Maximalist Interior Design: The Harmonious Mix of Tastes and Styles That Brings Joy

Maximalist interior design Interior Design Trends

Maximalist interior design had a complete new impact on the design enhusiasts, giving them the opportunity to bet on their imagination and transform the usual room into a real museum.

Born in the 1960s, minimalism is essentially opposed to overconsumption. Through his vocabulary, he advocates a return to the essential, to the purity, to the useful. Every purchase was carefully considered, sometimes going against our deepest desires and desires. Some even taxed these maximalist decor style  as stripped down.

Maximalist interior design

No more restraining his most intense desires; welcome to maximalist interior design, which allows you to leave the way open to your imagination. What are its rules? How to have a room with a maximalist interior design? By the end of this article, you will succumb to it. So, chop, accumulate and decorate!

Maximalist interior design: why succumb to it?

Maximalist interior design  obeys a rather particular impact of philosophy of life. Some will call it overdone or ostentatious. But no. Unlike minimalism, it encourages the acquisition of decorative pieces without worrying about the classic rules of interior design.

For example, the die-hard maximalist decor style  makes possible to use the objects that we particularly like: a vase, a candlestick, a painting … and if that does not fit with the idea of ​​the general decoration of the room, it doesn’t. is not serious. The most important thing is to love what is in this room.

maximalist interiors

A real trend for next year, maximalist interior design offers several advantages: the latitude to decorate the chosen room according to our own and authentic style, without obeying a logic of limiting furniture.

Everything is allowed in maximalist interiors

Display and accumulate your strong pieces in your decor

Harmoniously mix objects of different patterns and colors, bordering on eccentricity. You can choose decorative elements and codes that you like in 2 or 3 different styles and implement them at home. Revisit at leisure!

maximalist interiors

Accumulate, diversify and collect exceptional pieces without feeling guilty

At the end of the day, you will obtain a cleverly dosed maximalist decoration, resulting solely from your creativity. The more disproportionate and mismatched decorative objects appear together, the better.

Adopting maximalist interior design is simple, as long as you follow a few codes

Eclectic maximalist interior design: Trend Codes

The dispersion of maximalist decor style

It is advisable to acquire your favorite items as you go; while keeping your budget. The quantity does not matter in maximalist interior design. Do not hesitate in front of certain decorative objects that you really like, and that match your decoration.

The mixture of several materials

Surprise effect guaranteed. Take for example plastic objects, juxtapose them with foam or iron ones. The maximalist decor allows you to do everything without limits. The main thing is that you like it. The presence of several materials is also a way of expressing your plurality and your ambivalence.

maximalist interiors

Two or three flagship colors to better enhance your interior

Bet on meaningful colors that express something for you. In this way, you will be able to have a different interpretation of each element in your room. The choice of colors should not be hazardous.

He can aim for harmony. However, this should not be a brake: break the codes! Dare, you have all the time to imagine as you wish.

A bold choice for furniture

The goal of maximalist interior design is to break the codes. The choice of your furniture must go in this direction. When purchasing furniture for different rooms, mix up different styles. So take a chair from a different era and place it with a more recent one. Clash of periods and complementarity in time.

maximalist interiors

Dare to use decorative paper

Especially those with rather conspicuous patterns. The decorative paper is striking and the rooms will be much more lively. You can also personalize a paper with patterns of your choice.

Tell a story with your maximalist interior design

The maximalist interior design style, while allowing a great deal of choice, always tells a personal story. These different decorative objects put together tell an adventure, a trip, your childhood …

How to achieve a maximalist decoration?

For a radical style decoration, here are some ideas that may be useful to you:

If you want to enhance your dining room, for example, there is no need to copy another maximalist decoration made at someone else’s house. You can harmonize the color of the chairs and that of the walls, and choose a specific material for the armchairs, which will bring a plus.

Maximalist Interior Design: The Harmonious Mix of Tastes and Styles That Brings Joy

Example: velvet and its touch of elegance. Add a unique decorative object: a vintage lamp that you will attach to the ceiling. Plus size size? Ideal! Remember, this current rhymes with excess at times. We offer unique velvet armchairs on our digital platform. Luxury accessible in just a few clicks.

For a maximalist living room, here are some ideas: choose an imposing sofa, with a strong color. The carpet, size to large scale It is adorned with unique patterns.

Cushions for the armchairs and the sofa, with super colorful patterns and prints of course! Nothing is too much.

This mix will create a trendy, engaged decor; for a sustained effect, add carefully selected paintings to the wall. And the latter is not left out! You can, according to your desire, paint it with a color identical to that of the sofa, sustained effect. You now have all the tools in your hands to get started. Furniture, decorative object and even accessory, everything is there! Only your wishes will be taken into account. Browse, click, buy. And give your interior a better tomorrow!

Maximalism,  trend that will make you relax

What if we freed ourselves from the ambient minimalism and the diktat of storage by succumbing to the charm of a maximalist interior? Cumulate, mix, collect, exhibit, discover the precepts of a deco style that is good for morale!

The decorative universe is a real weather vane … or is it us? While in recent years, the Scandinavian style and its derivatives (extreme minimalism, zen and feng shui galore …) reigned supreme on the maximalist interiors  planet, some warning signs suggest that this armada of trends around the famous precept of “less is more” could (finally!) be on the way to decline.

Good news for compulsive collectors, born messengers and “maximalists” who ignore themselves …

maximalist interiors

Towards the end of the maximalist interiors?

In recent months, we have carefully compiled a few clues that suggested this change in the decor trend. Already last May, at the Milan Furniture Fair, the fanciful duo Dimore Studio once again caused a sensation in their apartment-gallery with a messy, moving and surprising exhibition called “Transfer”.

An inspired proposal to revisit the masters of 20th century design all on a soundtrack made of odds and ends just like what was presented there. Suddenly it was not all about a race for novelty and dusty pieces.

Maximalist interiors are dimore stacked, overexposed, lovingly associated design objects with sentimental objects, leaving us with the vague impression that this overload of objects was highly more reassuring than the apartments that swarm around us, neat interiors and devoid of heart-catching objects.

maximalist interiors

Are you talking about maximalism?

The reality is none other than a house which literally lives and which can hardly be on a daily basis a pale carbon copy of the ambient minimalism so much (over) sold on our social networks. If you are the type to follow to the letter the precepts of storage of the queen of the genre, alias Marie Kondo, go your way, you probably do not know what it is about here.

Libraries overflowing with books, showcases displaying absurd collections of old objects, cupboard heights overflowing with objects up to the ceiling, walls chock full of frames, that’s what it’s all about: the exact opposite of ‘unattainable perfection and often without a true soul.

Mix, accumulate, collect: the precepts of a mix & match style

This exact opposite also has its name, you can imagine. Faced with the followers of the minimalist style therefore resist a band of irreducible little ones baptized the maximalists. Their maximalist interior design has nothing to do with most of the atmospheres served here and there … and even in these pages, mea culpa oblige.

The maximalist style is the exact opposite of minimalism: accumulation and diversity are its hallmarks. The maximalist interior design enthusiast will be the type to cherish the eccentricities of the mix and match style of patterned wallpapers, collections of objects galore and a pronounced taste for cabinet-of-curiosity-style atmospheres.

Maximalist Interior Design: The Harmonious Mix of Tastes and Styles That Brings Joy

Unlike a sanitized “less is more”, its decoration is not set in stone and will play the permanent card of movement, of eternal renewal, complex to practice in a minimalist interior that struggles to change. The maximalist likes to dig into the different decorative styles to certainly find his own style that we will never find in his neighbor.

He accumulates with a certain sense of organization and direction. Nothing to do with yet another episode of “It’s clean”, do not panic, maximalism is rather eyeing a skillfully exposed experience and a way of revisiting trends or even rejecting them – which deserves our most great admiration.

Mixing, accumulating, collecting, this is a behavioral triptych in maximalist interior design which therefore arouses all our interest. It requires an interest in the decor universe, a taste for dosage, for the desire to stand out from the crowd, not to follow decorating dictates too a little.

Professional distortion requires, of course, we will want to add that, like any other style, he too has his share of complicit furniture that will serve his cause.

To exhibit his favorite pieces he will fall in love with a display case or decorative bells, to accumulate with style he will distill shelves and coat hooks on the walls, but we will stop here for advice as the maximalist style works more than any other by feeling, so It is appreciable that the objects accumulated, collected, found, inherited or bought over the years, embody chapters of our lives, always at hand, perfect for the pleasure of the eyes on a daily basis.

The maximalist patterns

Wallpaper is a key element. It’s also an easy way to instantly add style to your space.

It greatly enriches small spaces such as the bathroom.

Not everyone is a fan of wallpaper, and that’s understandable. If you want a maximalist decor without cluttering your walls, consider putting wallpaper on the ceiling.

maximalist interiors

This is a detail that will add character without appearing too dizzying. To have your head in the clouds as soon as you lay down for a nap, opt for a design like Machina Volanti, created by Italian surrealist label Fornasetti.

Patterns aren’t just for wallpaper or cushions and sofas. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of each space by also thinking of patterned furniture. For the more daring, this floral pattern sofa will provoke lively reactions.


Maximalism gives you the opportunity to push your imagination and also play with shapes.

The most successful restaurants today are the ones that are “Instagramable”. The maximalist interior design is perfect to ensure that your restaurant or bar is eye-catching in the photos. The goal is not necessarily to be the prettiest restaurant, but the most unusual.

Moderate Maximalist interior design

If you are hesitant to really push maximalism, choose a color palette in the same tones so that the contrast of the patterns is not shocking. Remember, the leopard pattern is considered neutral and can be mixed with any pattern or color.

The bedroom should be the most peaceful and relaxing room in your home. However, it is not impossible to adapt the tendency of maximalism to it! For example, by installing an original and quirky floor, you put attention on the floor while maintaining a certain tranquility and harmony in the room.

Maximalist Interior Design: The Harmonious Mix of Tastes and Styles That Brings Joy

Another way to integrate Maximalist interior design: the gallery wall! Fill a section of the wall with frames of all kinds. In this way you enrich the decor of a space without overdoing it.

If you remain committed to black and white, choose several different patternsfor the best maximalist interior design. American designer Patrick Mele’s signature is the use of zig zags and pinstripes that bring together two different styles.

5 ideas to adopt the maximalist interior design in your home

Do you like how simple the decor is? There will be no more neat and tidy interiors! The maximalist style is beginning to gain traction in design magazines. Showcase your favorite things: antiques, collectibles, vintage objects, trinkets, books, picture frames, and so on. You may finally let your imagination and desires run wild! Zoom in on 5 decoration ideas for a maximalist space!

To adorn the walls, use floor-to-ceiling frames.

An effective maximalist interior design  necessitates the use of numerous frames. They should flood the space and your walls from floor to ceiling. Combine portraits, landscapes, mirrors, and posters in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials.

Uninhibited cuisine that we love

In the kitchen with maximalist interior design, everything must be in sight. To hell with closed storage for your beautiful dishes. From now on, the kitchen is completely uninhibited. We leave the spices in evidence, we hang the utensils on the wall, and we store the dishes in display cases or a china cabinet!

maximalist interiors

Display your favorite items in your home with a cabinet of curiosities

A true museum is a maximalist interior design. This trend is for you if you don’t like to throw things away and prefer to keep everything. Do you enjoy searching for antiques ?

Display them anyway you choose within maximalist interiors. Sculptures, houseplants, typewriters, books, and all types of trinkets will fit wonderfully on shelves, in showcases, and on furniture.

maximalist interiors

Maximalist interiors with artistic touches

If there is one decorative touch that makes a difference, it’s the choice of wallpaper. For a maximalist decoration, we prefer the wallpaper with vintage, kitsch and old-fashioned patterns. It gives an old look to the room. Line a section of wall in the living room, it will highlight your furniture:

  • Sofa,
  • Armchair,
  • Low table.

There are no more standards to follow when it comes to matching patterns and colors.

Eclectic maximalist interior design aesthetic is a cheerful jumble of souvenirs. There are no longer any rules when it comes to patterns and colors, whether they are old or new. Allow gypsy decor to live with expensive things or industrial design in the same place. To startle and violate the norms, blend geometric motifs on a rug with a floral print sofa.

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