Gothic Interior Design: Gothic Isn’t Only For Vampires And Zombies

Gothic interior Interior Design Trends

Gothic interior design style will allow you to create a unique interior, but it is hardly suitable for small flats and high-rise buildings. Thegothic interior design requires space, height and a lot of light.

And in a country mansion, the apartments can turn around, but even then you should not reproduce the gothic interior design in its original form.

It can be a dark and mysterious room. Prefer a Gothic style, choosing the main features to highlight the luxury of the interior.

gothic interior design

Gothic interior design, what is it?

Do you tend to equate the gothic interior design movement with black? Gloomy? To the mystic? What if it wasn’t just that?

No coffins and skulls or other strange decorative objects, even if the purists will certainly tell you the opposite. Gothic is first and foremost a philosophy but in the 20th century it has become, among other details, the so-called “science fantasy”, dragons, gargoyles.

In this atmosphere, metal can rub shoulders with velvet, wood, plastic (in the form of tassels for example). Red and black are the “primary” colors of the gothic interior design, but recently, parma, intense purple and gray have mixed together nicely for a somewhat motley decoration.

Gothic interior

The gothic interior decor (linked to the Renaissance and so baptized by the Italians) requires a spacious place, the furniture being relatively imposing. The budget to be in tune will therefore be relatively large.

Also note that this decoration leaves little room for light but the gothic interior design style is at this price!

What furniture to choose?

To compose a Gothic decoration for a girl’s room, opt for a large black art deco double bed preferably and with a canopy will be placed in the center of the room.

A long, deep and black painted console will be placed against a wide wall to give the room a touch of nobility specific to Gothic decoration. On this console will be arranged wrought iron candlesticks decorated with purple tassels for example.

The dresser will have to be an extravagant piece of furniture, so it will be fashionable to buy it adorned with white or silver metal patinated in the old fashioned way.

Gothic interior

An armchair will be placed opposite the bed and will have a high back. It will be red or purple to add a touch of color.

The bedside table will be a pedestal table whose top will be in glass and supported by a gargoyle, for example in stone-tinted resin.

A mirror with a baroque style frame in silver (or gold leaf) of 2 m or more will be placed against a wall facing the console.

Finally, if the ceiling height allows it, a chandelier made of black wrought iron and purple and black pendants will give all the consistency to this atmosphere.

Wall coverings for a gothic interior design

To avoid black and within the framework of a limited budget, preferably choose different shades of gray. For example, you can opt for:

  • a stormy gray for the opposite wall;
  • a mouse gray for the window wall;
  • a pebble gray for the ceiling.

Then play on the mauve tones:

The wall where the console will be located will be painted purple to bring out the furniture and contrast with the dark side of the bedroom.

The wall where the door is located can be painted purple.

You can also opt for a wallpaper with baroque patterns that will go well with two painted walls if the colors are matched.

Gothic interior

The door frame will be replaced by Louis XIII style wooden rods painted in silver (or gold) to match the mirror.

Finally, decorations in the form of sconces in stone tones can be attached to the wall and carry candlesticks or chalices to complete the decor.

Which floor coverings to choose in gothic interior design?

The carpet, resolutely velvet or shaved, will be ideal for a gothic interior design. Purple, gray or black, the choice is yours:

  • The mauve will bring a more important note of color and will bring out the furniture and mirror.
  • The gray will have to be dark to stay perfectly in the Gothic mood.

Gothic interior

  • The black will darken the room and will have the defect that the slightest dust will be visible.

Finally, a large gothic romance rug will be placed at the foot of the bed.

Textiles and / or curtains to create a Gothic decoration

The different fabrics and textiles will complete your gothic interior design.

For the four-poster bed, the canopy will preferably be gray to obscure any light. Black taffeta curtains lined with mauve satin will be hung on the sides by tabs to close the bed.

The window curtains will be blackout gray or black lined with mauve or purple satin. If necessary, they can be retained by wide Louis XIII style tie-backs.

The bed linen will be chosen according to the color shade of the room:

If purple predominates in gothic interior design bedroom, the bed linen will be charcoal.

If gray prevails, the bed set could be orchid (shade of mauve) with an ounce of powder pink, for example.

Luxurious, light and dark: the Gothic style isn’t only for vampires

Do you figure out Count Dracula‘s castle and a gloomy air and mood when you hear the Gothic subject? So, don’t worry, the Gothic style isn’t only for vampires and zombies ! The Gothic style can be quite adopted in your living space, according the needs of your decoration style , and it can also be very pleasant in the living room.

Gothic interior

The elaborate the design, luxuriously carved furnishing , and magnificent atmosphere of Gothic architecture are well-spread. Several homeowners of the modern and contempoarary interiors include Gothic elements in their homes to produce a unique and striking effect.

To generate a more whimsical impact, the Gothic design is frequently blended into the contemporary living spaces.

Traditional aesthetics of gothic interior decor

For example, you may easily incorporate parts of the gothic interior design style into your actual living room by mixing rich and dark hues . Under no assets does the gothic interior design living room have to be only in black and the most dark shades as an altenrative, use vivid colors like emerald shaded green, dark blue, or the richest chocolate brown.

As you arrange the Gothic themed sitting room, keep in mind the stunning visual prosperity.

Gothic interior

To get a traditional aesthetic, pick up the combined materials, colors, and textures. Other decorational touches you can employ in your living room décor can be patterned dark wallpapers, solid oak woodwork furnishing , luscious rugs, silk, and velvet.

The lighting fixtures can also be used to boost your sitting room design with no sacrificing its style.

The all vintage chandeliers which are videly embellished and decorated are a key component of gothic interior design.

Gothic Style: born in France, spread everywhere

The Gothic style of architecture first developed in France during the 12th century. It immediately established itself as a groundbreaking architectural and interior style in Central Europe. For a long time, Gothic architecture would be distinguished from Baroque and Mannerist influences.

The colossal Gothic constructions of Cologne Cathedral, Ulm Minster, Chartres Cathedral, and Rheinstein Castle are among his most enduring architectural works.

Gothic interior

The gothic beauty in every corner

After a few centuries of dormancy, this style has its own revival only in the 18th century with a neo-Gothic look. He has a wide range of inspiration sources. Its allure has reached even the most remote parts of Malaysia.

Gothic beauty hasn’t faded away, and it shouldn’t be limited to grand churches and palaces; it’s a style that works well in contemporary settings. dark tones Elegance and drama characterize the gothic interior design.

This one-of-a-kind style is unquestionably used to impress. Opt for high-end furniture, high-quality extravagant textiles, and a plethora of additional decorative touches for opulent gothic interior decor. Pay great attention to the inherited when attempting to build a modern Gothic living room.

Style that evoke the 17 century

When designing a modern Gothic living room, pay particular attention to the intrinsic taste and style possibilities for the floor and ceiling that evoke this century. In Gothic decor, dark hues are frequently employed to highlight the beauty of the ornaments and decorations. additional deco components.

Gothic interior

In fact, if the Gothic style’s intensity is too much for you, you may simply add small touches that reflect the style. Go for gloomy colors, magnificent chandeliers, and other gothic aspects. You can even choose wallpapers with vibrating textures and brocade or unmasks designs if you want to copy a typical Gothic decor in your living room. Throng wallpaper with a velvet pattern is other option.

Painted wall or wallpaper: how to choose

Throng wallpaper in gray colors such as the richest burgundy, black, or gold will give your living room the gothic vibe you’re looking for. As an alternative, for a adequate option,opt for a solid paint for the walls with the proper color.

The second option for ornating the walls of your salon is to adopt woodwork , for instance ebony-made panels

Velvet, silk, and satin are common stuff and goods in Gothic decor.

Gothic interior

The gloomy gothic living room, for the most part, necessitates plenty of light to maintain it bright and cheerful throughout the day. In orderto ornate the bedroom space, you can use pendants, tables and floor lamps in addition to the chandelier.

Natural wood lights, such as walnut, rosewood, why not ebony, they are also ideal for this type of decor.

The architectural impact of recreated Gothic atmosphere

In the thirteenth century, first in architecture, and then in the interior, a recreated style , named Gothic. Since the the first appearance, the great Raphael called it that, in a pejorative sense.

He opposes the style of Saint-Pierre to the Roman aesthetic models. In a report to the Pope on the evolution of construction, he calls it Gothic, in the sense that it is devoid of all beauty and barbarism.

The gothic interior design style  has a kind of mysticism – stained glass windows, striking in multicolored, on large windows, arches of lancets. Vertical elements are the main feature of the victorian gothic interior style.

They are numerous, as if all the space was rushing, which gave it rigor and grandeur. Among the other important elements that distinguish the interior in the Gothic style:

Is anthique the same as gothic?

Gothic interior design combines aristocratic elegance with sophistication and grandeur. Since the Middle Ages, the style has undergone many changes, it has experienced new life in the 19th and 20th centuries, but its features can still be found in the interior design of luxury restaurants, hotels and country houses. .

Gothic interior

Antique chandeliers and unusual statuettes will add charm to your Gothic-style living area. The choice of decor items has a big impact on the overall dramatic aspect of the modern gothic interior decor.

Ornate ornaments are constantly used to embellish Victorian  gothic interior design. Look for significant items made of metal, strong wrought iron, stone, or wood when selecting such accessories for your space.

Wrought iron lamps, carved wooden statuettes, and pottery bowls, for example, are all options. These are excellent details to use to dress up your tables and shelves.

Gothic windows: for a historical interior decoration

The world of interior design and architecture is constantly reinventing itself. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed. And the details, atmospheres and current trends in gothic interior decorand architecture are very often inspired by the eras that preceded our own.

Gothic interior

At the moment, this is more particularly the case with the Gothic style, which, after having been the norm between the 13th and 15th centuries, is once again making its way into our interiors.

Zoom on the most beautiful Gothic windows recently discovered in current architecture and development projects.

Gothic windows: an architectural asset that is lack of knowledge

Narrow and pointed windows, pointed arched peaks, relief moldings, ledges in relief, alveoli, ribs, rosettes and colored stained glass, such are the characteristics of the Gothic windows of the XV ° century.

And if we are more used to admiring them in the Churches which were built at the same time, many current projects, of renovation or rehabilitation, have decided to highlight these original and sculptural openings.

Simple, but elegant gothic decor

In some cases, not too much is needed, and the details of the bay structure are simpler, discreet, even minimalist while highlighting the architectural codes of the gothic interior design.

An apartment that already offers superb molded ornaments acquires an atmosphere of another dimension with this kind of stylized openings. In case of renovation, this kind of minimalist Gothic windows also offer more options in terms of the choice of glazing.

Gothic interior

Gothic mood outside and inside

In the form of large bay windows offering a breathtaking view of the outside or to enhance an architrave supported by posts also adorned with capitals and very graphic details, the Gothic windows are sufficient on their own to create luxurious and aesthetic atmospheres.

Historical details to add some elegance

As always, historical details don’t necessarily have to be rendered as is to create beautiful ambiences. This kind of Gothic style decor can also be updated or reinterpreted in a more pop and colorful style as is the case in this daring stairwell.

On the other hand, most of the time, it is complicated to change the glazing of a Gothic window to switch to double glazing and this can have an impact on the energy bill.

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