Moroccan Interior Design: Encompassing Designs And Motifs Popularized in the Orient

moroccan interior design Interior Design Trends

Moroccan interior design, rich in color, dotted with intricate geometric patterns and luxurious accessories, this unique style leaves no one indifferent. Today, many individuals are trying to reproduce this warm style in their homes.

To successfully set up a moroccan interior design at home, it is essential to respect certain rules!

moroccan interior design

We have already published several articles on landscaping, decoration and outdoor furniture and you have been able to use them as inspiration to change up your exterior , terrace, balcony or patio.

Today we want to talk to you about the spirit of the Moroccan interior design in home or apartment, its captivating materials, objects and colors.

Bring the warmness to your home

Who doesn’t love embroidered cushions and ottomans that you sink into comfortably? Who does not dream of a table covered with ceramic mosaic, with the teapot placed on it? Maybe you already have a rug, tableware or a candle lighting fixture of Arabic and oriental design.

moroccan interior design

Don’t set some limits to a many objects; opt for a moroccan interior design that encompasses several aspects, including a garden furniture with comfortable cushions, a whismical large groundsheet, and the essential wrought metallic lanterns.

Change your outdoor terrace by taking inspiration from Moroccan aesthetic.

For the amateurs of the Moroccan style, here are examples of garden or patio landscaping in this design that evokes the fairy tale.

A sumptuous and brilliant universe

Those who have visited Morocco before can attest to the authenticity of the moroccan interior design as well as its  decorative style. From the outside, the houses look the same and are very sober, but once inside, marvel!

The oriental decoration is sumptuous, warm and shines with a thousand lights. It is marked by radiant colors, particular patterns, arched doors as well as the presence of various accessories such as rugs and lanterns.

Although the Moroccan decoration is slightly extravagant, it can very well be declined in a more sober style without losing its charm.

moroccan interior design

For a modern Moroccan living room, it is not necessary to invest in major works. We can be satisfied with integrating a few patterns through the cushions and rugs. On the other hand, special attention must be paid to lighting. Indeed, the combination of brilliant colors and lighting is essential to recreate the Moroccan style.

Thus, the color gold, yellow, purple and turquoise are particularly appreciated. A large ceiling lamp in the center of the living room will highlight the decorative elements chosen while adding a luxurious and refined touch.

To perfectly match the perfect moroccan interior design, it is best if it is wide enough while having shiny details. The chandelier can be enhanced by lanterns placed in the corners of the room.

A colorful and warm  Moroccan interior design

Morocco is a colorful and warm country. The sunny hues are thus very present in its traditional decorative style. The yellow of the sun, the blue of the sky, the purple and the orange of the spices on the stalls of the souks are the main colors used to decorate a Moroccan house.

moroccan interior design

The walls are generally an orange hue and feature The ceiling is not to be outdone, which can sport shimmering colors to match the rest of the decor.

While being adorned with bright colors, the ceiling can be decorated with oriental-inspired details such as gold-colored swags or chandeliers.

Moroccan furniture: Is that heavy?

The Moroccan living room has mostly large sofas often leaning against the walls and occupying about a third of the space of the room. To recall this peculiarity, it is possible to install a corner sofa or chaise longue, but nevertheless adding oriental touches through the cushions.

These can be chosen in warm colors such as red, purple and orange while sporting geometric and graphic Moroccan patterns.

moroccan interior design

Poufs are also very present in the moroccan style living room . They are used for decorating, seating and storing things. They go with the interior decoration and are usually in colored leather.

Have brown undertones undeniably creating a warm atmosphere. This shade can also be used for accessories such as cushions, wall lights and knickknacks.

The walls can be covered with a pastel color (honey yellow, creamy beige, etc.). Some gilding can adorn the edges of windows, fireplaces and plinths

Cabinets made of hammered copper are other key elements of Moroccan interior design. They are used to store dishes and tea services.

The Moroccan lounge is a friendly space where you receive your guests and where you take the time to enjoy a cup of tea while chatting. It is designed to accommodate a large number of guests, hence the advantage of having sofas along the walls.

Thanks to this arrangement, guests can easily see each other and reach the coffee table in the middle of the room.

The role of accessories in moroccan interior design

Moroccan interior design can be opulent or sober as desired. Accessories play an essential role as we mentioned above. To recreate the auspicious atmosphere of the Thousand and One Nights tales, copper accessories, paintings with gold borders, colorful rugs and cushions should be favored in moroccan style decor.

moroccan interior design

They are to be placed everywhere, on the floor, near the coffee table and on the sofas. Those placed on the floor should be thick enough to be able to serve as seats.

Moroccan interior design is becoming more and more popular in the contemporary interior. It is associated with bright colors, dynamic contrasts, traditional patterns and the uniqueness of moroccan style decor.

Red and orange for a magical home

The vibrant colors – red and orange, are inspired by the beautiful sunsets, blue and green and their deep shades, they are found in the sea, the tones of gold, light brown, yellow and gray reminiscent of the desert. With a house renovation in  Moroccan interior design, you will create the atmosphere in your exotic and magical home.

Moroccan-style home decoration loves mosaic, used on mirror frames, to adorn the sink in the bathroom, creating beautiful combinations with magnificent contrasts. Moroccan lamps and decorative elements in carved wood adorn the doors, windows and mirror frames. The Moroccan interior design prefers natural materials, such as glass, wood, leather, wool, silk, clay and metal.

moroccan interior design

Thus,  Moroccan interior design and  the unique style is easy to recognize – wool rugs, carved wooden furniture and accessories, and colorful decorative cushions are typical representatives.

To have a home with  Moroccan interior design is not easy. Apart from the traditional decorative accessories, we are also brought to familiarize ourselves with the patterns and the flagship colors of the Moroccan style.

Whatever room you choose, your decoration should incorporate the key elements of this oriental style.

Moroccan interior design: the inspiration in a mix

Openwork metal suspensions, cozy materials and imposing furniture: these are the landmarks that will guide you in creating a 100 percent moroccan atmosphere. Inspirational ideas are not lacking, of course, but things get more complicated if we want to combine the exoticism of Moroccan interior design with the modernity of minimalist homes. In this case, we just have to bet on a mixture of modern furniture and pieces representative of the oriental style.

On the decorative side, we can dress our walls with a string of abstract paintings associated with the range of colors put in place.

Wall Decoration for a moroccan style living room

The wall decoration is undoubtedly the centerpiece of this incredibly warm living room. A handcrafted bedside lamp and a designer sculpture complete the decoration of the room immersed in incredible softness.

The choice of colors hardly surprises us. Ditto for the wooden furniture that communicates gracefully with the warm color of the walls and the exotic patterns of the decorative cushions.

moroccan interior design

Creating a cozy nest is the nicest thing to do, especially when you have a dizzying collection of decor and furniture with oriental charm. Apart from multiplying the decorative objects representative of the Moroccan interior design , you can distill here and there ethnic kilims, fluffy cushions, exotic curtains and etc. If the space allows you, arrange a real cozy cocoon by superimposing soft blankets and silky plaids.


Moroccan furniture that makes an impact in the decor

Tired of contemporary furniture that lacks originality? We take a trip to Morocco with iconic furniture, both timeless and full of character. From the sofa to the table, zoom in on Moroccan furniture that invites the sun into the decor and gently disorientates!

1. The stool, the most practical piece of furniture

It is found in all decoration collections, in raw or painted wood version, with its rope seat and irregular uprights. Among Moroccan furniture, the small wooden stool is undoubtedly the most trendy of the moment, and also the easiest to fit into a bedroom, an office or the moroccan themed kitchen!

2. The table and its bench in chiseled wood, for the most refined moroccan house design

One can opt for the bench, the coffee table or both, as long as the Moroccan furniture pays homage to the talent of the craftsmen with delicate curves and openwork panels. A typical look that can also change style in another color, or with custom-made cushions!

moroccan interior design

3. The leather pouf, the softest of moroccan house design

You can recognize it at first glance by its quality leather, its artisanal look and its sewn or engraved geometric patterns. The leather pouf is one of those Moroccan pieces of furniture that we love, at the foot of the sofa as in the children’s room, and which warms the atmosphere without doing anything!

4. The perforated metal side table, the smallest of Moroccan furniture

With its chiseled metal lace, this small side table with an artisanal look looks straight out of an oriental stall. And because it is made of metal, it seems both traditional and modern, enough to give cachet to any decor, industrial included. Like what Moroccan furniture can do everything!

5. The hammered metal coffee table? Undoubtedly!

This time the table is massive, the metal hammered and engraved with goldsmith precision and possibly covered with a glass top to protect it. The metal coffee table is one of the most luxurious Moroccan pieces of furniture, a real decorative asset with a traditional sofa as with a modern sofa!

6. The carved wooden bench, the most delicate moroccan house design

What if we took advantage of the refinement of Moroccan furniture outdoors? Placed on the terrace or in the garden, the carved wooden bench is at the same time resistant, welcoming and delicately decorated. Matching tile behind is optional, okay, but we love it.

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