Art Deco Interior: Afford An Interior That Is Both Gatsby And Modern

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Art deco interior is about creating affordable and chic interior that is both Gatsby and modern?

For more than a century, art deco interior has featured everywhere. As chic as it is warm and as elegant as it is comfortable, this furnishing style is associated with the roaring twenties.

Art deco interior

Although it is the same thing as luxury, the art deco interior style is also characterized by several old features such as the contribution of shiny wood, traditional furniture and old forms.

To create a Gatsby-style interior, without falling into too much, here are all our tips to follow.

What is the “Art Deco” style?

Since the 1920s, the art art deco interior  remains to please. It especially appeals to pattern lovers, fans of warm yet chic interiors, and fans of unexpected layering and weddings.

Take a look at Zen interior.

Before going any further, a definition of this style is necessary.

Born in the 1910s, art deco is by definition an artistic movement which made more democratic in the course of the 1920s. Diminutive of the term “Decorative arts”, art deco is used in the world of architecture , decoration and as a style of art deco interior.

art deco interior design

Art deco interior design: The beginning

Art deco interior honors harmony, uniqueness and … simplicity, even if the patterns may suggest otherwise. You should also know that art deco is a movement specially designed to be defined as the opposite of Art Nouveau. Goodbye bulky and exuberant objects, make way for a certain form of very luxurious minimalism

. Born in the aftermath of the First World War, art deco interior  is synonymous with luxury, lightness, warmth … a way to forget the sadness, coldness and rigor introduced at the turn of the century. Make way for Gatsby style in art deco interior!

Among the characteristics of art deco interior:

  • The disappearance of right angles, hence the birth of wallpapers with patterns forming waves and rounded trompe-l’oeil
  • A contribution of furniture with geometric shapes, designed in precious materials
  • Floral and spiral patterns in dark colors
  • Elegance and refinement
  • Comfort

art deco interior design

Wallpaper in art deco interior: what patterns to bet on

Who says art deco, necessarily says wallpaper. The art deco interior  style is indeed defined by the contribution of unique patterns that are repeated endlessly on the walls of the house.

Most of the time, art deco house interior selections are dark. We also note that on most of these wallpapers, the patterns are geometric or golden or flashy floral, to make a conspicuous but ultra-chic contrast.

To avoid darkening a room and to keep a touch of modernity, we are betting on the new gatsby wallpapers in light colors, specially designed to ride this trend, without being “too much” and without having a living room. plunged into darkness.

art deco interior design

In the same spirit, theart deco interior  patterns are intended to be even more refined and less imposing: small juxtaposed diamonds, flowers with unique petals, but also golden or white arches and rosettes.

To dare the true art deco style with dark wallpaper, you can choose to add it by touch, covering only one wall of the art deco style living room

Furniture to dare to ride the trend

The gatsby style uses noble wood furniture, such as ebony and oak, in their natural covering. Thus, we put on the sideboards, imposing coffee tables, consoles, bar furniture, headboards, and desks in shiny ebony. Armchairs on legs, rocking chairs, and ultra-comfortable curved seats are welcome for an art deco style.

To integrate the art deco style in a modern way, we put on all these furniture mentioned … but where the gold intervenes to bring chic and design. Thus, the feet of tables, chairs, consoles and armchairs will be in gold metal to combine vintage and contemporary effortlessly.

art deco interior design

These accessories that make the difference

The art deco style is also established, in large part, thanks to a multitude of specific accessories. We put on the imposing lamps, the velvet curtains, the golden vases, the ceramic cake stands, the cushions with patterned pillowcases, the sun-shaped mirrors with gold finishes, the marble decanters and the cups. with fruit on foot.

Finally, a must-have in the art deco style, the chandelier comes in the form of a pendant lamp with rounded … and golden patterns!

Have you fallen for the chic style of the 1930s? We give you all the keys to inspire you and adopt the trend at home, without missteps!

art deco interior design

The art deco interior has indeed made a comeback in our interiors. “After the great wave of the very refined Scandinavian trend of recent years, the art deco trend has brought, for about two years, a sophisticated and warm side, which I find it renewed with chic Parisian decoration “, explains Joanna Gaines, interior designer.” This style, imbued with an elegance tinged with gentle creative madness and luxury, makes our interiors very welcoming and comforting. ”

With its muted and warm colors, art dglamorizes your interior and is particularly suitable for the bedroom. Good news: you don’t have to break the bank to transform your cozy cocoon into a temple of style, all you need is a few fittings and art deco room decor  choices.

“It’s a style that appeals a lot”, analyzes the architect Aurélie-Anne Vincent, founder of the Pixel Architecture workshop. “Plus, it goes pretty well with other trends.”

Tips to adopt the art deco trend at home

The only mistake to avoid: “avoid the total look, by opting for several patterns that do not harmonize”, she explains. “The idea is not to end up in a magazine page or in a museum, by mixing styles”, adds Kelly Wearstler.

art deco interior design

The two experts, who have just renovated a room inspired by the art dDeco style, give you 6 tips to adopt this trend and have a room with a chic and  successful deco room decor!

Apply patterned wallpaper over an entire section of the wall

First tip: dare to use a dark patterned wallpaper. Get up close and take a look at the photo below. You will see giant leaves on the wall, not bad, right? This motif is the most beautiful effect in this room renovated by the agency Olivia Clor! Do not hesitate to dare, it is precisely (also) the trend of accent walls, which we embellish with a pretty fresco.

Play with golden and rounded accessories

Do you prefer to bet on accessories? “You can choose lights or small decorative objects such as a brass candle holder, a dark wood dressing table,” advises interior designer Sandrine Carré.

It’s up to you to see if your heart swings more for a geometric mirror or a round model, like the witch’s eye mirror seen below in the bedroom that the interior designer has renovated. Accessories to choose from, new or second-hand (do not hesitate to consult our list of objects to find urgently in secondhand goods)!

art deco interior design

“I had in mind the spirit of chic hotel rooms”, explains the expert, who used colors of the art dDeco style but “treated in solid paint as is done today”.

Prefer a patterned headboard in a setting

For a really assumed look, bet on the headboard. Get inspired by the bedroom that the architect Aurélie-Anne Thierry has renovated. With its daring patterns, the headboard becomes the strong decorative element of the room.

Around, the rest is rather neutral, in a deep midnight blue. The linens and also match the curtains of the room, in velvet, one of the beautiful trendy materials again this year.

Remix Art Deco with a Scandinavian touch

As the expert said previously, the art deco interior style has the merit of blending with other trends. And this is particularly the case with Scandinavian, which is no longer necessary to present.

art deco interior design

The soft colors of cold countries are adorned with angular and straight lines of art deco, for the pleasure of the eyes and a light result in this room renovated by the agency Olivia Clor.

Perfect for those who have a dark room or are afraid of dark colors, but who dreams of having an art deco room.

Choose golden or rose gold lights

The lighting has an important place in the art deco decoration, and can by itself bring a vintage touch if you are afraid of an interior too marked by your choice of layout.

There are both floor lamps and dizzying and worked suspensions, “gold or brass, with large bulbs”, specifies the architect. “Dark woods, mixed with touches of black metal or black or green marble which are very fashionable, can be a good base for an art deco style”, adds Sandrine Carré.

art deco interior design

Choosing linens to get started

Having trouble getting started? You can already start by choosing pillows and bedspreads that will remind of art deco.  “Household linen is a good start to start redecorating this room, it is an inexpensive solution”, specifies the architect.

The perfect match: velvet pillows or linear patterns, a dark bed set (blue, red, green) or, on the contrary, white.

To go even further, frame your windows with velvet curtains. “Matching the cushions, the velvet curtains are quite heavy and give the feeling of a cocoon”, explains Aurélie-Anne Vincent. They can even reposition common closet doors to encompass the room and reinforce that feeling.

A historic style but still relevant today

Straight out of the Roaring Twenties, art deco is a worldwide artistic movement that was all the rage until 1930. Characterized by a pronounced use of geometric patterns, deep colors and noble materials, art deco interior is chic, elegant and luxurious.

art deco interior design

In 2017, no doubt thanks to films such as The Magnificent Gatsby, the style returned to fashion, modernized and became the “New Art Deco”.

Less ostentatious than the original, it creates an intimate, chic & retro atmosphere.

Unusual style of the Roaring Twenties

The art deco interior art deco style was born in the Roaring Twenties; desire for gilding and Champagne, parties and flowers, lightness and elegance ..

Revisited glamor, more contained today, it highlights the gold tones, the arabesques, the round shapes of frosted glass globes, it combines metal and glass.

Velvet sofas, brass-edged mirrors, display boxes, lamps, geometrically-shaped wallpaper, vases ..

Furniture, lighting or decorative accessories that inspire us and subtly bring a twenties note, pile in the mood of timesss!

art deco interior design

Although being the last step in the development of a house, decoration however requires looking into it in order to make the right choices and to be able to project yourself into your future home while waiting for the work to be completed. ideas, we now offer you an unusual style: The New Art Deco.


On the walls, opt for dark wallpaper with geometric prints: duck blue, burgundy, black … Rather fashionable, you will have no difficulty finding what you are looking for in the big DIY stores. For more light, you can also opt for a lighter paper… But always with a pattern!

The furniture

For the furniture, choose furniture with clean lines in taupe, black or gray tones. Colorful velvet is the order of the day for sofas, cushions and curtains. For a low-cost makeover, if you already have cushions, consider changing only the covers!

art deco interior design

The light

As the New art deco decor is quite dark overall, it is important to illuminate the room with plenty of lamps and light fixtures. In terms of materials, choose gold metal with large retro bulbs.

The art deco interior  palette

The art deco interior  is above all a certain color palette. We therefore dare the rich and contrasting colors, sublimated by the precious touch of golden brass! Deep blue, forest green, mustard yellow and blush pink are the most iconic shades of the neo art deco style. The neo Art Deco movement has introduced new colors throughout the seasons. We dare to use more varied greens and blues, or even eggplant nuances.

For a sunnier decor, we turn to warm nuances: terra cotta or baked orange.

Aren’t you afraid to adopt the total neo art deco interior look?

Dare to use terrazzo! While it works well in the kitchen, it looks hot in the bathroom too!

art deco interior design

If you’re daring, get inspired by the most iconic hero of the art deco years: The Great Gatsby. And dare the very chic alliance of a gold pattern on a black background.

On the contrary, these colors scare you in art deco interior? Adopt a resolutely art deco pattern, available in a variation of soft pastels!

New art deco interior design

In terms of colors, the neo art deco style has given rise to an interesting trend: pieces with an iconic design from the 1920s, available in sober shades. The gray and brown palettes are in the spotlight!

Worried about doing too much? Opt for a cane piece with soft curves! This type of creation appropriates the codes of the Neo art deco style while lightly. It will therefore lend itself to a delicate interior, where the art deco spirit is suggested, without being too marked.

art deco interior design

If the art deco style is known to give pride of place to velvet and metal, a mineral touch is welcome. The most traditional choice is the marble pedestal table, which brings a touch of luxury to the decor, without weighing it down excessively.

On the bedroom side, the must-have is the padded velvet headboard, which brings both an art deco spirit and a resolutely cocooning touch to the room.

The lights are precious allies to create an art deco interior and  atmosphere at home. The wall lamp is a great classic, and it is just as effective in the bedroom as it is in the hallway or in the hallway.

Art deco wallpaper: what are we talking about exactly?

The art deco interior basically having the roots in the 1920s as a reaction to Art Nouveau and its intricate lines. Innovative, it is distinguished by its graphic and readily stylized patterns: palm leaf, peacock feather or seashell.

art deco interior design

The art deco wallpaper dares to use metallic finishes. It is also taking advantage of its comeback in our interiors to dare to use more contemporary colors and finishes, which has earned it the reputation of being sometimes “neo art deco” style.

Art deco wallpaper: our selection

Art Deco wallpaper comes in an infinite palette of colors – classic or offbeat, bright or dark. While it is especially stylish in the art deco style living room and bedroom, it actually lends itself to decorating any home.

We particularly like it in the hallway and in the kitchen, where it suffices to create a sophisticated aesthetic.

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