Rustic Interior Design: Best 17 Tips To Emphasize Your Sparkling Personality

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Rustic interior design  is timeless and popular for landscaping the garden as well as to have a whole house . In this article, find out how to create  rustic interior design in your home and romantic garden.

This rustic interior design is inspired by the tradition of English gardens and typical English cottages. The pretty gardens of these country houses give an impression of virgin and picturesque forest. The paths wind up to a garden bench or a garden shed.

rustic interior design

The rustic interior design gives pride of place to natural textures, for instance as wood or stone. However, modern materials, such as rattan, are increasingly used in this style . The layout of paths and flowerbeds is inspired by nature.

Hedges and trees are shaped with a hedge trimmer or secateurs and surround beautiful decorative flower beds.

Choosing the right colors and materials for rustic interior design

For a successful rustic interior design , the leading interior designers advise you to choose soft colors such as white, light gray, beige or even pastel colors such as pink, blue or yellow.

Indeed, these soothing colors bring charm and softness to your rustic interior design for a refined decor. A pretty pastel pink wall can accentuate your rustic interior design and decoration . Pastel colors are however to be preferred for walls or decorative objects and not only for kitchen furniture.

It is quite possible to add originality with wallpaper. A section of wall with patterned wallpaper can be very suitable for a rustic interior design if it is put forward. However, if you are making a section of the wall like this, the rest of your room should remain plain so as not to mix up the patterns.

modern rustic interior design

Then, for kitchen furniture, the rustic interior design is made up of light and smooth wood materials. Indeed, this wood makes it possible to brighten up the room and give it a very refined appearance.

This light wood is very often associated with lacquered white, which is also a must have for rustic interior design and in particular for rustic cuisine.

Add a suitable credenza in rustic interior design

For this second tip, We advise you not to neglect your kitchen splashback. Indeed, the credenza allows to set the tone of the room in rustic interior design. If you have a kitchen with neutral colors, without really much decoration, a splashback with graphic patterns or even pastel colors will give your kitchen a rustic style!

The rustic interior design trend of recent years is the decoration of cement tiles. It is quite possible to combine your kitchen with a cement tile splashback, which will add charm to it.

The rustic interior design has a very modern appearance. Take into account that this design will create a cozy and enchanting space in your home. It emits a level of comfort and elegance that appeals to everyone.

modern rustic interior design

Rustic cuisine conjures up images of a carefree and happy childhood spent in the country, particularly the excellent food made by our grandmothers.

Floral patterns and airy tones are required in the rustic interior design. Natural materials such as stone, wood, terracotta, and baskets are used to create a rustic ambiance. The use of bright hues like red and yellow as accents is ideal for rustic interior design.

The kitchen appears more bright and spacious because to the use of light colors, well-appointed sideboards, and huge glass windows.

The rustic kitchen cabinets and the dishes on the huge oak countertop that give off a wonderful perfume add to the atmosphere’s warmth. The kitchen tools are lined up against the wall.

There is enough of open space in the kitchen to make it pleasant. Solid woodwork dining tables and matching kitchen chairs or benches are a good choice.

Our recommendation is to install the heating system under the window, which will allow for the best hot air circulation in the space.

Each room in this rustic interior design  is unique, with warm cowhide furniture, trendy lighting, a gorgeous camin , exposed beam ceilings, and a jacuzzi patio… All of our samples have one thing in common: they emit an undeniably warm environment. We’ve taken images of them for you to see!

Rustic interior design: 5 tips for a chic and warm decor

Highlight your rustic interior design with a few tips Rustic mooded decoration can be perfectized by bycolored or monocolured woodwork furniture, imposing sideboards also vaste dining tables.

Thus, rustic interior design is often seen as an outdated and dated decoration. But on the contrary, it has something to make other styles of accessorize blush thanks to.

modern rustic interior design

Solid wood furniture, towering sideboards, and huge dining tables are all hallmarks of the rustic interior design . It is frequently seen as an out-of-date and out-of-style adornment. The charm it emits, on the other hand, is enough to make other forms of decoration blush. This genuine decor is welcoming, and we enjoy it as much in the winter with a lovely wood heater as we do in the summer with its mountain charm.

No more prejudices, rustic interior design  can just as easily be trendy as vintage decoration. You just have to follow a few rules and thus obtain a absolutely chic and ultra warm rustic decoration.

Wooden furniture for rustic interior design

When people think of rustic interior design, they automatically think of wood. To achieve a CHIC rustic look, pick through your grandmother’s furniture and keep a few pieces, such as a wooden coffee table, a dining table, a few chairs, or maybe the cupboard you love. If you don’t have enough money to acquire this type of family furniture, look for it at flea markets or private sales, where many people get rid of it.

For the furniture, the must of rustic interior design is the wooden wardrobes. A chinese cabinet in allowing to showcase your parents’s porcelain collection or better, unique antique porcelains will also work very well.

A sideboard closed with chicken wire, a jam, a solid oak table with some ornamentation and its straw chairs are recommended. Furniture that tells a story in rustic interior design.

modern rustic interior design

Emphasize your centerpieces

The few pieces of wooden furniture should be emphasised for a light  feel rustic interior design. These are the focal points of your room. Avoid stuffing a room with wooden furniture to achieve this. In a hallway, for example, we will only find a wooden workbench.

The coffee table in the living area will be highlighted by its natural wood. You can even install a solid wood sliding door for a guaranteed barn appearance! Then there’s a big family table in the dining room.

This allows you to showcase a rustic piece of furniture while maintaining a light and airy atmosphere.

rustic interior design

Stones and cement tiles

If you live in an old house and it is possible for you to highlight a stone or brick wall, you can in this case integrate it with stone facing plates or even brick-effect wallpaper.

Otherwise, an interior plaster, a whitewashed wall or a light paint, for example, will do just fine. On the floor, if the authentic is neither raw wood either terracotta, lay terracotta or cement tiles. The patterns offered by DIY and home improvement stores today are perfect copies of those from the turn of the 20th century. They will bring a unique charm to your space with rustic interior design. Either way, avoid PVC coverings!

Bring out the beams for modern rustic interior design

Beams are the most common feature of a rustic interior design . It’s critical to keep them and make them shine out if you want your interior to have charm and individuality. The ceiling can be repainted in white while leaving the exposed beams alone. It will not only brighten the area, but it will also heighten the impression and highlight your lovely wooden beams.

modern rustic interior design

If the presence of wood in a room bothers you, try to repaint the ceiling a airy color, such as white, and after repaint those beams a bright color, such as gray or beige. This will help to break up the room’s too wooden look and give it a more contemporary feel.

Mix styles

Rustic chic decor can easily be matched with other decor styles. Modern rustic interior design or cocooning can be very suitable thanks to the use of wood.

The rustic decor can be very suitable for an interior that is both design and industrial by the reminders of wood and the sobriety of the place. Mixing styles can also be done through a Mix and Match of furniture of mixed different styles. A solid wood coffee table, a Berber rug and a designer armchair for example.

The colors of a rustic decoration

Natural tones

For an ideal family house decor, a chic country interior, the colors must be natural for the furniture and accessories. You need off-white, ecru, beige, taupe, string, linen, putty … If these tones are to be the basic color chart, old pink, blue or pastel green can also highlight the whole. A bright -colored interior will immediately be more bright and soothing.

The buttons of color

Dare to employ a few splashes of color to liven up a rustic setting. They can be found on ornamental goods like pillows, lamps, and rugs. Colors, regardless of style, always add vitality and charm to a room. Make color reminders, though, to ensure that all of the pieces are in sync.A touch of color for a warm and family-friendly country decor.

modern rustic interior design

The rustic finishing touch in family style living room

For the rest of the rustic farmhouse style home decor , be creative and original with the cushions (with flowers!). Play daring with the double curtains and their tiebacks (flower power again).

Garden roses should appear on a quilt or, in a rustic style living room, on a quilt. The family home decoration, the chic country style or just the rustic decoration, materializes in the small decoration elements. A bunch of dried flowers here, daisies in a zinc watering can there.

Old advertising can be hung on the wall. On the table, place a cookie container. Over the fireplace, hang black and white portraits. Add even more by storing the logs in a wicker basket somewhere else… Place candles on tables and windowsills in plenty. The finishing touch in the living area is a crystal chandelier above the table.

Dried flowers in the modern rustic interior design

Pampas grass to fill a bouquet

Show off your little flower bouquet by adding a few branches of pampas grass. Thus, you will transform a simple bouquet into a magnificent decorative element. Its imposing size will allow you to fill an empty corner in a living room or bedroom. In addition, the bouquet will bring a warm side and a little rustic touch to your decor.

modern rustic interior design

For fans of dried flowers, know that pampas herbs go well with all kinds of flowers. Roses, cotton flowers or even branches of eucalyptus, each bouquet will be sublimated with some pampas herbs!

On their own, they also form a very beautiful bouquet and will soften the decor of your room.

Country style kitchen for an authentic interior

Who said rustic wasn’t chic ?! The countryside decor in a kitchen is all that is most trendy. It smells of sautéed veal that has been simmering for hours, the fireplace, country flowers and authenticity …

The country style is once again popular and not only in second homes. The country kitchen is by definition spacious and perfect for entertaining. Discover the essentials for easy installation.

The farmhouse table, essential for a country decor in a kitchen

Regarding rustic and country decorative furniture: the essential large solid wood table, the solid farmhouse table has no rival. It is the centerpiece of the rustic farmhouse style home decor in a kitchen. It should ideally be made of oak, preferably quite dark in essence, or even aged wood.

Place it in the center of the kitchen to accommodate meals with family or friends. Matching benches will further reinforce this country spirit.

modern rustic interior design

Family home style, family furniture

The elements, also undoubtedly in wood, will take on a contemporary air if they are slightly patinated. They will also bring a shabby chic side. Prefer fairly clear and natural colors: white, gray, putty, taupe. Furniture found on a flea market has a particular place in this type of cuisine.

Functional professional furniture will give it a “modern industrial” spirit. A family chinese cabinet, in which to display parents ‘s porcelain service, will also be perfectly suited.

Cast iron stove and enamel sink

When it comes to household appliances, no hesitation, a cooktop is what you need in this country kitchen. Otherwise, a cast iron stove above which, for example, copper pots can be hung: 100% country style.

Find a vintage fridge to liven it up. At the water point, the idea of ​​an old stamp or why not an old white enamel sink in good condition, topped with a resolutely retro tap, can be very original for a perfect country decor in a food.

modern rustic interior design

Parquet, cement tiles, stone for rustic farmhouse style home decor

On at least one wall, put a stone facing typical of old houses. For a total look, on the floor opt for a beautiful quality parquet, which smells of the past,especially in case of rustic style bathroom.

Unless you lean towards cement tiles that are very “old-fashioned” as well and quite in tune with the times. If you are unsure: mix the two, tiles near the water projection areas, wood under the table!

Embellish the covering with a beautiful rug to give a little bohemian touch to the room. And just because you’re looking for a traditional spirit doesn’t mean you can’t put animal skin on the floor: a nod to modern rustic interior design style.

Small trinkets for decoration

On the ceiling, a voluminous and worked chandelier, also mottled, will add to the country style of the room. For modern rustic interior design  decoration, baskets will dress an unoccupied corner very well.

Also add a large picture to the frame with large moldings that will decorate a section of wall and enamel pots on an empty shelf. Do not skimp on the small things, on the fireplace for example: frames, candlesticks …

A touch of color is allowed in the rustic farmhouse style home decor . From this point of view, everything is allowed. Even the red and white textured tablecloth or tea towels!

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