Victorian Interior Design: The Most Influential Richness Of So-british Characteristic Features

Victorian Interior Interior Design Trends

Victorian interior design is the subtle incorporation of rich colors, Gothic decorative items, fleurs de lys, etc. Whether you are a fan of romantic series or not, you may not have missed out on the famous “Bridgertons” Chronicle, which airs on Netflix. The saga charms as much by its characters, its love stories, its costumes … as its decor in victorian interior design style, also called regent .

This genre, born under the era of Queen Victoria (1837 to her death in 1901) takes up the Gothic and neo-Gothic styles, but not only; he also draws his inspiration from Middle Eastern and Asian works.

Victorian Interior Design

Modern victorian interior:  the revival of antique

Victorian interior design is distinguished by the attention to detail and spread in England, in the decoration of victorian era house interiors, but not only. Zoom in on this British-style decor which is still being followed today.

The victorian interior design (and architecture) in this specific era mixes several currents: neo-gothic, gothic, oriental, neo-Greek and baroque (recognizable by its sinuous lines and its carved leaves). Victorian interior design glorifies ornamentation, gilding, carved dark wood, checkered and colorful prints, floral wallpapers and tapestries.

Today, these elements blend seamlessly and enhance classic, colonial, vintage or contemporary style universes, even design, to give them a So British touch.

Victorian Interior

Victorian interior design: The so-british mood in your living space

As we have seen, victorian interior design  and furnture is inspired by several trends and mixes patterns. With its elegance and dynamism, the regent style continues to please the very amateurs of victorian interior design  and decoration items.

And a lot to those who are not cold-eyed, who like to mix genres and patterns, in a very English spirit. Integrating regency-style furniture brings home a touch that is as chic as it is exotic!

If you opt for victorian interior design , which is quite imposing, be careful not to overload the space. Of course you will not furnish a room of 15 m2 and another of 30 m2 in the same way:

  • In large spaces, it is possible to combine several period pieces of victorian interior design furniture.
  • In smaller spaces, settle for an antique piece of furniture such as a daybed, a pair of antique chairs with carved backs, a period dresser or an armchair, not too imposing. They will bring a nice touch of romanticism to the spaces  with modern or victorian interior design .

Victorian Interior

Choose natural wood furniture in dark colors and precious species, such as mahogany or walnut. For a chic victorian interior design , prefer furniture with curved lines and adorned with carved decorations.

Choosing the victorian interior design, opt for upholstery of the furniture which  is also important. Victorian chairs, sofas and armchairs are upholstered and comfortable. A leather or velvet sofa will find its place perfectly in your Victorian-style living room.

Fabrics at the heart of Victorian decoration

The fabrics also give its identity to the victorian interior design . On the walls, the furniture, they are everywhere! For a perfectly British style, choose rich fabrics (velvet, silks, etc.) and complex patterns: flowers, leaves, natural or stylized.

To create  victorian interior design  interior worthy of that of a Victorian castle, hang thick curtains, flowery and adorned with ribbons that fall from the ceiling to the floor. On the floor, place an oriental carpet of red-brown or burgundy color. On your sofa, arrange cushions and bolsters with graphic floral patterns. In the bedroom, chintz blankets with floral prints will embellish your bedding.

Trendy tapestries and wallpapers inspired by the Victorian era

Characteristic of the Bridgerton series, tapestries and wallpapers are essential for vintage English-style decor. Prefer them with floral patterns. To recreate an authentic Victorian atmosphere, the toile de Jouy and bird motifs will also create a sensation.

For a very modern effect, line a single section of the wall and keep the other walls painted white.

You can also target a recess and choose a color for a wall. The more daring will not be afraid to combine two wallpapers: a floral and a tartan, for example, or lean a graphic fabric sofa against a wall dressed in very graphic square wallpaper.

Victorian Interior

In a small space, consider dressing the back of a display case, that of a library or even a door. Many brands and publishers are inspired by this period to imagine their wallpapers and tapestries. You won’t have a hard time finding them and, good news, there is something for every budget.

Very Victorian decorative objects

The victorian interior design is distinguished by a multitude of decorative objects: porcelain vases, figurines, statues, sculptures, paintings, carpets with oriental motifs …

While this abundance of decorative objects may seem exuberant in a contemporary home, show your ingenuity! Place a few figurines in moderation on your modern shelves. Display your paintings on one wall. Arrange your English tea set and your finest porcelain teapot in a pretty wooden dresser.

Victorian Interior

Finally, a wall paneling or a large bookcase adorned with old books and decorative objects will complete the set for a guaranteed victorian interior design and the very British look.


It’s impossible to design a rvictorian interior design and decor without thinking about bulky chandeliers and candles! If you have high ceilings, dare the large crystal chandelier. It will bring a touch of elegance to your living room or dining room. In addition to playing its role of decorative accessory, it illuminates the room with soft and comfortable light.

Complete the lighting with table lamps and wall sconces. The lampshades can be in fabrics of colors to match those of the room.

Surprise your guests with the best victorian interior design : decorate your table with a Victorian brass candlestick and long candles for a successful candlelit dinner.

XXL mirror as a must buy item

The oversized mirror and ornamental frames are also essentials of the Bridgerton look. Not only does the mirror beautify your wall, but it brightens and enlarges the room. Whether suspended or simply placed on the ground, choose a solid wood frame carved and gilded with gold leaf. Bridgerton effect guaranteed!


Victorian Interior

How to use earthy colors in modern victorian interior?

Earthy colors, that is, colors that remind us of what is linked to the earth and nature, are the trend colors of the year 2021. The reason is quite simple: after a chaotic and disturbing year 2022 for each of us, it has become essential to bring a little exterior into our interiors.

Teleworking, confinement, so many reasons that have pushed us to invest in our interiors and sometimes to review their decor and style.

The deep attachment to our homes and the more frequent time we spend there now pushes us to adopt natural and authentic shades, in order to get as close as possible to nature.

The modern palette of British mood

These earthy colors, clear or strong, can be used in painting on sections of walls, in every room of the victorian era house interior. You can also choose to decline them with decorative objects and linens.

Thanks to them, you bring a cozy and warm atmosphere to your interior and you develop a “slow life” spirit. This return to basics and a gentler life is increasingly appreciated.

Victorian Interior

With a victorian style decor in your image, inspired by nature, you will feel safe while having a feeling of escape. The earthy colors are marked and frank: a good opportunity to take sides in the decoration of your interior spaces and to assert your desires.

The art of accumulation

For several months now, the trend has been towards accumulation. A number of mirrors on a bathroom wall, a tangle of paintings, a sofa covered with colored cushions… Bring your decoration to life by multiplying the objects and accessories.

The intersection of modern and antique eras

Playing on the accumulation of frames and paintings allows you to dramatize and dress your walls. Our decoration advice? Have fun mixing different sizes of frames for a real staging. Prepare the composition on your floor or tape on the wall sheets the size of your paintings and recompose endlessly until you find the ideal arrangement.

Victorian Interior

Accumulating cushions on a bed or a sofa will give relief to your room while giving it a cozy note. You can multiply the cushions of different shapes and materials, but always make sure that the colors and patterns you choose coordinate. Finally, opt for prints that will harmonize with the universe of your interior. If you’re more bohemian, go for bright colors and don’t hesitate to mix different prints.

The accumulation of trophies in victorian interior design

Very trendy this winter, the trophy lends itself perfectly to the art of accumulation. To give your decoration an offbeat touch, don’t hesitate to mix trophies of animals from the savannah with those from the forest. This combination will give character and a curio cabinet look to your interior.

Among the earthy colors, we can first cite the lighter ones, for example the color sand. This brings a new dimension to your living space, changing from the traditional white widely used in recent years.

With the sand, it is a tenfold luminosity that invites itself into your home, while remaining sober and chic not only in classic interiors, but also in victorian interior design.

Victorian Interior

Ecru is also one of the warm colors reminiscent of nature, especially beaches and the sweetness of life.

Finally, in the relatively light earthy shades, you can’t miss out on nude. Slightly pinkish and close to beige, this color creates a real cocooning atmosphere, and is perfect for a bedroom.

Dark colors  to add some delicacy

In darker tonesof victorian interior design, you can find brown or even charcoal gray. These very strong colors reminding us of the dark elements of the earth and the raw materials are particularly appreciated for creating intimate and felted corners. In a corner of your living room, but also in an office, you will enjoy settling comfortably in the middle of these assertive colors.

More colorful, the terracotta hue or the brick color bring conviviality and comfort, just like saffron yellow. They can be used in every room of the house and provide immediate comfort, while allowing to gain in light.

Victorian Interior

Finally, in a more clayey range, let’s not forget the clay colors or even green clay. One tends towards a very fashionable icy brown, while the second approaches sage green, but each strongly recalls its connection to nature.

Khaki, a shade between green and brown, is the ideal color to bring the interior and extterior. Khaki is an earthy, organic color that projects us directly into natural spaces.

Relaxed, yet refined style: weclome terracotta

Let us take as a first inspiration the color terracotta. Between ocher, mustard yellow and rust, this color brings a touch of exoticism and warmth to your interiors. In your living room, bedroom or kitchen, apply this shade to a section of wall to attract all eyes. You can also choose a floor reminiscent of this color, with terracotta tiles or colored waxed concrete.

It is also possible to bring it by keys with bed linen, curtains or decorative objects. In terms of materials, rattan, wicker or bamboo go very well with this color. Accompanied by white, the terracotta color will be revealed and sublimated. It also goes very well with several shades of green or gray: you will create magnificent ethnic interiors, vibrant while being warm and cozy.

Saffron yellow

Spicy but very warm color, saffron yellow inspires many decoration ideas! In a kitchen, for example, imagine elements furnished in light wood or matt white associated with a tiled splashback in that color. You can add bronze or brushed gold metal faucets, as well as rattan pendants and chairs. In a bedroom, this color will also be welcome on a section of the wall with a reminder in the bed linen or linen curtains.

Victorian Interior Design: The Most Influential Richness Of So-british Characteristic Features

This color is not necessarily suitable for bathrooms: it can quickly give a sad complexion, especially in solid color on the walls. Saffron yellow blends elegantly with khaki green, two earthy shades that will immediately plunge you into the heart of the jungle. Change of scenery guaranteed!

Charcoal gray

Finally, dark and mysterious color but very trendy in recent months, charcoal gray can elegantly decorate your victorian interior design,  living room, office or bathroom. This color allows in particular to decline an industrial style loft type. You can imagine a section of charcoal gray wall in your living room, with a large brown leather sofa and decorative objects in metal or brushed black steel.

Victorian Interior

The rest of your victorian interior design should be clearer, so as not to overload the whole, but also to enhance these elements. In a room with light walls, charcoal gray linen bed linen, as well as curtains of this color, bring a deep and felted note very appreciable in this intimate room.

Victorian decoration accessories checklist

An elegant vase not only gives a chic air to your living room but it is also a perfect setting for your bouquet of flowers. Choose a vase that is sober enough to create a harmonious ensemble with any type of flower and any style of interior design.

A multi-function decorative tray is a must have in any stylish home. If you place it on a coffee table and decorate it with a scented candle, you will create a sophisticated eye-catching victorian style decor  in your living room. An elegant decorative tray placed on a console in the hallway can also serve as an ideal storage surface for keys, sunglasses etc.

Photo frames turn a poster or snapshot into a stylish victorian style decor . Choose the frame that matches the style of your interior to create a particularly harmonious overall view. You can also mix different colors, patterns and styles to create a surprising collage effect.

Scented candles and room fragrances not only immerse your home in subdued light, but also give off a pleasant scent. A win-win situation!

Wall objects such as posters, canvases or paintings transform any room in no time! Bring a personal touch to your home and display your favorite maxim, artist or photographer.

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