Simplistic Interior Design: The Beautiful Blend of Function and Innovation

Simplistic Interior Design Interior Design Trends

Simplistic interior design is a booming technology, blending the beauty of subtle minimalism with the innovative solutions.

Do you know the brand new trend known as simplistic interior design? Today, many brands are surfing on modern simplistic interior design and will thus be able to offer you smart, connected furniture, the main objective of which is to make your daily life easier while maintaining a warm and modern atmosphere in all your rooms.

Simplistic Interior Design

Opt for a chic and flawless style and opt for light tones for more modernity. Simplistic interior design or home automation in other terms, you can control your home remotely and control the lighting, heating or video surveillance for more security.

From the entrance to the living room, via the kitchen, the bathroom or the bedroom, fall for contemporary and very clever furniture and adopt without further delay the  new simplistic interior design style very fashionable and totally oriented towards the future.

Indisputable advantages of the simplistic interior design trend

The simplistic interior design will initially allow you to make significant energy savings. Indeed, a connected house or apartment will allow you to be able to better control your consumption and therefore avoid unnecessary energy expenditure. For example, you go on vacation for several weeks and once on the highway you realize that you forgot to turn off the lights in several rooms.

Thanks to the simplistic interior design features, don’t panic, you can regain control of the situation and turn off all the lights remotely. You can also choose an electricity supplier and a contract suitable for this new intelligent equipment.

Simplistic Interior Design

Your home will then become much more functional and practical thanks to connected objects. Indeed, once these objects know your habits, they can adapt to all your needs on a daily basis. Each accommodation can therefore be truly personalized to only look like you.

Current technology will therefore allow you to free yourself from certain tasks and lighten your daily life.

Why not provide automatic opening and closing of your shutters, or even precise adjustment of the desired temperature depending on the rooms but also the seasons. Today, goes even further by also offering you many voice assistants.

They will thus be able to accomplish a number of tasks for you, such as searching the Internet, launching your favorite music playlist or even your favorite television program.

Finally, the last advantage which can be very useful, will be to be able to ensure the safety of your property but also of people. Your home will thus become more sophisticated and much more efficient.

The simplistic interior design will make it safer because you can control and view your home remotely.

Focus on connected objects in simplistic interior design

Whether it concerns your comfort of  simplistic interior design , your safety or even the atmosphere you want to spread in your home, you can therefore choose to invest in many connected objects.

Today, to control your home you can use your smartphone or a home automation box that will allow you to group all your connected devices into a single object.

Simplistic Interior Design

There are of course connected objects for all budgets, but be aware that if you want to invest in this type of accessory, you will nevertheless have to devote a certain budget to it. Indeed, in order to bring you additional help and a real plus in your daily life, they must be efficient.

Investment ideas for a serene and stress-free daily life


Smoke detectors are now mandatory in all homes. But some may, in addition to emitting a signal, send you an alert directly to your mobile phone and for some even notify the emergency services. This very reassuring device for the most anxious of you will have an autonomy of about 10 years.

A home without intruders

There are also cameras and motion detectors that will let you know if a burglary has taken place in your home, for example. They will be able to emit an alarm and scare away all prowlers who are a little too intrusive.


You can also invest in a connected thermostat allowing you not only to control the temperature of your home but also to drastically reduce your energy consumption.

Having the simple shape of a small rectangular box, it can be discreet and find its place on a piece of furniture or directly be fixed to the wall in the entrance, for example.

Simplistic Interior Design

With robot vacuum cleaners or robot mops, goodbye to household chores! Let your assistant work for you on weekdays when you’re not around. You can also program and control it remotely from your smartphone, or your Alexa connected speaker.

Thanks to them, rediscover the joy of always entering an interior that is always clean.

Simplistic interior design: what about lighting?

Finally, to be sure to diffuse lighting adapted to your needs, invest in a connected lighting system. Even when you are at home, you can turn your rooms off or on with a single request. On the program, great energy savings and an atmosphere in your rooms always on top!

Fall for connected furniture with astonishing design

The simplistic interior design trend will therefore suggest that you choose connected furniture for your interior, always with the aim of making your daily life easier and saving you time.

Today,in simplistic interior design, the connected furniture is functional and has a very contemporary design so that it can easily be integrated into any interior.

In a very scandi-style living room, you can opt for a trendy connected TV cabinet in raw wood with duck green and pearl gray doors. Your television will find its place there and thanks to the various connections, watching your favorite programs on your tablet or smartphone will no longer be a problem.

Simplistic Interior Design

In a simplistic interior design kitchen with a pop and tangy look, be trendy with a smart fridge that knows your consumption habits and alerts you when a product runs out. It can be in gray stainless steel and thus marry with the rest of your decoration that you will have wished in the reds.

In your bedroom, opt for connected lamps that will have the ability to adjust the light intensity depending on whether you want to read a good novel or if you prefer a soft and subdued atmosphere to relax.

The simple yet complex design for daily life

Finally, your office can also be turned towards technology with many intelligent applications. The latter can help you in your research and save you precious time in your work, so don’t hesitate!

Abandoned for a few years, caning marks with its little retro look its big comeback in our interiors. Where and how ? In any room of the house, but preferably with a small touch.

A cane piece is sufficient on its own. Above all, avoid associating a chandelier with a sideboard and yet another seat, all in cane. The result will be too much!

Simplistic Interior Design

On the other hand, the big advantage of caning is that it can be integrated into any interior, regardless of the style of decoration. We like it on a bohemian chic style piece of furniture, a retro seat with velvet, a cottage-style chair, or on a vintage-style sideboard. The cane pieces are versatile and weave into any environment; both inside and out.

Caning 2.0? Weaving is no longer done exclusively in natural fibers, in 2021, cane can be woven in metal and in this case bring a resolutely industrial character.

Cane furniture on top of simplistic interior design

 Key trend for 2021

If you were to succumb to only one decoration trend in 2022, it would definitely be cane. No obligation to replace your sideboard or headboard, you can simply insert a contemporary cane chandelier, a mirror or simply a new seat in your living room. On our blog, you’ll find cane pieces that will change the look of a room in the blink of an eye!

Its lightness

The weaving of natural fibers in cane creates “holes” which lighten the pieces of furniture. The result: airy, non-massive furniture that is a great choice in small spaces.

Its resistance

At first glance, caning may seem tricky. This is just a misconception. Because it is natural fibers braided together using an artisanal technique, the cane is ultra resistant while being flexible, which makes it comfortable.

Simplistic Interior Design

Its color palette

The cane fits as well in a natural light wood frame as with velvet as in a black piece of furniture. Depending on the frame chosen and the color of the fibers of the cane, the pieces will sometimes fit into a rustic interior and sometimes into a modern house.

Warm and fresh at the same time

As with all natural fiber pieces, there is one effect that we love: in summer, cane furniture brings an airy and cool appearance, in winter, they have a warm side thanks to their natural color!

Iconic pieces in cane

The Cesca B64 chair designed by Marcel Breuer in 1928 is a legendary piece that combines tubular steel structure and backrest accompanied by a cane seat, all framed in wood. A classic, comfortable and timeless design that makes this chair an icon.

Simplistic Interior Design

The iconic bistro chair n ° 14 by Thonet

The Chandigarh chair created by the Swiss designer Pierre Jeanneret in the 1950s. The latter has a rectilinear structure in dark wood and a seat / backrest in cane.

The Piani accent furniture collection is not as legendary as the two chairs mentioned below, but there is a big name in design behind it, namely Patricia Urquiola. The collection is a modern reinterpretation of the technique of yesteryear and consists of small pieces of cane furniture.

What is simplistic design?

The world is changing and at the same time our way of living. These changes are triggered by technological advancement and social megatrends that are arousing new aspirations among tenants and apartment owners.

We have thus seen the birth of a new culture of housing, the simplistic interior design , which offers more quality of life and security. Leader of the interconnected housing market in Switzerland, bonacasa brings unparalleled added value with its simplistic interior design design: sustainable architecture, interconnected building technology and choice of home services.

Having an apartment  in simplistic interior design at your disposal in all phases of life that offers the services you need is an increasingly popular form of life.

Simplistic Interior Design
The simplistic interior design Loft created by bonacasa is the benchmark platform for the new housing culture in Switzerland. Together with our partners in architecture, construction, building technology, digitization and science, we show on a the pictures, how connectivity enriches everyday life, makes it more comfortable and safer.

Bathrooms without thresholds, showers with energy recovery, intelligent lighting, a 24/7 emergency call service, clever parcel box devices, functional kitchens – in short, the whole range of simplistic interior design can to be discovered, touched and examined in one place.

The Smart Living Loft thus becomes the ideal meeting place to present modern technologies to visitors and to develop new ideas with partners.

Classic charm in simplistic interior design

Do you like the classic and charming atmosphere of old apartments, but live in a new building? We’ll show you how to combine the two in the newest trend called simplistic interior design ! With a little ingenuity, you can transform a neutral-looking apartment into a chic, old-fashioned interior.

Tips for giving an old style to a contemporary apartment:

Possibly place stucco elements on the ceilings and walls: Who would have thought that stucco fits easily into a simplistic interior design ? The decoration of the ceilings and walls is normally characteristic of opulent old apartments and can be imitated by strips of polystyrene stucco. Tip: Use special glue to attach them to the ceiling and walls without damaging the material.

Consider installing floorboards: Choose classic parquet to mimic the floor of an old apartment. Our advice: prefer a herringbone floor to highlight the character of an old building.

Simplistic Interior Design

Consider installing vintage wooden doors: Most new buildings have single doors. If you don’t want to replace all the doors, there are other neat ways to mimic the old look. Whether it’s styrofoam frames, door tattoos, or shabby chic chalk paint, you’ll give them a vintage charm.

Are you ready to furnish your apartment in old style or make a neutral interior shine with classic design? Westwing offers a selection of classic items to fulfill all your antique interior desires. Have fun decorating and living according to your wishes

Simplistic interior design: 5 decorative ideas to adopt

Having as much storage space as possible in a small space is not always easy. From functional furniture to modular furniture, in a small interior, it is essential to optimize space. Clever storage slipped under the bed, shelves that extend to the ceiling or niches that turn into clever storage, here are 5 decorative storage ideas for your small spaces.

A multifunction headboard

While the headboard can dress a small room elegantly, it can also save you space. Equipped with shelves or a wardrobe, there are clever models for storing your clothes.

The headboard can have a triple function. Do you want to create a separate separation between the sleeping area and the living area, but you also need storage for your clothes and a headboard?

The solution can be found here. Opt for a bamboo headboard, with multiple shelves and a small wardrobe.

Ultra ingenious, this piece of furniture brings a warm touch to your small living room, while at the same time saving space in your bedroom.

Simplistic Interior Design

If you want a clean bedroom, prefer a headboard model with cupboards, sliding doors or drawers. Once closed, your room will appear larger. And if, on the contrary, you like to display your things, candles and books, choose a model with niches.

Nesting tables

Want to organize your small living room while promoting storage in the concept of simplistic house design? A real space-saving asset, nesting tables are light and easy to move. As a duo or trio, associated with a small sofa or a few stools with integrated storage, nesting tables are the strengths of small spaces.

They stack up during the day to facilitate movement, they move at night to serve as nightstands, they assemble in the evening to create a warm atmosphere in the living room, in short, they adapt to your desires and your space.

Wall niches for optimal storage

In the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the hall or in the living room, the niche is both ultra-functional and imperishable. You’ve certainly seen it on the hottest Instagram accounts: the carved or shaped niche is making a comeback in interiors.

Easy to make with simple metal rods, a few blocks of aerated concrete and a little plaster, this small wall recess dresses the room while proving to be a functional storage. Immaculate in reference to their Mediterranean origins, the niches can be furnished with your books, your dishes or some ceramic decorative elements.

Simplistic Interior Design

Shelves to the ceiling

If you’re lucky to have high ceilings in your small space, dare the shelves up to the ceiling. In addition to adding character to the room, this section of wall with twenty parallel shelves will allow you to free up floor space and store your books, jewelry, dishes and some decorative items. A storage solution for small spaces that has it all!

Simplistic Interior Design

A hanging cabinet for shoes

Do you want to store your shoes in simplistic interior design in your small apartment or studio? Whether you have a pair or twenty pairs of shoes, it is essential to invest in smart and designer storage.

Say goodbye to the pile of shoes in the hall and hello to the hanging cabinet. Installed in the hall and coupled with a pretty hall bench with integrated storage, the shoe storage is shallow with a small footprint, and modular to be able to add items below, below or side by side. Also be sure to choose a piece of furniture with a little nook to store your keys or your smartphone.

Redevelopment: transforming the old into new

Sometimes we need something new! But, you know, remodeling an entire apartment is expensive. Good news for all savers: you don’t have to! Often, all it takes is nothing to change the decor of a room.

You can for example simply place your bed on the opposite wall of the bedroom or put the sofa in the middle of the living room! This way, you can create a completely new feeling of space, without having to invest a single dime in new furniture or expensive home accessories. It really can be that simple!

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