production.

Bamboo, wood and accessories

These materials have attracted the interest of large retailers, small publishing houses and above all the designers who work with them. In US, many furniture brands proudly display their desire to be eco-responsible. Eco decoration offers furniture in driftwood recovered from the beaches. Gautier takes care to manufacture his furniture with wood from sustainably managed forests.

The world of bedding and textiles also ensures that production respects nature and traditional techniques. Le Lit National, a company very concerned with made in France, favors beds with eco-friendly, handmade wool mattresses for the eco friendly bedroom.

TOMS brand, specializing in woolen fabrics, chooses to collect wool only from mountain sheep raised in the open air and respecting the cycle of the seasons. Mushkane has built its reputation on its natural textiles (felt and cashmere) produced in the heart of Nepal with respect for craft traditions.

The art of the table is not to be outdone. Ekobo presents itself as an eco-citizen company that designs all of its objects from bamboo, a renewable natural resource. Merci, famous Parisian boutique, likes to highlight its “solidarity” products: bagasse plates, wooden cutlery (cane fiber residue) …

On the side of young publishing houses, from their start, some clearly displayed their ecological approach, often associated with the attractive label of made in US .

Reine Mère offers eco decoration objects from their conception to the end of their life In the best version of the eco decoration a house born from the meeting between two professional tablet turners and a designer, has placed wood at the heart of its design project for its deeply aesthetic and design values.

Natural aesthetics of eco friendly design

The young Breton publishing house, minimalist, which specializes in designer furniture, recovers scrap wood from pieces created to make other small objects.

In addition to publishing houses, in recent years designers have refocused their projects on the question of ethics. This is the case of the designer collective 5.5. Environmentalists at heart, the latter have shaken up design by accusing it of confining itself too much to aesthetic questions.

eco friendly interior design 

For her “Sinnerlig” collaboration with Swedish giant Ikea, British designer Ilse Crawford has worked with cork, bamboo and glass and particularly evokes the “natural human touch” of these sustainable materials. In recent years, all links in the decoration universe seem to have grasped the great potential of the use of these sustainable materials in our daily lives. The design has finally made them completely desirable in the eyes of consumers.

The return of arts and crafts in eco friendly decor

The crafts are little by little put back in the spotlight, when they were considered without a future. This comeback can be explained by the arrival of a young generation eager to take up the torch, to place as much importance on aesthetics as on ethics. The attractiveness of passionates for eco decoration, which is often associated with eco-responsibility, is also a source of explanation.

Green plants the new decorative accessory

Our interior is going green, this is a proven and proven fact. The green plant becomes an essential element to stage its interior. Hanging green plants for a folk tune, succulents for a tropical effect, plants in a terrarium for a winter garden effect, depolluting plants for a feng shui touch, it embodies the new fashionable decorative accessory to have at home. oneself at all costs.

eco friendly interior design 

2021 is coming to an end, and the least we can say is that it will have changed our habits and our lifestyle. This year, our interiors were the place of all our daily lives: teleworking, family life, TV evening, chef’s meal, relaxation area … A time at home, at home, which will have been a source of awareness and , sometimes, of questioning.

A trend emerges from all of this: the desire to make consumption part of a sustainable and eco-responsible approach. And the decoration is no exception to the rule. And yes, “Slow deco” or green decoration has never been so trendy.

Because loving beauty does not prevent us from making the right choices for us and our planet.

Eco-friendly materials are inviting in your interior decoration, discover the major trends for 2021.

Plants: a return to natural materials

Beautiful things come from nature! Finding solutions that respect nature and make it a common question accessible to all: this is what motivates us every day at eco decoration . For an eco decoration, it is necessary to use natural and bio-based materials.

eco friendly interior design 

That is, from renewable plant resources. This is why we must then look at the origin of the components and verify the traceability of the materials, while giving priority to local resources.

Also think about looking at labels, such as FSC®️ (Forest Stewardship Council) for the traceability and ecological management of forests or the NF Environment label, which makes it possible to distinguish the respectful of the environment, and this on the whole of their life cycle: from their manufacture to the elimination of waste.

Recycled: a decoration stemming from the circular economy

The Earth is suffocating under disposables creating tons of waste every day. Recycling makes it possible to give multiple life to everyday objects, such as plastic bottles, or even clothing. Returning to the production circuit, the waste then becomes real resources.

eco friendly interior design 

Upcycling: the art of diverting objects in eco decoration

Upcycling is a way of reusing a material, an object, into something new, while providing it with added value. This trend finds its full meaning in the decoration and furnishings sector. It is also deeply linked to DIY (Do It Yourself). A way of combining eco-responsibility with utility, with an object specially adapted to one’s needs.

A sustainable solution par excellence, since instead of making a new object, we revalue the existing to make it a useful object, and thus extend its lifespan. What to reinvent his (world) of the interior at a lower cost and in an ecological way.

Eco Decoration

Upcycling is a method also used in furniture, in order to give objects a second life through a new use. Thus, the object intended to be discarded is put back in value and this avoids unnecessary waste.

Here is an example with the Butler Julien & Daniel Camif: a modular entryway unit, imagined in a true circular economy approach and designed from industrial scraps and recycled furniture legs.

More sustainable eco decoration is the main aim

Inventing the sustainable home of tomorrow is the mission we have set for ourselves. List of brands, a pioneer in ecological decoration, places local and sustainable production and consumption at the heart of its commitments.

For us, eco decoration and eco-responsible  consumption is a real lifestyle to be adopted without moderation.

And we believe that it is by setting an example that we can better defend our commitments to the planet. Indeed, it is not just a civic engagement, it is a change that companies must also make, in order to have less impact on the environment so that it has more of the future!

Eco Decoration

With our eco decoration ideas  we wanted to show that it is possible to reconcile our local and eco-responsible commitment without neglecting style and design.

These furniture and decoration collections, with clean lines and graphic shapes, all meet strict ecological criteria. They were designed in a contemporary spirit for the interiors of today … and tomorrow

Wood, king of eco decoration materials

For the materials of the eco decoration, it is necessary to think first of the wood: it insulates well, it is durable and pleasant. An oak or chestnut parquet, the species which undergo the least treatment are what is best suited. The wood must be present, on the floor or on the ceiling. You can also add more heat by installing paneling.

Be careful, however, with exotic woods whose growing conditions are not always very consistent with sustainable development … Wood is certainly king, but it can be combined with other materials. A lime plaster, biodegradable, with anti-bacterial properties, based on clay is easy to apply. Clair, it enlarges the space.

Small decor can also be green

Once the basics are there, add organic cotton, linen, virgin wool rugs and cushions… Choose from the palette of natural colors, greens or browns.

Finally, think of purifying plants, which clean the air like ficus or indoor fern, or low-voltage light bulbs. An eco decoration also involves insulation. She can be efficient and flirtatious.

Beautiful curtains and double curtains, in organic material will limit heat loss. All that’s missing is a wood stove for an eco-friendly and cozy decor!

Investment in quality

At sales and flea markets, you can find many great things that will last over a year, but more often than not we run into a loss of mind when we see a yellow price tag and a small quantity. Even if we don’t really need this or that, we’ll take it anyway, because it pays off.

The benefit in this case is doubtful, as more often than not objects from old collections have discounts. By investing in quality, we fight overconsumption.

Eco Decoration

Multifunctionality of eco decoration

Another trend is emerging from minimalism and investing in quality – multifunctionality. For example, an ottoman and a large bed can be places to store clothes. It works for both small spaces and for people who don’t want to subconsciously buy a lot of interior items and do the most necessary.

The main natural trends within eco friendly interior design  for 2022

Stone cladding

From, natural stone has become a real trend (especially the texture of marble and granite). Stone surfaces can adorn floors, walls and countertops.

Depending on the interior, natural and decorative stone gives a different touch: it will help create comfort, like in a French house, or it will bring a subtle freshness if the interior is made in the Scandinavian style.

The stone cladding is durable and looks extremely harmonious in combination with other materials, especially wood and glass.

Emerald color in the eco decoration

This color in the interior is most often used for upholstery and wall decoration. Such a color, like a breath of fresh air in a metropolis. Emerald relaxes the eyes, refreshes the interior and gives the room a sophisticated aristocratic note. This color goes well with lighter shades of green and deep blue.

Eco Decoration

Green walls for the best eco friendly interior design 

Eco decoration of  a house with plants is not only beautiful, but also useful. It’s no secret that in addition to oxygen, many plants secrete useful elements. But the care of plants is quite restrictive in the current rhythm of life, therefore, automatic watering systems are gaining more and more popularity. Such systems are quite expensive, but the effect and convenience they offer are immeasurable.

In addition, a wall of plants or moss is no less popular. It is often used in Scandinavian countries. Afterwards, it is treated with glycerin. Now the moss doesn’t need soil, water, or light.

To decorate the walls it is better to choose:

  1. picture with wooden frame;
  2. bamboo stems;
  3. wallpaper of cork or paper;
  4. ceramic or artificial stone tiles, the decoration of which is carried out under natural.

Eco Decoration

The ceiling can be decorated in a modern style, but in this case it is better to use a mat material. The ceiling with wooden panels and a multi-level ceiling will look original, and the high ceilings can be decorated with wooden beams, adding a touch to the interior design.

Wood or stone floors will be a great addition to the interior, you can also use parquet planks, cork floors or ceramic tiles.

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