Zen Interior For The Most Attractive And Fascinating Spaces

zen style interior design Bathroom

Zen interior is the reflection of calmness and beauty in a subtle mix. Are you going to move into your new home soon and are looking to know how to adopt the zen interior into  your house or apartment?

One of the principles to respect is to make the habitat in its image.

Are you in a calm and rested mood?

So opt for the zen and nature interior decoration theme!

Zen Interior

More and more of you are attracted and fascinated by zen interior decoration, specifically on the theme “Zen and nature”.

Restful decoration ideas for zen interior amateurs

Zen interior is characterized by a soft, uncluttered, restful decoration and now takes precedence over the way we design a small space or a large surface.

But where does this enthusiasm for this variation of interior decoration, Zen and nature come from? A bit of history is in order…

The zen interior , a Buddhist movement, born in the 5th century in India, very quickly influenced China, which used it to create and develop the zen style. Then it continued in Japan from the 13th century.

Zen Interior

Initially, Zen was a school of meditation: the purpose being for its students to perceive an interior illumination. This spirit of life gradually appeared in our lifestyles and was gradually adapted to our interior.

The zen interior  and nature inspired  decoration is specially designed to create a calm environment and reflects the serenity of its occupants.

Create a zen atmosphere in your home

Thanks to a zen interior design, create a soothing atmosphere in all the rooms of your home!

To successfully anchor the zen and nature aspect in your decoration, you will need to integrate some essential equipment such as a screen, a fan, an indoor mini-fountain or even a miniature Japanese garden.

zen style interior design

A zen interior and natural atmosphere is characterized by light colors, rooms lightly loaded with furniture and objects, simple shapes and the presence of certain specific plants such as bonsai.

You have to think about the spaces so that they do not generate any stress. To define the term “Zen interior decoration”, we would speak here rather of organization than aesthetics.

Find below a list of zen interior ideas for your home depending on the room to be arranged:

The living room: simplicity and practicality in zen interior

  • low furniture;
  • terracotta vases with orchids;
  • incense;
  • flowers ;
  • simple scents like cedar or pine;
  • candles or dim light.

The bathroom: chic and original

  • prefer wood;
  • go for classic colors;
  • choose zen decoration accessories (fountains).

Rather organization than aesthetics

To push the principle of zen and nature interior decoration to the maximum, know that it will adapt perfectly to the Feng Shui planning method, which has the additional objective of making you live in harmony with the environment of your home.

Zen  interior was born in China and has continued in Japan. It creates a calm and serene environment for its occupants.

zen style interior design

At zen style interior design : opt for light colors, few furniture with simple and easy to use shapes.

This art of Zen planning breathes a calming wind into our interiors. From the kitchen to the bedroom, by following the rules of Feng Shui, you will offer yourself an interior conducive to serenity. What is the art of Feng Shui?

What are the principles of a Feng Shui decoration? What colors to choose to decorate your interior? We give you the 5 main rules of feng shui for a Zen interior decoration.

Modern zen design concept: The basics

Originally from China, Feng Shui is the art of arranging a house or a building according to the circulation of energies. Feng Shui is translated in Mandarin as “Wind and Water”, two elements bringing harmony to housing.

According to this philosophy, a well-ordered house decorated according to Feng Shui principles will release positive energies so that the inhabitants of the home feel better.

zen style interior design

A modern zen design concept  will have beneficial effects on falling asleep and the quality of sleep. For the living room, the zen interior  will promote conviviality and relaxation.

Each room in the house and its function, the decoration will be personalized to improve the atmosphere. Ready to get started?

Free up your space

Let’s start by getting rid of the superfluous. The opportunity to sort to free up space in your living rooms. To create a calming universe in zen interior, it is better to bet on balance.

By avoiding the clutter, Chi energy will be able to circulate in the room.

Focusing on minimalism and simplicity is a great idea to adopt a Feng Shui decorationas well as zen interior. To keep a soul in your hallway, dining room or living room, emphasize imposing decorative elements.

zen style interior design

A large comfortable sofa in the center of the room, a mirror with rounded curves or pretty wall decorations are all alternatives to give character to the room without cluttering it up.

Promote well-being in zen interior

The zen layout aims to improve your mood and your balance. Comfort is therefore essential.

To be considered Feng Shui, the zen interior decoration must allow you to move easily. Avoid sharp angles, ends of tables, sofas or other objects with lines that could be aggressive.

Round coffee tables, corner sofas and overhead line furniture are preferred.

zen style interior design

The intensity of the lighting plays on the energy of the place. Too weak, it creates distressing gray areas. Too strong, it accentuates tensions.

For a harmonious luminosity, favor indirect lighting such as lampposts, lamps and natural light sources. As for this Maisons du Monde living room dressed with an ash floor lamp for a subdued and soft atmosphere.

Zen minimalist interior design: The most comfortable ideas

How to successfully create a space for relaxation, even meditation at home? These relaxed places will inspire you

A touch of feng shui, a note of greenery, a good armchair, a relaxation mattress or a few cushions, curtains, light, wood, natural materials: here are some good ingredients to compose your Zen corner.

zen style interior design

This relaxation area does not have a spa, hammam or sauna. It is not full of Buddha heads or other Asian deities. It is often simple, uncluttered, decorated with organic materials or green plants in zen interior.

And above all, it looks like you and soothes you. Where and how to set it up?

In every corner: an entrance, a hallway

When you need a break, you don’t necessarily ask for a trip to the moon! A camp bed as a bench, a green plant, a soft light are enough to create the frame. Even an entrance, a hallway can be conducive to laziness.

Stop, land, welcome or meditate … Feng shui  and zen interior decorators say that three decorative elements are more than enough.

Under the eaves: the hiding place!

Relaxation is sometimes associated with a form of letting go, or even a return to the feelings and desires of childhood. Who has never dreamed of setting up their own secret, impassable corner in the attic?

zen style interior design

No need to fit all the furniture there: in fact, leave this space unencumbered, airy.

How about a swing hanging from a joist, big cushions, rugs? And if you need to isolate yourself even more: sheer curtains to delimit your rest camp.

In the living room: let’s be zen

You’re not dreaming: this living room almost looks like a bedroom! With its curtains which surround the sofas rather than the windows, its soft and silky materials, it invites meditation. Multiply natural materials.

On the coffee table are two tubs of white sand that you can stir with a wooden spoon. An anti-stress lounge to share with your loved ones!

zen style interior design

Even better if your living room is open to the outside. A place where it is good to live and rest, it is also a place of life that resembles you, without locking yourself in. In the evening, multiply the lights to keep this Zen atmosphere.

In the game of contrasts, such as yin and yang, use dark colors more upwards and light colors below. Finally, succumb to the charm of a very enveloping armchair!

The shapes and materials, round, square, oval, silky or raw, play a lot in feng shui. The arrangement of the furniture must allow easy movement.

The more reassuring and welcoming the living room gives, the more you and your guests will feel at home. Don’t forget plants, flax, natural suspensions: go for the natural.

On the balcony: ventilate, breathe!

Air your living space as much as possible, especially in summer. A healthy and breathing home is synonymous with well-being. You too, ventilate yourself!

Even if your balcony is tiny, consider installing some charming and friendly elements: plants, cushions, lanterns, candles for summer evenings.

zen style interior design

You may also be in great need of escaping into lush nature, to revitalize yourself as if you were burying yourself in a thick jungle! If that sounds more like the way you think about your own moment, your beautiful getaway, this Parisian balcony version lung green is likely to seduce you. Plus, you’ll be hard to find!

In the bedroom: a pure moment of relaxation

If the quintessential resting space remains the bedroom, forget the idea that its use is strictly at night! At all times, try to keep the temperature cool. Opt for soft colors, even whitish.

Prefer an uncluttered room to better rest for  zen room design: a calligraphic-style drawing with a frame placed on the ground, a vase set with a few stems, a book that is good to read.

zen style interior design

Long live monochrome! Yes, but not just any tone. Your zen room design will not be red, mustard yellow, or raspberry pink. Stay in neutral tones: white, cream, gray, beige, much more soothing.

Prefer LED bulbs. And always have a light hand on the small decoration, so as not to overload your view, your dreams.

In the office: without borders between inside and outside

Enjoying the outside view from your workspace is also enriching yourself with natural energy. Rather than propping your desk up against a wall, between the cabinet and the door, place it in front of the window or bay window. You will draw inspiration from it sometimes if necessary.

Under a porch: an unusual relax corner

This Zen Cabana is full of ideas, each more famous than the next. This Zen corner, installed under a porch, could be improbable and yet it works wonderfully.

He is lucky to be well ventilated , on the contrary of our interiors which are sometimes vitiated by our lifestyles (tobacco, paintings, etc.).

zen style interior design

It benefits from both natural light filtered by the curtains. Do not forget the relaxation or cocooning mat and the XXL small mattress or cushion. Something to inspire to create a zen corner in your garden.

In the veranda: reading or discussion area

A little more protected from the wind and bad weather, the veranda or the glass roof offers a privileged space halfway between inside and outside. The wicker furniture still fits her like a glove, this time stripped of her cushions with large shimmering flowers.

Prefer the addition of a sheepskin-style toupee, in a very hygge style, a knitted pouf, a dream catcher, a geometric patterned blanket. You can also enjoy the company of a friend

 In the bathroom: regenerating

Water, air: this is the basic principle of feng shui, which we naturally find in the bathroom. Especially since the dimensions of the showers are more and more generous.

Sometimes the zen style interior design accommodates a rest bench. So much the better, you will stay there longer!

Not only the time to wash yourself, but also to regenerate yourself, to meditate, to take the time to finish your song. The glazed opening to the garden is a must, not necessarily accessible to everyone depending on the environment.

zen style interior design

Another very zen style interior design ideas of a bathroom that combines water, air, but also the view of the forest and earth and metal colors. Here again, we avoided using a fully sandblasted glass, which would lock in, and the storage space is concealed.

If you’re not lucky enough to have a view of nature, dial it! And if you don’t have the courage to take care of it, go straight to the point: two plants that require little watering and white pebbles are enough to bathe you in a zen interior .

Under the stairs

Come to think of it, every nook and cranny, even under the stairs, can turn into a relaxing nook. Solo or with others. A corner sofa may be the right solution or simply mattresses placed on pallets. Side colors, allowed to fall for gray, gray blue, soft green.

Behind the window: the cat’s place

The owners of felines know it well: their favorite and privileged place is there, just behind the window! On this ledge that our ancestors did not use, except to put a plant on it.

Today, we steal the idea from the cat and his relax corner with it. Better: we share it with him, because our glass openings have widened.

zen style interior design

Are you going to move into your new home soon and are looking to know how to decorate your house or apartment? One of the principles to respect is to make the habitat in its image. Are you in a calm and rested mood? So opt for the zen and nature interior decoration theme!

More and more of you are attracted and fascinated by interior decoration, specifically on the theme “Zen and nature”.

It is characterized by a soft, uncluttered, restful decoration and now takes precedence over the way we design a small space or a large surface.

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