Pop Interior Design: Shiny Simplicity And Modern Functionality

pop art house design Interior Design Trends

Pop interior design is a new stylistic movement which will be the best pick for those who love colour burnst at home. Bright and tangy colors, designer furniture, geometric patterns, shining materials: the  has been  awakening our interior for more than half a century. Back in his colorful, free and alive years with this pop decoration full of pep!

pop art house design

This pop interior design  trend combines the elegance, escape and dolce vita lifestyle. She gives the inspiration from the resorts and glamorous shores of the 70s, such as trends called Capri and Positano.

Bright and fresh shades, the deckchair stripe, citrus and art deco patterns in a subtlemix with with refined materials such as brass, colored glass, velvet or the marble surface. Ready for a getaway on the pop interior design?

Tips for a pop decoration

Want a change in your decor? Do you like the pop interior design? Why not go back to the sixties for a colorful and chic interior?
So today, here are some decor and space saving tips to give your interior a pop apartment feel.

The basics of pop interior design

The main characteristics of the pop decoration are:

  • materials: plastic, synthetic fabrics, faux fur
  • colors: warm, primary and flashy colors
  • typical objects: objects with rounded shapes, geometric patterns
  • the main representatives: Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns…

The furniture for pop interior design

In your small apartment, it is preferable that your walls remain sober, so that you can easily change the decor later. It is therefore thanks to your furniture that you will be able to bring a little color and originality to pop interior design. Indeed, the pop interior design is mainly characterized by modern and very colorful furniture.

For a distinguished pop interior design, choose designer furniture and mainly rounded shapes. For example, get a designer round table for your living room, and plastic chairs, in flashy colors.

The famous Tam Tam stool is a beautiful example of pop interior design furniture, colorful and original.

pop art house design
Of course, prefer modular and space-saving furniture, in order to optimize space in your small apartment.

The accessories for adding brightness

Just like furniture, to get a pop decoration, choose colorful and original decorative accessories.

So equip your pop interior design with curtains or cushions in warm colors, and even in quirky materials.

For example, fur or synthetic will add an eccentric touch to your pop interior design , and will enhance the pop atmosphere in your living room or bedroom.

Geometric patterns occupy an important place in the pop style and for this you can provide yourself with stickers to decorate your interior in a space-saving way and without cluttering the apartment.

pop art house design
In your kitchen, choose utensils, bowls or plastic and colored salad bowls, to bring a little cheerfulness to your dishes!

Finally, to dress up your walls, buy paintings of Pop Art reproductions, such as those by Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein.

Thus, these paintings will perfectly decorate your interior, and will bring a colorful and modern touch to your rooms.

 Pop interior design: Lighting fixtures

It is very important to bring light into a small apartment, in order to give a feeling of space, despite the small size. So remember to install good main lighting in each room, supplemented by accent lights for the different activities of the room. Regarding the choice of lighting, do not hesitate to choose colorful and original accessories for the best pop interior design

Colorful plastic suspensions, or lava lamps will be perfect for a pop interior design in your living room or in a bedroom.

Here you are, you should now be able to adapt your decoration to give a pop and modern style to your apartment, and meet on Friday for a selection of pop and space-saving objects!

1/7 Pop style: bright colors

Adopting the pop style is to create a very colorful atmosphere in your interior. We multiply the bright and tangy colors: lemon yellow, apple green, orange, duck blue. We dare all associations, provided that the result is colorful and strikes the eye.

The pop style finds its origin in the energized atmosphere of the 60s and 70s, where pop art reigns supreme and where the most famous designers – Verner Panton, Eero Arnio, Pierre Paulin – are preparing to enter the legend. The watchword of pop style?

pop art house design

In case of pop interior design, play with contrasts, dare to use the brightest colors, the most extravagant shapes, the most surprising materials. We therefore put everything on an ultra colorful interior, with a preference for very bright colors, those that whet the appetite and give energy.

The decoration tip in addition: delimit spaces in the room by playing with colors. Yellow for the living room, red for the dining area, green for the reading area …

2/7 Pop style: a geometric wallpaper

The  pop interior design style is also displayed on the walls of the house. We take the opportunity to choose a nice colorful wallpaper, with geometric or graphic patterns, that we will put on certain sections of the wall. Here again, there is no question of being satisfied with a pretty Scandinavian decorative pattern, we opt for the color and very graphic lines.

Applying pop wallpaper is a good idea to start creating a seventies pop atmosphere, without changing all the furniture. A section of wall is enough to enhance the decoration of the room and to make it rock in this colorful universe.

pop art house design

The decoration tip in addition: you can dare to mismatch by choosing several wallpapers with different patterns to put on different sections of the wall. To save money, we collect scraps of wallpaper.

3/7 Pop style: original furniture with geometric lines

With the pop interior design , we play the card of originality even in the design of the furniture. The materials are shiny, a touch of metal, lacquered finishes, PVC, wood only sparingly. The lines  in pop interior design are rounded and go where they are not expected. A round bookcase, a circular shelf, bubble armchairs. Without forgetting the colorful touch, which sublimates the furniture.

The elements are often quite imposing, by their design. We do not play the bidding, but we choose each piece of furniture carefully, so as not to overload the pop interior design.

The decoration tip in addition: to highlight a colored piece of furniture, it is placed in a place where the wall is white or neutral, so that it stands out better.

4/7 Pop style: curvy lines

The designers of the seventies, at the height of the pop style, had a weakness for curved lines and round furniture. We therefore follow this trend by choosing rounded furniture. Round table for the kitchen, lacquered if possible to perfectly match the pop style, chairs with curved lines. For lighting, we multiply the colorful and circular kitchen suspensions, or paper bubbles to customize, or transparent balls tinted plexiglass. Add a few touches of color to these rounded designs, on the wall, on the floor or in the decoration and voila.

pop art house design

The decoration tip in addition: to give any piece of furniture a pop of makeover, the right solution is to lacquer it in white using a special varnish.

5/7 Pop style: a beautiful colorful piece of furniture

If there must be only one, it is better to focus on a central piece of furniture and choose it very colorful. It is too easy to place a few colorful frames, to add a carpet or a few touches of decoration full of pep.

To really adopt the pop style, we prefer to opt for a piece of furniture that will be seen well and which will be at the heart of the decoration. In the living room, we put on a lemon yellow sofa to give a sober Scandinavian interior the pop impulse that it lacked.

Immediately, the room regains color and the decoration becomes more pop and joyful.

The decoration tip in addition: if you only have to change one element, you change the biggest! However, you don’t have to spend huge sums of money, a new sofa cover can sometimes be enough.

Pop style: a graphic carpet

On the floor, we “pimp” a classic parquet or a light tile by choosing a very colorful carpet, which will create spaces and assert the style of the room. Side patterns, we see big.

We opt for multicolored striped rugs, graphic patterns in bright colors or floral patterns in pop colors, straight out of the seventies. If you redecorate your interior, installing a carpet with pop patterns may be enough to create an offbeat universe, no need to change your floor. At a lower cost, we can therefore create a pop decoration at home.

pop art house design

The decoration tip in addition: to sublimate your patterned carpet, opt for a coffee table in transparent plexiglass, one of the materials favorite of the pop style. This will not hide anything from the carpet.

7/7 Pop style: a small decor with a pop art spirit

To complete its pop decoration, we focus on accessories inspired by this style. We unearth pretty pictures taken from pop art, we offer ourselves a Warhol print and we frame it in colorful frames.

We play the pop card thoroughly, down to the smallest detail: cushions in bright colors, a bright yellow table lamp, masking tape to hang lots of pretty cards on the wall, colorful candlesticks …

The pop style likes to play the accumulation card with these small decorative items. In short, give in, have fun and have fun with this style that exudes good humor!

The decoration tip in addition: to avoid coming close to the “too much”, we determine a section of wall or an area of the room where we accumulate pop decorative objects, and we confine ourselves to it.

Lighten the space and preserve luminosity

We give a living room a makeover in an assertive style, inspired by the 70s, in a more contemporary and glamorous version. We focus on a dominant color, deep red, without forgetting white to lighten the space and preserve luminosity, and we borrow the emblematic codes of this period, precisely dosed.

An ornamental wallpaper with iconic patterns, clean lines and rounded shapes for furniture and accessories. We personalize the space with two DIY furniture stained walnut, typical seventies wood.

pop art house design

For glamor, touches of brass are added, which sparkle and make the light vibrate. Last wink at this time: the rugs. We choose them thick and soft, and we multiply them for comfort in all elegance! Find out how to get inspired.

Color of the trend: Ultramarine blue, pure intensity

Ultramarine blue invites you to travel, passionately! Whether you want to give a boost or a lot of elegance to the decor, this intense color at the heart of the trend is a great ally.

Its deep and luminous hue gives rhythm to the decor inside and out. In total look or in association with neutral colors, on furniture or decorative objects, ultramarine blue will inevitably find its place in your home.

Color of the sun: yellow ocher, natural and solar

Somewhere between soft beiges and flamboyant yellow, yellow ocher combines naturalness and solar accents. This balanced color gives the decor an air of a sunny vacation home.

A little – in small touches – or a lot in total-look, ocher can give your decor a subtle warm filter. Find out how to use it at home to take advantage of its healthy glow.

What are the right shades of ocher to be at the heart of the trend?

Yellow ocher is trendy. Its warm and bright shades are easy to integrate into the decor because they compose clear atmospheres and can be used on large wall surfaces.

pop art house design
To make the right choice of paint, we recommend a mat or velvet finish and a color that oscillates between golden yellow and mastic beige.

This alliance creates a solar but natural shade, as effective in a living room as in a bedroom or bathroom.

Pop art interior design: vegetal green gives us a boost

Sometimes the decor brings nature into the house. This is the case with vegetal green which blurs the lines between inside and outside. This gray green with organic nuances soothes and creates authentic or even bucolic atmospheres. How to use it to give it style? How to compose with these shades of green a decoration at the heart of the trend? Find out how this green will vegetate your life.

The right shades of vegetal green

The plant green we like right in pop interior design is a medium green tinged with gray, both soft and deep. It can draw on khaki green or rather undergrowth green. It is a camouflage color that lends itself to many decorative applications: from the small touch of accessories to the painted wall from floor to ceiling.

pop art house design

It is possible to play with different shades of green that are very close in one and pop interior design, a bit like in a forest or a carpet of scrubland, because there is not a plant green but several rather similar shades that can claim this name.

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