Hygge Interior Design: The Subtle Blend Of Softness And Design

Hygge Interior Design Interior Design Trends

Hygge interior design is the newcoming danish inspred way of life which can easily adopted  in a few small tips and minimum of vaste 

Considered one of the happiest countries all over the world, Denmark spreads Hygge, a Danish issued philosophy of life, which uses a hygge interior design as well as to the way of thinking.

Our  experts give you some valuable advice on how to adopt this Danish art of living in your home and  adopt the hygge interior design to your lifestyle.

Hygge Interior Design

Warm colors for a warm atmosphere

A cocoon spirit by the fire, a subtle blend of softness and design: the Hygge interior design comes to us. To adopt it and create a warm atmosphere in your home, use light and warm shades such as white, beige, greige, gray or even brown. If you want to add a little touch of color, then opt for blue, green or pastel tones which combine perfectly with the softer colors.

You are well aware that the Danes, like the vast majority of inhabitants of the Nordic countries, love to take care of their interior especially in case if they have Hygge interior design.

You only have to leaf through a catalog of the Swedish giant of kit furniture to envy its cozy, welcoming scenes where people live there without looking like automatons. Infallible tactic so that all of us , most of the people want to live Nordic style…

hygge interior design

Hygge as the mix of Danish and Scandinavian

As Malene Rydahl explains in his book “Hygge interior design is the very embodiment of the famous Scandinavian style that everyone strives to copy”.

He relies on exquisite simplicity where beauty and practicality go hand in hand. She also notes that many Danes must have had a hard time feeling hygge when the surroundings are too glamorous and flashy. In other way: with the Danes a neat and shared interior traces a pleasant aisle to happiness or at least that feel.

hygge interior

How to “hygge” at home?

If at this point in the article you are still skeptical about Hygge interior design, let’s move on to practice to convince you! Yes, the hygge will be much more effective in an interior that aligns the flagship hygge style home decor to the  interior.

Prefer candles to warm a hygge style living room rather than illuminate it with an aggressive light (the candle being the star of the stars in the country where the sun goes down so early). Don’t forget the throws on the sofa or the soft rug under your feet.

The purest tendency of happiness

Dine with the family by candlelight, have a drink with friends at home rather than at the neighborhood bar. Prefer a cup of chocolate and a good book rather than your smartphone or a knitting in your hands rather than your computer. Play vinyl on your turntable instead of TV entertainment. In short: impose yourself these few hours in slow motion, alone or with others.

You have to disconnect, de-stress, refocus on the pleasure of simple things … all at home, a real framework of social life in Denmark, which justifies the picky taste and the great attention of the Scandinavian countries paid to their interior.

hygge interior

Why do we validate this tendency to happiness?

The most skeptical will say that all this is only a pure marketing operation to consume more candles or the small benevolent decoration around you and guaranteed 100% hygge.

The most critical will say that by staying stuck at home we run the risk of missing something outside at any time or that the Danes are not so perfect… and they will not be totally wrong.

Pernille, Danish by origin and Parisian by adoption for 5 years, takes a lucid look at the growing interest of people for Hygge interior design.

Hygge is all about taking care

“The consumers want to appropriate a style by buying products that embody the hygge room design, whereas in Scandinavia we know that hygge cannot be bought, it is a way of life, a method of fulfillment. A way of life that is linked to many things: long and cold winters, short days and early nights. So if you see a 100% hygge candle or blanket, go your way!

This way of life is aptly named, it is a way of living or rather knowing how to live well by taking care of yourself and your loved ones.

hygge interior

Its other major seductive asset is also profoundly Danish: Hygge interior design is accessible to all.

Hygge as a lifestyle: must to adopt

In Denmark, we straddle the values ​​of benevolence and equality with our neighbor. No need for dizzying sums to practice it, it only requires   some hygge style home decor elements: a cozy interior that looks like you, a pair of cozy socks, a sofa where you can lounge with a good book, a simple ray of sunshine that floods your bed in the morning or friends with that will decompress after a hard day.

You have to try Hygge interior design  for even one evening to feel the immediate benefits and no need for candles galore or the latest fashionable knitwear for this test.

hygge interior

Do not run, do not risk being upset by a busy schedule or a poorly tidy house, do not put your nose outside, do not feel guilty for doing nothing and staying at home in a society where you have to be everywhere and always doing everything together, that’s what Hygge interior design embodies: a precious moment when you allow yourself to press the pause button to enjoy a comforting home.

And it is extremely simple, within everyone’s reach, to treat yourself to this precious moment, this famous hygge.

A little advice ? Plants go particularly well with white or wooden furniture in hygge interior design. Choose dried flowers like the pampas or green or pink plants like Tradescantia Zerbina, small cacti or eucalyptus branches.

Reconnecting to nature in Hygge interior design

Whether in your home or in your lifestyle, try to reconnect with nature: leave your phone and tablet at home and go out to breathe the fresh air, walk the trails in your region or discover new plants. .The time spent in nature contributes, indicatively, to general well-being. And then, take the opportunity to pick pampas or dried flowers.

hygge interior

Coming from the Scandinavian style, the Hygge interior design appropriates its key values. In terms of materials, favor raw materials such as wood, leather, linen, ceramic or even cotton, so many materials which will give you a feeling of well-being and which are reminiscent of raw and natural materials. Hygge interior design’s essentials?

Timeless pieces that can be passed on over the years: a solid wood table, linen bed sheets, ceramic crockery, a blown glass vase and an embossed cotton blanket. Enough to spend cocooning evenings by the fire or around a good meal, with family or friends.

Enjoy this moment in hygge interior

Now that your hygge interior is warm, enjoy it. And rejoice in the simple things in life: if you’re sleeping late, enjoy the linen laundry you’re lying in, take the time to get up, drink your coffee, read a book, take care of you or cook a meal that reminds you of your childhood and warms your heart, like grandma’s rice pudding back then, when you were little.

In short, make the most of the moment and tell yourself that anything can happen, but nothing amazing has to happen to make you feel happy. Hygge interior design cares avout your comfort in itself and over.

hygge interior

Light sources, to be multiplied

One last little tip to put into practice: if you want to adopt Hygge interior design, avoid aggressive white lights at all costs and favor mood lights, soft and subdued.

Accumulate the points of light to create a warm and soothing atmosphere: light candles on your coffee table, add a light garland in your hygge style living room, hang a light bulb above your table or find a table lamp with clean lines.

Hygge dwelling

“Hygge” is a Danish word which means friendliness and comfort, sociability and well-being. And it is exactly this fullness, which has also conquered our latitudes for a long time, that the hygge decoration conveys.

More than others, Danes love friendly, comfortable and cozy places that’s why their philosophy and omonimous hygge interior design are symbolizing the calmness, the softness.

The long nights and dark days that dominate the winters of northern Europe may have been the cause. These also characterize Scandinavian interior design.

In Denmark, Hygge interior design and it’s characteristic  furnishing style is understood to mean rooms with a clear design, lightly packed, with rather little furniture – indeed, the Danes find cluttered rooms anything but “hyggelig”.

The design results in airy lines and sober shapes, as they are typically found in Scandinavian countries and Finland. Heavy coffee tables will rarely be present, while light occasional furniture is very popular.

hygge interior

Lots of white for an ideal hygge room design

In Scandinavia, white is the dominant color of interior decoration, and this is probably because of the darkness of the long winter nights.

Because the brighter the walls, floors, ceilings and furniture , the brighter their effect. White combines wonderfully with discreet shades such as beige, taupe gray or “greige”, a mixture of gray and beige.

Pastel tones such as pink, bluish gray or plant green are in harmony with the hygge decor style. On the other hand, loud tones are not desired.

Hygge interior design is synonymous with harmony, not dissonance. Those who wish to give more tension to their decoration will choose rather monochrome graphic patterns for the wallpaper, the cushions or the throws.

As for the lighting, we will mainly use warm tones. And this without skimping on quantity: the ideal is to have several lights per room.

Natural materials in hygge interior

Rather informal and close to nature, the Danes favor wood and stone when it comes to Hygge interior design materials. They have a weakness for wooden floors in particular.

Parquet is often treated in such a way that it adopts a white or at least light tone. The hardness of wood and stone is broken by accessories in linen, wool and felt, as well as by skins which give the decoration a great softness.

Linen tablecloths, wool blankets, carpets or felt coverings are perfect for this. Vases and other ceramic vessels also find their place in hygge decoration. However, cold-looking materials such as metal and glass are used very sparingly.

Accessories to suit the hygge furnishing style

The light colors and the many lamps are not the only ones to brighten up the space. Candles and tealight holders also play a role in lighting. The icing on the cake would be a wood fire, because what is more cozy than the crackle of wood and the dance of the flames?

hygge interior

Plants are a must for creating a cozy atmosphere in hygge interior design. Neat houseplants lend themselves just as well as seasonal flower arrangements. The finds brought back from walks in the woods are also perfect: moss, branches and pine cones adorn every dining table.

Finally, perhaps the most important tip: a house or apartment looks cozy if it is lovingly decorated, because the heart takes precedence over style.

If you collect such items, even candle holders, arrange them into a beautiful composition.

Our very French spirit of inveterate moaner could get annoyed by all these trends from the far north of Europe, and yet it seems that this one more than any other succeeds in arousing our interest and convincing us of its usefulness.

For a few weeks now, crowds of articles and books have been interested in the phenomenon of Hygge interior design, articulate “hoo-ga” like a pure Danish.

This phenomenon landing on our premises turns out to be for them a true art of living, a method to reach happiness. It’s no secret that the Danes have repeatedly been crowned the happiest people in the world.

Living as a happy danish

A phenomenon well deciphered in the work of Malene Rydahl “Happy as a Danish”. There, there is no race for success, distrust of the state or its neighbor, overtime, the Danes play it collectively, benevolent towards their neighbor and anxious to balance their professional and personal life. It is at this precise moment that the hygge comes into play.

In this country where night falls from 3 p.m. in winter, where you leave work at 4 p.m. (when you are not part of the 17% of Danes who work from home), the time dedicated to hygge is sacred.

hygge interior

For Meik Wiking, the authot of “The Book of Hygge” and incidentally director of the Institute for Research on Happiness in Copenhagen (yes, yes, it does exist!) “The hygge is a cozy atmosphere, a warm and privileged moment at the end of the day which consists of enjoying those you love by taking time with them, with this feeling of comfy at home, safe.

We acn describe other words, the hygge is the policy of benevolence towards oneself as well as the others, the whole having generally for framework its house.

Hygge interior design: the improved cocooning at home

Hygge interior design and it’s notion  has no equivalent in foreign languages. The word that comes closest to it comes from our English neighbors with their famous “cocooning” that we borrow at will.

Hygge interior design would be a form of “improved cocooning” to be practiced alone with a good book and a cup of tea or with several friends over a snack.

hygge interior

When we practice a real culture of going out, spend our free time outside on the terrace, in the cinema or in restaurants, the Danish “hyggent” with family or friends and especially at home.

Unique, this word, this hobby, this way of life and the most important Hygge interior design  is a calm  response to profoundly Danish phenomena: the night that falls early, the very cold, the minimum of light and the sorrow of winter, everything that pushes Danish to hibernate very early.

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